15 Memes That Will Make Any Single Person Laugh And Then Cry

Being single is more than simply a status on your social media profile page. It's a way of life and, in a way, your identity. It really is true that everyone is single by choice. Some are single by their own choice and some are single by the choice of others. That fact alone means that there is a wide range of feelings circulating among the single crowd. It helps, of course, to have a good sense of humor and to be able to laugh at yourself. Memes are a good way to bring a smile to people's faces with relatable moments. But funny as they may be, for some singles, making light of their relationship status can hit a little too close to home. Here are 15 memes that are sure to bring both laughter and tears to the single crowd.

15 Switching to single

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Singleness is cool and all, except for on those rare occasions in which being a couple is a benefit. You know, occasions like going to weddings, attending formal banquets and Valentine's Day. It's times like these that even the most single-loving single person of all wishes for a date. Sure, there are some advantages to being single on a day like Valentine's Day. For instance, think of all the money you'll save by not having to go out to dinner or buy someone a gift. Then again, wouldn’t you rather spend some money and have someone to spend the day with? Probably. Needless to say, this is one meme that will make you laugh leading up to Valentine's Day, but also make you cry on actual Valentine's Day. At least you can use some of the money you saved on presents and a date to buy a box of chocolates for yourself.

14 Honey boo hoo

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It's definitely true that there are some people who only feel alone on days like Valentine's. Then, there are other people who always wish for a companion and truly hate being single all the time. No matter which camp you fall in, it always hurts to see someone less desirable than you find a mate. That is especially true when that someone is a person not only less desirable by your own standards, but also by most of society's standards. This is why when you see a meme like this one, funny as it may be, you can't help but feel a little sorry for yourself. Surely, if Honey Boo Boo's mom, of all people, could find someone, so could you. Yet, you're still single! How sad that Honey Boo Boo just caused you to boo hoo.

13 Happily ever plastered

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Most people have some sort of timeline in their minds of when they will do certain things and reach certain life goals. For most women (as well as a lot of men), getting married is included in that timeline. If a person comes near to—or even passes—the age at which he or she thinks is the age to be married, a sense of hopelessness can start to settle in. "What if I never get married?" After that question, comes thoughts about living alone with a bunch of cats and having a bowl of cereal and a glass of wine for dinner. Maybe you even resort to eating cereal out of wine glasses. It's at that point when you know you've hit rock bottom (or at least glass bottom) and memes like this one speak to you.

12 Only at night

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Just as on Valentine's Day or those special events that unofficially require you to bring a plus one, being single often hurts more at nighttime. It's in those quiet times when you come home to an empty space with nothing more than maybe a few cats and share a glass of wine with your cereal that you really start to miss having someone around all the time. But why is that? Ten hours ago when you were at work or out shopping with friends, you were still just as single as you are now. Still, you know there is some real truth to this meme. Chances are, when you came across it for the first time, you were sitting alone, bored and playing on the internet. Yeah, it's funny, but it's also true.

11 Sleeping single in a double bed

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It's been said that it hurts to lay down a bike, but that is only if you're on it at the time. One thing about a bike, though, is that it is hard to get up once it is laid down. So you could say that bikes rest soundly. That's exactly what this meme is implying by comparing a bike in a bed to sleeping soundly, in the sense that you know nobody is cheating on you. Then again, it could be seen as a metaphor for the fact that your wheels are always turning and you're really not resting, since the way you know that nobody is cheating on you is because you have no significant other in the first place. Wow, that just got deep. Good luck sleeping soundly after contemplating that scenario.

10 Sobbing in the shower

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As we can all see by now, there are plenty of good and bad reasons to be single. There are times when everyone wants the freedom that comes with singleness, as well as times when everyone craves that comforting feeling of being one half of a couple. This meme captures both of those feelings oh so well. The caption tells how freeing it can feel to go anywhere and do anything at any time, without ever having to compromise. As for the picture, well, a picture's worth a thousand words. This particular picture describes more than words ever could about that lonely feeling that hits every single person when he or she least expects it. There's no better place to cry than your shower, especially when you're coming to the end of a particularly lonely day.

9 It's always something

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Every once in a while, single people experience particularly bad days where being single hits them at night, in the shower, and everywhere else they go, at any hour. This is usually when the mind starts wandering over all of those images and former memes that offer proof you may be single forever. After all, who would have thought that Honey Boo Boo's mother could find love before you? Then the self-pitying sets in and you begin to ask yourself, "What's wrong with me?" You feel sexy and cool (most of the time), so why are you still single? Then you come across this meme that messes with your mind. Now you're even more self-conscience than ever about people finding you undesirable. This only leads to more worrying, which might eventually make you psychotic like you feared.

