15 MORE Inappropriate Star Wars Memes That Will Make You Say, “WTF?!”

We're now in an era where Star Wars content is being cranked out assembly line style. Movies, animated series, novels, comics, podcasts, basically anything you can slap Darth Vader's face onto. There's no shortage of Star Wars material available out there. In turn, there's also no shortage of Star Wars inspired memes across the internet. The majority of Star Wars memes are good clean fun. We'll be ignoring those, of course, and instead be diving into the most inappropriate ones we could find.

Judging by the insanely high number of views our last "Inappropriate Star Wars Memes" article received, clearly the internet Gods have spoken. In fact, they've spoken LOUDLY and in CAPS. What follows is another fifteen inappropriate Star Wars memes to help pass the time as we await the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

16 50 Shades of Rey, Fan-Fiction

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At one point during The Force Awakens, the hero, Rey, is captured by the First Order and placed into restrains. In the actual movie the captivity scenes were anything but sexual. The main scene was mostly centered on Kylo Ren confronting Rey and struggling to retrieve information from her. The following scene featured a First Order trooper (uncredited Daniel Craig cameo) and is the origin for the image above. However, when such a scene of Rey tied down, with 007 himself, is filtered through the internet fan-fiction machine you end up with the above meme.

Rey's expression...yeah, nothing more needs to be said here. For the record, Star Wars fans obviously have a voracious appetite. This meme probably triggered about a billion 'Daisy Ridley' Google searches.

15 You Wanted 'Inappropriate', You Got It

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Here's an interesting variation on the famous “Why Don’t We Have Both?” meme. And by 'interesting' I mostly just mean 'WTF'. We internet addicts are well aware that memes either evolve as the years go by or they end up forgotten. The strongest memes share one common trait; they're easily accessible for mocking any number of infamous pop culture oddities.

As we see in the image above, the uncomfortable topic being addressed via "Why Not Both?" is the notorious Star Wars Luke/Leia incest gag. A new twist on the meme is the inclusion of Rey from the sequel trilogy movies. It's an inclusion which I'm sure zero representatives from Disney would care to consider or comment on. Perhaps we should just move on...

14 Political Spin At Its Finest

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Pictured above is a meme that represents a very practical and completely psychotic way of viewing things. One of the many memorable scenes from A New Hope was when Grand Moff Tarkin ordered the complete annihilation of Leia's home planet, Alderaan.

The destruction of Alderaan was so violent and jarring that Obi-Wan was rattled and famously stated: "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened." I highly doubt that feeling of 'something terrible' was just Alderaan's plunging unemployment rate. This meme almost feels like some seriously ballsy propaganda on behalf of the Empire. If you think a joke about a planet blowing up is pushing it, later on we'll feature a meme which jokes about several planets getting blown up.


12 Forget Something?

Via: twitter.com

There wasn't a single trace of dialogue from Luke in The Force Awakens. For all we know, the above caption is actually spot-on accurate in terms of what Luke was thinking when Rey presented him with his old lightsaber.

As an interesting bit of nerd trivia, Mark Hamill confirmed in an interview with The Sun that originally the opening shot from The Force Awakens was going to feature his severed hand (still gripping a saber) floating through space. Early on when fans first heard about the 'floating hand' rumor, the majority thought it was flat out ridiculous. After hearing the concept confirmed by Mark himself, I wonder if maybe the internet collectively mocking the idea had something to do with it being scrapped? Perhaps we geeks are more powerfully than we realize?

11 Unfazed By Massive Levels Of Planetary Destruction

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You just can't toss an article of this nature out into the internet wilderness and not include at least one senseless drug reference. It wouldn't be proper. I'm a fan of sequential images like the one seen above as they put a comical twist on most any scene. By spotlighting a random background character it gives things an alternative perspective. In this case, the alternative perspective is provided by a vaping alien who is quite chill despite witnessing the death of billions.

