15 Messed Up 'Sims' Players Who Give All Sims Players A Bad Name

Are humans naturally drawn to good or evil? If left to our own devices, will we choose to help others or will we choose to punish and torture them? If the actions of those on the Internet who have chosen to treat their Sims is any indication, then humans are evil, cruel, bloodthirsty monsters that must be stopped. Now, I have played a good game of Sims in my time and I have murdered more virtual people than I can count. However, some of the actions on this list shocked me to my very core. There are some sick people out there is this world, so I thought I would share some of the most shocking stories with you. So, without further ado here are 15 of the most sadistic Sim stories that chilled me to my very bones.

15 The Church Of The Dead

It seems like I'm not the only one who wanted to know what other shocking things people have done to their Sims; people on Reddit also asked the same thing, and here is one disturbing response.

"I wanted to make a church with a full, complete graveyard. So I built a small, simple structure, moved in a family of eight, got them all inside, removed the door, filled with fire. Yay, eight new tombstones! Repeat, like, nine times, and you've got a full graveyard of tombstones. Then I built the church and moved in a priest to live there and tend to the grounds. Unfortunately for the priest, the grounds had been tainted by the dark rituals of the past and several dozen ghosts would materialize every night. Tormented by the crowds of specters, he himself died three days later due to never being able to sleep." - BrianWantsTruth

This ghost-filled tale is sure to haunt my future dreams.

14 Barking Mad

Okay, I do have to admit that this monstrous creation is actually pretty cool. It must have taken the artist so long to paint each individual detail with such precision and majesty. It's a work of true art and skill. But now, I would like to address the practicality of this dog's fur coat. First off, let’s assume that the dog is real. If it is natural (not to dog shame, but I highly doubt that it is), it must have taken an insane amount of inbreeding to get the pattern right. If it is the result of dyes and the like, I can’t imagine the difficulty of getting a dog to hold still long enough to craft such a piece of art. Either way, it is both impractical and beautiful, which is, what I guess, art is all about.

13 Never Ending Party

PM_ME_UR_BELLYBUTTON (strange username, but okay) submitted the strangest thing they did to their Sim on Reddit. 

"Okay, so I make lots of friends with my Sims, then I invite all of them over, and lead them into a room in my backyard. The room has a refrigerator, sink, toilet, and bed. Then my Sim leaves and I delete the door. I have 10+ in there already and am waiting for people to come over. I want the whole city in there. After a while the Sims decide their done at your house and want to leave so they keep saying 'goodbye!' while waving, but since they can't leave, it's a monotonous chant of them saying goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, GOODBYE. It's hilarious. "

Hey, it’s not a torture chamber unless there are enough amenities to keep everyone alive. Locking someone in a death trap which will annihilate them within the week is nowhere near as fun as forcing that Sim to live in heinous conditions as they lose grips on reality and their sanity.

12 Literal Survivor

Reddit user, Dubalubawubwub, told the site just how they get down with Sims. "I think this was Sims 2, I made a reality TV show house full of stereotypes, left them on free will mode, and had someone 'voted off' every three days based on whoever was the least popular. The person 'voted off' was murdered, naturally.”

Now this is the best way to blame the Sims. There is a cap on the amount of people that you can have in the household and eight people is the perfect number for a reality show. With the simplistic traits, it’s easy to make the overdone stereotypes that we see on these “reality” shows. And this way, the reality show ends with death which is far more interesting than just having them booted out of the show.

11 'Burning Down the House'

“I used to outline an entire room with fireplaces, have my Sims light them all, then gather them together in the middle of the room. Once they were there, I would pause the game and buy wooden tables that filled the room until there was nowhere for them to escape the flames once the tables in front of them caught fire. It was a horrible death, admittedly.”- Reddit by tpoletrepid

I only put fireplaces in my Sims homes for aesthetic purposes. I have lost far too many good homes and families to a lit fireplace. You light them, you forget about them, and then your entire family dies in a horrific fire. It’s the circle of death. It’s unavoidable. I mean, I guess I could turn off the fireplace before my Sims left the living room but what is the fun in that?

10 Death By Cowplant

Good ole UncleMike777  from Reddit had this to say about everyone's favorite game: “I have a little Sim daughter Who I've played for over a decade now (Sims 2). She still feeds all her nannies to the cowplant. She meets a townie, influences them to garden, and sure enough, they get munched by the cowplant. She milks the plant, extends her life, and starts looking for the next victim.

Now this is impressive for multiple reasons. First, that is a brilliant and well thought out diabolical murder plan. I have been playing Sims for nearly 13 years now and I would have never thought something like that up on my own. Second, it is amazing that this user has maintained one family for such a long time. I usually get bored and kill everyone after a week or so. I bow down to you, I am not worthy.

9 Cheaters Never Prosper

“I created a 'cheater's graveyard.' Built a female character who lived in a small house covering all her basic needs, and next to the house there was a fenced area. The girl often hosted parties for her neighbors and invited couples over. Then she would try to seduce the husbands and if they fell for her trap they would be acquainted with a painful, slow death in a doorless room. Their tombstone would be later added in the graveyard. I was 12 at the time but apparently had very specific relationship ethics.” - submitted to Reddit by bloomingflorence.

Now this is a plot that I have carried out many times. Now, I haven’t gotten to the level of specialized torture chambers but I am a fan of the black widow plot. There is nothing I love more than ruining a sims life (and the lives of all their loved ones) by ending marriages, breaking up families, and then punishing the adulterers.

