15 Mind-Boggling Tumblr Posts That Keep Us Up At Night

There is a myriad of brilliant minds on the internet. Having to hide behind their keyboards gives them this strange power to speak up on just about anything. Discussions can range from the most disturbing to the most stupid—it’s a landmine of great minds. The geniuses that they are, these people weave together words that can spark interest and make even the lamest of thoughts go viral. It’s almost incredible so many of them aren’t famous yet!

If you’re itching to discover thoughts that’ll definitely make your head tumble down, you can’t go wrong with Tumblr. It is filled with ridiculous, inspiring and mad posts all at the same time, just like these 15. Go ahead...dig in at your own risk!

15 “My mom calls me fat”

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Thinking about your mom gives you that awesome feeling. She has always been there for you no matter what. Her embrace soothes your tired heart. Her words nourish your soul and give you the clarity and the strength to move on, regardless of how broken you are. Whether you’re four or 40, you need your mom to be there for you. She sees you as her greatest gift and loves you with all her life. There may have been changes both good and bad as you grew, but she never ever stops being a mom. You can come in all shapes and sizes, but you will always be her child and she loves you just the same—unless you’re trapped in a world like Rapunzel’s.

14 Plastic sack of breath

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Balloons are often used to signify occasions that people are thankful for. Whether you’re having fun on your birthday, having a wedding or celebrating your anniversary, balloons—which come in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes—are an ever-present element at nearly every occasion. When you finally graduate, ace a test or get that highly coveted promotion, people throw a surprise party for you—and there, again, are the beautiful balloons. Even the flowers-and-chocolates present for a special lady usually comes with a pretty balloon! They’re fun, lovely and make instant party décors. Kids and adults would love to have them for their event. But when you actually think about it, this Tumblr post does have a point—making you rethink your decision to get a hundred balloons for a party.

13 All hail Ajax

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Dish soaps like Ajax is a must for every home. You would want to make sure all your dishes are clean and germ-free. You want your pots and pans to be completely spotless and ready for your next masterpiece in the kitchen. So you stock up on dish soaps that truly work. Ajax is advertised as a truly effective product that does the job right. For some, this may be true, but others may not be as impressed. What else will it take for the rest to be convinced? The brand guarantees it can make the task of cleaning up in the kitchen easy with its great powerful formula. They say it is definitely “stronger than grease” because it is, after all, that muscly soldier from ancient Greece. Wait…what?

12 Pretty high

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Ever made an example of things that is simply out of another’s league and makes way for an intelligent, decent discourse? You try to sound like you’re sharp and witty for igniting a great discussion but before you know it, everything just goes sideways. It can be mind-blowing to find two things that are so different and realize later on that they share something in common. The very idea that tells you just how similar they are was staring at you all along and you missed it. You didn’t even know you missed it, but you actually did. Let the ridiculously smart guy on Tumblr show you what exactly that means. It’s almost like the stuff plot twists are made of, isn’t it? Strangely, it gives you that high, pun intended.

11 Spider rent

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Spiders are just about everywhere—the  park, theater, shopping mall and everywhere else. They’re in your school, at the gym, your place of work and even your own house! You scream as you see one crawling out and you would want to just squish the disgusting insect as fast as you can. Did you know that when you check your clothes, your bathroom, your closets and even your drawers and couches, you are likely to find one? That’s how common these creatures are in your home; it’s almost like they live with you and perhaps, want to keep you company. But don’t fret; these spiders might be paying rent without you knowing it, according to this Tumblr post.

10 Afraid of heights

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Birds are magnificent creatures. Their ability to fly has long been associated with power and freedom. At one point, we all wished we could be them for a day and experience what it’s like to be up there practically all the time. We want their wings and we watch in awe as they exhibit how glorious flying can be. It’s an adventure we all want. Why, a lot of fantasy movies are greatly inspired by these creatures and have people and things flying in them! Even popular songs speak of how beautiful it would be for humans to be as free as birds. In both classic and modern literature, birds are considered beautiful beings that truly belong in the sky—until we uncover what could be a hidden truth behind those eyes, as this Tumblr post suggests.

9 Soda cans are alive?!

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How many cans of soda do you get to consume all day? That’s basically something a lot of people don’t often think about. It’s not uncommon to take that entire pack, throw it in the fridge and just take one as you please. And when you grab a cold one on a hot summer day, it never fails to give you what could be the greatest feeling in the world! That fizzy sound that popping a soda tab makes can be strangely satisfying, too! But when you look at that pack of four, or maybe six, your creative and curious mind may start to think of them beyond how they actually appear. To the genius behind this Tumblr post, here’s hoping your twisted imagination becomes material for some dark flick!

