15 Mind-Boggling Moments From TERRIBLE Interviews

Nobody likes to be interviewed but it is something we have all had to do at one time or another. Those of us who are lucky, can simply go in, say what we need to say, make a good impression, and wait for the call that says we got the job. For other people, it isn’t that easy and there are some who struggle through the entire process. Most people have been on one side or the other of a bad interview at least once in their lives, but there are some people who bomb their interviews so badly that we can’t help but wonder what kind of people they are and what is wrong with them. Check out these 15 hilarious things people have actually said during their job interviews.

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15 "I was told a new member of staff would be joining and it was a lesbian"

We live in a time where the world is more accepting of others and things that were maybe not normal or as common twenty years ago, are the norm now. Still, not everyone has caught up with the times. You would think an adult would not have a problem working with someone who had different sexual attractions. Although she was trying to explain that she was okay with it, the way she explained it and the words she used, suggested otherwise. She could have just said that it didn’t bother her to work with someone who was different from her, but no she took it too far. I wonder if she regrets it now. Can you be upset with someone who doesn’t understand how ignorant they are being? She probably walked away thinking she aced that interview and a few days later wondered why she didn't get a call back.

14 "I grew up in a really rich family"

If you are luck enough to grow up in a home where you are so fortunate that you don’t have to work, you should probably keep it to yourself in a job interview. Nobody wants to hear how spoiled a person is and it’s definitely not going to improve your chances of being hired. In fact, it’s probably not okay to say something like this is any situation, especially an interview. I bet this person is a spoiled brat who actually thinks it’s cute to have this kind of attitude. I wonder what the person interviewing them said? I’d have given them a job cleaning toilets and let them learn about work ethic the hard way. They would probably just quit and run home to their rich parents though.

13 "So we both just sort of stared at my urine"

Most people will agree that even the interviews that go well are still a bit awkward. It just doesn’t feel right to sit in front of someone and answer random questions about yourself. When you have to do more than just answer questions, it gets even worse. Having to take a urine test on the spot would probably be one of the most awkward things to do during an interview and staring at it the entire time would be even worse. I think I would have found something to talk about to avoid staring at the sample the entire time. Maybe one of them could have even got out their phone and found a funny YouTube video? This just seems like such an awkward and unnecessary situation.

12 "Well my addiction makes me nod off every once in a while at work, but I always make up the time by staying late."

If you have a sense of humor, you can pretty much make the best of any situation. The trouble is, sometimes jokers don’t know when enough is enough and have a problem with making jokes at inappropriate times. An interview probably isn’t the best place to be making jokes about a drug addiction. Lucky for this guy, the person interviewing him also has a sense of humor and thought that he was absolutely hilarious. He probably offered him the job just so he could spend more time with him and find out what other jokes he can come up with. I can’t say I blame the guy. He was probably really disappointed when he offered him the job but he turned it down.

11 "I don't think it would really be like a job to me. More like kickin it with the homies."

Honesty is not always the best policy, at least not if you are this kid. I guess we have to hand it to him for being confident. He should probably be working on sharpening those interview skills before his next one though. This is why they need to teach an interview class in school. So many kids just don’t get it. Of course, we would all like to work with our friends and have fun at our jobs, but people like this are the reason we can’t. He may have been able to save the interview if he hadn’t admitted to being distracted and getting in trouble in school for being around the same people he wants to work with. What made him think anyone was going to hire him after that?

10 "Do you have any idea how much it costs to bury a loved one?"

It seems like it’s always the people who are trying too hard to be funny, that come across as annoying. There is a place and time for humor, and a job interview isn’t the place. It’s also probably not a good idea to joke about death and burying people either. Granted, finding out you have been sucked into a scheme after you are already there may motivate you to make light of the situation with some jokes, but not everyone there was probably in the mood to joke around. Hopefully everyone learned to research a job a little more before accepting an interview and maybe they all got a laugh as well. Something tells me the interviewer or job presenters didn’t find it too funny.

9  At Least He Isn't An Alien

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If you can make a person laugh, you are usually on the right track. Is that the case in a job interview? It seems to be working out pretty well for this guy. What would possess him to say something like this? Was he trying to say he was from the same city? Was he nervous that someone might think he was an alien? Was it one of those situations where he could feel himself getting ready to say something stupid but he just couldn’t stop the words from coming out of his mouth? How do you not laugh at that. Hopefully the interviewer realized it was just a nervous accident and didn’t hold it against him. He didn’t say if he got the job or not but wouldn’t it be fun to work with someone like this?

