15 Mind-Blowing Sailor Moon Fan Theories That Will Make You Say, "Whoa"

Thanks to Viz Media releasing both the original Japanese anime online and re-dubbing Sailor Moon for English-speaking audiences, former '90s kids and die-hard Moonies are rediscovering their love for the adventures of Usagi Tsukino and her friends.

Even though the series has been complete for many years, Sailor Moon fans are still coming up with new and interesting theories to explain some of the mysteries in both the anime and the original manga. If you love all things Sailor Moon, curl up in your chair and browse through the following 15 theories that will make you look at the series in an entirely different light.

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15 The Sailor Senshi Transform Into Their Older Selves

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“I've been a Sailor Moon fan since before I can even remember, but one thing always bothered me about it--how does NO ONE KNOW WHO THEY ARE?! All they do is change clothes essentially, and no one ever recognizes them. My theory is that even though the Sailor Senshi are kids, they’re also reincarnations of their past selves from Silver Millennium. I believe when the girls transform they are actually physically changing as well to look more like their older selves from their past lives.”

I never thought about why Usagi and her friends were never recognized, but PhoenixxForcexxFivex’s theory that they transform into their former incarnations would explain why their relatives never put two and two together that their daughter was a Sailor Senshi. It always bugged me that they were never recognized, but if they transformed and looked more like their previous incarnations, then it would help keep their civilian identities safe.

14 In The New Timeline, Sailor Cosmos Does Not Exist

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“Cosmos is supposed to be who Usagi becomes after she loses everyone she loves when chaos takes over in a different reality --she got super upset about this after years of suffering and fled to the reality we know disguised as Chibi-Chibi to help destroy chaos completely. So in the reality we know, Cosmos doesn't exist at all.

So essentially Neo-Queen Serenity exists simply because Sailor Cosmos does not exist.”

CrazyArtFreak’s theory about Sailor Cosmos not existing in the new timeline, and being the reason why Usagi becomes Neo-Queen Serenity does make sense. After all, anyone who has ever watched the CW’s The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow will tell you that there are consequences to time travel, and it would be an interesting twist that since Usagi/Sailor Cosmos went back in time to meddle with the timeline, she essentially erased the post of Sailor Cosmos and ensured that her past self would become Neo-Queen Serenity instead.

13 The Amazoness Quarter Is The Reincarnation Of The Inner Senshi

Via: Msmoonlights.tumblr.com

“I've recently heard a theory that the Amazon Quartet are actually reincarnations of the Inner Senshi, and that they later chose to become Chibi-Moon's protectors."

Even though the manga stated that the Amazoness Quartet are Senshi who were destined to protect Sailor Chibi Moon, it doesn’t explicitly say WHERE they come from. Given the popular theme of reincarnation, I can see why Chinotenshi would speculate that the Quarter is actually the new incarnations of the four original Inner Senshi. After all, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury were reborn with Princess Serenity on Earth after the fall of the Silver Millennium, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise that after Neo-Queen Serenity and her four Guardians die in the future, the Inner Senshi immediately get reincarnated as Sailor Chibi Moon’s Guardians. Too bad Naoko Takeuchi didn’t play around with this theory—it would have made for an awesome reveal in the series!

12 Chibi-Usa Creates New Timelines Every Time She Returns To The Past

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“I've always just assumed that when Chibi-Usa went to the past, she created a new parallel timeline, including one that leads to the awakening of the Outers, and she only ever returns to the new timeline she created, but when she returns to the future, she returns to her proper timeline. Basically, nothing she does in the past has any effect on her future.”

When I first started watching the English dub of Sailor Moon as a kid, I didn’t really think about the ramifications of Chibi-Usa CONSTANTLY going back in time. Now that I’m older, have seen both the original series and read the manga, and watch shows such as The Flash, I really like Meqek’s explanation of Chibi-Usa constantly creating new timelines. That would certainly explain how she goes back to the past, and then returns to the future without going “Whoa! Okay, this is different, looks like my meddling in the timeline has changed some things.”

