15 Memes That Sum Up Why Eric Matthews From 'Boy Meets World' Is God

In Boy Meets World, audiences follow Cory, Shawn, and Topanga as they wander from childhood into adolescence and all the way through early adulthood. It's fun, it's incredibly endearing, and it's funny. However, while this trio definitely manages to sprinkle their own humorous ingredients into the series, it's Cory's older brother Eric who really steals the show.

Eric Matthews starts off as the cool older brother, but eventually transforms into a kind of bumbling sidekick character. (Still, even when he was "cool," there was a general lack of common sense that lent to his eventual evolution.) This beautiful mess of a human being is what gave the show the levity it needed, especially when plot lines entered heavier territory with grief, breakups, and even death.

So, for that, it's time we salute—nay, bow—to the one and only Eric Matthews (who is also sometimes referred to as Plays With Squirrels). Keep reading to fall in love with 15 memes that sum up why Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World is God.

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15 Relatable Stupidity

Via: Pinterest

Eric Matthews is definitely an enigma. Though deep down audiences know that he is actually brighter than he is often conveyed, the dude is still next-level stupid. Maybe this trait is rooted in the fact that he doesn't have a ton of self-confidence, or maybe it really is just based in some innate lack of basic intelligence, but the guy's got some serious brain issues. There are moments in Boy Meets World when Eric just... misses the mark. He always means well, but his common sense doesn't. Not usually.

Still, it's this quality that makes him so damn lovable. This is where the humor comes from. This is where his most charming moments are derived. This is what makes Eric Matthews a sort of unofficial deity.

14 Eric Can Spell Well

Via: Me.me

If you want to get something by on Eric Matthews, you shouldn't have too much trouble doing so. Really, all you need to do is literally spell things out in front of him. He may have gone through school, but the education hasn't really stuck, and he may have his moments of mental clarity, but they are few and far between. Your best bet, if you want to get one over on him, is to just literally s-p-e-l-l something in his presence. (Okay, so seeing as he's a fictional character, you can't literally do this in front of him, but on the show, this is how things would have worked.)

Honestly, how can you not love the dude after scenes like this? He's just so precious; so innocent; so harmless. If that doesn't get your approval, then god help anyone else who tries.

13 Yes Or No Questions

While the relationship between Cory and Mr. Feeny was very heartfelt and meaningful, the relationship between Eric and Mr. Feeny was heartfelt and hysterical. Honestly, though. These two could have easily worked as lead characters in a buddy cop movie or something along those lines. They shouldn't mesh well with each other, but they do. Somehow. Case in point: anytime they had a conversation where Eric needed assistance on his future.

Mr. Feeny was always willing to help, but he wasn't going to BS him. Eric Matthews wasn't the smartest tool in the shed, and though Feeny believed in him, he didn't want to make the kid feel defeated. He gave him realistic goals.

Still, though, he did it in ways that led to comedy gold.

12 Computer Waffles

Poor Eric Matthews. Try though he might have, the guy always managed to get himself caught in curiously strange situations. For example, he one time put a waffle inside a computer. His reason being: he was 15 years old. (Apparently that's grounds for pulling crap like that.) Making sense of it aside, that is pretty much Eric Matthews in a nutshell. The things he does don't always make sense, but that doesn't stop him from doing them...

Now, if there was ever a prequel series about Boy Meets World (and no, there should never really be a prequel series about Boy Meets World), will the producers please base it solely around Eric Matthews' adventures with this waffle and computer? It honestly seems compelling enough to stand on its own.

11 All Downhill

Via: SadMoment

Characters on Boy Meets World never bothered trying to pretend that Eric Matthews wasn't a total means for destruction. He always meant well, but so did Hercules in the Disney animated movie. He's clumsy and awkward and, for whatever reason, burdened with horrible luck. That said, he still always tried to take charge of situations (you've got to hand that to him, right?), regardless of how much chaos followed him in the process.

Hell, even his own kid brother understood that Eric wasn't the safest person to put in control something — especially if that something happened to be concerned with him acting as the head of a household.

Cory words it perfectly with his sad wave followed by, "Bye-bye house." Everyone totally feels for you, Cory.

10 Duckies. That Is All.

Via: Pinterest

It would be kind of wonderful to take a trip inside Eric Matthews' brain. Now, the trip would have to be a quick one (you don't want to get lost in there, because god only knows what sort of consequences would follow), but it could still be enjoyable nonetheless. This is a guy whose thoughts just trail off into place unknown and for no real discernible reason. They just seem to... float into waves of nonsense.

Take, for instance, the time he let his thoughts drift into the subject of duckies. For reasons that might not make sense to anyone but himself, Eric lost himself in a breakdown of why duckies are wonderful. Will it cure cancer? Will it earn him the Nobel? No. But it sure as hell makes you want to hug the guy, doesn't it?

9 Oxygen = H2O

Via: 2DamnFunny

In life, you have some decisions to make. One important decision is what sort of people you decide to keep in your company. Some folks say "you are what you eat," but the reality is really that "you are the company you keep." You've got to curate your friend circles. You need to decide who is good for you, and who isn't. It's not an easy decision, but an important one all the same.

This brings us to Eric Matthews. No, he's probably not going to give you much in the way of knowledge, but you can leave that for other friends. You would keep someone like Eric Matthews in your company to give your life some necessary emotional depth. The guy may not be much of a thinker, but what he lacks in intelligence he certainly makes up for in terms of heart.