Good luck ever watching this scene again and NOT noticing the vaping alien in the background. And with that, one of the more poignant scenes in The Force Awakens becomes linked with this ridiculous distraction. If anyone spots an Ewok smoking weed in the background of the scene where Han is murdered, then I'll barely be able to watch the movie the same way ever again.

10 Nightmare Fuel, This Is

Via: funnyjunk.com

Here's a meme that works best devoid of any and all context. This is about as close to a work of art as we're going to get on this list today. I'm a fan of the above image because it's basically just a modified bit from Empire Strikes Back, skewed into something terrifying and hilarious. A random puzzle piece that fits wherever the hell you want it, for whatever reason you desire.

A 'fun' psychological experiment would be to show this image (caption-free) to a brand new Star Wars viewer. Casually show it to them right after they're done watching A New Hope for the first time. Just say, "here's Yoda, he shows up in the next movie." The subsequent viewing experience should then be documented. The person will watch Empire Strikes Back dreading Yoda snapping at some point and pulling out a knife on Luke. Don't worry, it's all in the interest of studying how people react to needlessly unnerving situations. Keep in mind; the experiment will probably cost you a friend.

9 One For The Gamers

Via: memecrunch.com

Here's a meme that perfectly captures the feeling gamers get when we know it's over and going out in ridiculous blaze of glory is clearly the best option. What's awesome about this particular meme is you don't even have to have played 'Star Wars Battlefront', to be able to relate to this liberating feeling.

For example, if you've ever been losing at Super Mario Brothers and you know the end is near, you may as well quit dodging fireballs and Goombas. Instead, take your Yoshi and lunge face first at everything moving. In Grand Theft Auto if you find yourself bleeding all over the sidewalk and out of ammo then don't bother fleeing and hiding. Instead, buck up and proceed to suicide dive off the nearest building, hitting as many things as you can on the way down. Unlike real life, you'll be back at it, alive and kicking in no time.

8 Michael Scott Will Be With Us...Always

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There were tons of Yoda / Michael Scott memes floating around online but ultimately this one really nailed it. (That's what she said) To be clear, I mostly just wanted to give readers a rock solid one. (That's what he said) In all honesty, I was tempted to fill this list with even more of them, but that might've been too much to take. (That's what she said)

Keep in mind, when we were first introduced to Yoda in Empire Strikes Back he initially played the part of a comical screwball. It wasn't until a little later that Yoda revealed his true, noble Jedi persona to Luke. Yoda sort of fits when mashed with the awkward humor of Steve Carell's classic Office character, even it feels a bit forced. (That's what she said)

BAM! (That's what she said)

Don't know how, but I sure got a lot in there. (Okay I'll stop, I could do this all day)

7 Hazardous Work Environment

Via: funnyjunk.com

Here's a hilarious Star Wars meme that plays off the countless "When your doing something..." memes. Strangely, The Force Awakens gave way more attention to Chewbacca's weapon of choice than any of the three original movies. Not only did we get to see the severe damage the bowcaster inflicted, but even Han seemed to take a sudden and bizarre liking to the weapon.

Not sure if the spotlight on Chewie's classic bowcaster was a product of the inner fan-boy in JJ Abrams, or just something that came about naturally. Whatever the case may be, the reference / running gag was well worth it just for the comical meme it inspired. The additional foul language in the caption sells the hell out of it even more so.

6 Stay On Target

Via: ifunny.co

The meme above suggesting some potential fun time between Rey and Finn has roots that go way back. In fact, possibly one of the oldest and most common criticisms of Star Wars is that the stormtroopers had the worst aim and couldn't hit anything in the galaxy. No...we're not talking about their inability to hit anything in the sexual sense, though maybe they were bad at that too, who knows. I'm referring to stormtroopers hitting enemies with laser guns.

