15 Movies From The ’00s That Still Make Us Squeal

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15 Movies From The ’00s That Still Make Us Squeal

There are some movies that seem to define their decade. Movies are more than just a way to pass time. They bring about a variety of emotions and they can even make people think of a certain era in their life. There are movies that make us cry, movies that make us shield our eyes and movies that make our hearts beat a little faster. There are also movies that simply make us squeal—whether it’s from delight, horror or because of a star crush. The ’00s are a treasure trove of movies that make us squeal in a bunch of different ways. It’s hard to list them all, but these 15 movies are still ones that delight us and make us feel like we have gone back in time to the ’00s.

16. Saved

Via: buzzfeed.com

Saved brings us plenty of satirical comedy revolving around religion as Mary, played by Jena Malone, enters her senior year at a Christian high school. She’s in an ideal position as one of the “Christian Jewels” at the school and she’s the most devout and popular girl in the halls. Things take a turn when her boyfriend turns out to (maybe?) be gay and she has a vision about how she can cure him.

We all love satirical comedy and this movie is filled with plenty of it and then some. With child actor Macaulay Culkin making an appearance and Mandy Moore showing her comedic chops, this movie has a little of everything that can brighten even the stormiest day. Get ready to travel back to 2005 for a good time!

15. Bring It On

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This cult classic starring Kirsten Dunst revolves around a high school cheerleading squad. The squad scrambles to rebuild its reputation after it finds out that its key routine is stolen from another group. The fun, fast-paced film is overall silly, but also brings about surprisingly insightful points about race, class and even homophobia.

Bring it On came out in 2000 and brought cheesy high school movies to the forefront of the movie-going world. Enough of us know the high school story where the cheerleaders reign supreme and this movie brings that to the forefront with a sarcastic flair. When the pressure mounts, the team captains drive their squads to exhaustion and we get some kicks while the teams fight to bring home the title for their own glory.

14. Save the Last Dance

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Julia Stiles plays a suburban-raised teen in this 2001 movie. Her promising ballet career seems to be going by the wayside after she transfers into an inner-city school after her mother passes away and she moves to Chicago with her dad. The could-be cliché story is worth a revisit because of its dazzling dance scenes and sensitivity when it comes to interracial teen relationships.

Everyone loves a good underdog story, and when Stiles moves to a new high school, she seems to be just that. Sure, she can dance, but her chance to be classically trained seems no longer available. When she finds a new way to release her inner dance goddess, we all squeal along with her triumphs. We just love to watch people overcome their struggles to meet their goals and true purpose in life.

13. Freaky Friday

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Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan play a squabbling mother-daughter duo. Their back and forth might have been enough to make the movie memorable, but then, they switch bodies after they eat enchanted fortune cookies. This movie is adapted after a classic children’s novel from Mary Rodgers that hit theaters in 1976 and starred a young Jodie Foster. Thanks to a funny new script and brilliant performances, the remake entertains us to no end, even nearly two decades later.

Watching Jamie Lee Curtis channel her inner teen and discover her “old” face is a hoot and a half. She has teen speak down pat and we envy the way she brings her inner child out for us all to see and enjoy. We wish this happened to more mother-daughter duos so everyone could enjoy a deeper understanding of the other side.

12. 27 Dresses

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In 2008, nearly a decade in the past, Katherine Heigl took the world of romantic comedies by storm. She got Knocked Up earlier in the year and was awarded an Emmy for her starring role as a surgical resident on Grey’s Anatomy as well. But this film is about always being a bridesmaid and never a bride. In fact, her character Jane has been a bridesmaid a grand total of 27 times.

Jane is idealistic, selfless and a complete romantic. After watching (and helping) so many friends get theirs, she just wants her own happy ending. Is that too much to ask? Many of us can relate to her feelings when we go through our own closets of bridesmaid dresses and remember the weddings we participated in over the years!

11. Mean Girls

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Mean Girls took Tina Fey’s writing abilities to the big screen. This 2004 hit brought us all back to high school and accentuated the clique system that is prevalent in virtually any school around the country. The movie has already celebrated its tenth anniversary, but the themes are as upfront as always. The film helps you defend the acting abilities of any of the girls in it and gives you a few laugh at the same time.

This comedy hits new girl Cady with an A-list girls clique called “The Plastics.” When the new girl falls for the ex-boyfriend of the reigning queen in the clique, the trouble really begins. The girls are mean and go to all lengths to sabotage others who aren’t like them.

10. Dude, Where’s My Car?

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In 2000, we got to enjoy the beautiful view of Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott…just looking for their car, basically. This film takes the two young men on an adventure as they look for their vehicle after forgetting where it is parked due to a night of recklessness. The film took on a cult status and gave us some quotable catch phrases you might recognize as well.

The main highlights of this film are the actors themselves. They are a special treat in their appearances and their actions. They still make women squeal, even if they are much older now than they were back then. And the lack of thought you have to put into the movie while watching is a bonus after a hard day.

9. Juno

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Juno earned major buzz in 2007, already a decade ago. The indie comedy involved a smart, sassy, self-assured teenager who had to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. This film began as a sleeper hit that year with Ellen Page as Juno, the funniest 16-year-old on film. Writer Diablo Cody came onto the scene with a shout and won an Oscar for the sharply written script. The soundtrack even had hits on it to bring the movie to the radio and into every car in the country.