8 "Did he just say that?"

When you apply for a job or are getting ready to go to a job interview, it’s a good idea to research it and at the very least, know the name of the position you want to work in. Not only is it embarrassing to say something silly like this during an interview, but it also makes you come off as unprepared. Sure it’s funny and they probably only said it because they was nervous, but it’s still pretty bad. Most interviewers want the person they are interviewing to take the job serious and when a person says something like this, they can tell they aren’t doing that. It’s obvious that everyone in the room knew that the interview was basically a waste of time. The fact that the interviewer jokes about calling them back afterward, was just like pouring salt in a wound.

7 He Could Relate

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It’s always nice to be interviewed by someone who is laidback and relatable. Who doesn’t want to have every Friday off? The ability to look forward to a long weekend makes the work week that much more tolerable. Even people who are in higher positions would prefer to have Fridays off work. This interviewer probably had to snicker at the comments because he was thinking the same thing and only wishes he was brave enough to say the same in his own interview. No wonder he got the job. I wonder if they really let him have every Friday off? If all it takes is asking, I'm sure more people will be doing the same. This guy may have just started something for the entire working world.

6 I Bet They Enjoyed It

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We are all guilty of saying dumb things when we are nervous or under pressure. This is probably not the worst thing someone has said in an interview, but definitely one of the funniest and most bizarre. Was she just interviewed or did she just audition for American Idol? That’s not really the kind of thing you say to a group of people who are interviewing you. They probably thought she was either very old fashioned and polite or a little weird. They must not have been too bothered by it since they offered her the job. They probably thought she would bring some cheer to the workplace. Little do they know how much she cringes thinking about the interview. I would probably cringe too if I said something like this to a bunch of people.

5 I Guess They Didn't Get It

If you are going to say something smart and funny, you need to make sure you judge your audience correctly. If this guy had gotten a feel for the person interviewing him, he would have probably realized that he was not the kind of guy you can joke with like this. Most people would find it funny and maybe even appreciate the fact that the guy was trying to lighten the mood and make himself more comfortable. Apparently this interviewer was not impressed. Maybe he wasn’t informed about the Achilles tendon. He probably went home and looked it up after the interview to try to figure out what this guy was talking about. Even then, he must not have been amused and had no time for a guy like this in his work place.

4 "When was the last time you s*** your pants?"

Not all interviews are equal and you never know what kind of questions you will get asked until the interview happens. We all try to prepare for interviews the best we can, but how do you prepare for a question like this? It really isn’t possible. The fact that this guy wasn’t caught off guard by this question probably showed the interviewer he could handle anything thrown at him. Would you really want to work at a place where the manager asked questions about shitting your pants? Didn’t seem to bother this guy and he gave the correct answer because he was hired right on the spot. What a weird car dealership. I would hate to see what their selling techniques consist of or what happens when they don’t make a sale.

3 Wonder How This Went?

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Sometimes when people make jokes during their job interviews, it pays off for them. You have to either know the interviewer very well and have the ability to judge whether or not they are going to laugh and be okay with the joke or be pretty confident in yourself. I really don’t think this was the kind of joke that got some big laughs. The interviewer may have snickered out of pity, but then he probably just thought about how annoying it would be to have someone like this working in the office and making stupid jokes all the time. This guy may have thought he was being funny but he probably just ruined the interview for himself. In the future he should probably just stick to taking thing seriously or come up with some better jokes.

2 Yea, Probably Not

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If you aren’t a quick thinker, interviews can be pretty stressful. Even people who can normally keep cool in social situations may have a problem thinking on their toes and answering the questions they are being asked in the interview. The worst thing a person can do is give off a stupid answer like this that will simply ruin the interview and their chances of getting hired. Why would anyone want to hire someone who is just going to quit and find another job when things get tough. Most employers want to hire someone who will find a way to get through the hard times and stick around to make things better. I think it’s safe to assume he did not get the job.

1 That Doesn't Seem Right

Being confused about an interview question is one thing, but wondering if your interviewer is hitting on you is another. Of course, in this case, the interviewer was not hitting on the girl, he was simply asking an important question. The strange thing is that this is a pretty common question on most job applications and in interviews so you would think she would be expecting it. Maybe it was just her nerves that got the best of her and she just wasn’t thinking clearly She seemed to have recovered okay from it, but there’s not much you can really do after you say something dumb like this other than laugh it off and hope for the best. It still doesn’t seem fair that they hired her and then fired her a few days later for someone else.

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