15 Modern Family Stars Who Are Total Sweethearts (5 Who Act Like Divas)

It’s no secret that Modern Family gained a massive amount of success throughout its 11 seasons. The show is based on three families intertwined through blood or marriage, and their day-to-day lives. Viewers can’t help but relate to each family in some way, no matter how different they may seem, because of the comedic spin on the problems they face. The characters unique personalities give depth to the show and help viewers see different (and often funny) perspectives of what’s going on in their modern day lives.

Due to the fame this show has brought the actors and actresses, it's often hard for people to separate the character's personalities from who the actual people are. We’d like to think that Ty Burrell is just as funny and innocent as his character, Phil, or that Sarah Hyland has Haley’s big, confident personality. While, in some aspects, these things may be true, quite often, it's the complete opposite.

Below are 15 Modern Family cast members that are total sweethearts in real life and 5 who are actually divas!

20 Sweetheart- Ty Burrell

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Good news- Ty Burrell’s personality has quite a few similarities to his lovable character, Phil Dunphy. Ty plays the head of the Dunphy family household, who is known for his goofy (and often clueless) behavior, not to mention his famous “peer-enting”. In an interview with Vulture, Burrell admits that he shares qualities with the character, claiming that Phil is really just a “magnification” of himself.

19 Sweetheart- Sarah Hyland

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If there could only be one diva on the show, it sure would be Haley Dunphy. When she’s out of character, Sarah Hyland is extremely down to earth. She’s been an advocate for body positivity and animal welfare, and was even honored by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) for her contributions to the organization. You go, girl.

18 Sweetheart- Ariel Winter

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Ariel Winter plays the extremely intelligent middle child of the Dunphy clan, Alex Dunphy. Off the screen, Ariel is a huge advocate for anti-bullying campaigns, such as the WWE’S Be A Star program. She’s also involved in a number of charities, including Habitat for Humanity, and has become quite the philanthropist.

17 Sweetheart- Nolan Gould

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Luke Dunphy, played by Noland Gould, is known for being a little out of the ordinary. He always seems to be doing something mischievous and making some sort of crazy invention with his dad, Phil. In real life, Nolan is extremely involved in environmental awareness! He’s a Sierra Club Youth Ambassador, who helps inspire youth across the country to learn more about protecting the environment.

16 Sweetheart- Eric Stonestreet

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Much like his character, Cameron Tucker on Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet also has a love of clowns! In an interview with AdWeek, he talks about his love of toys and considers himself to be a big kid. This led him to accept a job hosting the show, The Toy Box, because he felt he could interact well with the kiddos, due to his longing to be a clown.

15 Sweetheart- Aubrey Anderson-Emmons

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Aubrey Anderson-Emmons plays the adopted daughter of Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Prtichett, Lily Tucker-Pritchett. Aubrey doesn’t share the same qualities as her character, but she told GrumpyMagazine that she likes to play the sassy role. She also says that she loves being on Modern Family because it brings so many people happiness. Aww.

14 Sweetheart- Rico Rodriguez

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Manny Delgado is the sweet and extremely mature son of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett. The actor who plays him, Rico Rodriguez, admitted to CBSNews that he actually shares a lot of Manny’s lovable personality traits. Along with his sister, Raini Rodriguez, Rico helps to support the organization, Head Start, which helps children from low-income families to better prepare themselves for school.

13 Sweetheart- Jeremy Maguire 

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It’s hard to believe that Jeremy Maguire, who plays the character, Joe Pritchett, on Modern Family, would be anything but sweet in real life. I mean, come on, just look at the little guy. During an interview about which character would be killed off the show, his biggest fear was that it would be Stella, Jay’s French Bulldog. How. Stinkin’. Cute.

12 Sweetheart- Shelley Long

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DeDe Pritchett, played by Shelley Long, definitely doesn’t have many fans among her family on Modern Family, but being told your character is getting killed off must be a difficult and uncomfortable situation, especially if it’s a little unexpected. Co-creator, Steve Levitan, told Today that after casting director, Jeff Greenberg, broke the news to Shelley, she was “very sweet” about the situation.

