15 Merciless Pokemon Memes That Made Us Rattata

Even if you weren’t born in the '90s, there’s a good chance you’ve spent at least part of your life on the quest to catch ‘em all. Most would-be Pokemon trainers over the years have gotten their fix via cards, toys, and video games. But now, thanks to the internet, the world of Pokemon has taken on a whole new form.

That’s right, Pokemon has officially become an internet meme sensation. And although many of these reincarnations of the popular game and cartoon series can be a tad bit inappropriate at times, there’s still an onslaught of others that are good and wholesome; or at the very least, a little less nasty.

Regardless, these memes are particularly hilarious. So, whether you’re playing the original Gameboy version, or enjoying the outdoors with Pokemon Go in hand, here are 15 of the most hilarious Poke-memes that exist on the internet today:

15 A Little Privacy Please?

Poor Abra just wants to go to the bathroom in peace! He’s worked all day long teleporting from Pokeballs and avoiding capture and the last thing he wants is someone kicking down the door while he’s using the potty.

Unfortunately for him, Pokemon Go-ers can’t resist the opportunity to snag one of these cuddly, psychic beasts. Abras are admittedly one of the most frequently encountered in the game, but there’s something about finding one on the toilet that’s simply hysterical.

The real question is, does Abra use his telekinesis to wipe, or is he stuck doing it the old-fashioned way like the wannabe Ash Ketchum that just walked in on him doing his business? It’s hard to be certain, but this question is definitely one worth bringing up to the Nintendo panel at Comic-Con next year.

14 Ugh, Venasaur, You Don't Even Go Here!

Admit it, Bulbasaur was never your first or even second choice when you started a new game of Pokemon. The little, leafy lizard sure was cute, but knowing what it inevitably evolved into was honestly a bit of a buzzkill, especially knowing what Charmander and Squirtle grow up to be.

In the cartoon, Venusaur did its best, but it wasn't anywhere near the hero that Charizard and Blastoise were. But, that's okay! There has to be at least one Venusaur in every crowd. If you ever pick up the game again though, maybe give it a chance? Who knows, maybe it’s the grassy warrior you’ve been looking for all along!

Whatever you do though, don’t tell Pikachu...we hear it can be a bit of the jealous type.

13 These Trainers Ain't Loyal

Remember that feeling you’d get as a kid when your friend would show up to your house and brag about their brand new booster pack of Pokemon cards? It was the absolute worst! Trainers sure can be smug, not to mention a little sleazy from time to time!

You have to watch out for Mr. and or Mrs. Steal Your Person when you’re out there trying to catch ‘em all these days. It’s difficult to know exactly who you’re going to run into throughout your travels, so you better keep your enemies close and your bae even closer.

God forbid you run into Brock (Mr. Heart Eyes himself) while you’re out there. That guy’s a dog! Even in the cartoon he was quite the ladies man, so watch your back!

12 Never Trust Free Candy

Speaking of fanatics, some of the most spirited of Pokemon Go players were often pushing 30 and beyond. Something about the nostalgia, and being able to relive a little piece of their childhood, brought an astounding amount of twenty, thirty, and even forty-somethings out of the woodwork when the game first came out.

It was truly a sight to see: middle-aged people clad in cool vests, backwards hats, and all kinds of other costumes. They came out in droves, but they were also a little desperate to get their hands on an Articuno or any of the other rare Pokemon in the game. So, you really have to wonder exactly how many of the Lost Boys and Girls of Ketchum and Co. would have risked a creepy van ride just for a Mewtwo.

11 When Pokemon Attack 

Not every animal is a Pokemon. Repeat, not every animal is a Pokemon. It seems like a no-brainer, but there was quite a bit of mistaken identity out there when Pokemon Go was ruling App Stores everywhere. It was great back then; everywhere people looked a Pokemon was hanging out at the park, or gas station, or even Dairy Queen waiting to get caught.

Unfortunately, a few actual critters snuck their way into the game and used their confusion attack on gamers. Needless to say it was super effective and made for a lot of pretty agitated possums. Good luck getting that thing into a Pokeball! It’s going to take a lot more than a potion to cure the rabies this trainer got from what is most certainly a wild animal.

10 Pulling the Ol' Pika-Switcheroo

Poor little girl has no idea that the fuzzy, yellow friend in front of her is actually an impostor! Can you imagine her disappointment if someone let it slip that it’s a Ditto in disguise romping around with the rest of Pikachus? Talk about childhood ruined.

Anyone who’s familiar with the lore of Pokemon though knows that this is a pretty clever little Easter egg hidden in incredibly plain sight. In the series and games, Ditto is a pretty mild-mannered creature, but can also be a troublemaker from time to time. The worst part is, you can never really be sure when you’re going to be the next guest on its own version of Punk'd. When it comes to Ditto, no one is safe.

9 Two Wheels Are Better Than None...Or Are They?

You probably didn’t think about this when you were playing Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow in elementary school, but why the heck was a bike so freaking expensive!? Sure, it helped you get around a little bit faster, but you couldn’t even ride it everywhere! If anything, it just made movement that much more restricted while you were staying up extra late on school nights trying to collect the original 150. Ugh!

Meanwhile, Pokeballs, easily the most often used item in the game, were like five bucks. Seems a little strange, but hey, Pokemon wasn’t exactly concerned with practicality. After all, the entire basis of the game is catching larger-than-human-size creatures in something not much bigger than a dumpling…oh well, if it made sense it probably wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining.

