15 Mistakes Everyone Missed In Captain Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe features a who's who of the world's most famous superheroes. At times, it's tough to stand out when standing next to Iron Man or The Black Panther. However, Captain Marvel Carol Danvers is a show-stealer who quickly became the number one hero. The 21st MCU film Captain Marvel smashed all the records and became one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. It's set in 1995 and follows Captain Marvel when she first comes to Earth. The film is nearly perfect.

Captain Marvel is an excellent film, but not without its flaws. There are a few mistakes that even the most hardcore fans missed. Some of these errors are pretty big and hard to miss. On the other hand, some details are so tiny they're easy to miss. Regardless, these mistakes are there and in plain sight. It's time to take a closer look at the MCU. Here are 15 Mistakes Everyone Missed In Captain Marvel.

15 Captain Marvel’s Powers Come From Kree, But No Kree DNA Involved In Explosion (Unlike Comics)


In the comics, Captain Marvel gains her powers when her DNA fuses with the Kree's Mar-Vell in an explosion. Carol Danvers is, therefore, half-Kree and half-human. The movie decides to take a different approach. Danvers gains her power from a Tesseract engine explosion. Later, she has a blood transfer and has Kree blood running through her veins. Regardless, she's not half-Kree in the movie, which makes little sense.

14 “Only Happy When It Rains” By Garbage Plays on Jukebox But Wasn’t Released Yet

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Captain Marvel crashes on Earth in June of 1995. The movie does a great job of capturing the mid-90s and takes the audience back to a simpler time. However, the movie's timeline is slightly off. For instance, The classic Garbage single "Only Happy When It Rains" appears in the jukebox. Of course, the single came out in September 1995, which is several months after the events of Captain Marvel. 

13 S.H.I.E.L.D. Encountered Aliens Before Captain Marvel According To Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Nick Fury plays a vital role in the MCU. He first appears at the end of Iron Man, and is already cynical and wearing an eye patch. However, Captain Marvel takes fans back to a time when Fury was a low-level S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Fury claims this is the first time he and the agency encountered an alien.

According to the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., they first met aliens decades before Captain Marvel. Fury may be lying, which is not uncommon for him to do.

12 Street Fighter II Champion Edition Appears In 1989 Flashback But Didn’t Come Out Until 1992

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As noted, Captain Marvel takes place in 1995 and makes numerous references to that time frame. Indeed, it features many popular items from the 90s. It also includes flashbacks to the late 80s. In a flashback to 1989, Carol Danvers remembers seeing the popular arcade game Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. There is just one tiny problem. The game didn't come out until 1992, which is years after her disappearance. That means Danvers would have never played the game or seen it.

11 Yon-Rogg Left Carol Alive To Defeat Him Later

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There are a few mistakes and errors in the movie. However, this is an error one of the characters make. The main antagonist, Yon-Rogg, encounters Carol Danvers in the late 80s. She posses a threat to him. So he decides to let her live, which seems like a poor plan. He even trains her, but she ends up finding the truth out later. He left her to live so that she can get her revenge.

10 The Black Box Destroyed In The Explosion

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Captain Marvel suffers from memories of a past that can't be hers. She believes she's Kree but has memories of being a human. Danvers ends up listening to a black box that reveals the truth of her identity. Indeed, she's human and gained her powers from an explosion. However, the black box should have been destroyed in the blast and makes little sense to appear now.

9 The Avengers And The Pager

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In the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War, Nick Fury drops a unique beeper. In Captain Marvel, Fury gets the pager as a way to contact Carol Danvers. In the post-credits, The Avengers try to use the pager and finally succeed. However, there's no explanation as to how they know it'll contact Captain Marvel. Furthermore, they suddenly have the beeper despite none of them knowing about it.

8 First Knight In Blockbuster But Film Not Released Until Summer Of 1995

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In the 90s, there was no Netflix or Amazon Prime. The only way to watch a movie was to head to the local Blockbuster. Video stores are now a thing of the past. Therefore, it's the first place Carol Danvers visits on Earth. The video store existed, but there are a few errors. For instance, the movie First Knight appears in the store. However, the film had yet to be released and hit theatres that summer.

7 In Avengers, Nick Fury States Thor Is The First Alien Visitor Despite Meeting Captain Marvel In The 90s.

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Nick Fury seems to contradict himself on a few occasions. In Avengers, Fury claims that Thor's the first alien he's met. Of course, Captain Marvel disputes that. Indeed, the first alien he meets is Carol Danvers. As noted, in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., they claim to have met aliens during World War II. It's also possible that Fury is merely lying.

6 Smashing Pumpkins Poster Shows An Album Not Released Yet

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In 1995, The Smashing Pumpkins became world-famous with the critically acclaimed album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Fans and critics consider the ground-breaking album to be a classic. The MCU decided to add a reference to the album in Captain Marvel. A poster from the album appears when Carol Danvers uses a payphone. However, she crashed in June 1995, and the album didn't come out until October 1995.

5 The Windows 95 Operating System Not Available At That Time/Windows ME Not Released Until 2000

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Technology has come a long way since the mid-90s. Captain Marvel took the opportunity to showcase tech that's now ancient. For instance, the Windows 95 Operating System makes an appearance in the film. However, that specific program wasn't available at the time. Indeed, it came out later in the year. Plus, Windows Me appears but didn't come out until 2000.

4 Stan Lee’s Mallrats Cameo Means Marvel Comics Exist In The MCU

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The iconic Stan Lee often made cameo appearances in each MCU film. However, he's been making cameos in movies for years. In 1995, he played himself in the cult classic Mallrats. Lee and Brodie (Jason Lee) appear in Captain Marvel as characters from the movie. That means Marvel comics exist in the MCU. It might just be a mistake, but it does confuse the two worlds. It makes little sense for the comics to exist in the MCU as well.

3 Nirvana Song “Come As You Are” Played In Carol Danvers' Mind, But It Was Released Two Years After Her Disappearance

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At one point, Captain Marvel is trapped in her own mind and must overcome her demons and obstacles. During the scene, Nirvana's "Come As You Are" plays in the background. The reason the song plays is that Carol Danvers heard it once before. There is just one tiny problem. The song came out two years after Danvers disappears. That would mean she never listened to the song in the first place.

2 Nick Fury Loses Eye But Has Two Eyes Later When Being Sworn In As Director

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As noted, Captain Marvel takes fans back years before The Avengers. Indeed, Nick Fury still has two good eyes. Finally, the MCU reveals the truth behind his missing eye. In the end, Fury starts wearing the eye patch. However, an earlier photo in the MCU shows Fury swearing-in as director. In the picture, Fury has two good eyes. That messes up the timeline a bit. Of course, Fury may end up wearing the fake eye given to him at the end, which explains having two eyes later.

1 According TO MCU, Carol Danvers Should Have Passed Away In Tesseract Explosion

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From the beginning, the MCU establishes that no human can hold the Tesseract. No human has the power to keep it. In Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill realizes he can hold the infinity stone because he's part alien. Captain Marvel disputes all the information. Indeed, not only can Carol Danvers hold the tesseract, but she absorbs the power and becomes Captain Marvel.

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