15 Memorable Contestants Who Were Not Into The 'Bachelor' Or 'Bachelorette'

Probably the worst accusation to be lobbied at a contestant appearing on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is that they’re appearing on the show for the wrong reasons. What are the right reasons? Well, to be seriously looking for love, of course. It’s impossible to believe, however, that of the 25 to 30 random contestants who sign on for the show’s premiere that they all will collectively be swept of their feet by the same potential suitor. The show strives to maintain that illusion, but we call B.S.

It’s not surprising that some singles are just not into the Bachelor or Bachelorette once they meet. Here are 14 memorable contestants (and one star of the show) who were clearly just not that into each other.

15 Brad Womack rejects all contestants on season 11

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The Bachelor seasons 11 and 15 featured the man who unofficially became widely known as The Most Hated Bachelor Ever (until Juan Pablo Galavais came along). Brad Womack was apparently into none of the contestants his first time on the show, although he went through the whole process from beginning to end. Even when presented with 25 desirable ladies, Brad couldn’t find one among them who made his heart go pitter-pat in time for the finale and left the final rose ceremony empty-handed.

He met Emily Maynard during season 15 and was clearly totally into her (remember the private picnic he set up for Emily at the Bachelor Mansion?). Their relationship ultimately fizzled but obviously, for a time, the guy was in love.

14 Jerry Ferris, winner of The Bachelorette season 3

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When we watched this season back in the day, we never bought Jerry Ferris as a serious suitor. He seemed to be acting the part and not emotionally invested in Jen Schefft. He said all the right things like he was reading from a script, but there was no detectable chemistry between them.

Jerry’s occupation, according to the show, was supposedly as an “art gallery director,” but everything about Jerry’s appearance and the glossy way he conducted himself screamed “aspiring actor.” Indeed, Jen told Life & Style in December 2017 that the show’s producers hid information that Jerry was an aspiring actor because they didn’t want him to appear to be on the show for the wrong reasons.

13 Lucas Yancey (AKA WhaBoom)

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As soon as Lucas Yancey stepped out of the limo all branded up with his WhaBoom branded clothing and with a wacky introduction, Bachelorette fans knew this guy wasn’t on the show for love. Yancey had this to say to the Hollywood Reporter: "Some people take [the show] way too seriously. I wasn't there to get the next rose. That's obviously part of it, but it's mostly about being on the show."

There’s also the bizarre story WhaBoom shared with Rachel about how his archenemy, Blake Elarbee “watched [me] sleep while eating a banana over [my] bed.” What!? It’s unclear if this was actually a true story (probably not) or he was just trying to smear Blake Elarbee (most likely).

12 Demario Jackson

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Demario has been going back and forth from the frying pan into the fire since his association with the Bachelor franchise began. First, his girlfriend, Lexi, confronted Demario while he was on a group date with Rachel Lindsay. Lexi showed Rachel texts that proved she and Demario were closely involved right up until filming began.

Then, Demario was at the centre of a scandal that temporarily suspended production of Bachelor In Paradise this past summer. Now that he’s fallen off the radar a bit, he’s making appearances with Corinne (who he met in Paradise) and recently threw major shade at Bachelor host Chris Harrison during a Rose Buds podcast, calling Harrison an “a**hole." For his part, Harrison has been quoted as saying of Demario: “Decisions, I don’t think, are his strong suit.”

11 Kalon McMahon

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Kalon appeared on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette. He was supposedly a luxury brand lifestyle consultant and came across like a super high maintenance snob during his time on the show. Kalon seems like the kind of guy who hates sucking it up and taking a limo because his private jet’s on the fritz; or seriously worries about whether the cash-stuffed wallet in his pants makes him look fat. Basically, he has a ton of #richpeopleproblems.

Kalon famously outed himself as not really being into Emily at all when he referred to her precious daughter as “baggage.” When Emily got wind of this, she confronted Kalon, losing her sweet, soft-spoken, Southern belle cool momentarily as she ordered Kalon to GTFO of Bachelor Mansion.

10 Ed Swiderski winner of ‘The Bachelorette’ season 5

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Ed Swiderski seemed to have second thoughts midway through the process of filming The Bachelorette season 5, starring Canadian interior designer, Jillian Harris. Although he clearly seemed to be a favorite of Jillian’s, he never seemed truly into her. Ed quit the show on the fifth episode, returning home to Chicago. Then, he had second thoughts about leaving and returned to the show to continue pursuing Jillian in week 7.

He ultimately won Jillian’s final rose and proposed during the final rose ceremony. After the show, there were rumors that Ed was unfaithful and was seeing other women behind Harris’ back. Their engagement eventually ended and Ed later appeared on the 2012 season of Bachelor Pad. Three years later, he married Chicago TV anchor Natalie Bomke.

9 Rozlyn Papa’s affair with show staffer

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It’s kind of hard to be into The Bachelor when you’re developing an emotional attachment to someone else on the set. In this case, Rozlyn Papa (from Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor) was supposedly involved in an “inappropriate relationship” with a show staffer and was confronted on camera by Chris Harrison. Of course, the only reason Rozlyn’s relationship with a show staffer was deemed “inappropriate” was because it was not with The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka, who was supposed to be Rozlyn’s reason for being there.

Rozlyn clarified the nature of the relationship that got her booted from The Bachelor to Radar Online in January 2010: “I had a relationship with someone on the show that didn’t benefit them,” Rozlyn said. “We remained really close but we are not dating now.”