8 Eric Matthews' Hair

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Most fans of Boy Meets World can agree that Cory Matthews and his brother Eric don't look at all alike. Their facial features, the color of their hair, the way they talk... they're ridiculously different. In fact, speaking of their hair, the two couldn't be any more different. Cory's hair is curly, while Eric prides himself on his thick head of flowing long locks; something that is touched upon quite often in the entire span of the series.

What's kind of amazing is that (in case you didn't already notice) it's apparently canon that Eric did, in fact, used to have curly hair like his brother. It just took a trip inside the dryer to change that. Sadly, that trip also apparently had a fairly negative effect on his normal brain activity.

You win some, you lose some.

7 Speaking The Truth

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Remember when Eric Matthews was kind of a player on Boy Meets World? That torch was eventually passed to Shawn Hunter, but for quite some time it was Eric who knew how to naturally woo the ladies. Fast-forward a few seasons, and the guy is literally the butt of all jokes (even though he's still ridiculously lovable). But still, even when he was in Don Juan territory, there was still something deeply endearing about the guy.

Once upon a time, Eric was the coolest guy around. It seems kind of crazy to think that now, but facts are facts. Still, even when he was one of the "cool kids," he was still huggable, lovable, and worship-able. So, get down on your knees and pray. God hath entered the building.

6 'That's What I Call Myself'

Via: Pinterest

There is really no rhyme or reason as to the why Eric Matthews does the things that he does. As mentioned before, he's an enigma. A beautiful enigma. So, for example, if he's going to start a conversation with someone, there's a solid chance he might just delve into absolute insanity — and for no real reason whatsoever. You know, like the time he just randomly started referring to himself as Kyle.

The name had never been mentioned before and he never hinted at the name before. One day, it just... became a thing. And, to be honest, fans of Boy Meets World are all the better for it. Kyle may only exist to Eric on the show, but to the show's loving fans, it belongs to them as well.

Kyle is real. Kyle is Eric. KYLE IS ALSO GOD.

5 When Eric Met Psycho

Via: Tumblr

In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, you see Clark Griswold as nothing short of a happy lunatic. He's a lovable dude, but he's also totally out of his mind sometimes. However, it's not until his cousin-in-law Eddie shows up that Clark suddenly seems grounded in reality. By comparing the two, Clark seems like 100 percent normal.

The same thing happens with Eric when he meets and starts dating Corinna.

While she seems pleasant enough at first, Eric quickly discovers that there is definitely a loose screw in Corinna's brain, and it doesn't take long until he ultimately can't handle her anymore. Soon enough, he has no choice but to cut ties. This quote from the show perfectly sums up his feelings toward her (though it also leaves out her freaky response).

4 Shakespeare Is Coming!

Via: Tumblr

Eric Matthews' heart is in the right place. That counts for something, right? Even though his brain might take frequent vacations, Eric does his best to put his best foot forward, no matter the odds. Like that time he was fairly convinced that William Shakespeare himself would probably show up to watch him perform. Thankfully, his parents love him unconditionally, because otherwise, the dude would be in trouble.

Stupidity aside, though, Eric deserves credit where it counts. He's a confused fella, but he still managed to freaking kill it on stage performing Shakespeare. And in case you hadn't already noticed, Shakespeare isn't exactly the easiest writer to understand — nor memorize, for that matter.

So, for that, Eric, we salute you. Er-bow! Sorry, we bow to you, almighty Matthews brother.

3 Swedish Thanksgiving

Via: Pinterest

Eric Matthews tries. That's more than most people can say for themselves, right? He does seem a bit lost most of the time, but given the fact that he doesn't seem especially bothered by this, he lives in a comfortable bubble of "no harm, no foul."

Does he realize that the early settlers who celebrated the first Thanksgiving weren't Swedish? No. But does it matter? Is Eric Matthews ever going to be put into a situation where he would ever need to know specific dates in history? What's that you say? He ends up becoming a politician in the spinoff Girl Meets World and he would need to have a solid understanding of history?

Well, who cares? We still love the guy, so shush your mouth.

2 Plays With Squirrels

Via: Suggest

One of Eric Matthews' greatest moments happened when audiences got to see his older self in an alternate future episode. However, he shows up to reunite with old friends and family not as Eric Matthews, but by his new moniker: Plays With Squirrels. This version of a Eric is a wise, bearded man (though the word "wise" is definitely used loosely), and he appears to have discovered a new spiritual route in life. This new route doesn't exactly come with much substance, but he seems happy with it all the same.

This character may be played for laughs, but he does end up feeding the characters around him with some great advice via this personal quote: "Lose one friend. Lose all friends. Lose yourself."

Dammit, Eric—ahem, Plays With—why you gotta make us cry, bro?

1 Going Commando

Via: Imgur

Eric Matthews is not at all someone who seems to have ever heard the acronym, "TMMI." He simply says what he's thinking, and doesn't give anything that exists his mouth a passing thought. It apparently makes him happy, though, so why fix what isn't broken? (Actually, don't answer that.)

Now, Mr. Feeny definitely didn't want to learn that one of his students was strolling through the halls of the schools in which he worked without wearing any underwear, but Eric is ever the outlier. In a lot of cases, being the outlier is something which folks tend to feel proud about, but Eric is an outlier even among other outliers. He's a double outlier. An out-outlier. He's a rare breed.

And no, Eric Matthews does not dawdle, thank you very much.

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