15 Mind-Blowing Tumblr Posts That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

Even if we aren't on Tumblr, the best and funniest Tumblr posts end up getting screenshot and shared through other social media networking platforms. The Tumblr community tend to think up theories about movies, TV shows and life that we have thought of before, and think, "YES!" or things that we never, ever, would have thought up and now have to deal with the consequences of having such a novel idea rage around our minds. Where before we had a peaceful existence, now we question the life that we knew, wondering if there were other things that the world has kept hidden from us. We dream about childhood, when everything was as easy as learning our alphabet. Here are 15 times that Tumblr made our brains hurt.

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15 The jokes that take way too long to figure out

Via: izismile.com; pinterest.com

These are the type of jokes that we can't even laugh at because by the time we figure it out, everyone else has laughed and moved onto the next joke. How can a joke become a cigarette lighter? And then as soon as we realize it has nothing to do with flames but has everything to do with less weight, we feel burned by this joke that makes us question our intelligence. We get it, it's a clever joke, but now all our jokes seem stupid compared to this higher caliber of humour. We are now running our brains on overdrive, trying to think of a joke that is worthy to be this joke's opponent, and our mind is now blank. We can think of nothing, and we are left with nothing but hurt brain cells.

14 When Tumblr makes us question our thinking

Via: pinimg.com; bustle.com

There are a lot of ideas casually tossed into this Tumblr post that we now are left with to try and figure out. Are we going to go the historical route and think about the ramifications of World War Two? This post makes us wonder about all those times we wished for a toxic waste plant near our house so that we could gain super powers, and suddenly we are left wondering why we would ever want to run the risk of death just for the remote possibility of gaining the power of flight. It is posts like these that cause perspectives to change, thoughts to be rearranged and us wondering if this means we need to start boycotting certain types of movies because of the social implications. Too much thinking, brain is toast.

13 Tumblr makes you question body image

Via: pinimg.com; troll.me

This has a very heart warming sentiment behind it, and takes another slam at negative body image, providing another theory as to why people think bad about their bodies even though others look at them and see nothing wrong. Because we all have looked at the simplest word ever and questioned our spelling of it. Like the word "walk." If one looks at it long enough they start wondering if that's truly how it's spelled. We all have put a word into a spell checker just to double check. And yet we do this to our bodies as well? Is that why the zits that appear on noses appear gigantic the longer we look in the mirror? This post now makes us question everything we've thought about ourselves, and doing so can give us a headache.

12 The times we start questioning our very existence

Via: wethepvblic.com

These types of posts just strike us at our very core, literally. Taking to science to provide an alternate perspective on the world just makes our brain hurt even before we start thinking about this post. Which means it is making our very atoms hurt thinking about this post about atoms studying atoms. Our brain has cells, made of atoms... it's like a new version of the head and shoulders, knees and toes song, but on a very microscopic level. And what if our atoms do not like to be studied so closely? What if the reason why we get headaches when we study too long is our very atoms, the reason why we exist, are trying to defend themselves? These types of posts cause our brain to hurt, but maybe that's what our atoms want.

11 When even our products come into question

Via: i0.kym-cdn.com; pinimg.com

Okay, these types of posts are just rude to our poor, poor, brains. Because now it's not just questioning our existence, we can take that because humans have been questioning our existence for thousands of years. But now we have to question the names of products? Innocent products that aid us in daily tasks and chores now have infiltrated our minds with all the double meanings and deeper connections to other things. Ajax is a dish soap that now is also a history lesson. A dish soap?! Is nothing sacred anymore? We now have to take another glance at every product we let into our house, making sure that we are not unintentionally providing more material to make our brains have to think more intently than we would like them too. Dishes are no longer just one type of chore, thanks Tumblr.

10 Stop messing with our words, Tumblr

Via: me.me; papermag.com

More with the connection with words, Tumblr. More words that when they pop up it pulls us out of our stories and blogs to just focus on the words. Now whenever we think of the word nun we will envision a woman clothed in black doing a cartwheel. Well, it's a pretty funny image to have in our minds, we admit, but that means we now have to think of other words that have a physical appearance that can be a distraction from the word's meaning. Like how SWIMS is the same word upside down as it is right side up. The word bed actually looks like a bed. The acronym lol looks like a man drowning. These are ways that make our brain hurt, when words no longer just have definitions, but even how they look bring up other memories.

9 Even our childhoods aren't safe

Via: imgur.com; pics.me.me

And Ba Ba Black Sheep is also one that fits similarly with the same tune. But really, how did we go through childhood without making this connection? A B C D little star, H I J K what you are. Was someone just lazy when coming up with nursery rhymes, or was someone actually a genius in taking a similar tune and changing the words to fit the alphabet that we need to learn. Another thing that's mind-blowing: the alphabet does not need to be in the order that it is in. Like actually, N does not need to follow M. This is the problem with these type of Tumblr posts: It sends us down a rabbit hole that we cannot just wake up from. We are stuck down here, my friends.