There are plenty of teens who can relate to unplanned pregnancies, whether they are going through one or have a friend that is. It’s a fact of life that a startling number of teens are still confronting in 2017 and the decade-old film brings the topic to light and makes us squeal in delight at its comedic take on the serious subject.

8. Twilight

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In 2008, Stephenie Meyer’s popular fantasy novel became a movie starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Ah, young love. The first film in the five-movie/four-book saga focuses on the relationship between Bella and Edward, who just happens to be a vampire. Everyone remembers the intensity of their first love, but this one is especially so. Despite the storyline, we believe in their love and it makes us sigh. Who wouldn’t want a mysterious man like Edward in their life?

Whether you’re Team Jacob or Team Edward, you have to admit, you love seeing them go back and forth, fighting for Bella’s affections. If only they could both win. But we live in an unfair world and we are left to sigh and squeal over whoever remains alone. We’ll take the leftover, right?

7. The Princess Diaries

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The Princess Diaries is one of those adorable movies that is hard to forget, no matter how much time passes. The movie is based on young adult novels from Meg Cabot. Face it, we all have a thing for princesses and being named one as a surprise is quite the dream come true. Imagine a very un-princess-like girl becoming real, live royalty, and you get the basic idea behind the movie.

This movie is a quintessential fairy tale from 2001. The main character goes from drab to fab and becomes a princess all at the same time. She also grows into her personality and self-confidence and oh, yeah, there’s a cute boy involved as well, of course. We can’t help but squeal along with her as she discovers herself.

6. A Cinderella Story

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This movie came out in 2004 and tells the story of Samantha, who had a rough childhood with a new stepmother and stepsisters after her father passed away. But what she lacks in popularity points, she makes up for in the form of a great best friend and a fun email relationship with a guy named Nomad. When Nomad asks to meet her on the dance floor of their high school Halloween party, she agrees and quickly realizes her email buddy is the most popular guy in school. When she rushes away, she drops her phone and he has to search for her, his modern day Cinderella.

We all want a happily ever after with a charming prince, and Hilary Duff gets that in Chad Michael Murray in this movie. Even though it’s been years, we squeal when they find each other.

5. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Via: superiorpics.com

This movie comes from another best-selling novel for young adults, this one by Ann Brashares, and whether you’ve read the book or not, the movie is an engaging comedy drama. The film includes some of the biggest TV stars of today in their younger years as four teenagers who have been best friends since they were babies. When they have to spend a summer apart, they find a way to stay together by passing a pair of unusual blue jeans around. These jeans, for some odd reason, fit all four of them with perfection, even through they vary in height and weight.

We all want friends like this—friends we can share everything with, including clothes. And who wouldn’t want the life experiences they have, all thanks to luck pants that travel between them?

4. A Walk to Remember

Via: fanpop.com

Nicholas Sparks has a way of tugging at the heartstrings in every book he writes. And when A Walk to Remember became a movie in 2002, he did it again on the silver screen. This teen melodrama, set in coastal North Carolina, features popular high school student Landon Carter, played by Shane West. A hazing incident leaves a fellow student paralyzed and he is sentenced to do community service for his involvement in the prank. When he seeks help from the conservative, plain daughter of the town’s minister, he falls in love.

This is the second of Sparks’s novels to make it to the movie screen and it doesn’t fail to make us squeal as the tears stream down our faces. There’s just something about seeing two lovebirds come together despite the odds that rips us apart every time!

3. 13 Going on 30

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We’ve all had days when we didn’t exactly feel popular, right? So when a not-so-popular 13-year-old girl who desperately wants to be cool wakes up in the morning and realizes she’s now 30 and dating a hockey player, we feel for her. She seems to have it all! She’s successful and hot overnight! And her geeky next door neighbor has grown up into a handsome, successful man as well.

This funny romantic comedy is adorable and makes us all wish for what we don’t have. But it also helps us to remember to be careful for what we wish for. It would be fun to get a glimpse into our future, though, so we know what steps to take in order to get things right like this character does.

2. Blue Crush

Via: buzzfeed.com

Blue Crush came to us in 2002 and helps to, well, crush gender stereotypes. Nothing gets between Anne Marie and her board in this movie. She lives in a beach shack with three roommates, one of whom is her rebellious young sister. She gets up before dawn every morning in order to conquer the waves. She’s a Hawaii transplant and decides to enter the Pipe Masters surf competition under the men’s division. Nothing can distract her from her adrenaline-charged surfing…other than maybe pro quarterback Matt Tollman.

Haven’t we all wanted to be good at surfing? Whether we’ve ever tried it or not, being able to compete would be downright fun. And getting a hot guy’s attention is never a bad thing either, right? This movie has a bit of everything, including a beach!

1. The Wedding Planner

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You know a romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez is going to have all the right elements. This 2001 hit involves the most successful wedding planner in San Francisco. This gal knows all the tricks and rules of the trade. The only problem is that she breaks the most important rule of all by falling in love with the groom.

We love a good wedding story and we love to watch people fall in love, especially in non-traditional settings. Falling in love with someone you’re not supposed to be with is something that makes us squeal every time. While Mary, the main character, is ambitious and works hard to organize the perfect event, her life is suddenly complicated and turned upside down. We’ve all felt that way at times!

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