15 Must-Have Items For The Mermaid-Obsessed

Mermaids have been a part of our human curiosity ever since they first appeared in ancient stories. The first story was told in ancient Assyria (Middle East near Babylonia). This story was about the goddess, Atargatis, and how she transformed herself into a mermaid, and then accidentally killed her lover. Since then, mermaids have been a part of popular folklore—appearing in stories, movies (like The Little Mermaid), and even documentaries. Today, it's safe to say that the mermaid obsession lives on!

Some of us dream of becoming a mermaid. Even if that means for a quick, fantasy-filled moment. Others are obsessed with the stories and mermaid memorabilia, buying any and everything they can get their hands on. So, for all of you that are mermaid-obsessed, here are 15 items that you must own!

15 Mermaid throw

Via: wayfair.com

The first step in becoming a mermaid is to somehow magically grow your tail. Not an easy feat, we know. But, today's must-have items make it just a little bit easier for you to live the mermaid dream, without ever leaving your home.

This mermaid fleece throw blanket is not only meant to keep you warm, but it's pretty darn beautiful to look at! You can use this throw blanket on your bed, drape it over your couch, or even pack it in your car for a fun road trip. It's also machine-washable, which means that the colors will never fade and it will never shrink. Ready for your own? You can purchase this one similar on Way Fair for $75. And if that doesn't tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other mermaid throws available in stores or online (you should check out this mermaid throw, also available on WayFair).

14 Mermaid apron

Via: wayfair.com

When The Little Mermaid came out in theaters, I was instantly obsessed with Ariel. I wanted to be just like her. I even sought out to find my very own Eric, but was poorly disappointed by the boys in my first grade class. But, when my birthday rolled around that summer, there was no doubt in my mind about the kind of birthday party I wanted. And when it came to Halloween, my mom even made me the coolest Ariel costume ever! It won first-place in the Halloween costume contest.

So, for all of you that have been dreaming of becoming Ariel ever since the movie first arrived, you have to check out this Little Mermaid cooking apron!  This apron comes in a variety of sizes and it's under $27. You can't beat that! And if you're looking for something a bit more unique, check out this apron from WayFair.

13 Mermaid T-shirt

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What better way to show off your love of mermaids than with your very own mermaid tank top? Look Human sells an amazing mermaid tank-top for only $19.99. Not big on tank tops? No worries! Look Human also offers this design on a baseball tee, hoodie, women's pullover, racer-back tank top, t-shirt, and v-neck tee. And they even offer it as a baby one-piece. How cool is that?! You and your baby can rock the same shirt and show off your love of mermaids together!

If you're looking for something a bit different in a mermaid top, then check out these shirt designs from CG, Etsy, and Best Coast Shirts. We're more than positive that one of these shirts will be exactly what you are looking for. Now, start shopping!

12 Mermaid tail blanket

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Blankie Tails must be made from pure magic because they created the one item that anyone who is mermaid-obsessed has been waiting for. In our opinion, the mermaid tail blanket is one of the coolest modern inventions ever! It's the one item that makes all of us feel like we truly belong under the sea, or at the very least, it takes our mermaid obsession to a whole new level.

There's a similar blanket is available for adults, for only $44.95. It's also available for children, for only $39.95. Blankie Tails have also created a wide variety of looks and colors, and have even created a mermaid tail blankie for your child's favorite doll! That way you can all match, and it shows just how deep your mermaid obsession really is.

11 Mermaid bookends

Via: bellacor.com

If you're truly obsessed with mermaids, and have been reading every mermaid-inspired tale since the beginning of time, then you have to buy these mermaid bookends! These bookends by Bellacor are just over $50 and are the perfect accent piece for your mermaid library. The bookends are made from ceramic and painted in a beautiful turquoise finish that will remind you of the ocean. They reach about five-and-a-half inches tall, making them perfect to also display on your bedside table.

Looking for the perfect mermaid books to display between these bookends? The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson and The Child From the Sea by Elizabeth Goudge are both must-reads for mermaid fans. And if you love reading sagas, check out Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly. This three-part series should be owned by any teen or adult that is obsessed with mermaids. If I were you, I would start reading and shopping now.

10 Mermaid makeup set

Via: hottopic.com

We all know that mermaids are absolutely beautiful. I mean, it's just not possible for a mermaid to be anything less than stunning, right? Disney proved this theory when they gave us the most famous mermaid of all time. The Little Mermaid gave little girls (and women) all over the world a new beauty obsession, when they introduced us to Ariel. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we all wanted to look like this princess of the sea, so very deeply.

Luckily for you, this Little Mermaid make-up brush set is available now through Hot Topic. For less than $12, you can have your very own set and be well on your way to mermaid perfection! Then, do yourself a favor and watch this awesome video tutorial by Alexa Poletti, and learn how to do your makeup like a mermaid!

9 Mermaid swim fin

Via: target.com

We understand that growing a real-life mermaid tail is nearly impossible. Well, we're still holding onto hope, right? While you wait for your real tail to grow in, check out this amazing swim fin from FINIS!

This rubber swim fin instantly transforms your kids into a mermaid. It's even designed to activate the body and mind, teaching your children how to swim just like a mermaid would. The best part? This swim fin is less than $35 and is available online and in select store locations. You should also check out this FINIS fin that comes in purple and pink. It's a bit more expensive, but it's built to withstand better dives and bigger feet. I think it's safe to assume that from now on, we may be seeing more mermaids now than ever!