8 A fart story

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Do you sometimes think about how your food goes into the body and what happens after? It’s nothing special (and practically everyone would agree). It goes into the stomach, gives you a feeling of satisfaction, stays there for a while and comes out as waste. It’s like a mundane process that is as fundamental and as essential as breathing itself. We all know it’s necessary for us to eat well and get good results such as good health, great form and enough energy. This is why you never want to waste food and you try to eat right. Figuratively speaking, everything that you eat comes back to you. But this Tumblr post has just given this entire process a brand-new—albeit crazy—perspective. It really does make us wonder…

7 Ice cubes on own blood

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The fact that ice cubes melt and turn to water is no rocket science. You pour any liquid on it or drop it on your beverage—either way, it’s the most natural thing for ice cubes to keep your drinks cold and then eventually melt. Everybody wants their water or soda icy cold, after all. This process is backed by fundamental science, which your grade school teacher taught you. Even little kids know that this is no phenomenon! So you see, there is absolutely nothing upsetting about it—until this genius from Tumblr thought of interjecting something rather twisted and dark to make a gory spectacle out of this otherwise basic solid-to-liquid phase change. But that’s bloody clever, though; we got to give him points for vivid imagination.

6 To buy or not to buy

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Have you ever obsessed over a desirable item and spent sleepless nights over it? Maybe a rockin’ pair of shoes you’ve always wanted to wear? A gorgeous bag you know would definitely look good on you? Or that electronic gadget you wish you could show off to friends? It’s a pity money (or more accurately, the lack of it) is such a problem. And so you tell yourself, you'll soon have some, or maybe a lot of cash and by then, you will buy this and that! Problem solved! Only you end up realizing, you may not really need it, after all. It’s crazy how you can want something so bad and suddenly let it go just like that, as this Tumblr post sums it up.

5 Human pearls?

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Lustrous and usually white or sometimes gray or bluish, pearls are precious gems that can be pretty expensive. They’re often used as jewelry pieces worn by women to exude elegance and sophistication. These precious spheres are found within the shell of pearl oysters and mollusks. As precious jewels, they come in different types and some sit in the million-dollar price range because of their rarity and beauty. Yes, these are beautiful, shiny pieces from nature that man has learned to culture and use for their benefit. They are highly valued and, have been perceived as a status symbol by European monarchies since the 1500s. Well, that’s just a little pearly history for you because no, they aren’t in any way comparable to kidney stones. Not even close.

4 We’re all sims

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Was there ever a moment when it seemed your consciousness left you but you’re quite sure it didn’t? Have you ever experienced a time when you seemed to be staring at blanks and your mind was wandering somewhere? Ever lost track of time even though you were sure you didn’t? It’s a mystery how, at certain points in our mundane lives and out of the blue, our system just shuts itself down and the brain refuses to work. “You’re here but you’re a million miles away,” says the person you’ve been talking to for hours. Turns out you’re not alone; everyone gets it from time to time. In the middle of an ordinary day, we all feel like we are never where we are. As this Tumblr post says, maybe, just maybe, we’re someone else’s robots.

3 A dog question

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Everyone who uses the quote “dogs are man’s best friend” does sound like a broken record. We know all too well, however, that this is a fact. How many movies have been shown to depict a dog’s loyalty and love for humans? How many stories of a dog’s love and courage have you heard of? These four-pawed friends and companions are protective of you and affectionate to you at the same time and they show you that every single day. They never fail to let you know they’re excited to see you and sad to see you go. Dogs are incredibly intelligent too. In fact, they are smart enough to understand people. And so, as this Tumblr post dares to question, why doesn't this level of intelligence go both ways?

2 Let’s talk pain

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Our generation is one that never wants to endure. We want to get rid of anything that literally and figuratively hurts us. We go to our doctor and ask for pain relief. We seek other people’s help and comfort to ease our pain. This is the reason why we try to make sure that babies, helpless as they are, are loved and given the care they need. No one wants to get hurt or for that matter, see a baby get hurt. Every pain has to end. But if you think about it, every human being must have suffered some level of pain in their lifetime. What if, as we grow, we get the ability to be numbed by all of it? This Tumblr post has dared us to question our own bodies and perceptions.

1 Man before language

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In this day and age, it’s impossible to not be able to communicate. Over the last few years, we’ve been bombarded with technological advancements that are clearly shaping the future of the world. We’ve had advanced concepts and electronic communication gadgets shoved down our throats, making us feel like we can’t be without them. Truth be told, we can’t be without the things we need to express our feelings and thoughts. We can’t help but speak up and make our statements known to people and to the world, no matter where we are. It’s not hard to imagine how we are able to talk and understand each other much better now than ever. So, this Tumblr posts asks a pretty valid question. How did people think before languages? Seriously, we want answers now!

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