15 Moments In 'The Office' When Kelly Kapoor Was Everything

Everyone loves the show The Office. Its awkward tension is enough to make you burst out laughing, but also the characters are fanbase-worthy themselves. We love Michael and his energy, Dwight and his love for beet farming, Jim with his ongoing pranks... There is one person who is constantly overlooked though, and that would be Kelly Kapoor. Kelly is by far the most underrated character on The Office. Her quick quips and narcissistic persona make her the girl you love to hate but also you find that Kelly is completely relatable. So what if she's a little self-obsessed? We've all had moments where we've taken 50 selfies of ourselves till we found the right angle too. Kelly is an icon for everyone who loves themselves. Maybe a little too much than we'd like to admit.

16 When She Explained Her Skill Of Smack-Talking

Kelly Kapoor is the queen of comebacks. That is why she sticks to smack talk - because she knows what’s up. Trash talk is for kids who don’t know what they are doing. They’re all talk, but Kelly Kapoor also walks the walk. She thinks you’re ugly? She will tell you. Thinks you have gained a couple pounds since she has last seen you? You will hear about. Notices you’re new boyfriend is a complete downgrade from your last one? She will call you out in front of the whole party! You may be able to knock her down in a second in a physical fight, but God bless you if you end up in a verbal tussle with her. She has the evidence and she is prepared to use it.


14 When She Was Truly Experiencing Having #BAEGoals

Now, Kelly Kapoor might not always see eye to eye with her potential love interests, but she does always remain hopeful! That is all you need sometimes, a delightfully positive attitude! This little anecdote between her and a potential bae is an absolutely great one. Let’s be real, who out there does not want to have a latte colored baby with their crush? We cheer her on, for her love of the chase and her desire for some cute little latte colored babies. Okay now, imagine a bunch of mini Kelly Kapoors ruining around? Can little infants be narcissistic? Because we can not imagine any offspring of Kelly Kapoor that wouldn’t be begging their parents to take photos of them while getting their good side.

13 When She Went Off On Ryan

Kelly’s relationship with Ryan could best be described as tumultuous. Their relationship is definitely super self-destructive, and no one should envy their relationship. But, hey, it sure is entertaining to watch. We love that Kelly will call out Ryan on his bullcrap. Their relationship often finds its troubles spilling over into the office, making it everyone’s business. We loved when Kelly asked Ryan “how dare you?” in the middle of a meeting. Absolute savage move, Kelly. Ryan becomes super egotistical as the series progresses, and Kelly is basically the only one that can bring him down. No matter how vicious or self-fulfilling her tactics are, they still bring him a little bit closer to earth. A big ego jerk and a self-absorbed narcissist, what a match made in heaven!

12 When She Was A Strong, Independent Woman

The workplace is full of power roles. Ever been in a situation where everyone is looking down on you? Like they have more important positions than you? That they are more of an experienced professional then you? Well Kelly Kapoor doesn’t care about any of that. She will walk into a room of multi-millionaires and tell them what’s good, and they might just listen to her. That is because she has self-titled herself as "business bitch". Pretty catchy, honestly. Kelly is ready to stunt on all her employees, male or female. While she might not have the skills, she definitely has the attitude! 90% of being important is just making yourself sound like you are important. Kelly got the hang of that.

11 When She Slayed Being Questioned

Ever been really nervous before a big job interview? You stayed up till three in the morning practicing your answers, yet you still are in the waiting room shaking nervously. Well, Kelly Kapoor cannot relate - because she is ready to come into that interview and kill it. That’s why when she was stupidly asked about her ‘weaknesses’ she was quick to clap back - Kelly Kapoor doesn’t have any! We need this kind of self-confidence next time we step foot into a tough interview. If they asked her about her strengths, that would be another story. She could go on all day long. This is the mindset that employers are looking for, right? Repeat after me: I am Kelly Kapoor and I came to slay.

10 When She Revealed Her Secret To Getting Out Of Things

Cleaning snow off of your car. Getting a ride to the airport. Getting bailed out of jail. Doing your own homework. Paying taxes. These are all things we want people to do FOR us, because they are annoying! Yet, it’s hard to convince people to do these grueling tasks. Kelly, the mind of our generation, has figured out how to. Leave them responsible for her impending death if they don’t follow through. How genius! Who said being dramatic doesn’t do any good? Now Kelly can get someone to personally deliver McDonald’s fries to her bed if she doesn’t feel like pausing her Gilmore Girls marathon. This is just another revolutionary idea in Kelly’s compilation of innovative life hacks. She should really put out a book.

9 When She Had A Great Revenge Plan

Speaking of getting bailed out of jail, most people would be sad if someone they knew was sent to jail. Maybe even their ex-boyfriends. Not Kelly, though. Ryan was really shitty to her, he deserves to suffer! And now she can use this golden opportunity to get revenge. Nothing like strutting your stuff through a surplus of criminals and having them catcall you while your ex-boyfriend looks on longing. Who cares if they committed crimes? There is no such thing as bad publicity. Kelly knows of this, and she’s really to put on a hot pink juicy couture tracksuit and catwalk through the penitentiary. That will really show her jerkbag ex-boyfriend! Yet again, Kelly shows impressive dedication to being cute and getting attention. Can someone give this girl a medal?

