15 Most Unfortunate People In The Entire World

If you scour the internet long enough, you can find zillions of people that you couldn't be happier to not be. You can find these people with fresh neck braces on, you can see them after an accident with their cars smashed to pieces, and more often than not, you can catch them in all kinds of other unfortunate predicaments.

These unlucky fools may be at the end of their ropes, but one thing’s for sure, they deserve to be immortalized forever for having to suffer life’s many horrendous slings and arrows.

So, there’s no time like the present to reflect back on some of these awfully hilarious moments and give these poor suckers a shoutout for hanging in there when the going got tough.

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15 Don't Worry, It Only Gets Worse From Here

Graduating high school is one of the most epic times in a young person’s life. Finally, they escaped four years of mandatory schooling, and now they can look forward to keggers, toga parties, and all around debauchery as soon as their first semester of college rolls around.

Unfortunately, this graduate is going to be starting her freshman year with a super cool boot on.

It’s unclear how exactly she broke her foot during her photo shoot, but at least she has this collection of images to look back on when she sees just how much worse life gets post-high school.

They really should have labeled this collage, “The Woes of Adulting.”

So, enjoy the good times while they last, darling. Because it’s all downhill from here.

14 Don't Get Caught Creeping

In the age of social media, it’s pretty common for a person to scroll through years and years of posts, pictures, tweets, and status updates to get the scoop on someone they have their eye on.

Many young lovers go to painstaking lengths to get info on their crush’s background; business owners scour Facebook profiles to screen potential hires; and we all have at least one time in our lives creeped on an ex to see what they’ve been up to.

No one’s proud of it, but this poor girl was especially ashamed when she got busted creeping through her crush’s social media accounts and sticking her nose where it didn’t belong.

Hopefully there was a defibrillator nearby, because there’s nothing more embarrassing, not to mention heart attack inducing, than knowing someone you got the feels for has been notified of your creepiness.

13 They Call Me Butt, Mr. Butt

Being a teacher is hard enough as it is without having to worry about your students savagely roasting you for having a goofy name. The salary isn’t good enough and the responsibility of properly instructing the youth of tomorrow is just too nerve racking to have to deal with that kind of scenario.

This is why our hearts go out to art teacher, Mr. Butt, and his so crazily unfortunate name. We feel your pain, Butt, and we wish there was something we could do to prevent kids from going in on you in the halls before they walk into your class.

We just hope he has a sense of humor about it, otherwise getting tenure is going to be a real pain in the ass for him.

12 Should Have Sat On the Handlebars

There’s nothing worse than having an embarrassing dad. Their jokes are terrible, their fashion sense is even worse, and they’re the last ones you want to have drop you off on the first day of school.

But, as awful as it is to witness your father’s sad attempts at appearing hip in front of your friends, it’s nowhere near as bad as what this little lady had to endure on the back of that bicycle.

This girl deserves an award for having to sit through this hellish ride to wherever they were going. Hopefully it wasn’t somewhere her friends were hanging out, otherwise it’s going to take a lifetime of therapy to work past that dad crack of doom.

Shake it off, kid. Life only gets tougher from here.

11 Regrettable Moments 101

Puberty is rough for all of us. Our bodies are doing weird things, we have all kinds of unmanageable urges, and so often we find ourselves totally red-faced in front of our entire class.

It’s a rite of passage to say the least, but some people definitely have it worse than others when the maturity monster strikes.

Take this lad, for instance. It was his birthday, he was most likely in a good mood, and he was just hoping he could go at least one day without a cripplingly embarrassing moment.

But, as soon as he caught the eye of the prettiest girl in school, it was immediately all downhill from there. The exchange was bad enough that to this day he still hasn’t let it go.

10 Pizza Overboard

When you’re drunk, there’s nothing better than gorging yourself with a greasy slice of pizza. No night out on the town is complete without a visit to your favorite spot to get some ‘Za.

Unfortunately for this young woman, the cocktails got the best of her and she fell victim to passing out on the subway and dumping her whole pie on the dingy, disgusting floor.

When this Sleeping Beauty awoke from her slumber, she had to have cursed those Ladies Night drink specials that her and her friends love so much. “Woe is me, if only those Cosmos weren’t so delicious. Only then would I have been able to avoid this blunder.”

You’ll get them next time, boo. Until then, you might want to try Digiorno.

9 Look What I Can Do

You know that feeling you get when you’ve had a little too much to drink and you feel like you could do just about anything you set your mind to? Well, that’s probably the feeling this young lady had right before her dress got caught while she was trying to frog leap over that post.

It’s sad, really. That looks like a pretty nice dress. If only she hadn’t totally ruined it with this epicly failed physical feat.

