15 Mouth-Watering Pictures Of Superhero Actors Working Out

We all grew up laughing at the impossibly jacked superheroes in our favorite comic books and animated television shows. There's just no way people can be that muscular, right?! Well, apparently they can—Marvel and DC keep finding insanely sexy actors to portray our favorite heroes, and turning them into real-life super soldiers! As if the countless shirtless scenes we're (thankfully) treated to in every comic book film or TV show aren't enough to quench our thirst, these mouth-watering pictures of our favorite heroic actors training for their roles in the gym definitely do the trick! It takes some serious time and effort to build a superhero body, and we love these stars for taking some steamy pictures of their incredible progress. If we weren't so busy drooling over them, we might be motivated to head to the gym ourselves!

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15 Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass and Quicksilver)

Via: pinterest.com

In the first Kick-Ass film, Aaron Taylor-Johnson was just supposed to portray an average high school kid with the fairly lame superhuman power of not feeling pain. His character was a full-fledged hero by the time of Kick-Ass 2, though, so Aaron had to bulk up and show that high schoolers don't need super strength to get super jacked. He went through some serious strength-based circuit training, and started following a very strict diet plan. He kept up with his intense workouts and healthy eating so he could land the role of Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Some fans didn't love that the typically slender speedster was so buff in the film, but we were too busy staring at his bulging biceps to care about comic book accuracy.

14 Chris Evans (Captain America)

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Remember the scene in Captain America: The First Avenger where Steve Rogers went into the super soldier chamber a scrawny and awkward kid, and emerged a ripped and incredibly sexy stud of a man? Yeah, it's still one of your all-time favorite superhero movie moments. Chris Evans worked hard to develop his massive Cap body in 2011, and has had to continue working out ever since so he can properly portray the star-spangled leader of the Avengers. To keep things interesting, he makes sure to vary up his routine, and incorporate fun workouts like rock climbing, plyometrics and gymnastics into it when possible. While he enjoys running, Chris has had to limit the amount of cardio he does, because it could cause him to lose weight and take away from his size. Whatever he's doing, it's clearly working brilliantly.

13 Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier)

Via: healthyceleb.com

While Chris Evans had to put on quite a bit of muscle to portray Captain America, Sebastian Stan's role as his brainwashed partner the Winter Solder allowed him to keep his lean frame. Instead of bulking up, he just had to work on building his strength and making his muscles look more aesthetic. His workout for the MCU films primarily utilizes aeroboxing, a style of training developed by celebrity trainer and former professional boxer Michael Olijide Jr. Rope jumping, shadow boxing and resistance training helped Sebastian's biceps and abs become more visible, and prepared him for some of the intense fight scenes frequently featured in the Avengers films. Comic book fans know that it's Bucky's destiny to eventually replace Steve Rogers as Captain America, so Sebastian may have to start putting on more muscle for that promotion soon!

12 Chris Hemsworth (Thor)

Via: youtube.com

It's not easy being Thor. The god of thunder is supposed to be the biggest and strongest non-Hulk member of the Avengers, and that means Chris Hemsworth had to put on an insane amount of muscle to look like the character he was cast to portray. He doesn't seem to mind though, as he's constantly posting pictures or videos of himself in the middle of a fun (but super intense) workout. We definitely don't mind watching as he shows off on the pull-up bar. According to his trainer, the dreamy Australian didn't take any substances to develop his god-like body...it's simply the result of "red meat, heavy weights and some protein powder." If we had to pick one Avenger to be our bodyguard, it'd definitely have to be Chris.

11 Chris Pratt (Star-Lord)

Via: instagram.com

When we first heard that the goofy, fairly chunky actor who portrayed Andy Dwyer in Parks & Recreation was cast as the charming and fit leader of the Guardians of the Galaxywe had some serious and justifiable doubts. Chris Pratt was always one of our favorite celebrities, but he definitely didn't have the typical superhero body. Then Chris posted this progress report on Instagram, and we realized he worked his butt off to be a comic book accurate Star-Lord and embraced him with open arms. He lost a ton of weight, put on a ton of muscle and he's worked hard ever since to stay healthy and in fantastic shape. Most other superhero actors were born with great genetics, but we know Chris had to really pour his blood, sweat and tears into his workouts to develop this great body, and he's a huge inspiration to us because of that.

10 Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer)

Via: borntoworkout.com

We didn't initially love the idea of a former wrestler starring in a big-budget superhero film, but we can't deny that Dave Bautista has been doing amazing work as Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy series. Drax's inability to understand humor and social norms makes him a hilarious comic relief character, and possibly our favorite Guardian (well, other than Baby Groot, of course), and it also helps that Dave is essentially Drax in real life so he can portray him very accurately. Dave is a six-time WWE world champion, and he's also competed in mixed martial arts. He didn't really have to change his workout plan to play Drax—he's been as impossibly jacked and strong as he is in the MCU films for years!

9 Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman)

Via: fromthegrapevine.com

When Fast and Furious 6 star Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, fans were furious. Sure, she was muscular, but Gal was also incredibly skinny. Wonder Woman is supposed to be a bulked up Amazonian warrior! The former Miss Israel saw all the skepticism and headed straight to the gym to pack on some surplus pounds. Her routine consists of kickboxing, martial arts, kung fu, sword fighting and Jiu-Jitsu. She makes sure to do plenty of cardio to perk up her speed and endurance, but she prioritizes strength training so she can look as muscular as Princess Diana of Themyscira. All of her effort paid off, because her portrayal of Wonder Woman was considered by fans to be one of the very few bright spots of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

8 Henry Cavill (Superman)

Via: workoutinfoguru.com

Henry Cavill hasn't been having the best run as Superman. An overwhelming majority of comic book fans hated Man of Steel, and considered his portrayal of the infamous Kryptonian to be extremely boring and unlikable. The writers didn't do him any favors in Batman v. Superman, either. Luckily, the constant (and let's be real, fairly deserved) criticism hasn't stopped Henry from trying to at least look like the perfect Superman! We never thought it was possible to actually have Kal-El's massive chest and arms, but Henry has somehow made our comic book dreams a reality when it comes to musculature. Just look how many plates he's deadlifting here! That's like...professional bodybuilder-level strong. Hopefully the Justice League writers incorporate a shirtless Superman scene in the film, so he can show off a bit.