8 When She Had To Explain The Rankings Of Hotness

Ever been in a conversation with someone where they say *insert hot celebrity* is not even hot? Then you get all in your own head like... wait, people don’t think that person is hot? But they are a hot celebrity… and they are so much hotter than me.. SO WHAT DOES THAT MAKE ME?! It is the ultimate mind****. We totally relate to Kelly’s reaction to being told Hilary Swank isn’t hot, because we would also be personally offended. Can you imagine if someone came up to you and went “well, Beyonce is like not even that hot.” You would be sitting there like “if Beyonce isn’t hot, that I must look like I stuck my face into a boiling vat of macaroni and cheese.”

7 When She Was A Pro At Reverse Psychology

It is hard enough to get into someone’s head, but when you get in there and make them think they are doing the right thing when they are actually not? GENIUS. She shows great potential to have a fulfilling career as a psychologist. She sure is dedicated to helping herself at least! Move over Dr. Phil, Kelly Kapoor is here - but instead of ‘help me help you’ it’s more like ‘help me help myself by hurting you when you think I’m helping hahaha.’ Kelly Kapoor up in this office with some total wardrobe sabotage towards Pam Beesly. She may not always be the greatest friend to count on, but we commend Kelly for her dedication to always wanting to be the cutest girl in the room.

6 When She Had A Reasonable New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Eve is always a lit time. Food, drinks, finally getting away from a crappy year, what could be better? Then you wake up the next day, hungover AF and realize “oh crap… my resolutions.” Some last a few months, some a few days, and some say “screw it” within the first couple of hours. People don’t realize their new resolutions are not panning out because they set the bar too high. Don’t set some unreasonable goal for yourself only to feel bad when it doesn’t work out. Instead follow Kelly’s lead and set a goal you can attain! Getting more attention is a GREAT goal for Kelly because that’s something she works towards every single day. Next time New Years rolls around, ditch the eating clean resolution for a resolution to spend more hours sleeping in. Kelly would approve - beauty sleep is always necessary!

5 When She Shared This Very Important Fact

Ready to start off a new semester in a great way and you get to your first class. You’re sitting in class ready to dive in to the course, and then you remember what it’s time for: the dreaded question. The question that is… “tell us a fun fact about yourself.” You rack your brain trying to remember a fun fact, but you suddenly forgot every single thing about yourself. Crap. These icebreakers are the most anxiety-inducing thing about the first day of any job, classroom, or anywhere that someone wants to basically mentally torture you. Kelly is ALWAYS prepared for this though. She looks hot eating a cupcake, that is a level 10 fun fact to share. We envy her and her fact sharing.

4 When She Was Relatable AF On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day, a holiday meant to be filled with love and lust, but for most it’s filled with binge-eating and feeling sorry for ourselves. Sometimes we think we might have a shot at love this Valentine’s Day, just like Kelly did in this situation. Poor Kelly, tricked by the dental office. We guess it’s better than receiving nothing? Or maybe it will just leave you with more self pity. It would be a total game changer if they included a heart-shaped box full of fancy chocolate truffles. We could get with that. We’d be phoning all our healthcare professionals to send us something special for V-Day then. Maybe, we should concentrate on finding an actual valentine… nah, way too much effort. Besides, then we wouldn’t have any desire to hit the stores on the day after for 50% off candy!

3 When She Was Everyone Who Binge Watches Netflix Ever

When you get a Netflix subscription you are basically selling your soul over to turmoil over hours of developing plot lines and extreme character development. We love it! Let me love those characters through seasons of heartbreak, happiness, and self-destruction. We will be there for every second of it, with a tub of popcorn and a glass of wine. That’s why we relate so hard to Kelly crying over Jesse Pinkman - because we’ve been there. We have all rooted for a character so hard that they became so important to us that our emotions were rattled. If you have not cried over a potential (or actual) death in a TV show, you don’t really watch TV right. We’re sorry, we don’t make the rules - Kelly does.

2 When She Was All Of Us When We Learn One Thing In Class

Have you ever actually done the textbook reading for your class that you avoid doing every week because there’s like, no way the professor can check that, and then you actually learn SO MUCH?! It’s so crazy how much you can learn when you actually apply yourself! That’s why this Kelly moment is iconic. She went to a little training seminar, and now she’s empowered with her knowledge. So what, she doesn’t know all the facts, technically? She’s getting there, that’s all that matters! It’s almost like those Facebook friends you have that share political articles on Facebook they got from dumbpoliticzlol.com. They’re like basically politicians now! Just like Kelly is basically a multi-million dollar businesswoman now, and we all Nobel peace prize scholars! Well… okay. Not quite yet. We’re taking baby steps, though.

1 When She Took An Alternative Dieting Route


Summer’s gonna be here before we know it and you know what that means. No, not a surplus of colorful ice pops. Well yes, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking beach body season. The term is making us cringe as we type it. Instead of putting down that plate of extra cheesy lasagna and stepping onto a stair master, Kelly likes to try alternative dieting. Because eating clean and working out is just so hard, ugh. Sometimes you just have to put a tapeworm into your organs and let it do the work! Silly Kelly, maybe next time you should check out that your tapeworms are actually tapeworms and not some potentially fatal bug that your coworker gave you. Or like, go on weight watchers, maybe.


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