8 Mermaid swimsuit set

Via: swimtails.com

Like many of you, I was excited when I discovered the FINIS swim fin above. But I can't deny that something just felt missing to me in the process. Sure, swimming with the rubber fin would be a blast but would I really feel like a mermaid? Probably not.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of retailers that have decided to create an entire mermaid swimsuit, with the matching tiny top and all. For example, Swimtail created the beautiful mermaid swimsuit set seen in the image above. But, there are others that can be found online, too. These are just perfect for the child in your life that dreams of becoming a real-life mermaid. Well, while they're in the pool, at least. Your child will surely enjoy receiving one of these, and be well on their way to swimming like a mermaid.

7 Mermaid tights

Via: etsy.com

Not all of us have the funds to purchase a mermaid tail blanket or swim fin. But, if you're dying to rock the mermaid look, without blowing your budget, then you should definitely look into purchasing a pair of mermaid tights! Most of the ones found online are under $20. And the best part is that tights can be worn year-round. You can rock them under a short skirt in the summer or under a sweater dress in the winter. Tights can be worn whether you're trying to look dressed up or dressed down. If you go for tights like the one in the image above (with a subtle colored print against black), they'll go with almost anything you wear.

But, if you're looking for something a bit more bold and colorful, then check out these scale tights from Fad Cover! And for something a bit more realistic and absolutely amazing, look at these simple scale tights from Etsy.

6 Mermaid door mat

Via: etsy.com

Mermaids usually like to keep their identity hidden from the world. Reclusive to the utmost, mermaids work hard to keep their lives private. But luckily for you, we found the perfect way to tell the world who you are, without attracting a large crowd.

What better way to introduce your friends and family to your castle than with this door mat from Nickle Designs Shop? This mat is available now on Etsy for only $35.99. All mats are hand-painted and available in natural brown. What make these mats uber incredible is that they're made from the husk of a coconut! This simply means that your mermaid door mat will never mold or grow mildew. Pretty awesome, huh?

5 Mermaid throw pillow

Via: justice.com

Your secret is about to be unleashed. And soon everyone will now know that you really are a mermaid. There will be no more hiding or denying. Are you ready?

If you're looking for something small, yet flashy, to show off your mermaid love, then you should consider getting a bold mermaid throw pillow (one that matches your mermaid throw blanket would be ideal). A super soft pillow is the perfect addition for any room in your house. We recommend using it on your favorite reading chair (the one you sit in while reading books about mermaids) or living room couch. They're simple and usually inexpensive.

The above image is of a mermaid throw pillow from Justice. But, there are plenty of other options online. If you're looking for something artsy or unique, you will definitely want to check out these pillows from the Home Decorating Company, The Country Porch, Society 6, and Zazzle. We're more than positive that you will find the perfect throw pillow from these choices.

4 Mermaid sea salt hair spray

Via: dermstore.com

I think we can all agree that one of the best things about being a mermaid would be having that amazing, wavy hair! Well Captain Blankenship has made the perfect Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray to help you create the most luscious beach waves. This product is completely organic, paraben-free, gluten-free, and certified as cruelty-free. Ingredients include aloe vera and essential oils, adding a natural texture to your hair without making it crunchy. You can use it on wet hair, damp hair, or even dry hair. And the best part? The product uses rose geranium and pamarosa essential oils, which make your hair smell amazing! You can buy this product now at the Derm Store for only $14.

We also recommend looking at Captain Blankenship's Mermaid Hair Care Set. It includes full size bottles of their sea salt hair spray, dry shampoo, and hair oil.

3 Mermaid trinket box

Via: jet.com

"Look at this trove, treasures untold. How man wonders can one cavern hold..." Ariel was on to something when she kept all of her treasures hidden in her underwater cave. Every girl should have their very own trinket box to hold their nearest and dearest treasures. Fortunately, there are some pretty amazing trinket boxes for all of you mermaid lovers out there.

The trinket box in the image above is sold by Houzz. It's over six-inches tall and can hold your favorite earrings, necklaces, and rings. It's made of cold cast resin and has hand-painted accents. And it's under $40! But, if you're looking for something a bit more timeless, then you need to check out this trinket box from Houzz. It looks like something that came straight out of the past; and it's totally beach and bronze-inspired. It even opens on its side just like a seashell. Pretty awesome, huh?

2 Mermaid mug

Via: etsy.com

Every mermaid deserves her very own mug—something that belongs just to her and nobody else. And whether she decides to put coffee, water, or even a mimosa inside of it... well, that's up to her. No judgement.

This awesome mug was inspired by The Little Mermaid and is perfect for every mermaid fan. It's available on Etsy now for only $18. This ceramic mug is dishwasher and microwave-safe, and holds up to 15 oz of your favorite drink. It's also simple, chic, and may just be our favorite mermaid mug, ever! But if this doesn't tickle your fancy, then check out these mugs from Society 6, Look Human, and Etsy. And if you're looking for the perfect mug to hold your adult beverage (i.e. your mimosa), then you have to check out this mug! It's perfect for your next weekend brunch with all the other mermaids!

1 Mermaid bedroom set

Via: wayfair.com

Do mermaids sleep? We're not quite sure, but we bet if they did, it would be on something like this gorgeous bedroom set! This duvet set is available now on WayFair and is b-e-a-utiful! This duvet cover is artistically woven with a blend of polyester and cotton. It's also machine-washable, so the vibrant colors will never fade. Well, as long as you machine-wash it cold and let it air dry, you should be safe.

You may also want to check out these amazing mermaid bedrooms sets by All Modern and WayFair. Each of these duvet covers and comforters are artistically made, vibrant in color, and incredibly unique. And they're sure to brighten up your bedroom space, and show your love of the magical sea. Perfect for a mermaid princess, don't cha think?

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