11 Ali, An And Fiore Are The Same Species

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“From what I've remembered there was no word on that case –the girls never wondered about similarities. Since both stories doesn't have counterparts in manga, I do believe they belong to the same race because their hair and their outfits are same, only Fiore got different earrings than Ali. It was revealed that the Makaiju tree was alone for eons so it decided to create a humanoid race; they were living in a kind of symbiosis until the destructive war for the tree's energy started. Eventually, their aquatic planet was destroyed, and the Makaiju fled out into space with a few survivors looking for a new home. They wandered the universe, and it was probably during that time Fiore somehow was lost, split apart from the tree. Ali and An, who now think that they are the last of their species, landed on Earth looking for energy, and then, after Sailor Moon R, the Sailor Moon R movie happened where we are introduced to similar looking Fiore wandering in bubble, meeting little Mamoru and befriending with him, etc. So for me, yes - they are both of same species because they share the exact same physical details, same ability of being able to change their form to humans, and they have the same need for energy stored in plants (Makaiju tree and Fiore's flower).”

Honestly, I would have chalked up the similarities between An, Ali, and Fiore to the fact that it was easier for the animators to re-use character designs, but Cylonapplepie’s explanation adds a nice bit of continuity from the season of the anime to the movie.

10 There Can Only Be One Sailor Senshi At A Time

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“The way I justified Neo-Queen Serenity losing her Senshi powers in my head was that there could only be one Sailor Senshi from each celestial body at a time. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and is never explained how these protectors got chosen because that's not important to the story. Thematically, however, I found it justifiable enough and poetic in such a glamorous way that Chibi-Usa would inherit the job after Usagi discards it for the regency of the solar system.

So, I stopped thinking of it as a plot hole, and start thinking of Usagi's growth throughout the series. She goes from helpless crybaby to sobbing but determined fighter to reluctant heroine to resolved princess to Queen Regent of Earth. Neo-Queen Serenity is also the ideal ruler. She is an immaculate portrait of grace and righteousness that contrasts with the bratty 14-year-old Usagi. Neo-Queen Serenity is also proof that she must and will overcome many trials, and bring hope for the future. Thematically, it makes perfect sense.”

I always wondered why Neo-Queen Serenity had to give up her Senshi powers when she became queen of Crystal Tokyo. ClearAndSweet came up with a great theory that is in line with the themes of the show. I like that this theory points out that Usagi goes from a helpless crybaby to a powerful Queen—it’s a wonderful analogy for the trials and tribulations of teenagers growing into mature young adults.

9 Usagi/Princess Serenity Was Always Meant To Become Sailor Moon

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“I do believe Usagi was meant to be Sailor Moon, but she hadn't gotten that chance in the Silver Millennium--the power was there, Luna felt it. I think Queen Serenity knew her daughter was going to be a Senshi, and even used her daughter’s Senshi crystal as a means to protect her daughter until she was able to protect herself. We know that others can harness crystals that aren't their own. We see this when Usagi and Chibi-Usa harness the Golden Crystal's powers despite it belonging to Mamoru. Yes Chibi-Usa is of his blood but Usagi isn't. So why wouldn't Queen Serenity be able to use her daughters?”

I love Nerf-or-Nothing’s theory, because it fits the theme of “destiny” in the series. Usagi and Mamoru were destined to fall in love and rebuild Silver Millennium, and it makes perfect sense that in her past life, Usagi as Princess Serenity was always meant to become Sailor Moon but never got the opportunity due to Beryl’s attack.

8 The Pink Moon Crystal Is An Offshoot Of The Silver Crystal

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"I could understand the Silver Crystal to be passed down with succession to the throne, I would even expect it. But the story for Chibi-Usa is that she was sent back into the past again for training, but to be a Sailor Senshi requires a source of magical power--basically a magic crystal. Now her mother could give her the Silver Crystal. It's basically hers after all. But that's got two problems: Neo-Queen Serenity is using it right now and if the past crystal and future crystal touch, there goes a time paradox.