At least she had her friends there with her to help her get through this trying time. Oh wait, they didn’t help. Instead, they snapped a photo of her at her most vulnerable and put it on the internet for everyone to see.

Looks like it’s time to get some new drinking buddies.

8 Hot Firefighter Rescues Mortified Teen

Sometimes you just have to get all dolled up before you hit the town to run errands. Something about looking super fly makes waiting in line at the D.M.V. or going grocery shopping that much more tolerable.

Other times, that inflated ego of yours can totally lead you astray and you can get stuck, literally, looking like a fool with a full face of makeup on.

We are sure the woman pictured above had high hopes for this particular day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and she was ready to take on the world.

Unfortunately, she somehow got her head trapped and required the assistance of some of the most handsome firefighters the world has ever seen. Talk about tough luck.

7 Roll the Window Up, Maybe She Won't Notice

Sunflower seeds are quite delicious. However, while consuming said seeds, you are burdened with finding an appropriate place to spit out the residue. Most people, while driving, will choose to spit them into an empty coffee cup, or even out the window if traffic is light.

To the dismay of this youngster, one of her parents chose the latter option and she ended up with a whole bunch of crud on her face.

To be fair, without actively looking out the window to see where the seeds are going, it can be difficult to know whether or not they’re flying right back into the car. Which is what we are hoping happened during this daughter’s lovely joyride with her folks.

Either way, this incident definitely makes her one of the most unfortunate people on this particular list.

6 Father of the Year Fouls Up

When it comes to car trouble, it’s nice to have a dear, old dad to help you get back out on the road. Mechanics are just so darn expensive these days, and for those of us still working part-time jobs to make rent, it pays to have family at the ready to get under the hood when need be.

We are sure the first call the person in the picture above made was to their dad to get some assistance with their wayward vehicle. Unfortunately, dad didn’t prove to be much of a help on this day, as he was the one who ended up in the ditch his kid was doing their best to avoid.

At that point, who else is there to call? Hopefully one of these numbskulls has AAA.

5 #Repoed

Out of all the bills that we have to pay every month, car payments are the absolute worst. Don’t get us wrong, having to pay rent is no fun either. But, something about having to shell out hundreds and hundreds of your hard-earned dollars just to have four wheels on the road makes us want to tear our hair out.

Owning a car is a privilege, but it can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t make your payments on time. Heaven forbid you ever have the repo men over to repossess your stuff, but it unfortunately happens from time to time.

And there’s something especially depressing about watching this child’s hot rod be hauled off into the distance. We are sure dad ended up in the doghouse for this one.

4 I'll Believe That When Trampolines Fly

Every parent knows that trampolines are one of the most dangerous things to have in their backyard. Year in and year out, trampolines are the cause of children’s broken bones all over the world and it’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

However, kids everywhere still clamor for their parents to get one so they can bounce around and break their necks with all of their close friends.

So, next time your little one begs you for something to jump up and down on, maybe let them hop on their beds for one night. Because if you don’t, they may get swept away in the wind alongside the trampoline like the one in this picture.

And we don’t think Child Protective Services would be too fond of that.

3 Foam Party at Mom and Dad's House

Usually, when you get an invite to a foam party, you can’t help but get excited for the potential of wet wildness and the overall craziness that goes along with events such as that one.

These kinds of parties can be absolutely thrilling, but they’re not really the kind of get together you want to have in your living room.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the owners of this house had on their hands when a washing machine mishap flooded their entire home with suds. It’s hard to imagine what kind of cleanup was required to clear out the mess, but it might have been easier for them to just move and start fresh somewhere else.

They’ll definitely think twice the next time they do their laundry.

2 Get Your Own Cone

And the award for this year’s best photobomb goes to…

This seagull definitely stole the show when it dove down to steal a bite of this person’s delectable looking ice cream cone.

Clearly, this gull doesn’t know its boundaries, because nabbing someone’s frozen treat like this is especially uncouth. Looks like someone needs to go back to charm school.

At least the victim here got a good look at the perpetrator, otherwise this could have gone down as the crime of the century. Or at least the best heist in the history of animal photography.

We just hope that the bird was happy with it’s haul, because there’s no way that kind of richness sat well in it’s stomach. After all, we have all heard what happens to these winged thieves if they aren’t conscious of their dietary habits.

1 Hit With a Who Dis

Remember earlier, when we said that there are some people out there who are just way more unfortunate than others? Well, the person pictured above is one of those people who we were referring to when we made that statement.

Everyone’s been hit with a, “new phone, who dis,” at least once in their life. But, none were (we seriously hope) as savage as the one this person received when they decided to bear their soul in the name of love.

That had to have been a truly gutting moment when the individual they were trying to contact asked who it was that was confessing their love to them. Hopefully the text that followed had some good news, or this Casanova may have had a long, lonely night to look forward to.

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