15 Movie Mistakes That Have Us Saying, "Lights, Camera, *Nope*"

We all know that Hollywood is far from perfect, but most movies have a massive team of people that try to create a piece of art that is as perfect as humanly possible. That doesn't mean, though, that Hollywood doesn't occasionally miss mistakes and end up putting out movies that are anything but perfect. Sometimes, those mistakes only get caught by viewers who actively look for such things. But other times, the mistakes are so obvious that they leave most moviegoers scratching their heads wondering how anyone could miss those errors.

We looked for some of the biggest movie fails in history and found those kind of mistakes that pretty much ruin the movie, as well as make movie making, in general, look pretty bad. Here are the worst offenders.

15 Pirates vs. Cowboys

One might think that there is no room for cowboys on a pirate ship, particularly if that pirate ship is in a time period before cowboys even existed. But if you look real closely at the final scene of Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, you will see a cowboy joining the pirates. As Captain Jack Sparrow rallies his men and tells them, "On deck, you scabrous dogs!" a strange apparition from the future appears over his right shoulder: a man in a white shirt and cowboy hat. That man is clearly out of place on the deck of the Black Pearl. Word has it that it was a crew member who wandered too far into the frame (and the editing department somehow missed it).

14 American Sniper's fake baby

American Sniper was one of those intense movies that got ruined by a really bad movie mistake. The thing is, at the time, the movie's creators didn't think it was a mistake. Of course, we're referring to that scene where Bradley Cooper, the star of the movie, passes a fake baby back and forth between him and Sienna Miller, who portrayed his wife in that film. And the baby is so obviously fake that the scene loses any and all realism. It was so bad that many moviegoers only remember that part of the movie. There is even a scene where Cooper is holding the baby and using his thumb to make it seem like the baby's hand moves. It's so awful that it ruined the film.

13 A white van drives through 13th century Scotland

Anachronisms happen in movies all the time: sometimes a movie set during a time period plays music that didn't yet exist back then. Sometimes, there is technology that did not exist during the time period of a specific film. Sometimes, you're just hanging out in 13th Century Scotland and listening to a warrior rally his troops and then a white car drives by in the background. This is exactly what happened in Braveheart, and was only the first of such instances of mistakes in that movie. Cars go in and out of frames, which completely kills the setting of the film. Not only that, but the kilt worn by Mel Gibson is an anachronism: Scots didn't start wearing kilts until a few centuries later.

12 That shark looks comfy

What is so striking about some of these movie mistakes is that they are mostly from big budget films. These are movies with budgets big enough to have entire teams of editors looking at each individual frame to make sure that no mistakes are present. Apparently, though, this just isn't the case. Take Jaws, for example. This was a Steven Spielberg movie, and one of the films that helped launch his career. In the scene where Quint gets eaten, there is a massive mistake. It was a scene that was supposed to make us scream. The problem is that you can clearly see a pillow beneath Quint, protecting him from the fake shark's teeth. What is he going to do: take a nap while he's getting devoured?

11 Stormtrooper bumps head

One of the most classic movie mistakes to ever grace our presence was in Star Wars IV: A New Hope. In that movie, a stormtrooper goes through a door and quite clearly bumps his head pretty hard against the door frame. Ouch. This moment is now so entrenched in pop culture that it gets referenced in later Star Wars movies. For example, in Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones, Jango often bumps his head on things because his helmet makes it difficult to see. Kudos to George Lucas for taking a previous movie mistake and turning it into comedy gold (it's almost enough to make us forgive him for the prequels—almost). There are numerous GIFs of this stormtrooper, too, so the Internet has embraced it as well.

10 Lily Potter's eyes

In the Harry Potter books and movies, various characters often look at Harry and comment on how he has his mother's eyes. His mother, Lily Potter, had striking green eyes. This gets mentioned a lot in the novels and films. And yet, by the time we finally see a young Lily Potter on film, there is something completely wrong with her: her eyes are brown. How did the casting department miss this very important detail? It gets mentioned so much by other characters that this is a serious slight against J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter fans. Lily's eyes are green: so why did they not hire an actress with green eyes? Or give this actress green contacts? How do you miss such an important detail?

9 The case of the two Titanics

Titanic was one of the most epic and romantic movies of its day. It remains a popular love story, even in 2018. Although there is now much discussion about how much room there was on that floating door that saved Rose's life (and did not save Jack's life), Titanic will always have a special place in our heart (which will go on). But there are some mistakes in that movie that very nearly take you out of its beautiful story. One of those mistakes concerns the ship itself: parts of it seem to change and look different throughout the movie. Take this comparison here: on the left, Jack stands on the deck of one ship. On the right, Jack and Rose are supposedly on the same part of the ship, but it doesn't look the same.