8 Soft Kitty, Demon Kitty, Little Ball of Fur...

When EA brought pets to the Sims 4, they gifted us with the painting tool that allowed you to paint whatever we wanted on our little animal friends. And people have been abusing it. Curse words have decorated the coats of poor canines. Popular slang terms have found themselves emblazoned on the flesh of felines. And now this. This poor cat. He didn’t ask to become a demon...few pets do. But he didn’t deserve this. He didn’t deserve any of this. Someone call virtual animal control. Please save him before it’s too late! This cannot breed anything but harm and terror to anyone who has the misfortune of stumbling across this poor creature. Some people should just not be allowed to let their evil run rampant in such careless ways.

7 Death By The Arts

Out of all of these confessions, this Reddit confession is by far the most f**ked up. “I created a lab under my Sim's house, filled it with observation chambers and test subjects. I ran a variety of experiments there, I killed my Sims in every way possible. I also ran a torture room to see if it had any effect on productivity with learning skills and money making. The subject was put in a chamber with a treadmill and forced to run as much as possible. A downtime of four hours each day was given for learning, painting, and two hours of sleep. I discovered that if you want to be sadistic and still get good results, you have to torture them in intervals. So a day of treadmill, then a day of learning/painting.”

6 'Come On, Let Your Colours Burst'

If you thought the last story was messed up, check out this one by Reddit user Googalyfrog: 

“Maybe not the most cruel but certainly the funniest and easiest way to mass murder Sims — indoor fireworks carpet fire bomb. Basically you have a room completely covered in overlapping carpet except for one square. Put a firework stand somewhere in the room and have a Sim light it. Now, all Sims nearby are programmed to come watch the fireworks so everyone is in that room. When the fireworks are done, the waste lands on the one empty square; and since it's indoors, that one square catches fire." They continue saying "Now this is where it gets fun; that one square of fire will have to spread to the next square and an item, like a carpet, doesn't just catch half on fire — the entire 2-6 squares of the carpet catch on fire and since all the carpets are overlapping...the entire room suddenly goes ablaze including all the Sims in it who came to watch the fireworks.

5 The Shame Toilet

Are you feeling judgmental yet? No? Here's some more Sims dirt from Reddit member connain.

“Killing Sims is (generally) too easy and vastly overdone. So one day I was in a mischievous mood, so I decided to perform a 'social experiment.' I built a very bland house. Basically a big square of unpainted walls without windows and only one door. Once I had the whole neighborhood trapped inside, I remove the only way out." If that doesn't sound bad enough, they went on saying, "Inside the house there was one refrigerator (no starving to death allowed) and, right in the center of the house, a single toilet. I wanted to see which Sims would unashamedly use the toilet in full view of everyone else. Most did not want to. Slowly I would shrink the walls as people moved away from them forcing everyone closer and closer to that one, lone toilet. The whole neighborhood, all fed and needing to use the toilet, nearly all too ashamed to use it standing around in a tight, confined space all staring at the toilet longingly. Many were standing in puddles. Woe betide them that fainted.”

4 The Painting Goblin

“Every time I play the Sims, I start my family with a painting goblin. I make him/her morbidly obese with green skin. I make sure he/she has the following traits: likes to be alone, likes art, hates the outdoors. The first thing I do once I have enough money is build a small green room in the basement, send him down there, and then remove the stairs. I set up a tiny little area with only an easel, a toilet, a fridge, a bed, a shower and a trash bin.

All he does all day is paint. He paints and paints and paints and paints. Eventually, his paintings become very good and worth a lot of money. Every few minutes I go downstairs and sell whatever painting he has finished, and then I return to playing the game. My family always ends up feeling blessed because of their fortune, and they never find out about the horrible secret living beneath their home.” - Reddit by penthesilea1

3 Death In The Family


If you thought your family was weird, you're gonna think otherwise after reading this cofession:

“My friend and I created a new neighbourhood with just one family — two men and a woman. We decided we were going to populate the town with their descendants, so we used cheats to constantly get them alien pregnant, age the babies, and have them move out. We ended up with a huge colony of alien-human hybrids. We ended up inviting everyone back individually, murdering them, and creating a huge grave yard with a headstone on every square of land. The three humans we started out with ended up dying of fright after being terrorized by all the ghosts of their hybrid children, and suddenly what was once a very populated town became completely devoid of any human life.”- DIEmoviestars from Reddit.

2 The Greatest Game

“My Sim had the serial romantic aspiration. I made her the girlfriend of every Sim in town. Then when I completed my aspiration, I switched to soulmate, proposed to one of the Sims, invited everyone to our wedding... When we said our vows and kissed, everyone broke into tears and I spent the rest of the reception dumping everyone.”- submitted to Reddit by GrumpyGills.

This story is the reason why Sims wasn’t invented. It was not made to create your dream life or to do things that you could never do in the real world. It’s to simultaneously break every single heart in the entire world on your wedding day. I want to hear those heart strings snap the moment I say “I do.” I revel in their pain.

1 Would You Die For Pizza?

Don't worry, guys. I saved one of the best for last from Reddit user Hdah24:

"Cassandra kept ordering pizzas. There was plenty of food in the house and sometimes Bella had even cooked and served dinner. But Cassandra still ordered her pizza. You had to always be watching her, prepared to cancel the action every time she tried it. Her habit was costing us thousands of simoleons. We were trying to save up for a pool but we were about five squares short because of Cassandra's pizza addiction. So my older brother hatched a plan. He let Cassandra order a pizza. He then told her to take it outside, where he had bought a long dining table. He told her to put her pizza at one end of the dining table, before making her walk to the opposite end. Then, he built our pool around the table. Without pool ladders, she couldn't get in. She was now on an island, trapped. We watched as she starved. She could see her pizza but she couldn't get to it. She pleaded and begged for help. She starved to death. We had taught her a valuable lesson."

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