15 Most Extra Dresses From 'My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding'

I love reality TV shows. It doesn't matter whether they're a game show like Big Brother, a show that follows around a single family or group of people like Storage Wars, or a show that has a different people every episode like Four Weddings. I love them all. One of my favorites is My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. It's a TLC show that follows Romani-American brides-to-be as they plan their wedding. A big reason that this show is so popular is because their weddings are so over the top. Especially the dresses. A lot of the brides go to the same dress designer, Sondra Celli, because she's become so famous for making the most ridiculously extra dresses money can buy. Keep reading to see 15 of the most extra dresses ever to appear on the show!

15 Yazzie's Sweet Ensemble


A lot of dresses that the girls on the show get designed by Sondra have a certain theme. Whether it's a color, a season, or even candy. Yep, that's right! Although Yazzie's dress was actually for her sweet 16 birthday party, her dress was still incredibly extra. The show revolves around young girls who are planning to get married, but sometimes they're also having another party that needs a dress fit for the occasion, too. In her episode, Yazzie wasn't quite ready to get married yet, but she was ready to have Sondra design her a sweet dress fit for a princess.

And yes, it's all edible! On top of the fabric that was used, Sondra decorated the dress and her headpiece with all kinds of candy. It has jelly beans, rock candy, gum balls, and more. All in all, it weighed 63 pounds!

14 Maquayla's Floral Dress

So, while many brides opt to get a dress made of fabric and artificial flowers to decorate their venue, Maquayla decided to do things a little differently. She chose to get a dress made completely out of live flowers! Of course, the first dress didn't survive shipping and it took a lot of convincing to calm Maquayla down. Luckily, they were able to convince Sondra to come from Boston to West Virginia to fix the dress so it was perfect for her big day.

13 Savannah's Eiffel Tower Inspired Ensemble

When Savannah said she wanted a Paris-themed sweet 16, she wasn't kidding. Her entire episode was full of all kinds of family drama, but it's safe to say that her dress stole the show. This dress was so over the top that Savannah didn't even get to wear it for her entire party! What?! That's totally unfair, right? This dress may be a little much, but Savannah wanted a Paris-themed party and this dress absolutely screams Paris with the bejeweled Eiffel Tower going across her body.

Unfortunately, her father said it was too short and wild for her to wear. That's the first time Sondra has ever had someone refuse a dress she made! Luckily, he agreed to compromise with Savannah, and she got to wear her Eiffel Tower dress to arrive at the party and then changed into one he approved of.

12 Priscilla's Heart Dress

Luckily for other brides, not everyone minds if the dress that Sondra designs for them is a little wild. And Priscilla's dress was way more than just a little bit out there. This poofy pink heart dress allegedly cost around $100,000! I guess when their daughter is getting married, they really don't see a problem with going all out and getting the best dress money can buy.

Priscilla isn't the only one who fell in love with this heart-themed dress, though. Sondra said she's had a lot of calls since her episode aired from people who want her to make a copy of Priscilla's dress for them. Does the price tag set them off? Not at all! "We have people that want exactly that, so they'll pay that also," she said after she revealed the cost of the blinged out gown.

11 Andrada's Jasmine Inspired Dress


I watch a lot of wedding shows. Say Yes to the Dress? All day long. Four Weddings? Yes please! So, I know that brides often say that they want to look like a princess on their wedding day. That's totally normal! But, how often do they specify which princess they want to look like? Like most other Gypsy brides, Andrada was totally not worried about being like most other brides. So, when she said she wanted to look like a princess when she got married, she had one specific princess in mind. Her entire wedding was Aladdin themed and her dress took some inspiration from Princess Jasmine!

Her dress used 90 yards of fabric, 400 yards of gold sequins, and around 16,000 stones! That's no surprise considering the train of her dress was 40 feet long. 

10 Selina's Snow White Dress


Andrada wasn't the only bride to be featured on the show who wanted to look like a Disney princess on her wedding day. Although Snow White's signature red, blue, and yellow might not seem like the colors for a wedding dress for most people, Selina looked fabulous in her dress. On top of just designing a fairy tale dress fit for a princess, Sondra also gave her a star wand, rhinestone covered gloves, and a five inch tiara to complement the rest of her look.

On top of being expensive, Sondra's dresses can take anywhere from four to eight months to be completed! I can totally see why, though. The dresses can weigh 80 pounds or more and they have a lot of detail. Her team works hard on these dresses and it's obvious that brides don't mind the long wait to get their hands on their order!

9 Brittany's Orange Gown

Gypsy wedding dresses don't have to be themed after a princess, a place, or a bride's favorite sweet treat. The main thing they all have in common is that they're always big and over the top. Whether it's just because of their size, because they're covered in rhinestones, or because of the color, it's safe to say that any gypsy wedding dress is bound to stick out. And Brittany's dress is no exception!

Brittany is usually a tomboy and admitted on her episode that she had never worn a dress or heels before. Still, she looked gorgeous in this orange dress Sondra designed for her. The dress, which was covered in 12,000 Swarovski crystals, was orange because it's the favorite color of her husband, Peewee. How cute!