8 Maybe vampires don't sparkle

Even for those people who hate Twilight and refuse to read the books or see the movies, one thing is pretty well-known: vampires sparkle in the sunlight in Twilight mythology. For those who hate Twilight, that's a source of teasing, because we all know that vampires are scary and should not do anything remotely like sparkling. So this is a known thing. In one particular scene in Twilight: Eclipse, the movie's own cast and crew seemed to forget that this was a part of the series' mythology. There is a scene of Edward and Bella outside in a field. The sun is brightly shining down on them. Edward is a vampire, so he should be sparkling, but he's not. Someone really dropped the ball here.

7 De Niro is no dummy

The opening scene of Casino is one that grabs you by your nerves and lets you know exactly what kind of movie you're about to see. In that scene, Robert De Niro gets into a vehicle and it subsequently explodes into a fiery ball. But if you watch that scene again, something seems amiss: in one shot, you see De Niro, in the next, the person behind the wheel is clearly not a person at all. Instead, it's a dummy version of De Niro and it's so obvious that it really takes away from the impact of that scene. This pretty much ruins the film going forward because you can't unsee the crash test dummy that went up in flames. So much for suspension of disbelief, right?

6 The case of Han Solo's missing jacket

When it comes to the original trilogy, most Star Wars fans will call Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back the weakest of the three films. Sure, it's still better than any of the prequels, but for some reason, it's generally listed as the least favorite of the original three. Perhaps this movie mistake is why. In the iconic scene where Princess Leia finally tells Han Solo that she loves him, he responds with the immortal words of "I know." This is right before Han goes into the carbonite. But there's something wrong with that scene, beyond Han getting frozen into a block of carbonite. In the close-ups, Han is clearly not wearing a vest or jacket. Or is he? Because the close-ups keep showing him with a vest/jacket and without.

5 Maybe he's a mutant

Superhero movies are no strangers to weird movie mistakes and continuity errors. You would think that they would take notes about a scene and its setting if they know they might return to it later to re-shoot it. But, apparently, they don't. They don't even go back to look at the previous shot of that scene, or so it would seem. In X-Men 2, this becomes quite obvious. One shot shows the actor portraying the President sitting behind the desk with a stack of white papers. The next shot, though, shows something completely different. The room and actor look the same (and at least they remembered to keep him in the same wardrobe). But the white papers magically become a blue folder. Maybe that's his mutant power?

4 Croissant or pancake?

Via: disney.com

Who doesn't love the romantic story of Pretty Woman, when a lady of the night meets a rich guy, the two fall in love and then live happily ever after? That's about as realistic as life gets, right? All sarcasm aside, though, this movie, clearly a favorite rom-com of all time, has some serious continuity errors. When Julia Roberts sits at the penthouse table stuffing breakfast into her mouth (because prostitutes obviously never get to eat that well), the first shot of her is her munching on a croissant. The next shot, though, is her eating a pancake. But what's really weird is that the pancake goes from having one bite taken from it to two bites and back to one bite (in a completely different place). It's so distracting that it totally takes away from the moment.

3 The female Pharoah

A lot of the problems with movie mistakes is that they are things that could easily be rectified with a simple Google search. A little research goes a long way. But perhaps the makers of The Mummy (the awful one with Tom Cruise, not the awesome one with Brendan Fraser) didn't know about the wonders of the internet. In this movie, the main plot concerns an Egyptian princess who is in line to become the next pharaoh of Egypt. To ensure her rise to power, she kills a lot of people, which results in her being mummified alive. She comes back to life and the rest is Tom Cruise history. But there's one major problem with this plot: women never became pharaohs at that time. It's like the writers didn't even bother to see if this was even possible. They just wrote the movie and ignored actual facts.

2 The missing maze

All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy. It also makes him miss a glaring movie mistake. In The Shining, one of the most terrifying scenes occurs in the maze that is part of the grounds of the Overlook Hotel (in and of itself a horrifying place). That maze is an integral part of the story. But there is one shot in the movie where the maze seems to have disappeared (maybe it's a magical maze or a ghost maze?). There is an aerial shot of the Overlook Hotel (which was a real location) and someone forgot that it was supposed to have a maze. At the time, digital rendering wasn't really available to go in and add the maze, but such an error is unforgivable.

1 Grandpa Joe is a faker

We already have a problem with the character of Grandpa Joe in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The old man seems in perfect health, but he just refuses to get out of bed for anything. It's like he's just really lazy or something. Regardless, though, the man is bedridden. Except that he isn't because at some point, he managed to get out of bed and buy that last Willy Wonka bar for Charlie so that Charlie would get his chance at the golden ticket. So Grandpa Joe is either a faker or a liar or both. At that point, Charlie should have raised his eyebrows and told Grandpa Joe to get to work taking care of his family because they couldn't depend on Willy Wonka to make them rich.

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