15 Moments In Disney Movies That Make Absolutely No Sense

I've been a huge fan of Disney movies for as long as I can remember, but there are certain things about them that just don't make sense. Most of these inconsistencies are things I didn't realize until I was an adult, but they're definitely there... and now, I have so many questions. I mean, are they seriously trying to tell us that Prince Charming would only recognize Cinderella's foot, instead of her face, after they spent the whole night dancing together?! Give me a break.

Whether it's a plot hole or just a weird trend that runs though almost every movie, here are 15 times Disney just quit making sense. The movies are still so much fun to watch, they just require a bit more suspension of disbelief.

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15 Rapunzel Stayed Missing For A Really Long Time

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As it would be in real life, a missing princess was a really big deal in Rapunzel's hometown. She got snatched from her cradle not long after her birth, so of course her parents were besides themselves, and the entire kingdom knew about the festival of lanterns that happened every year — for eighteen years straight — on the lost princess' birthday. So you're telling me that, in this search for Punz that spanned almost two decades, no one ever thought to check that mysterious tower that no one had ever been in before?

Mother Gothel always looked shady as hell, and I find it hard to believe that she hadn't been investigated. In the real world, this would have been an open and shut case.

14 Belle Had An American Accent

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Although Belle and her father are from France — and they even use the word "bonjour," why is it that no one (including Belle) actually has a French accent? Some of them are British, but most of them sound American and speak English. It seems terribly unlikely that their entire village is made of ex-pats. People in those days were flocking to America, not the other way round. In fact, the only French accent we actually hear in the movie belongs to Lumière. Why is he, a freaking candelabra, the only authentic character in this place? And Beast, who's lived in France his entire life, is American too. What is happening here?!

13 Cinderella's Shoe Never Stopped Being Glass

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Putting aside how ridiculous it was that A. the prince would only recognize Cindy by her foot size and B. Cindy was the only girl in the kingdom who would fit into that shoe, can we talk about how weird the glass slipper is in the first place? At midnight, her carriage and her gorgeous ballgown disappear into thin air, leaving her in the rags she started with... but somehow, the glass slipper she left behind at the castle stays intact? Explain that magical plot hole, Fairy Godmother.

There's a lot of weird stuff in Cinderella, but this one definitely takes the cake. Or, you know, the pumpkin being pulled by transformed woodland creatures. Whatever you want to call it.

12 Eric Literally Fell In Love With A Voice

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And that's a concept I understand completely, because I fall in love with a voice every time I hear Harry Styles speak or sing. However, Eric fell in love with a voice he once heard, was rescued by a super attractive redhead who then moved into his castle, and even though he realized she was perfect for him after they legitimately spent time together, he still wanted to marry whoever that voice belonged to. That's really screwed up, Eric.

He needed to get married. I get that. The pressure was on. But he had a perfectly good woman he actually seemed to enjoy hanging out with right in his house. It couldn't have been any easier for him. I don't understand!

11 The Low Key Child Abuse In Frozen

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When Elsa's powers first proved themselves to be dangerous when she accidentally almost killed Anna, obviously, her parents had to do something to keep that from happening again. They loved both their daughters, but they couldn't risk Elsa hurting anyone else. So their solution was... to keep her locked up in isolation, separated from her family, her little sister, and the outside world? That's essentially child abuse, and I don't see how they thought that was a good idea.

The better plan would be to help Elsa accept her powers and use them responsibly, maybe with some help from those trolls, who seemed to know a thing or two about blasting ice out of your fingers. But then, we would have never gotten Let It Go (or, you know, the rest of the movie) so maybe everything happens for a reason.

10 And Speaking Of Those Ice Powers...

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Not once was it explained in Frozen how Elsa even ended up with those ice powers to begin with. No one in her family had them, so it's not like she inherited them, and not even the trolls tried to ask how Elsa got so powerful when they had to cure Anna. We were just supposed to accept that Elsa's the ice queen, and it must have worked, because this is the first time I'm even realizing that none of this makes any sense. I'm going to need answers!

My fingers are crossed that Frozen 2 will offer up some kind of explanation. Was there some kind of accident? Was it a curse? Or was it a gift? Why did Elsa get them, but not Anna? There are so many questions, and no answers. I'm just supposed to believe that one day, she woke up and started creating snowmen? Nope.

9 How 100 Dogs Even Fit In That Brownstone

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101 Dalmatians is and will always be one of my favorite Disney movies of all time, especially because of how freakin' cute the love story between Anita and Roger is and how much they care about their dogs. However, I can't be the only one wondering if they both have a few screws loose after seeing them decide to take in all 101 of their dogs' puppies. First of all, that's probably physically impossible, but putting that aside, I can't imagine that all of those dogs could fit into their brownstone. And oh god, the smell.

Besides, they're not puppies forever. Eventually, they will have 103 dogs (including their parents) running wild inside their house, pooping and peeing everywhere. That's a lot of dogs, and it sounds like it could get expensive really fast. And how are they ever going to go on vacation? No one is going to watch all those dogs.

