15 Confessions From People Who Turned Their Backs On Their Family

Secrets live deeply and darkly in all of us, and can haunt us to different degrees. Thank goodness for anonymous places on the internet where we can share the ones that are burning us up! People who write into the Whisper app chose to spill the beans and are confident that no one will ever really know that the secret can be traced back to them. Sometimes friends, and even family, don’t know what we’re truly hiding from the world. What happens when the secrets are about our family?

Sure, no one can say that they have an entirely “normal” family, but some of the things that we’re reading on this website make us scratch our heads and spit out our drinks in shock. Who knew that family could sometimes be so terrible to one another? It seems like scandal runs rampant through family trees and people come to Whisper to share some truly heinous and shocking secrets that they can’t tell anyone else. Thank goodness there’s an outlet to share these, otherwise they might come out in other ways–and wouldn’t that be a mess? Here are some seriously messed-up confessions found on Whisper that prove that blood really isn’t thicker than water.

15 Who’s the daddy?

Via: Whisper

Affairs are sneaky work, and it can be hard to keep all the secrets about them. When people are keeping affairs within the family, things can get even more complicated!

This user confesses that she’s married and has been carrying on a sexual relationship with both her step-father and step-brother–keeping it close! But the last part of her confession is what’s really shocking–she’s pregnant, and her husband is black, but she doesn’t know if her baby is white. Can you imagine the family drama if she gives birth to a baby that doesn’t belong to her husband? Not only will she have to confess to their affairs, but she might have to spill that they’ve been with her family members! We feel for this lady and wish her the best, but she should have thought this one through!

14 Turned the tables on love

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Mocking a family member for their sexual orientation is never the right thing to do, so it’s no wonder that this sister had to find a way to get back at her brother! And what could be better revenge than getting back at him than by being exactly who he was making fun of you for being? This user probably felt downright pissed off at her brother for saying things that are both unnecessary and unkind. So the writer stole his girlfriend! That’s a pretty savage move, especially for family members.

We can only hope that the girlfriend is happier with the sister, and that the brother has to spend his time seeing the two making it work. Though, there’s no doubt that family get-togethers are going to be a little more awkward now!

13 The dark side of love

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Anyone who has siblings knows that the relationship can be full of love-hate moments. Who hasn’t thrown a fit because their sister wore their favorite new top or read your diary with their friends? Sibling rivalry is a constant fight that always has fuel for the fire.

The sibling rivalry with this writer seems to be way darker than most.

The secret-teller says that his brother stole his girlfriend, which is a dirty thing to do, and we feel for him. Then he surprises us all by saying that he thinks he’s going to kill his brother! Wait a minute–stealing a girlfriend is low but thinking about killing someone for it is downright scary. Two wrongs definitely don’t make a right! We hope this brother re-thinks this before he does something he’ll regret!

12 Parents of the year

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Seeing yourself as “different” in a cruel world can make people feel alone. We’re always glad that we have family (and friends) to help support us when we need that extra love or a shoulder to lean on.

Our hearts go out to this secret-keeper! After telling his/her parents that they were gay, the user found out how unsupportive the parents were–because they sent him back to foster care! Apparently, the parents never told the child that he/she was adopted, and being gay was non-negotiable for them. Instead of loving their child, they pulled the plug on the family.

We can’t help but think that the user may be better off without this kind of bad parenting, but we also know how much this must have hurt. Bad parenting at its finest!

11 Mooching in more ways than one

Via: Whisper

After you’ve lived with your siblings for most of your childhood, it can sometimes be fun to crash together as adults. No rules, no parents and you get to hang out all the time with family. What could be better?

This confession shows how one sibling took things a little too far. In addition to living with their brother and sister-in-law (and probably eating all the food from the fridge) this user is also doing the deed with his brother’s wife.

How can this happen without the two of them getting caught? We can only imagine the level of sneakiness that it takes to manage this secret. And what happens if it does come out? The user could lose his brother, his lover and the place he calls home! Is that kind of risk even worth it?

10 Dad gone bad

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As the saying goes, little teapots have big ears…and sometimes eyes. It’s important to be careful what is said around kids as we know that it has a tendency to be repeated–in the most inopportune times and places.

This confession takes this to a whole new level. The user says that they caught their dad sneaking around on their mom–and told her about it! What a terrible thing to have to tell a parent, even if it was right to share. Nine years after that happened, the dad still blames the kid for the divorce. Do we have to point out the obvious? Dad was cheating and should bear the blame! We can only hope this kid knows that he did the right thing, and that Dad can grow up and take responsibility for his actions.

9 A very unique wedding present

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Weddings are the days we dream of where everything has to be perfect. Vows, reception, cake–and not to mention the gifts! It might not be polite to talk about, but we all love that pile of presents to tear through.

This user sure got some kind of present at their wedding! Who would ever think about sleeping with their mother-in-law to-be on the day of the wedding!

In the church, no less. It’s pretty crazy to think about how this could have happened and no one would have seen or heard it happening. They’re fairly lucky the priest didn’t find them in the confessional! We’re not sure if this was submitted by the bride or groom of the wedding, but imagine the havoc this would cause if the other member of the bridal party found out.

