15 Most Hilarious And Shocking Yelp Reviews You Need To See

If you've ever worked in customer service, then you know that these following three things: it's horrible, the people are horrible, and the Yelpers especially are horrible.

With the amount of one-star reviews being given out, you'd think that people take pleasure in doing so. They must go home, pour a nightcap, open their laptop and "report" on the time they just had that they didn't really even experience because they were too busy thinking about what they were going to Yelp about.

They will give one-star reviews to historical landmarks, National Parks, and I even read a one-star review from a woman to her newborn baby. You didn't expect the lack of sleep, lady? Come on! But if you are not the one being written about, Yelp reviews can be pretty entertaining. Here are 15 hilarious Yelp reviews.

13 Birthday Dim Sum turns into a Rat Race

12 Turns out McDonalds doesn't support women's rights... to a McFlurry during that time of the month

11 Honest Abe still gives Ford's Theatre 4 1/2-stars. What a gent!

10 The Carlsbad Caverns are stupid. Oh look! A Taco Bell! Cool

9 This San Francisco Jail is a 5-star resort for this sad little guy

8 Best scene from When Harry Met Sally comes to life! Gotta give it more than 1 star!

7 You want lemon with your water? You want hot water with lemon? You want room temperature water? You want water with no ice? Drink your water the way your server wants you to drink it or you'll end up like this guy

6 Beans, rice and a side of a very stoned bunny! We give this place 3 1/2 stars!

5 Car needs a wash? You'll have to get through the crying and screaming secretary first

4 The McDonalds weight loss plan

3 What would you like to order - ohh, ice cream truck! Ice cream truck! Hey guys! BRB! Woo hoo!

2 Review for Walter Palmer, AKA the worst dentist/human being ever. Can we give him zero stars?

1 Talk about a Poo Poo Platter

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