Obviously stormtroopers missing their targets was more a matter of story necessity. Can't have a sprawling franchise if all the heroes are dead. For the record, in the original trilogy, the stormtroopers seemed capable of polishing off random rebels or maybe an Ewok here and there. But aside from one minor shot at Leia in Return of the Jedi, they never killed a single lead character. Anyway, that's pretty much the dorky history behind the above meme. Finn better remember to bring along some restraints.

Just saying.

5 Interesting Fetish

Via: funnyjunk.com

Speaking of sexy time, check out the Star Wars meme pictured above and tell me this doesn't scream 'inappropriate'? Darth Vader's famous choke scene has been parodied tons of times over the years by most everyone. I even referenced the choking scene from A New Hope myself in a previous article regarding Vader's black humor. The scene is an absolute classic.

Here we see a clever spin on Darth Vader's choke that implies a whole lot more going on beyond just silencing another Imperial officer. "Harder daddy"? A mere 'WTF' reaction in this case would be a colossal understatement. The final "what" reaction from the Imperial officer is pure gold in the Auto-erotic asphyxiation world of comedy. My compliments to whoever created this.

4 The Most Interesting Jedi In The World

Via: tumblr.com

Okay enough pretending the prequels didn't exist. Let's include at least one Star Wars prequel meme. Since the only rule on this list is the memes have to be funny and edgy in some way, the above dismemberment reference certainly fits the bill.

From what I've seen online, it seems like the go-to joke when it comes to young Obi-Wan Kenobi (as played by Ewan McGregor) is almost always a nod to his character slashing Anakin to peaces in Revenge of the Sith. In fact, on our previous list we had one entry which poked fun at him cutting off Anakin's limbs and another that made light of Anakin roasting alive. Sometimes it is interesting to keep in mind this is a property owned by Disney.

3 Post Rogue One Perspective

Via: 9gag.com

Thanks to the release of Rogue One, perceptions of some moments from A New Hope have been altered in terms of once vague events. For example, in the crawl of A New Hope, the line referring to "rebel spies" has a lot more weight. "During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station with enough power to destroy an entire planet." All of that was once a fuzzy blur left to our imaginations. Now we inevitably recall Jyn, Cassian K-2So and others struggling to steal those Death Star plans...which Leia got all the credit for.

Don't get me wrong, A New Hope was awesome long before Rogue One came along. However, in a complimentary way, the addition of Rogue One gave the oldest movie a fresh perspective. The thing is, that fresh perspective will sometimes cause fans to react differently toward certain moments in A New Hope.

2 K-2s0 Doesn't Mince Words

Via: pinterest.com

No question about it, the most popular, breakout character from Rogue One was the wise-ass droid, K-2S0. In fact, he probably had some of the more memorable lines in the entire movie. The comic strip above is great because, minus the language, it rings very true as something K-2So's character probably would've said. Jyn's non-reaction also seems about right.

Not caring about something, and dickishly expressing it has been a popular theme since the old-school Spider-Man memes. As we can see here, K-2So is a flawless substitute for the sarcastic place usually filled by 1960's era Spidey. While I'm positive Disney would never toss bad language out there, thankfully we have meme creators willing to do the dirty work.

1 Kylo, The Bad Seed

Via: thecantina.starwarsnewsnet.com

Let's wrap this up with a meme I'm sure the late, great Carrie Fisher herself would have appreciated. After all, aside from being an awesome person, Carrie also had a great sense of humor. Pictured above we see the famous embrace of Han and Leia from The Force Awakens. This was one of many memorable moments as we hadn't seen the two together onscreen for decades. But for the purposes of meme-based comedy, the image now speaks to the fact that their son, Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) truly is a complete mess of a person.

As of this writing it remains to be seen what will become of Kylo, aka the 'emo shit'. Will his character plunge even deeper into darkness along with Snoke? Or will Kylo somehow be redeemed in a similar fashion as his grandfather, Anakin Skywalker? If I were a betting man, I'd wager once a little emo ?, always a little emo ?.

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