8 Nothing like a woman scorned

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If you have a good relationship with your mother-in-law, it’s likely that you’re one of the lucky few that can say that. It seems like more people complain about their MIL’s meddling and gossip more than any other relationship that you get when you marry. Sometimes, all you can do is hope that you can call a civil truce or ignore one another.

This confession shows just how terrible relationships can be between wives and their husband’s mother. The wife walked in on her mother-in-law cursing her, “candles and all.” Was she casting a spell or doing some sort of dark magic? To make matters worse, the writer’s ex was there, too! How awful to see your mother-in-law and a blast from your husband’s past in cahoots against you! Fingers crossed that the spell didn’t stick.

7 Breaking up a family

Via: Whisper

“Homewrecker” can be a pretty nasty term, but sometimes it’s the only way to describe a situation. We have to wonder if the user is proud of this title, or simply stating facts. She tells us that she’s “knocked up” by a man who is married to someone who used to be one of her best friends. That’s pretty low–on her part and his.

But then she tells us that when she lost her friend, he lost his wife. You can’t blame her for throwing him out!

Karma can be unkind and we hope that it forgets to visit the woman who wrote this confession. The guilt of her mistakes will most likely stay with her, and the loss of her best friend will probably hurt for the rest of the life.

6 Double take

Via: Whisper

Twins really do have the best of both worlds. They come into the world with a best friend, can confuse their parents and sometimes have their own language. And they get to star in Doublemint gum commercials. We’d be jealous to have that kind of relationship!

The twin writing this confession has a seriously dirty secret. Twins are supposed to take care of one another and have each other’s back, but this twin took things way too far. By impersonating his twin and sleeping with his twin’s girlfriend, he screwed over both his brother and the girlfriend. Even if she didn’t know it wasn’t her boyfriend, the twin should have said something. And now he can’t tell his deepest secret to the person he’d usually share it with. What a terrible burden to bear.

5 The other woman

Via: whisper.sh

Reading this secret makes us want to cry. When it comes to cheating, it’s not always as simple as it seems. People can make mistakes. In this scenario, the confessor tells us that he made the mistake of cheating on his wife...with her sister. Yet the next part of his confession is worse. He tells us that he made a mistake by choosing to marry his wife and not the sister.

What a sad and terribly complex situation.

We have to wonder if the husband always felt this way, or if cheating on his wife made him fall in love with her sister. Or maybe it’s just about great sex? Either way, we know the wife deserves better and the husband needs to figure out what he wants. Because it’s certainly not fair to either woman to feel that way.

4 Revenge tastes so sweet

Via: Whisper

We know most break-ups aren’t those nice, mature events that we sometimes see on romantic comedies. One of the two people is usually hurt, and sometimes, that hurt can transition into anger. People will do some crazy things when they’re hurt and angry, and sometimes we have to agree that they have a right.

This Whisper story of revenge must taste especially sweet for the writer. For whatever reason she wanted to get back at her ex-boyfriend, so she did it in style–by sleeping with both his father and his brother! We can’t imagine what that ex-boyfriend did to make her so angry, but she really pulled out all the stops on this. That’s some serious plotting! We wonder if she’ll say “oops” if the ex ever finds out!

3 God bless the mister who comes between me and my sister

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As brothers and sisters grow up, it’s not unusual for them to be close. They share parents, houses, schools, clothes... it’s no wonder that our siblings are our first friends. So what does that mean when your brother has a secret he can’t share?

This user shares a pretty deep secret, and it’s one we want to see play out! The writer confesses that he is a man, and he slept with his sister’s fiancé. What a bomb to drop on your family!

First, you make a fiancé cheat, and secondly, it’s with your brother! The sister would be left wondering if her fiancé loves her, if he’s interested in men and would certainly be furious with her brother. For both her sake and the sake of the fiancé, we hope they sort this out before the wedding bells ring!

2 How could you, Mom?

Via: Whisper

This Whisper confession shows us what it’s like when mom can’t be trusted. Mommy dearest hooked up with the father of her daughter’s baby. What could she possibly have been thinking? It’s one thing to rob the cradle. It’s an entirely different thing to rob your daughter’s cradle. And we can only imagine how her daughter reacted to be pushed aside for her mom. Now “baby daddy” is in jail and lovesick mom spends her time writing to him.

It’s no wonder the writer thinks that the family would drive a counselor to seek help! This kind of behavior sounds like something featured on the Maury Show. We’d hope that mom would show some maturity and walk away from this situation. If she can’t, maybe her daughter needs cut those apron strings!

1 Have your cake and eat it too

Via: whisper.sh

Thank goodness Whisper keeps its submissions anonymous–otherwise, we can only imagine the chaos that would arise. Take this confession, for example. The writer tells readers that they have a best friend with a brother and a sister. We can guess that the best friend doesn’t know about the naughty things going on between the writer and the friend’s brother. And then we’re told that the writer also wants to be with the friend’s sister! When is enough, enough? We have to wonder if the confessor feels at all awkward or uncomfortable with keeping it all in the family.

Sounds like this writer has some pretty scandalous secrets and some interesting choices in playmates. We can only hope that this writer has a chance to figure out how all of these relationships align, and if friends or lovers win!

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