8 Corinne Olympios

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Did anyone really believe Corinne was sincerely on the show looking for love? We never bought it. She has starlet written all over her. She clamors for attention whenever the cameras are on her; she lives out loud. Sure she’s fun, outgoing, easy on the eyes and is a great reality show contestant. But we didn't buy for one minute that she was truly looking to marry Nick Viall (or anyone!). It’s our firm belief that she simply wanted to be cast on a show so that she could introduce herself to the world and get her brand out there. Now that she has some attention, she’s doing just that and is reportedly starting her own fashion line. We're betting we haven't seen the last of her on reality TV either.

7 Wes Hayden

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Wes was such a bad boy when he appeared on The Bachelorette, he won a Fox 2009 Reality Show Award for being “America’s Favorite Bad Boy.” Wes was clearly appearing on the franchise to promote his music since he took every opportunity to strap on his guitar and serenade whoever was listening. It was pretty funny, actually, because he kept playing the same song, but serenading different girls on the show (he appeared both on The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad) and claiming this was their song. Lol. Smoooooth. He even bragged as he was eliminated from Jillian’s season of The Bachelorette: “I’m going down in flames…[I’m] the first guy on The Bachelorette to ever make it to the Top 4 with a girlfriend.”

6 Graham Bunn

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Graham Bunn really seemed to play hard to get when he appeared on DeAnna Pappas’ season of The Bachelorette. DeAnna was intrigued by his evident disinterest and kept him around until the hometown dates. In a June 2008 interview with People magazine, Bunn did say that he went on the show looking for marriage (but that doesn’t mean we have to believe him), and he also said that he didn’t think he could have fallen in love with DeAnna because she wasn’t the one for him.

Graham’s now working as a morning radio personality for Go Country 105 so, you know, no matter what he says about wanting to get married, it looks like Graham had a future in the entertainment business on his mind all along.

5 Bentley Williams wanted another Bachelorette

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Bentley came onto the show hoping the Bachelorette would be Emily Maynard. When he saw that it was Ashley Hebert, he remained at the Bachelor Mansion, stringing Ashley along—probably for the paid travel, perks and television exposure that come with the show. Whatever Bentley’s motives, he dissed Ashley in side interviews and then acted like Prince Charming in her presence.

After quitting the show, he returned for “closure” with Ashley (a free trip to Hong Kong probably didn’t hurt). "I cannot believe I wasted so much time on Bentley," Ashley said afterward. "He's such a player. He disrespected me to the core and I don't understand what I did to deserve this. Bentley, if you're watching this, f–k you, I'm done with you."

4 Madison McKinley

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Madison McKinley competed on The Bachelor season 15 with Brad Womack, and was memorable for indulging her vampire obsession by wearing fangs to cocktail parties. Ultimately Madison left the show. According to a conference call transcript posted by officestace.com from January 2011, when Madison heard fellow contestant Emily Maynard’s story about being a single mother, Madison had second thoughts about competing for Brad: “[The other contestants] all have these stories and they need this love…you feel all of a sudden like, ‘why am I here?’ They need this so badly, and their hearts are already on the line and they’ve had all this heartache before. What the hell am I doing here?” Madison left the show in week three.

3 Michelle Kujawa

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Michelle Kujawa never made a strong impression when she appeared on Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor. It wasn’t until she appeared on Bachelor Pad that she really put herself on Bachelor Nation’s map as someone who brings the drama. Who can forget when she locked Disney princess Tenley Molzahn in the bathroom to confront her about some smack talk, which left Tenley shaken and crying?

Like Rozlyn Papa, Michelle developed an on set relationship with a show staffer. Bachelor host Chris Harrison actually knocked on Michelle’s hotel room door to confront her on camera. Michelle slammed the door in Harrison’s face while the staffer in question, (a sound guy aptly named Ryan Putz), jumped off the second floor balcony of Michelle’s room to escape, breaking both his legs and feet.

2 Erica Rose

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Erica Rose is another piece of work who appeared as a contestant on The Bachelor during Prince Lorenzo Borghese’s season. She also later appeared on two seasons of Bachelor Pad. Erica habitually wears tiaras and here’s a tip about most tiara-wearers: they’re rarely low-key or low maintenance. Unless they’re wearing tiaras ironically, most want to feel like princesses.

If Prince Borghese had been a frog it wouldn’t have mattered—Erica probably would have still gone for it. In other words, Erica seemed to be on The Bachelor for the wrong reasons. Still, she makes for entertaining reality TV, even though she didn’t win the heart of Prince Lorenzo in the end. It all worked out for her in the end, though. She just married investor Charles Sanders in Houston Texas—wearing a tiara, of course.

1 Monica Spannbauer and Blakeley Shea

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During Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor, the fireworks didn’t happen when they should have when contestant Monica Spannbauer met Bachelor Ben. Instead sparks flew when Monica met fellow contestant and supposed love rival for Ben’s affections, Blakeley. During the first cocktail party, Monica told her she was “beautiful” and “amazing” and said: “if you’re the only thing I get out of this, I have lived, and I have lived great…” She even asked for Blakeley’s phone number.

Monica later gushed of Blakeley in a side interview: “She’s real and she’s amazing ... I love her. Her teeth, her beauty, her eyes ... God, there is something to be said for a gorgeous, real, woman.” Uhh…and what about what’s-his-face? Bachelor Ben?

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