11 Sweetheart- Reid Ewing

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Known for being Haley Dunphy’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Dylan Marshall, there’s a lot more depth to actor Reid Ewing than the character he plays. He’s become a strong advocate for mental health issues, supporting organizations such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). He’s also previously been recognized at a National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day event.

10 Sweetheart- Fred Willard

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Fred Willard is a very accomplished actor, starring in movies such as Anchorman and Best in Show, but more recently is known for his role in Modern Family, as Phil Dunphy’s dad, Frank Dunphy. Fred’s personality, which can be (surprisingly) seen on his Twitter profile, is full of silly jokes and praise for fellow comedians and actors. What a guy.

9 Sweetheart- Celia Weston

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Celia Weston takes Southern charm to a whole new level as her character, Barb Tucker. While it may be magnified, Celia shares this sweet, Southern personality with her character. In an interview with UNSCA, she talks about how much she enjoys helping young actors develop their passion. She also claims “manners are a passport through life”, as a reminder to be kind to everyone you meet.

8 Sweetheart- Dana Powell

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Dana Powell plays Pam Tucker, Cameron Tucker’s sister, on Modern Family. In an interview with 417Mag, Dana talks about her humble roots growing up in the Midwest and how proud she is to have accomplished everything that she has through perseverance. She takes extreme pride in her hometown, and gives credit where credit is due.

7 Sweetheart- Benjamin Bratt

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Unlike his absentee father character, Javier Delgado, Benjamin Bratt is actually an extremely family-oriented guy. Bratt opened up to People about choosing roles based on how much time he can spend at home, claiming he cannot be a good husband or father otherwise. This man certainly has his priorities in order.

6 Sweetheart- Adam Devine

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Better-known for his role in Workaholics, Adam DeVine had a smaller role on Modern Family, as the Delgado’s nanny and Haley Dunphy’s boyfriend. Adam isn’t much different from the characters he typically plays. He takes pride in being a big “man child” and enjoys pranks. Being on set with him must be a treat!

5 Diva- Julie Bowen

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Julie Bowen plays Claire Dunphy, the neurotic wife and mother to the Dunphy’s, on Modern Family. Julie admitted to Health that she once used her fame to try and get a table at a fully-booked restaurant, saying “They were like, ‘Ah! Julie Bowen from TV? And I said, ‘Yes, can I get a table?’ And they were like, ‘No!’”.

4 Diva- Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays the strict, Type-A personality of Mitchell Pritchett, husband to Cameron Tucker. Jesse says he tries to “bring a lot of who is to the character” and doesn’t have to try very hard to make Mitchell who he is on-screen. He also admits that when he was nominated for an Emmy, he hung up on his own mother because she had too many questions!

3 Diva- Ed O'Neill

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Ed O’Neill plays Jay Pritchett, a tough war veteran, business man, and father to Claire, Mitchell, and Joe Pritchett. A few years ago, Britney Spears came up to him to ask for a picture, saying she was a huge fan. Ed said sure, but that he had to catch a flight soon, and didn’t even smile...because he didn’t even know who she was! Bold move, Ed.

2 Diva- Sofia Vergara

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Not too much of a surprise, but Sophia Vergara has a big personality, both on and off the screen. She plays Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family, wife of Jay Pritchett and mom to Manny and Joe. Her sassy Columbian personality doesn’t differ much from who she is in real life, and she makes no secret of this.

1 Diva- Elizabeth Banks

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Elizabeth Banks is known for the comedic characters she often plays. This includes the wild friend of Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett, Sal, on Modern Family. In an interview with Women’s Health, Elizabeth describes herself as a cynical person and claims that’s why she’s so drawn to comedic roles. She also has a “get what she wants” attitude that helps drive her career.

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