15 MORE Hilarious And Inappropriate 'Star Wars' Memes

It's hard to say what I love more: Star Wars itself or the incredible (and hilarious) things the internet comes up with based on the movies. And given the fact that there are seven movies so far in the franchise — eight if you count Rogue One, which I totally do — there is plenty of material for fans to create memes out of... even seriously inappropriate ones that George Lucas would probably roll his eyes at.

So many huge Star Wars fans have been obsessed with these movies and characters since childhood, but I have to admit that being a fan as an adult is a lot more fun. Here are 15 of the most inappropriate Star Wars memes out there, because what's the point of loving these movies if we don't make dirty jokes about it? And let's be honest: Some of these jokes just write themselves.

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15 C3PO & Leia Hooking Up

Via Nerd Bastards

There are so many adorable photos of Leia and C3PO from filming — because duh, Carrie Fisher was clearly a hoot to work with — and this is one of my favorites. Not just because it's two of the best characters in one super cute shot, but because of the expression on that poor shiny robot's face. There are so many interpretations to be made here, and all of them are dirty. But really, what did he expect if he was going to make that face?

It almost seems like sacrilege to include someone as pure as C3PO in a joke like this, because he's just a droid who wants to help his humans... and, you know, stress out about absolutely everything in the process. But maybe that's part of what makes this meme so funny?

14 And When He Was Just There For The Show

Via Me.Me

Yet again, another classic facial expression by C3PO. At this point, he was the only one in the room who knew that the major Star Wars plot twist was that Luke and Leia were twins, but instead of letting them know so they wouldn't kiss and fully gross themselves (and the rest of us) out, he just decided to stay quiet. I know, I know — that particular twist hadn't been revealed just yet, so he couldn't have said anything. But he just knew.

And just looking at this meme, I can guarantee you that's exactly the face of a droid who is watching immediate relatives kiss and is trying to stay quiet about it. If this wasn't a movie, though, he totally would have said something, because I believe he has some kind of moral code.

13 The Mouth On R2D2

Via Imgur

Sure, some people might think that R2D2 only speaks in beeps and boops because he's a droid and that's the kind of language he communicates in... but did you ever consider the fact that he might just have the mouth of a sailor? The things R2 is trying to say are so profane and vulgar that the Star Wars editors had no choice but to censor him. You know how those droids are. They just can't be tamed. Especially not one like R2 who speaks his mind.

Now that this theory has been introduced, I'm going to need someone to dub over some of his scenes and make a video of all the cussing that R2 obviously is doing in these movies. I'm thinking that could be guaranteed YouTube gold. Anyone want to accept that challenge?

12 Poor, Poor Padme

Via Pinterest

You know, I never really thought about this until now, but it actually makes perfect sense. Vader was on the edge of death — like, he probably should have died, right? He had no legs and he was burned with lava, so essentially, he was done for. But they were able to build him a suit that allowed him to keep living and breathing anyway. And when it comes to Padme, who Vader at first tried so hard to protect? Eh, she's a goner, let's not worry about it.

Of course, the motivation behind saving Vader was so that he could continue to use his powers for evil — something that could only happen if he kept living. And since Padme was no use to Palpatine, she had to die. Which was totally unfair, but hey, it kept the story going.

11 How Many Burn Jokes Are We Going To Make?

Via Pinterest

Speaking of lava, lightsabers, and anything that burns... this is a classic. Get it? Because toast would be on the dark side if Vader made it because Vader is on the dark side? Okay, it's an easy joke to follow, but that doesn't make it any less hilarious — or less appropriate for the tone of this movie and scene. It's too bad Vader never tried breaking the tension with a couple of dad jokes when he was trying to scare the shit out of someone, but I guess that would also take away from that scary persona he's trying to project?

Oh, if only we'd gotten to see this scene for real. I would love to see them LOLing together... except we all know that would never happen, especially since Old Ben was kind of responsible for taking Vader's legs we were talking about earlier. Oops. No joking between them here.

10 Life On Alderaan (Or Lack Thereof)

Via Pinterest

So many excellent memes have been made out of this scene, and this is definitely one of my favorites. Thanks to the first death star, Leia's entire planet and all of the people on it were completely destroyed... so this is actually a pretty insensitive joke, but hilarious at the same time. Of course, it's even worse because Vader is Leia's dad and he knows it but isn't telling her (yet), but when it comes to inappropriate, this is definitely scoring at the top.

If only Vader had a better sense of humor and made more jokes. This stuff could have been absolute gold. I mean, I doubt Leia would have laughed at something like this, but I would have, because I have a sick mind. And Leia was way more useful without Alderaan, anyway.

9 Mocking Storm Troopers Never Gets Old

Via Imgur

It is a widely held belief that Stormtroopers are absolutely terrible at shooting. If this is something you haven't noticed yourself, just watch them next time you catch a Star Wars movie. They're shooting all over the place, almost never hitting what or who they're trying to hit, their aim is basically crap, and you're telling me these are an army of the scariest individuals the dark side could come up with? Yeah, you're going to have to try again.

Poor Stormtroopers. It's not that they don't want to be good at their job, it's just that whoever is doing their training is teaching them all the wrong moves. Maybe they just need a new leader or something? I fully believe Phasma is capable of correcting this, because she is a badass.

8 When Mickey Gets Ahold Of The Franchise

Via PinsDaddy

A lot of Star Wars fans have grumbled about the purchase of Star Wars by Disney, but honestly? It's a really solid decision. I absolutely cannot get enough of Rogue One and The Force Awakens, and with a powerhouse like Disney behind it, there's nothing this franchise can't do. If Mickey's on the dark side, I want to be on the dark side with him. I hear they have delicious snacks there.