The solution would be for Chibi-Usa to have her own crystal. In the anime, Neo-Queen Serenity could have helped grow the Pink Moon Crystal just for her daughter. It's a variation of the original, and probably not as powerful. In fact, you could say that the Pink Moon Crystal could be a daughter crystal of the Silver Crystal. That way Chibi-Usa has her own powers, though this could explain why they didn't always work so well. The crystal is probably still experimental.

Phantom53's theory that Chibi-Usa's Pink Moon Crystal in the original anime is an offshoot of her mother's Silver Crystal is really sweet, and it's a good explanation as to why her powers were often wonky when she first started her training.

7 Queen Serenity Had A Star-Crossed Love Affair

Via: Prettyguardianscreencaps.tumblr.com

“I think Princess Serenity’s father is from another system, just as it is hinted Queen Serenity is from another system. I think Queen Serenity fell in love, she became pregnant just before something terrible happened, and Queen Serenity had to run away to another solar system. She then made a deal at the Galaxy Cauldron so that her daughter could share her star seed, and settled on the Moon.”

Sailor Uranus’s theory about Princess Serenity actually having a father instead of being the product of a virgin birth or being created by Queen Serenity in a similar manner to Wonder Woman in the DC Comics helps explain why the princess had blonde hair instead of silver hair like her mother’s. It’s also a nice parallel between mother and daughter: both women had a star-crossed love affair, and were forced to rebuild their lives on a new planet.

6 The Silver Crystal Is Sentient

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“I have been watching Sailor Moon lately and I noticed that whenever she wants the Silver Crystal to do something Usagi begs it to perform a task. Now for years I just thought that it was her inner monologue, but lately I have been thinking about the possibility of the Silver Crystal being sentient. Maybe the Silver Crystal is not fully sentient, but it does appear to be partially sentient.”

Sailor Cordelia might be onto something with this theory. It was always implied that the Silver Crystal is linked with Usagi’s soul in both the manga and the original animated series, but the fact that she always begs the Silver Crystal to help her does make me wonder if it does have some level of intelligence. I wish they had explored that idea more, it would’ve been really fun to play around with, especially in the anime.

5 Queen Serenity Usurped Nehelenia

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“Today I got to thinking whether Nehelenia might very well have been the original Queen of the Moon under Chaos who was banished to the Moon's interior/dark side.

This came to mind on the basis of her having been present at the time prior to Usagi's birth wherein she seems to know Queen Serenity from a time before Silver Millennium. Likewise, the arc itself is alternatively called the Dead Moon Arc, which gives credence to the possibility that she may have ruled over a more malevolent Moon Kingdom in relation to the Earth, whereby mortal men lived in fear of the inhabitants of the Moon. This would also explain the uprising during Silver Millennium, as Metallia sought to get revenge for Nehelenia being banished and sealed away.”

I never understood why Nehelenia wanted to curse Queen Serenity’s daughter—it seemed as if it was just made up to be a random plot device, but East02West’s theory that she was usurped by Princess Serenity’s mother would explain why she so desperately wanted to get revenge and decided to place such a nasty curse on an innocent baby.

4 Chibi-Usa Is The Incarnation Of The Greek Goddess Artemis

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“During the Dark Kingdom Arc, we meet Queen Serenity who refers to herself as the ‘incarnation of the Moon goddess, Selene.' Sailor Venus is also described as being the incarnation of the goddess Aphrodite, and Sailor Pluto has the blood of the Time god Chronos running through her veins, either meaning that she was born as a daughter to him or her ancestors were. We know Princess Serenity had no visible father, and it is much believed by the fandom that this is because Queen Serenity created her by herself, passing her Star Seed (Silver Crystal) into her child. This would not only make Princess Serenity something of a clone of Queen Serenity (but not entirely) but also another incarnation of the Moon goddess Selene. Artemis is also the goddess of the Moon, the hunt, and patroness of young women. Artemis’ companions were often young virgins, and Chibi Usa’s future Senshi are the young Amazon Quartet and maybe Sailor Saturn, who is a child also. “

Morpheus’s theory fits in perfectly with Naoko Takeuchi’s love of adding snippets of Greek and Roman mythology to Sailor Moon. It also explains why Chibi-Usa is a bit more impulsive, as in many myths Artemis didn’t take ANY sh*t, and was often quick to punish those who have crossed her.

