15 Memes You Will Only Understand If You're Job Hunting

If you're looking for a job right about now, I seriously feel for you. Make no mistakes, the job market is a difficult place to be for a whole bunch of reasons. For one thing, you need experience to actually get experience. That means that getting your first step on the ladder can feel like an impossible mission. Sometimes, it seems as though the entire world is right there, laughing at you, and it's all you can do to hold it together. From interviewers to not-so-helpful recruiters, your life is an endless mass of nonsense right now.

But never fear. At the end of this ever-so-dark tunnel, there is a job awaiting you. Sure, it may not be your dream position, but it will pay the bills. And, in the meantime, these memes should make you giggle.

15 When you talk to recruitment agencies

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So, where's your first port of call when job hunting? That's right... It's time to talk to a recruitment agency. You may think that these guys will help you along the way. You may naively believe that they have your best interests at heart. Or even that they are concerned for you and really do want to find you the right position for you. Think again.

These people are anything but the helpful do-gooders that you imagine them to be. Oh no, they care about one thing and one thing alone; numbers. They want as many resumes as they can possibly get to send over to their clients. They don't care if you're qualified for a particular position or if it will suit you at all. None of that matters at all. What matters to them is that they look like they are helping when really they are barely doing a thing.

14 When you don't have any experience!

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One of the most utterly frustrating things that all new job hunters find is this: You need experience to actually get experience. There are loads and loads of so-called 'entry level roles' out there, but they all seem to have one majorly annoying thing in common. They all ask you for three to five years experience before they will even give you an interview. Um, what? How on earth is that an entry level job? Surely that's a fairly senior position, especially if someone has to have done it for half a decade. It makes zero sense.

You start looking through all of the job adverts online and notice that they all have this stupid thing in common. Soon enough, you start to feel like the entire thing is just pointless. How can you get experience when they play it like this?!

13 So, you tell some white lies on your resume

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So, what do you do? Well, left with only a few options, there's not all that much you can do. If you're 100% honest about your experience on your resume and job forms, you know that you're going to have a serious problem. People will take one look at your application and laugh you out of the building. Yikes. So, there's only one thing for it... You're going to have to lie.

Your resume makes you out to be the most overly-qualified person on the planet. According to it, you can do just about anything in the world, and you can do is better than anyone else. Sure, you may only be 22 years old, but you already have ten years of teaching experience. Yes, you're claiming to have started work at 12... You're pretty sure that no one will believe your lies but it might just be the only way you will land a job.

12 Waiting for replies is your version of hell

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When you finally end up nabbing an interview, your hopes are seriously high. You pick out a killer outfit, practice your Q&A answers, and spend ages prepping up on just about everything. Hey, you even decide to look into the background of the company and make sure that you know everything about it. In short, there's not much you miss out in the lead-up to the big day. You want this job. No, you need this job, and nothing is going to stand in your way. When you finally go to the interview, you're pretty sure that you've nailed it. After all, how hard can it really be, eh?

Then the waiting game begins. You wait. And wait. And wait. Then, around a month later, you finally realize they are never getting back to you. Not ever.

11 But people keep telling you it's all so easy

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What's even worse is how everyone treats you when you're looking for a job. Everyone from your parents to your best friends act the same way. For some reason, these people seem to think that getting a job is easy. They think that you can just click your fingers and magic up just about anything you may fancy. It can be the most infuriating thing in the world. Don't people realize that you really are trying? Why on earth can't they see that eh? It's so rude!

When people tell you to just 'go get a job', you feel like screaming at them. What do they think that you've been doing this entire time? Do they think you're just lazy? Because it kind of sounds like they are accusing you of not trying hard enough. Ouch.

10 So, you start broadening your job search

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When you don't find any luck right away, you know that you have to do something about it. Rather than expanding your skill set or getting extra qualifications, you know just what to do. You decide to broaden your job search in the hopes that you may find something that you have half a chance at getting. Sure, you may have wanted to go into marketing when you first started out, but now you will settle for anything from working in a store to cleaning. Who cares? As long as someone starts to pay you money, you know that everything will be okay.

Still, since you're (there's no better word for it) desperate, you start looking at ludircrous options. You make up fictional jobs and Google them to see if they exist at all. They don't.

9 And even work for... FREE

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Since it seems like it will be quite some time before you get a paid position, you have to settle for something else. Everyone out there is so keen on work experience that you think you should probably do yourself a favor and get some. There's just one small problem. You see, no one out there is going to pay you for work experience. Nope, you're lucky if they actually pay your travel expenses. The truth of the matter is that this option will likely end up costing you more than you realize when you first start out. It's anything but cheap to live on a grand sum of nothing.

Still, you remind yourself that it will all be worth it in the end. If job adverts have taught you anything it's that work experience is a real must.