8 Everyone Is Constantly Being Married Off So Young

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There are two things present in almost every Disney princess movie that just don't go together: Overprotective parents and teen marriages. A true helicopter parent would never let their child get married at such an early age, but these parents seem to be encouraging it, especially if their status as a royal is at risk. Jasmine needs a husband, and so does Merida. And do any of these girls actually want these early marriages? Nope.

And it's not just the ladies, either. Prince Charming and Erica are both pushed into finding a wife out of a pool of eligible women instead of letting them fall in love naturally. It's all very weird, and I don't like it. What's so wrong with letting everyone take their time?! Marriage is supposed to be forever!

7 And None Of These Girls Go To School

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Despite the fact that almost every princess is under 18, none of them seem to go to school. I get that Aurora is legit asleep and Snow White is off somewhere in the woods with some dwarves, but the rest of them have no excuses. Anna and Elsa never seemed to have any kind of formal education, even though they were well off and taken care of. And even though Cinderella's stepmom sucked, she still should have been getting a high school degree or CPS would be after her and figure out that Cindy was basically living as a slave.

However, even though none of them go to school or seem to have tutors, they're all really intelligent, and Belle knows how to read, even though it's unlikely in her 1700s village that women would be able to do that. Where did she learn? I have a feeling Maurice didn't teach her.

6 Woody Has To Have Some Kind Of Backstory, Right?

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Being that Woody is a really old toy, he's not often treated as such. He's the product of a show called Woody's Roundup from the 1950s, so by the time Andy's gotten his hands on him, he's an antique, which means he's been doing this toy thing forever. So where did he come from? And more importantly, why is he so surprised that Andy would get rid of his toys when he gets older? Hasn't he been through this before, like, at least a few times? This should be old hat to him by now.

And since Woody gets so attached to Andy, it's surprising that he doesn't talk about the other kids who have owned him. Jessie remembers her previous owner, so why isn't Woody ever walking down memory lane? Hopefully, Toy Story 4 will explain all of this.

5 Lilo Has An Awful Lot Of Independence For Such A Little Kid

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Not a lot of things in this movie made any sense at all, but this is one that's always bugged me. In Lilo & Stitch, Lilo is given a lot of independence, despite the fact that Nani is about to lose custody of her. I get that Nani is young and being a parent to your little sister can't be easy, but maybe if social services is keeping such a close eye on you, you should make sure that you're doing everything by the book... and by "by the book," I mean not leaving her alone for hours at a time.

Fortunately, the movie does have a happy ending for everyone involved, but that's sheer luck. Any other time a kid is hanging out unsupervised with an actual alien, things don't turn out that well. Except for maybe ET, because that alien was a gem.

4 Cruella DeVil Should Have Been Arrested A Long Time Ago

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Ignoring the fact that she's a shitty person in general — which she definitely is — I don't see how Cruella hadn't already been put away for animal cruelty before her going after Anita's dalmatians was even a thing. You're telling me this woman is about to skin puppies to make clothing and animal control isn't all over that? That's illegal in so many ways that I don't even know if I could count them.

Also, how is Anita possibly friends with someone like Cruella? She's so sweet and kind, and she hangs out with this old bitch? I guess there's no accounting for people's tastes in friendships, but I'd think that someone as nice as Anita would be able to make friends who aren't literally evil.

3 Somehow, Andy's Living Toys Never Got Caught

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After years and years of being living toys, I'd imagine the cast of Toy Story has gotten pretty good at knowing when someone's about to walk into Andy's room so they can play inanimate. But you're telling me in 18 years of Andy's life, never once did they get caught? You'd think there would have to be slip ups, or at the very least, his mom would overhear a conversation from outside the door or something. How did they pull this off for such a long time?!

I would also be remiss if I didn't mention that despite the fact that Buzz Lightyear thinks he's an actual space ranger, he still pretends to be a toy when he needs to. But wait, he doesn't think he's a toy, so how does that work? So many plot holes in these movies!

2 Rapunzel Never Left Her Tower On Her Own

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Whatever Mother Gothel must have told Rapunzel in Tangled about the outside world had to be absolutely horrible. Because somehow, she made it to her eighteenth birthday before she decided to venture out, even though it seemed to be something she was always interested in, especially since she was dying to see the lanterns. I find it hard to believe that she had never made it out of there before, because who wouldn't be curious to see what the world was like outside of their tower?

And Gothel sure was confident in her abilities, because with Rapunzel being her only way in or out, she must have known that Punzie could also let herself out, too, if she wanted... but she left her alone for days at a time, trusting that she wouldn't. What the hell did she tell Rapunzel was going on down there?!

1 Ariel's Sisters Somehow Didn't Hate Her

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Let's put it this way: In a family of seven girls, none of Ariel's older sisters ever got jealous of her or tried to steal her thunder? All of them were beautiful and talented at singing, but for some reason, Ariel — as the youngest — always got all of the attention. She was always who their father worried about; always the star of the concerts that Sebastian would conduct. But somehow, they just kind of rolled their eyes at it, like "LOL, my dad basically ignores me." How did that not screw them up?

Ariel also didn't seem to be a bit bothered by leaving her sisters behind when she got her permanent set of legs, and they never really came to say goodbye. This is a really weird family dynamic they have going on, and I'd like another movie where they all go to therapy.

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