8 When we realize we weren't thinking hard enough

Via: giphy.com; pinimg.com

There is so much potential in this post to make our brains hurt. Going down the road of why they are considered different points of history becomes a sad enough adventure that we would say no to Gandalf if he offered us this type of adventure. No thank you, let's stay in our hobbit holes so that we don't risk harming our poor little brains. And yet the thought still remains, jabbing into our attempts of sleep, poking out behind a wall so we are distracted once again. Just think about how they actually were in different points of history because they were different ages when they were killed can be enough to make us want to forget about this tidbit of fact. No, please brain, let us move on.

7 The posts that make us hate our existence

Via: pinimg.com; mom.me.me

This post...just...no. Please. No more. And yet the questions keep popping up, all because of this post. If water tastes like water, how come water can taste different? Or how someone's left is also on someone's right? Or how a lazychair is a chair but different than a lounger. And how a short skirt and a skort skirt are not the same thing. The English language has its oddities, just like any language, but yet you would think we would eventually figure things out without making our brains hurt. Trying to describe things that we have taken for granted is the same thing as trying to explain to a non native English speaker how the words "through" and "threw" have different definitions, but then we have to try and explain the word through. And then we all are left confused.

6 The realizations that end up on our therapy list

Via: s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com

Another reason why adulthood isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Or the realization that we could probably pick up our parents now. This post makes our brain hurt mostly because of all the feels that overrun it. This is the type of post that everyone reacts to differently, and none of it is good, happy, emotions. Our parents still love us, right? They only stopped picking us up because their old backs couldn't handle our weight anymore. Or is that just what society wants us to think? We go to the gym and work hard for all the weight gains, and yet our parents stopped at a certain point, under the idea that we are adults now, we have to pick ourselves up. And we just aren't ready for that thought.

5 The times our language goes against us

Via: izismile.com; kappit.com

Why are pancakes called pancakes and waffles aren't called pressed grids? Why do we take a seat, and then we sit? Why is it coffee grinds and yet tea leaves stay tea leaves no matter or disintegrated they become? We could start getting really fed up with the English language if we let this take over our minds. The confusions of language could have us in the fetal position in the corner, questioning every word that we have ever learned. And then we end up deciding to begin our own new language, one that does not have any odd things happening within the words, but we know that will never last. It's only pipe dreams, things that will never come to be as we would like it.

4 The clever name puns that turn into universal crisis

Via: buzzfeed.com

Initially, this post just makes us laugh. Haha, such a funny coincidence. But then our conspiracy brains take over, and we start wondering about other possibilities that involve alien activity. Area 51 exists enough in movies, does it truly exist in real life, despite the denial of politicians? An idea has to come from some kernel of truth, right? And maybe Nasa is researching Mars with drones not because of the possibility of humans eventually going to live there, but that there are secrets they tortured out of aliens and are now trying to locate other worldly treasures. This is around the time our rational thoughts catch up though, and we laugh it all away, feeling like we are starting to sound like crazy Uncle Bob. And yet, that's what they want us to think...

3 Tumblr even makes us questions the alphabet

Via: s8.favim.com; ci.memecdn.com

Now it is no longer just the words, but now we must question the letters that make up the words that are confusing to us. That means confusion right down to the core of what we know. And then we can start wondering about how our letters were taught to us, like maybe our knowledge can be straightened out if we go right back to the beginning. A is for apple. But why? Why is it for apple? Or maybe we learned it A is for aardvark. Did anyone else even know what an aardvark was around the time they were learning the letter A? And then it becomes double explanation needed. It makes communication through pictures all the more appealing, but then that could make our brain hurt even more because of trying to figure out the extra meaning.

2 The posts that make it hard to breathe, let alone think

Via: izismile.com

Even the oxygen in which we breathe is starting to betray us. Tumblr is starting to make us question even the simplest things we took for granted, and it's not exactly something that makes us happy. Maybe more self aware, but does that equal happiness? This is the type of post that makes us aware of how we are breathing, and then we are worried about whether we are breathing harder or not enough because of what we read. It's similar to blinking: we weren't aware of how we were blinking until we suddenly remembered that we should be. And now we are hyper blinking because our eyes are really dry all of a sudden. And speaking of eyes, Tumblr doesn't leave those alone either, when they have posts that...

1 Makes us even aware of certain body parts

Via: relatably.com; pinimg.com

This post is the same thing as asking a friend, "Do you realize you pick up your chicken fingers with your actual fingers?" It's not exactly the most intelligent realization, but it stops us in the middle of our daily routine just enough to start making us wonder all the type of questions that are more fitting in the middle of a philosophical discussion, not necessarily right when we are trying to not get mascara on our cheeks. Or when we are trying to take out contacts without scratching our eyeball for the fifth time. It is posts like this that will make our brains hurt a little too much, that when someone asks us to watch Jersey Shore with them, we might actually agree because it'll give our brain some peace and quiet.

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