15 Mistakes Caught On Snapchat These People Will Never Live Down

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15 Mistakes Caught On Snapchat These People Will Never Live Down

There are hilarious things in life, and then there are hilarious things in life that are captured on Snapchat. The things caught on Snapchat seem to be just 100 times funnier and more interesting. For whatever reason, this is honestly the funniest social media platform there is. It’s probably because of how immediate it is. Our friends can post something silly that they just did and we’ll see it literally seconds later. Before we know it, our entire day is made that much better.

It’s kind of funny to think that it’s only been in the past few years that our lives have been totally taken over by social media. What did we do before apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat? We must have done something lackluster that took up our time, and it’s kind of impossible to think about our lives pre-social media. Things are so much happier (and more hilarious) now.

We all make mistakes in life, and thanks to Snapchat, those mistakes can now be broadcast for everyone to see. So check out these 15 mistakes captured on Snapchat that these people will never be able to live down.

15. Olive Oil Or Alcohol?


Nope, the label on the bottle that says “Huile D’Olive” didn’t give it away. People literally drank this olive oil thinking that it was alcohol. I wonder what kind of alcohol they thought it was? Gin and vodka are totally and completely clear. This olive oil has a yellowish, greenish tint to it. I just can’t imagine anyone thinking that it olive oil was actually booze.

Maybe this is a new trend? Maybe olive oil is the latest alcohol to try? Those crazy millennials will drink anything it seems. I do have one very important question: how much oil did these people drink before realizing their mistake? Didn’t they find this to be totally disgusting? Ugh. I’m shuddering just thinking about it… Let this be a lesson to us all to carefully check what we’re drinking before we dive in. We can all learn from this.

14. Oops


On the one hand, this is pretty funny. And on the other hand, this can look as a pretty silly mistake; one where you don’t always feel comfortable sharing with the world. (You know, since her bra is out there for the world to see and all.)

Honestly, second-hand embarrassment is one of the worst things that humans could ever feel. When we’re humiliated because of something that personally did by accident or because of something that happened to us — embarrassment is completely justified. It’s like we understand why we’re feeling that way. But when we’re feeling embarrassed about something that someone else did—let alone a total stranger—we just don’t know why we care so much. We should be able to shake it off, like our girl T-Swift, and move on, right? But we get so invested in someone else’s embarrassment, that it can be hard to bounce back from.

13. Vending Machine Fail


This has been me so many times. Let’s be real here, vending machines are the most annoying things on the planet. You put in your money, thinking that you’re going to get what you want (like a soda, bag of chips, or whatever). But nope. The machine is totally going to take (aka: swallow) your money and that would be that. I’ve been this person too many times throughout my life.

This guy has the worst luck, though: a sandwich and a soda stuck in a vending machine? It’s really the saddest story that I’ve ever heard. We’ve all made the mistake of thinking that if we just keep putting coins in and selecting more snacks, we’ll get the original product, but it never works out that way. Maybe we should just forget about buying stuff from vending machines altogether. That sounds like a good idea.

12. We’ve All Been There


Ugh. There’s nothing worse than using your last roll of toilet paper, especially when you keep forgetting to go to the store and replace it. What’s worse than that, you ask? Accidentally putting your last roll of toilet paper in the toilet. Yeah, that’s pretty terrible. This could be the plot to a horror movie.

We’ve all made this mistake for sure… and it feels pretty embarrassing, even if we’re the only ones who see it. But thankfully, we never Snapchatted it before, so we couldn’t be subject to humiliation. This person wasn’t so lucky, though, and they definitely wanted to document it on the platform. Even though we can’t see them at all, and can just see their feet, we’re still feeling a lot of secondhand embarrassment for them.

11. Ice, Ice, Baby


Note to self: don’t leave a mop and a bucket outside during winter time; they’ll never be the same afterwards. Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can breathe easily.

If this person was trying to use this mop as a way to shovel the snow, than this was just a massive mistake. There’s just no way that this would have worked out for him. He should have known what happens to water in freezing temperatures, right? I get that he was trying to be a nice kid and that he probably offered to help clean his backyard… but c’mon, dude. His mom was probably thrilled about her son’s initiative, and then saw this sad outcome… Yeah, I don’t think she’ll be able to let him live this down.

10. Wake Up Call


This is one of those things that is both super gross and incredibly hilarious. Like, part of me is creeped out, while the other part of me wants to pet the dog and just rearrange them in a different position.

It’s kind of amazing how much this dog looks like a hairy human being, especially a hairy man. It’s completely creepy (while still being amazing). I can’t even blame this snapper, because I would probably think the same thing. Those dog’s legs look incredibly similar to a man’s. Who is this naked man in my bed! Thankfully, Snapchat is around to share these stories with friends (and millions of other strangers on the web). If it weren’t for snap, think about all of the trending snaps we’d be missing out on!

9. There’s No ‘I’ In Team, But There’s An ‘I’ In Choices


You know how people say that there’s no “I” in team? It’s a pretty great saying since people often say, “Yeah, but there’s a ‘me’ in ‘team’ and that’s basically the same thing.” 

This poor teacher made a massive mistake by putting up this sign and their students probably still bring it up to this day. If I were their student, I wouldn’t be able to help myself from mentioning it from time to time. I would talk about it all the time. How could she honestly not have noticed that there really is an “I” in “choices”? Of course there is! It’s literally right there. It’s impossible not to notice it. Our heads are just filled with questions right now, but sadly, like so many times in life, we’re just not going to get any answers and will have to live in the dark.