7 Stephen Amell (Green Arrow)

Via: tumblr.com

There's training for your superhero role, and then there's actually becoming a real-life superhero so you don't even have to act when the camera starts rolling. When the CW tagged Stephen as Arrow's emerald archer Oliver Queen, he decided he had to workout daily so he could do his own stunts as often as possible and prove to fans that he was worthy of the honor. Stephen does frequent American Ninja Warrior-style workouts (and will soon be featured in an episode of the show where he attempts the course!), and has mastered the art of parkour and the infamous salmon ladder. If you aren't following him on Instagram (@stephenamell), you better get on that ASAP—he's always posting jaw-dropping, incredibly sexy pictures and videos of his insane workouts.

6 Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak)

Via: youtube.com

Stephen Amell isn't the only Arrow star that takes superhero training incredibly seriously. Emily Bett Rickards portrays Felicity Smoak, who is more of a behind-the-scenes member of Team Arrow. While she's not technically a "superhero," she's saved Oliver enough times over the past several seasons that she definitely has to count. Unlike her friends, Felicity only gets into a fight once every dozen episodes...but Emily wants to make sure she's ready to mess some bad guys up when the time comes for her character to kick some butt! She eats a nearly-Paleo diet that primarily consists of whole-grain cereal for fiber and complex carbs, broccoli and vegetable juices for Vitamin C and anti-oxidants and fish and mackerel for proteins. Emily also hits the gym twice a day with two different trainers, and enjoys hot yoga and boxing. In an interview with Bello magazine, she revealed her workouts are essential in keeping her focused on set.

5 Jason Momoa (Aquaman)

Via: youtube.com

Looking at Jason Momoa, you'd never guess that he spent his young adulthood pastel painting in Paris and studying Buddhist teachings in Tibet. Thank goodness he eventually woke up and realized that he was an impossibly gorgeous specimen and that it was his duty to show his beauty off to the rest of the world. We were a bit confused by our low-key crush on Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, because we knew we weren't supposed to fawn over Daenerys' brutal, warrior leader husband... but then Jason was cast as DC's Aquaman, and we realized that he is in fact one of the most studly, jacked actors in the entire universe and that we'd be crazy not to fantasize about him. In the comics, Aquaman is a bit more lean, and a lot more blonde, but we don't care. Jason is perfect.

4 Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)

Via: instagram.com

Can you believe that Hugh Jackman is 48 years old?! That's right, the ridiculously muscular star of the X-Men and Wolverine films is practically the same age as our parents. We would feel a bit uncomfortable drooling over him, but then we just take another look at the veins popping out of his biceps and realize that age is just a number. Wolverine doesn't really age in the comics, so we're sure it had to be difficult to stay looking as young, ripped and handsome in 2017's Logan as he did in 2000's X-Men, but somehow, Hugh pulled it off. He's constantly in the gym, lifting weights and shredding off every ounce of fat, to look even tougher than the hero he was cast to portray. No one could have possibly done a better job, and we'll never stop crying that his time as Wolverine is up.

3 Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones)

Via: justjared.com

Jessica Jones might be our new favorite Marvel character. We loved Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow for proving to the world that women can be badasses, too, but Krysten Ritter's portrayal of the female Defender is just way more relatable. She's bitter, incredibly sarcastic and refuses to be as happy-go-lucky as your typical superhero...but when it's time to fight, she's ready to use her super strength to kick some butt and save mankind. Krysten didn't really have to bulk up or slim down dramatically for the role, but it was important for her to get in shape, so she sought out some clever and fun ways to develop some subtle superhero muscles. Surfing helps with balance and core training, and Krysten looks absolutely amazing on a board riding some waves.

2 James Marsden (Cyclops)

Via: instagram.com

Cyclops is one of the many X-Men characters whose body is just completely ridiculous. He's supposed to be 195 pounds of pure muscle, with a gigantic chest, massive biceps and an eight pack. James Marsden couldn't really hope to replicate that look for the X-Men films, but he did his best to get bigger and please comic book fans. He dieted and worked out as much as possible, without depriving himself of the foods he loved or the time he needed to enjoy life. "You shouldn't have to give up things that you love," he told Men's Health. "Yeah, you want to look good, but it's not necessary to look like the statue of David every time you take your shirt off. I'd rather look healthy, have a sound mind, and be comfortable in my own skin."

1 Tom Holland (Spider-Man)

Via: pinterest.com

While we all loved Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, we already know that Tom Holland's portrayal of the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler is going to be the best to ever grace the big screen in this summer's Spider-Man: Homecoming. He was the best part of Captain America: Civil War, and seemed to have the youth, attitude and optimism that's made Peter Parker a fan-favorite character for the past several decades. Tom hasn't taken his life-changing role lightly—he's put on a lot of muscle since he was cast, and when he's not in the gym with his trainer, Tom's at the beach exercising with friends or playing basketball at home. Oh, and he's also an incredible dancer (just watch his recent Lip-Sync Battle performance of Rihanna's "Umbrella") and gymnast! Major props for making staying in shape look so fun, Spidey!

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