8 You give yourself the odd day off

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While everyone out there seems to think that you're just about the laziest person on the planet, there's more to it than that. Trying to find a job is basically a full-time gig in itself. When you're not filling out application forms, you're trying your hardest to find new positions that have been posted. What's more, you end up feeling guilty when you have just about any time to yourself. You know that you need a break every now and then but that's easier said than done.

Still, for fear of burning out, you take the odd day off from your endless job hunt. After all, you honestly do deserve it, you tell yourself. Whether you watch Netflix for four hours straight or just take a nap, it's well worth it. You're refreshed and ready to start again.

7 Online applications are the worst!

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Plus, that extra energy will come in handy soon enough. When you find a position that actually looks decent and worth applying for, there's always a catch. That's life, right? There's always a sting in your tail. You might find your dream job online, for example, but it will come at a serious cost. The moment you click on it, you can be about 100% sure that it will say 'online application' next to it. Darn it!

What that means is that you're going to have to upload your resume (because, of course, you are!) and then go to the trouble of completing a hefty online form too. I hope you don't have anything planned this afternoon because this nonsense is sure to take you hours and hours. It's time to get comfortable and get typing.

6 You realize that some interviewers are rude AF

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One of the most seriously frustrating things about job hunting is that the interviews can go on forever. Many companies out there will have loads of 'rounds' of interviews before choosing the right person for the job. What that actually means is that you have to keep visiting the people in a bid to convince them that you're worthy of their time. There may be tests or speeches that you have to complete. You may well find that they invite you for the dreaded 'group interview' phase of it all. Basically, they make you jump through hoop after hoop in the hopes that you will get a job.

After all this is over, you at least expect them to call you up and tell you whether you got the position or not. The sorry truth is that many people will just never bother to get back to you. Ouch.

5 And then you start fantasizing about your dream job

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When things start to get tough, you start to lose it one step at a time. You know that you should be optimistic, and so you start to fantasize about whatever your dream career might happen to be. Since you don't seem to be getting anywhere anyway, you figure that you may as well set your sights high and hope for the very best. That means that you start believing that you really can be or do anything you want in this world.

When someone asks you what kind of position you'd like, you give an all too honest answer. You want to be the CEO. You want to be the boss. You're so over entry level nonsense. Instead, you want to go in right at the very top of the career ladder. After all, it's the least you deserve.

4 You have to crush any individuality you have

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It doesn't matter what kind of free-spirited rebel you are on the inside, you had better not show any signs of it on the outside. The truth of the matter is that job interviewers are not looking for people with a wicked sense of style. Nope. They want people to be bland and boring. They want people that they can mould into the perfect staff member for the company in the least amount of time. That means that they will look for the most basic person out there.

If you have any big tattoo plans or hair style ideas, you'd better forget them for the time being. Let's face it, there's just no way that you're getting a job when you don't fit the bill. Dye your hair a 'normal' color and cover up those tattoos.

3 And no one sees college as 'experience'

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After all this trouble, you might be thinking one thing. "Wait a minute! I have a college education. I deserve better than this!" Sadly, when people told you that you needed to go to college, they were pretty much lying right to your face. Sure, there are worse things to spend a few grand on, but a degree does not mean that you will get a job. Not in this day and age, anyway.

Oh no, interviewers and recruiters are looking for so much more than that! They want to see that not only do you have an ace degree in your back pocket, but you also have a ton of experience. If all you have are good grades, you don't have a chance in hell of bagging the job of your dreams. They will laugh right in your face.

2 You start to get seriously needy!

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When you first started looking for a job, you knew that you had to play it cool. The very last thing that you wanted to come across as was needy. That's why you didn't follow up after interviews or the like. You just left the people to it. If they really did want you for the role, they would have called by now. If not, it's their loss.

That was your attitude a month or so ago. It was a simpler, easier time. It was a time when you assumed that you would eventually get hired and have the cool job you deserved. And then, things got hard. These days, you don't care if they say not to follow up... You will do it anyway. You're so desperate for a job that you don't mind bothering people all day every day. At the end of the day, it's the only way to get noticed.

1 And finally, your job search becomes a faint memory

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Finally, the thing that you always feared would happen, does happen. You have all the intentions of looking for a new position, but that's so much easier said than done. You log onto your computer in the hopes of finding a job, but find yourself typing in the wrong address. Suddenly, and through no fault of your own, you find yourself on Pinterest, YouTube, or even Facebook. It doesn't matter which one really. The point is that it's not where you find jobs. Not by a long-shot.

Oh well, you think to yourself, perhaps it was never meant to be. You and your dream career just could not make it work and now you've had to part ways and move on with your lives. Well, at least the internet loves you. It loves you very much.

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