8 Melissa's Straightforward Purple Gown


After two failed relationships to non-Gypsy boys, Melissa decided it was time to go back to her roots. And she totally embraced them! With her traditional Gypsy wedding gown and black veil, she was a gorgeous bride on her wedding day. Her purple dress was probably really heavy. It was made up of 300 yards of purple tulle and the front of the bodice was covered in Swarovski crystals. But that's not what really stood out to the people attending her big day. The back of the dress had two satin tails that showed off just how proud of her heritage Melissa really was. There, in crystals, on the back of her dress said, "Gypsy Bride."

Along with her purple dress, Melissa's mother insisted that she wear a black veil. This is a tradition for Gypsy brides and it's so dark and thick that it stops them from being able to see their groom until they're at the altar with them.

7 Priscilla's Birthday Dress


Some brides are on the show once, just for their wedding or for a big birthday party that they wanted a special dress for. Other brides love the show and Sondra's dresses so much that they appear on it again and again. Priscilla, for example, is one of the second brides. After she stole the show in her bright pink, heart-covered dress, she came back on the show with another one of Sondra's designs. This time, she went to her birthday party covered from head to toe in bling. Literally, head to toe. Her cat ear headband had more than 2,000 crystals, while her shoes were covered in over 8,000. Meanwhile, her dress was made of 50 yards of gold beaded fringe.

Don't expect Priscilla to be back on the show any time soon, though! Unless Sondra starts designing blinged out wrestling outfits, that is. That's right, Priscilla is now a professional wrestler! Shocking, right?

6 Alyssa's Ice Princess Gown


Move over, Elsa! Alyssa's ice princess themed dress totally makes me want to put it on and spin around while I sing "Let it Go." Except maybe not, because with all that tulle, fur, and crystals, I bet it's super heavy. And the heels she wore might be clear, but they were clearly still pretty high. I'm not interested in falling over in those — especially in front of a lot of people!

Alyssa's dress was so big she needed her twin sister to help her gather it all up so she could go to the venue. Not that I can blame her for needing help! The dress was made up of 300 yards of tulle, 100 yards of satin, and the entire thing was trimmed with fur. To really tie together the ice princess theme, Sondra added crystal snowflakes all over the dress and made a pair of custom gloves to match.

5 Tatiana's Giant Gown


My favorite part of any episode is always when they show the bride getting into their car to go to the venue. They don't always show it, but when they do, it's always really entertaining. The dresses are always so big and full in the skirt that it's not easy to climb into the backseat of a car and just drive away! Some brides take the big skirt idea to a whole new level. Like Greek Gypsy bride Tatiana. Her only real request for Sondra was that she make the biggest dress ever for her big day. And Sondra did not disappoint! In fact, Tatiana's dress was so big that she couldn't even try to get into a car. Instead, she rode on the back of a flatbed trailer.

4 Lottie's Lakeside Look


When Lottie told Sondra that she wanted a dress that looked like the ocean for her lakeside wedding, Sondra had her work cut out for her. Instead of covering the dress in Sondra's trademark crystals like most of the dresses that she designs for brides, she chose to take a more natural approach to this one. The dress she designed for Lottie was short in the front with a long train. Most of the dress itself was white, but Sondra brought in the ocean with a splash of bright blue that peeked out from the front of the dress.

If the ocean blue accent wasn't enough, Sondra covered the dress with 10,000 stones, 250 seashells, and 200 silk flowers! To tie it all together, she even had a headband made of seashells. On her big day, Lottie totally looked like a mermaid princess.

3 Trouble's Twist On The Traditional


Trouble's (yes, her name is Trouble) request for a dress was one that looked elegant yet edgy and would let her ride away on a motorcycle with her new husband, Manny. While I agree that her dress was beyond stunning, I have some doubts about that motorcycle part. I've never ridden one at all (much less in a wedding gown!), but the idea of riding a motorcycle with a train that long makes me super nervous.

The dress that Sondra made for Trouble was covered in over 48,000 crystals! All that hard work really shows how much Sondra wants the brides who shop with her to be happy. Especially considering she was planning to go on vacation when Trouble called to change part of the dress and Sondra put off her vacation to make her the bride to be was happy. 

2 Tara's Giant Pink and White Look

How many people do you think can fit under the average wedding dress? I have no idea either, but Tara told Sondra she wanted 20 people to be able to fit under hers! I have to wonder if she tested it out once she got the dress by having her entire wedding party climb underneath the skirt, or if she just took Sondra's word for it that it was that big. Personally, I think it looks like more than 20 people could throw a party under that giant skirt.

Above the huge skirt which was made of 100 yards of tulle, the bodice was made of lace and had long sleeves. Her veil, bodice, and skirt all have pink accents with crystals everywhere. And for an extra special touch, there were crystals on her bright pink veil that spelled out her and her fiance's initials. Awww!

1 Harmony's Baptism Dress


Even though the show is called My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, some of the dresses on the show have proved that the last part of the title is optional. A lot of the dresses are for weddings, but they've also had people on the show get an over the top dress designed for birthday parties and even baptisms. What?! That's right, the youngest person ever on the show was Harmony, a newborn who got a big, beautiful dress for her baptism. 

Kayla, Harmony's mother, specifically asked for a dress for her baptism that looked similar to Kayla's own wedding dress. How cute is that?! 50 yards of tulle and 6,000 Swarovski crystals later, Harmony looked like a tiny princess in her custom made gown. She also got a monogrammed blanket, bib, shoes, a headband, and a pacifier that were covered in crystals.

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