If you ever doubt this fact, pay yourself a visit to Hollywood Studios at Disney World, and you will find yourself in a wonderland of everything good in the Star Wars universe. Roaming Stormtroopers, real Jawas you can trade with, themed cocktails, a killer ride, and even more coming when their Star Wars land is completed in a couple of years? None of this incredible stuff would have ever been made possible without Disney, so thank Mickey on your way out.

7 The Most Inappropriate Love Story Ever


Twilight isn't really even a thing anymore, but as long as I live, I will never stop hating it — or agreeing with this hideously inappropriate meme and relationship all rolled into one. When I watched the prequels for the first time (as an adult, because I only got into Star Wars a couple of years ago, regretfully), I was kind of horrified at the love story that was blooming between little kid Anakin and grown ass Padme, even if they didn't legit get together until he was over the age of consent.

However, I can agree with these meme in that the Anakin/Padme relationship was still way better than the one between Edward and Bella, because I'd rather see these two on screen all day long than watch five minutes of that vampire/human romance. No, thanks.

6 Riding Solo With Jason DeRulo

Via AskIdeas

Of all the time I've spent thinking about Han Solo — it's a lot — and all the time I've driven around in my car, listening to Top 40 radio stations — also a lot — I can't believe I've never made this connection. And it's actually really accurate that Jason DeRulo, a man so confident he sings his own name at the beginning of all of his singles, and Han Solo, a man so cocky he replies "I know," instead of "I love you too," and basically thinks he's God's gift to the galaxy would be paired up in a meme together.

Quick, someone make a satirical music video of Han and Leia's romantic scenes with this song. Unless someone's already done it? Certainly this is not news to the internet, even if it is news to me. Much like Jason DeRulo, I'm pretty sure I speak for all straight women when I say we'd all like to be riding Solo. Not solo. Solo. There's a difference.

5 Luke Got The Raw End Of The Deal

Via Pinterest

Padme is a little questionable to me, but usually, I like her. I mean, she did fall in love with a literal child, and she didn't exactly run out the door when she realized Vader was turning evil (and if she had, we'd be watching a real different set of prequels). But on the whole, the Padme/Amidala switcheroo is cool, and who doesn't love Natalie Portman? However, I cannot accept the choices she made for her children, even as she was dying. No. No thank you.

First of all, you make Leia an actual princess, but doom your son to an incredibly difficult life of hard work and loss? Okay, cool, Padme. I mean, clearly his upbringing was a big part of Luke becoming the fab Jedi he eventually turned into, but there wasn't an easier way?

4 Boba Fett's Pickup Lines

Via Dorkly

Sadly, Boba Fett is just a giant missed opportunity for a really flirty villain/bounty hunter who could use hilarious lines like this and bring in a little comic relief when things get too dark. Unfortunately, George Lucas never saw the genius in this idea, and we ended up with the Boba Fett we have today... and it wasn't a bad decision, I just think jokes like this would have made him so much better. Plus, as a Star Wars fan, this pickup line would totally work on me. You know, if I wasn't married.

Plus, we all know adding "dat ass" to the end of a sentence makes anything ten times funnier — at least, those of us who aren't afraid to admit we have the sense of humor of a thirteen year old boy, which I definitely do. If we eventually get a Boba Fett movie, I hope he's just like the one in this meme.

3 Seeing The Same Eyes In Different People

Via Memeologist

There are so many reasons to love Maz Kanata — not least of all that she is voiced by the great and talented Lupita Nyong'o — but I will never forget her legendary line, "I have lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people." Well, Maz, apparently, so I have I, because I've seen your eyes in Sophia from Golden Girls before. And whoever decided to make this flawless comparison deserves some kind of meme award. Are those a thing?

Those glasses, those eyes... Maz is a dead ringer for Sophia, and this would make a hell of a crossover — not that it will ever happen, of course. But in my head, there was some kind of epic battle that led to Sophia's reincarnation into Maz lightyears in the future. There's my fan theory for you.

2 The Steak's A Little Chewy

Via Pinterest

A bad joke automatically stops being a bad joke when it involves legos... even at the expense of one of my favorite characters from the franchise. I have no idea if Wookies are the kind of alien (he's an alien, right) who gets hunted and eaten, because that's not really a concept that the movies have explored, and hopefully they never will. But this is kind of funny in a way that all dad jokes are funny. Could you imagine a baby Stormtrooper like that, though?

Honestly, though, guys, leave that beautiful furball alone. He hasn't done anything wrong. Well, you guys probably don't like him because he's part of the rebellion, but he's too lovable to kill and especially too lovable to eat. Chewy doesn't deserve that kind of treatment!

1 Wookie Action

Via Pickuplinesworld

And then, we have Chewy's revenge: He might be a Stormtrooper's dinner in the meme world, but he also gets all the women. And how could he not? He's basically a giant teddy bear! There are so many adorable photos of Carrie with the rest of the Star Wars cast that are like this, but this is one of my favorites. She and Peter Mayhew had such a cute friendship, and this is exactly how I want to remember her: getting felt up by a Wookie.

Fortunately, Star Wars memes aren't going anywhere — especially the inappropriate ones — and with a brand new generation being introduced to the franchise, there are so many to come in the future. It's the best time ever to be a Star Wars fan, so let's all enjoy it... and make dirty jokes at the characters' expense while we're at it.

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