15 MORE Hilariously Inappropriate Harry Potter Memes That Will Make You LOL

Listen up all you muggles, wizards, and other curious onlookers, it’s time to get your Potterheads into the gutter! We’ve found more of the most inappropriate Harry Potter memes on the internet. Get ready to have your minds warped and your fondest memories of the Harry Potter series forever altered.

just finishing up the tWe don’t know why so many meme lords dedicate their lives to ruining our favorite fandoms in the best and worst possible ways, but we do know these memes will leave you busting up laughing. These are indeed dark times, with children we’ve watched since they were eleven years old showcased in scandalous setups.

Read on and check out our latest find of highly inappropriate, scandalous Harry Potter memes that you can’t help but laugh at.

17 Creeper Face Draco Can Slither On Out!

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Draco. That arrogant little punk, how dare he insinuate he’d ever have a chance of getting into bed with our beloved little braniac. Can he slither-in? We think not! Can he make us laugh when a meme lord puts him into a clever pun? Well, yeah…

Slytherins are notorious for being power hungry, stooping to almost any depths to get ahead. But they’re also known for making crude comments and joking at the expense of others. Draco seems more like the type to make a rude remark about Hermione’s muggle background than anything sexual.

If he did slither in to anyone’s bed, he would probably leave his partner unsatisfied and highly disappointed. For all of his money and pure blood elitism, he’s an incredibly vain, selfish little twit who always puts himself first.

16 She Wants You To Mount It?!

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How can we resist that mischievous smile? Harry Potter at aged eleven is completely darling. Would he have such a dirty mind? We think not, but his adorable grin matches perfectly with the “That’s what she said” meme so perfectly, we don’t even care if it’s inappropriate.

This little bit of dialogue is like a gift to those of us with dirty minds. “Hold your broom” and “I want you to mount it”— the junior high inner child that lives inside of us probably fell over laughing.

Rolanda Hooch, the stern P.E. teacher with a good sense of humor, would probably give Harry Potter a cheeky grin to match his own, even as she took 50 points from house Gryffindor and told him to get back to broom flying lessons.

15 Ollivander Is Not An Old Perv, Stahp!

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Ewww. The squick factor is off the charts on this one! It doesn’t get more inappropriate than this, but we knew which train we were boarding when we started this list, and it’s NOT the one on platform 9 and 3/4. It’s the one headed straight to hell by the looks of this, because we’d expect nothing less from the most hilariously inappropriate Harry Potter memes on the internet.

Ollivander, the strange but kindly old man is well known for his fascination with wands and their mysterious workings, and NOT young boys. The inappropriate pairing of these paused images is so funny and wrong, it was impossible not to include. Now let’s all go scrub our brain with bleach and try to never think of Ollivander as old man creeper the next time we’re watching our beloved movies.

14 Hermione and Neville: Masters Of The Puberty Spell

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Well, well, well! What do we have here? Is it appropriate to look at how grown up these two have become? Isn’t it icky? The kids in the Harry Potter were like our little nieces and nephews, we just CAN’T think of them that way.

Oh yes we can!

On the one hand these were the children we fell in love with as little kids. On the other hand, just look at them!

Neville Longbottom, played by the now studly Matthew Lewis, looks like a gift from heaven. Searching up images of him, puberty was not only kind to this man, it was a benevolent angel who molded into chiseled abs, a charming smile, and utterly dreamy eyes.

Hermione Granger, played by Emma Watson, went from an adorable, frizzy-haired bookworm to a woman with soulful eyes and a beguiling smile. Although not as shocking as the complete 180 that happened to Matthew Lewis, but no less magical.

13 Harry, That Is NOT Okay!

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Of course, the moment we saw this meme we started sharing it with every Harry Potter fan we knew, because it’s hilarious! Hermione’s shocked face at the end is priceless, and probably the best part of this meme.

Having a good sense of humor when it comes to looking at our favorite fandoms is essential, because otherwise we’d get in a huff about this kind of thing. Thanks to whoever thought this up, our memories of sweet and noble Harry Potter have been tarnished, but we got a laugh and we still love Harry. Everyone knows he would most definitely care about his romantic partner’s feelings. Besides, he and Hermione were never a thing anyway. Luckily meme lords didn’t decide to put his true love, Ginny, into this meme instead. Our memories of the two of them being innocent love birds can stay intact.

12 Ginny, Which Class Did You Learn That In?

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What the heck are people thinking? These two are children for crying out loud. It’s hilarious that there were a couple of shots like this, though! For the record, nowhere in the books does it show the two of them performing sexual acts, and neither do the movies. It just worked out perfectly with these movie stills. Putting the two images together looks like a scenario out of a porno.

From the looks of things, the stairs especially, we think this is a scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Ginny and her family spent Christmas with Harry at 12 Grimmauld Place, the musty old secret house that was Sirius Black’s inheritance. Did Harry show Ginny his magic wand? Not according to canon, and we’re pretty sure J.K. Rowling would agree!



9 Hermione, Your Fate Is Sealed

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Poor Hermione. No one wants to be shown their future husband at aged eleven only to find out it’s the grubby kid stuffing his face with treats, his face smeared with chocolate, and his knowledge of magic… lacking.

Hermione Granger is an overachiever from the start. She read her textbooks ahead of time, and she could even perform simple spells, like fixing Harry Potter’s glasses on the train.

If she had even been thinking of who she would be married to someday, most likely she would have been daydreaming about a handsome wizarding genius who knew how to clean his own face without having her wince at him and point out, “You’ve got dirt on your nose, by the way, did you know? Just there.”