3 Queen Beryl Is A Corrupted Sailor Earth

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“You all know that the Earth’s Sailor Crystal, the Golden Crystal, ended up with Prince Endymion. Nobody knows why, and neither do I. Like, sure, we all the get how it’s more romantic with the main character being the Princess of the Moon and the powers of the Moon and Silver and whatever, while the romantic interest in a counter part for that; Prince of Earth, powers of the Earth, Gold, etc. But other than that there’s no real reason for why Prince Endymion got the Golden Crystal. I am now going to theorize, that the Golden Crystal was somehow split into two. One part, with much power but no way of using it due to the owner being a man, ended up inside Prince Endymion. The other part had very little power, not enough for the owner to transform to their Sailor form, just enough to doing some magic; this part ended up inside Beryl.

Beryl was an Earth witch who fell for Endymion, and ended up getting herself brainwashed by Queen Metalia, thus becoming Queen Beryl. After Beryl was killed by Sailor Venus, the remains of the Golden Crystal became a part of Endymion’s Golden Crystal.”

I never really thought about the Golden Crystal in Sailor Moon, but I really like Alice Kainchenbau’s speculation about Beryl holding one half of the crystal, and essentially being a corrupted Sailor Earth. It would help explain why Metalia/Chaos targeted her, and would twist the knife even further for Endymion, knowing that Sailor Earth helped to destroy Silver Millennium.

2 The Moon And The Earth Were At War

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“I have this headcannon that the reason why Moonies didn’t trust the Earthlings has to do with princess Serenity’s dad. Like he died fighting alongside them in a war, or against them. I could be horribly wrong, but that’s just what I believe.”

Many Sailor Moon fans believe that Queen Serenity created her daughter Princess Serenity, which is why Naoko Takeuchi never mentions the princess’s father. However, Believe In Hope And Love’s theory about Princess Serenity’s father perishing in a conflict against the Earthlings is brilliant because it reiterates the theme of star-crossed lovers and is a good explanation as any for the animosity between the two planets. If the Earthlings started a war against the Moon Kingdom, or Queen Serenity’s husband died helping their former allies, it’s possible that she kept her daughter away from Earth because she didn’t want to risk losing another loved one.

1 Sailor Cosmos Is Chibi-Usa's Sister

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“After Usagi and Mamoru are married, Usagi ascends as Neo-Queen Serenity and give birth to Chibi-Usa. Death Phantom is banished to Nemesis, and the Black Moon Clan travels back in time, creating the second Sailor Moon timeline, in which the events of the manga and the anime take place. Seven years after Chibi-Usa’s birth, Usagi and Mamoru have another daughter–Kousagi, who isn’t trained as a Sailor Senshi due to Chibi-Usa already inheriting the Silver Moon Crystal as the Pink Moon Crystal, and Mamoru’s Sailor Crystal not being truly awakened in this timeline. Some time after Chibi-Usa and Kousagi are both grown, Sailor Galaxia finally targets the Sol System in this timeline. Chibiusa, now fully realized as Sailor Moon, leads the others in the defeat of Sailor Galaxia and Chaos.

However, Chibi-Usa is killed, and Kousagi becomes the new Sailor Moon. Though she tries her best, Sailor Chaos picks off the rest of the Sol System’s defenders one by one, leaving her utterly alone. She renames herself Sailor Cosmos, as she and Sailor Chaos have become archenemies. After years of fighting alone, she flees to the past in the guise of Chibi-Chibi to encourage Sailor Moon to destroy Chaos first and the Galaxy Cauldron along with it. “

I know a lot of fans think Sailor Cosmos is Usagi, but Dumpling Headcanon’s idea that she’s Kousagi allows the Parallel Sailor Moon story to be tied into the main story, and makes the entire story even more tragic.

Sources: Reddit, The Galaxy Cauldron Forums, Tumblr, Giphy, and Sailor Moon Wikia.

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