8 Even Pokemon Float Down Here

Poor Georgie, he had a pretty rough go of it in the new “It” remake. Spoiler alert: his demise in the movie is pretty disturbing. Props to the clown antagonist in the movie though! It’s pretty impressive that all it took was a paper boat to lure in his prey and start the film with one of the most gruesome kills in cinema history.

Imagine if that boat had been a holographic Charizard card though…that kid from Stranger Things and his team of Losers wouldn’t have stood a chance. The clown would have taken them all out one-by-one, no contest. Fortunately for the Losers in the story, the creature sent from another dimension didn’t have Pokemon cards at his disposal, just some sweet dance moves.

7 Poke-Fandom 101

Remember those Poke-fanatics mentioned earlier? Yeah, this guy is definitely one of them. He has the vest, the hat, the gloves, the gaggle of stuffed Pikachus, and just the right amount of “Thug Life” attitude that’d make even Tupac himself proud. Even the lighting in the bathroom of his parents' basement is good enough to showcase his Poke-coolness!

All jokes aside, this young man’s cosplay skills are unsurpassed. He would definitely be up for an honorable mention at any of the countless anime and cosplay conventions around the world. And that’s definitely a compliment considering how all out those boys and girls go to show all the love and appreciation they have for their favorite animated characters.

10/10 this dude is a dead ringer for “Best Costume” this Halloween season!

6 Professor Oak: the Hottest of the Hot

Professor Oak from the original cartoon has been the subject of so many Poke-memes over the last few years. A lot of internet trolls consider him to be a bit of a dork, but, as you can see, there’s a lot more to this lab rat and keeper of the Pokedex than meets the eye.

Sure, he may be a stickler about when and where you can ride that bike you spent like five lifetime’s worth of allowance on, but Oak has the swagger of a young Clooney that you simply can’t deny. He’s like James Bond in a white coat! Watch out for Impostor Professor Oak though…he’s a lot more lenient when it comes to your bike, but he’s surely up to no good.

5 Beware the Poke-Dark Side

Not a lot of people know this, but the Poke-world isn’t exactly the wholesome family environment that it’s made out to be. In fact, it has a pretty dark history that some people may find to be quite disturbing. For example, did you know that the skull that Cubone wears on his head is actually the skull of his dead mother!? Ewwwww!

Also, do you see those black lines on the skull he’s wearing? According to Poke-history, those lines are caused by Cubone bawling his eyes out over his mom’s death after he puts her skull on his head. Now that’s some freaky, Norman Bates type stuff. It’s no wonder the creators weren’t very forthcoming with this particular part of the character’s backstory in the popular cartoon.

4 Whatever You Do, Don't Get Thirsty

So, if you and your Pokemon pals can get medical attention either day or night completely free of charge from a cute nurse, then why in the world does lemonade cost $350 in the game!? Clearly, the beverage industry is crazy inflated in the Poke-world. But, at least people have access to the many benefits of Universal Healthcare!

Whatever you do, don’t get thirsty when you’re playing Pokemon, especially if you’re saving up for one of those bicycles you’ve been hearing so much about. Even a routine stop at a vending machine for a soda will cost you an arm and a leg. Hopefully you can sneak an apple juice off of one of your injured Pokemon’s bedside tables before Nurse Joy sees you.

3 Ash, Where Are Your Parents?

Professor Oak may be your go-to person for all things Pokemon related, but he sure does seem to lack some basic common sense. For instance, why is he going around giving fire-breathing dinosaurs out to ten-year-olds!? Either he has a really killer insurance plan, or he’s not at all concerned with potentially deadly occupational hazards.

Even Ash’s beloved Pikachu is a ticking timebomb. Early on in the cartoon, Pikachu repeatedly electrocutes Ash and his fellow trainer companions and honestly acts like a little, yellow jerk before he becomes the adorable sidekick that fans of the show know and love.

Ash, do your parents know you’re romping around the world with a walking electrical fire? Someone better get Child Services on the phone!

2 Even Pikachu Gets a Little Too Lit Sometimes

Look, everyone’s partied a bit too hard before. It happens to the best of us. But, in the case of Pikachu, a wild night out on the town can often result in a trip to see Nurse Joy if the right precautions aren’t taken.

What do you think works best for a Poke-hangover? A greasy breakfast burrito? Maybe a tall glass of Poke-Pedialyte? It’s hard to know exactly what would help kick the headache, but a potion could potentially do the trick. Hopefully you have some in your backpack to spare!

Surely, every Pikachu has their own preferences. But, Ash better get this one to the golden arches before the nausea sets in. Can’t imagine how tough it’d be to clean up vomit that’s electro-charged.

1 Maybe a Little Too Good to Be True

Be honest, the trailer for Pokemon Go was a little too good to be true. It showed a family chasing a wild Charizard around a lush countryside, a woman on a boat watching Snorlax and Gyarados duke it out on a bridge overhead, and a massive battle in a heavily populated Times Square over the ever elusive Mewtwo.

Early on it looked like Nintendo spent way more money on the trailer than Niantic did on the entire game itself. However, people still loved it and play it to this day. So, even though Pokemon can be a bit silly from time to time, it really is no surprise that it remains an institution in and out of the gaming world. Also, stuffed Pikachus are super cute...so, yeah, there’s that!

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