8 Wingardium Levi-Oh No He Didn’t!

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Ron Weasley, you goober. That is definitely NOT how you get girl to like you!

First Ron couldn’t stand the bossy, know-it-all Hermione Granger. Then he started to crush on her, and ultimately fell completely in love with her. It’s an adorable love story that shows opposites really do attract sometimes.

But if this had been his game? We doubt Hermione would have ever given him a second glance. Although there IS something completely adorable about the movie image of her shocked little face.

Of course we know it’s just someone’s hilariously inappropriate joke, and who could blame them? Hermione gave Ron such a hard time about his pronunciation of the Wingardia Leviosa spell (it’s not LeviOHsa, it’s LevioSAH, don’t you know?), it’s probably the best known spell in the series.

7 Harry Keep Both Your Hands Above Your Robes

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What in the wizarding world is going on in this scene between these two? From the looks of things, Harry Potter has his hand down a disgruntled Ron’s pants. Is there more to this bromance than we ever knew about?

Of course not! This is a scene from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and no, Harry is definitely not reaching down to find Ron’s goblet of fire. It’s a Photoshopped image, of course. After a bit of research (AKA, re-watching our beloved movies!) we saw the original shot and there is definitely nothing inappropriate going on between those two. It’s just some marginally Photoshop savvy person out there who wants to ruin one of our favorite fandoms in the name of hilariously inappropriate memes.

6 Harry, Revenge Is Not A Reason To Be With Someone

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Was Harry Potter only interested in Ginny Weasley to get back at Ron for taking Hermione? No way. And he definitely wouldn’t have a smarmy grin while he talked about nailing his sister.

Harry cares about his best friend, and he struggled a lot when he was thinking about asking Ginny Weasley to be his girlfriend. He was worried about how Ron would react, considering his friend had never been very positive about Dean being Ginny’s boyfriend in the past. Harry wouldn’t be

Okay, but what about some sort of secret attraction to Hermione?

Nope! The Harry Potter experts on our team have read the books, watched the movies, and haunted J.K. Rowling’s messages for years, it’s always been clear that Harry only ever thought of Hermione as a friend and a sister.

Still, what a hilarious meme!

5 Voldemort Got Roasted!

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Dumbledore and Voldemort are mortal enemies, and Voldemort’s burning hatred of his old professor is no secret. From the time Dumbledore found him at the orphanage and brought him to Hogwarts, he suspected malice in the boy and was the only one unimpressed by his smooth-talking charisma.

Voldemort, AKA old no-nose, has never been known for his sense of humor, and is more likely to use violence when someone makes fun of him. We imagine Dumbledore would have been able to crack a decent dad joke now and then. The joke itself might have been corny and groan-worthy, but with Dumbledore it would be more about the delivery, especially if he chuckled at himself afterward.

Even so, would Dumbledore stoop down to a mama’s chest hair joke? Never. Dumbledore has standards, and would probably have answered drily with something like, “Thank you. Perhaps you would like to know the name of my wigmaker, since you so desperately need one for yourself.”

4 Okay, Dumbledore. That’s Enough.

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What are you doing, Dumbledore? Joking is one thing, but rummaging through a woman’s makeup bag is no way to behave.

If Dumbledore wants to try his hand at makeup, from the looks at things he definitely needs to spend an afternoon looking at YouTube tutorials. That shade of foundation is way too pale for his complexion, and pairing blue eyeshadow with bright pink lips makes anyone look over-done. Unless he’s heading to an eighties throwback party, he had best find some nudes and neutrals to tone down his look.

This scene is actually from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and no, he’s not wearing makeup in it at all. Harry Potter sees him in black and white because he’s actually looking at a memory using a Pensive.

3 Bloody Hell!

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Ron has never been known as the sensitive type. This might not be an actual quote from the series, but can we imagine Ron saying it?


Ron has got an immature streak a mile wide. Most of us know people like that, especially when it comes to joking inappropriately about feminine menstrual cycles. More than once Ron has mumbled something under his breath, only to earn a disapproving glare from Hermione. In the course of their relationship, period jokes are probably not off-limits in his mind, no matter how many times Hermione might roll her eyes or storm off in a huff.

We can just imagine Ron wearing a big fat grin saying, “I agree, menstruation jokes aren’t funny. PERIOD. Aw come on Hermione. Don’t you think you’re ovary acting?”

2 Sexual Snape? No. Just no.

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This is everything wrong with the world. No one wants Professor Snape to slither-in to anyone’s chamber. Of Anything.

Okay fine, in the end Professor Snape turned out to be a noble man and all, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he punished Harry Potter for years because he had been secretly in love with Harry’s mom his entire life. That’s unfair and pretty mean.

Since Snape is so uptight, the idea of him saying anything like this is unheard of, and pretty funny.

Not to mention, the word “slither” doesn’t exactly sound like anything a woman wants to happen to her chamber of secrets. Snakes slither, and the entire image is super gross and inappropriate.

Go to bed, Professor Snape. You’re drunk!

1 Just How Big Is Harry Jr?

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Such a gasp-worthy meme. Our sweet, cherub of a Harry Potter wouldn’t be such a dirty-minded hooligan! Implying that the size of Hermione’s gaping mouth is the size of his mini-Harry is a thousand percent inappropriate. Not only is he talking about his penis, he’s implying that Hermione would be a suitable candidate to give him some magical lessons in fellatio. They are clearly eleven or twelve years old, people!

But just look at that adorably smiling face. If he cracked a joke like that, how could you not ruffle his hair and forgive him? We know he probably heard it from a Syltherin, anyway.

Whoever thought this up definitely had his or her head deep in the gutter, but it did give us a laugh.

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