8. The Best Dad Ever


This Snapchat fail gives us all the feels… and not in a good way. We all know that The Lion King is literally the saddest Disney movie ever. It’s such a trap, too. There we are, happily watching all the singing, dancing, and all the “Circle Of Life” stuff, and then BOOM! There goes Simba’s dad.

We can’t deal with the fact that Mufasa dies so early on in the movie (or even that he has to die at all). It was the worst news imaginable when you’re that age. And although we’re adults now—and we all know Mufasa’s fate—we’re devastated all over again when we see it.

So when I see this snap, all those feelings come rushing back to me. Like, who would honestly hold up Simba and Mufasa as this perfect father-son combo?! Doesn’t this person have any feelings at all?! BRB, I need to go cry now.

7. Just… No


While I totally get that it sucks to be single on Valentine’s Day, this is not the way to prove it. It’s just not. This is one of the worst love-related mistakes that someone could possibly post on Snapchat.

Look, it’s not like he’s the only one in the world that’s single. He might feel that way, but he’s not. We all go through heartbreak and then there are dry spells when we just don’t meet anyone that we like enough to be in a relationship with. Or sometimes we even get dumped right before V-Day.

It’s just seems like a lonely mistake to prove how single you are on Snapchat. It’s like you’re announcing to the Snapchat world that you’re super single, and honestly, you might not want to do that. There’s nothing worse than crying about the fact that you’re rolling solo. You just need to be more confident than that.

6. America’s Next Top Model


Oops. If this is how his modeling career is going, I would suggest a different industry. Sorry if that sounded super harsh. I just can’t help it. This seems like an odd direction for his chosen career.

I just cannot get over this modeling shoot. I can just imagine him sitting down on that stuffed horse—as an adult—and trying to do his best to not laugh at himself (but no one would blame him if he did). Everything is so epic, from the silly grin on this guy’s face to the fact that he’s literally sitting on a stuffed horse for kids. Oh yeah, and his red bandana and black cowboy hat are pretty great, too. How can someone honestly even pose for a picture like this?! I wonder what was going through his mind mid smile. I wish I knew this guy IRL so I could ask him how his current shoots were going (hopefully better than this one).

5. Which One?!


One of them seems to have had a bit of a bathroom-related accident… and it’s unclear which one. Sure, it would make sense to say that it was the baby, but hey, it’s not that obvious. Although that would make the most sense since most babies just cry and scream when their diapers are jam packed with nastiness. Honestly, I’d cry, too!

This scene is pretty hilarious since the baby looks so traumatized. It’s almost like they’re saying, “Hey, I’M the one who’s supposed to be having all the accidents around here. You’re the grown-up. Act like it.” This dad is definitely not letting this picture down anytime soon. It’s not his finest moment and, I’m sorry to say, I don’t mind witnessing it. I’m actually pretty pumped this is on the Internet. It gives another birdseye into parenthood.

4. Oh, Grandma


Grandmas are wonderful and oh so jolly. they may do some odd things, but they mean well. The chances are we all have a grandma (or have met a grandma) that makes us laugh when she doesn’t even mean to — especially when she doesn’t mean to. That’s just what grandmothers are for.

I can’t help but laugh at someone using an ashtray as an actual dish. It’s just random enough to be totally hilarious. I would say that the secret is out, and now she knows that her dish is actually an ashtray, but… she’s probably not on Snapchat. And she might not even really know how it works. No offense, but grandmas don’t tend to care about things like Snapchat. Unlike us. We’re pretty obsessed with Snapchat, mostly because of posts like this one that are just too funny.

3. Butter Knife


What a sad sight. Who wants to literally break their knife cutting through a stick of butter? Not us. Mostly because it means that we have to buy new knives and that’s just a waste of money. Also, a stick of butter that’s super cold and hard is never a good thing. Most people like their butter smooth and soft — it just makes it that much more delicious.

It’s pretty crazy how many mistakes we all make on a daily basis, though. From not using a butter knife on butter, to not charging our phone correctly, to using an ashtray as a bowl. Anytime that we make a mistake like this, we always wish that we had thought it through a bit harder before acting. But now we know how to always use a butter knife on butter. #Noted

2. The Worst Gift Ever


Being a kid can really suck sometimes, especially when you want a Frozen present (AKA: the super popular Disney movie) and you literally get frozen vegetables instead. Oh man, how can parents really be this cruel?! She looks miserable.

It’s really hard to believe that a mom and dad would really do this to their child. Hilarious, sure, but still hard to believe. I get that this was probably supposed to be a joke (at least, I hope that it was supposed to be a joke). But, come on. Kids can’t really take a joke on Christmas. There is no time to mess around on Christmas. This was such a massive mistake on the parents’ part, that I’m not even sure this little girl will forgive her parents. Christmas is not a joke and Christmas gifts for kids are the most serious thing ever.

1. The Grossest Thing Ever

Pay more attention next time from Snap_Chat

How creepy and gross is this?! It’s actually nuts that a guy could pick his nose and that his girlfriend would literally have no idea that he was doing that. Sure, it seems like he’s having an comical time and thinks this is a hilarious moment between the pair, but that’s just not my take on this subject. And I highly doubt she would feel it’s funny either (once she saw the video!).

I’m just going to wait here and thank the high heavens that I’m not dating this booger picker. Seriously, how does she not notice? She’s sitting right next to him. It’s not like she’s across the room or even in another room entirely. And she should tell him to stop because it’s so disgusting to be picking your nose when you’re anything older than 5 years old. This would definitely be a deal breaker for me. Talk about a mistake than someone just can’t ever live down…

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