8 Rock solid love

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Everyone loves The Rock, even The Rock! But why shouldn't The Rock love himself? He is funny, handsome, strong and successful. He also has an important message for you in this meme and that is to love yourself. It's often been said that you have to first love yourself for others to love you. No, you don't have to take a sultry photo posing with the personification of your name. But you do need to appreciate yourself. Memes like this are a funny way of reminding you to keep high hopes for future companionship and to be your own mate in the meantime. Still, you can’t help but get a little sad after your mind goes to that dark place once more. What if you love yourself, but you're the only one who will ever love yourself, and then you really will be alone forever? Now you feel like hugging a rock at the bottom of the ocean.

7 A love so cheesy

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We all know those couples who look so cute together, but they often go a little overboard on their affections. Nobody wants to see the flirting and PDA they dish out daily on social media. Yet, they seem to keep the posts coming anyway. One single guy had finally seen enough and decided to give his own spin on love with this meme in which he declared his love for pizza. One thing that could make his picture more awesome, though, would be if he were eating a big bite of pizza in the same vein that the couple were kissing. He might also throw up a sign declaring that the pizza loves him back, making it even more awesome. It's all fun and games now, but after a good laugh many singles will start to sob to themselves as they stuff down a pizza solo.

6 A buffet of baby mamas

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Remember that little timeline mentioned previously? This picture is a perfect representation of that. We don't know if the girl sitting down planned to be married and with child by age 30, but it seems like everyone else in her circle of acquaintances sure did. Now she awkwardly finds herself at a BBQ, stuck in a circle of baby mamas. She thought it was fun to still be single while all of her friends were planning weddings and walking down the aisle. She was the fun one, the bridesmaid who threw the best bachelorette parties for everyone else. Now she's older and she doesn’t like staying out late and traveling all the time. She's content going to a Saturday afternoon BBQ. That is, until everywhere she turns, she is faced with baby bumps—causing her to accept the fact that she is falling behind the curve on that unspoken timeline.

5 Even CPR looks sexy

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You know that your love life sucks and you hate being reminded of that fact. That's why you try to avoid following those sweet little PDA couples on social media. You know there are plenty of people who have better love lives than you, but you probably never dreamed that even dummies had better love lives than you. Not just human dummies either, but the plastic kind that are non-existent from the waist down. Then again, they are experts in CPR. This meme will instantly bring a chuckle to any single person, but only until the reality of it hits home. Even dummies—the plastic, half-body kind used by paramedics for demonstrations—have a better love life than you. This may be even worse than finding out that Honey Boo Boo's mama has found love.

4 A Valentine's Day gone sour

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We have now seen that even inanimate objects can have a better love life than some people—and it doesn't just stop with CPR dummies. Apparently, even inanimate objects that expire can have a better love life than some people. Take, for instance, a jug of milk. This milk has a Valentine's date and there's a good chance that the person who ends up buying it might not. It's funny to see this meme if you're all set for Valentine's Day. But things may take a sour turn if you find yourself sitting alone on Valentine's Day with a huge box of chocolates and a jug of milk dated Feb. 14th. On the bright side, drinking plenty of milk can help you stay strong and healthy. It just may not help you live as long as you would if you were part of a couple.

3 #teamsingle

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Single people like to think of themselves as being alone, yet being a part of some big singles group at the same time. It's like a fraternity of sorts, in which they poke fun at how much better they have it than all of the couples they know. All of the independence, none of the worry and everything their own way. Just when the president of singleness thinks life couldn't get any better, he or she runs across a meme like this one that points out how the true definition of single is "alone." Sure, it's fun at times when you don't have to consult anyone else on what to have for dinner, but we all get tired of having a whole pizza to ourselves eventually. The same goes for cereal and wine. Being part of a couple may have some disadvantages, but at least they can form a team.

2 The guy in blue

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While a lot of people get annoyed by seeing cute couples share their affections in front of everyone, not many will admit that it's because they are truly jealous. This meme brings it all to light though, by focusing in on the guy in blue. You probably didn’t even notice him until you read the caption. That's exactly how he feels about now, too. And that's probably how you're feeling about now if you're single. Nobody ever notices the guy in blue, so of course that also means you. Now the meme that was so funny at first isn’t very funny at all. It doesn’t help matters that the guy in blue is also looking at the couple, or that he is wearing blue. Couldn't he at least have picked a less sad hue?

1 Wedding for one

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"Always a bridesmaid, never a bride" doesn't even begin to describe this girl's life. Not only is she feeling the singleness pretty hard, but she is feeling the food pretty hard too. What can you do when you're all alone at a wedding for someone close to you? Why not take advantage of the delicious, free food? And since the newlywed, happy couple is sitting right across the table from you and smiling wildly, go ahead and fix a plate for your no-show plus-one as well. Besides, you're going to need plenty of fuel for when it comes time to catch the bouquet. That might just be your last chance at ever finding love. Wait, you've already caught plenty of bouquets before and you're still single. Maybe you should just skip that part and sample a slice of the cake.

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