15 Must-See Baby/Parent Face Swaps

Baby and parent face swaps are hilarious, creepy, and include way too much unnecessary baby facial hair. They are silly, twisted, and if you try it, you may never look at your sweet, adorable baby the same way again.

We recommend that you don't try this at home. Or do. Because it's really, really funny. Here are 15 must-see baby and parent face swaps.

15 Baby, why do you look so sad? Momma's face isn't that bad

Via: instagram.com/spamtart

14 Your baby looks like my geography teacher from 8th grade. Are you happy?

Via: instagram.com/kevintrethowan

13 I got your tongue! Well, momma has it now

Via: instagram.com/kelleyedelmann

12 OMG! You gave birth to Verne Troyer! Incredible

11 Hey, baby! Those eyebrows are on fleek!

Via: instagram.com/tifftrilla_xo

10 Hey, no shade, but that headband doesn't match your intensely strange face shadows

Via: instagram.com/melissaawesome09

9 Future gamer? Well, your baby is looking like the future is now

Via: instagram.com/sweetalleycat

8 The nose ring. The eye makeup. The eyebrows. Most done up baby I've seen thus far.

Via: instagram.com/miaaaarob

7 There's so much facial hair here that I can't tell where one starts and the other begins

Via: instagram.com/iron_will

6 Hey baby. Why are you grinning so hard? Because mama is drooling? Yes, it is pretty funny

Via: instagram.com/embrakey

5 Pardon me. I don't mean to stare, I've just never seen a baby with a beard and a headband before

Via: instagram.com/britterpated1

4 Look baby. We are just as creeped out as you. I promise.

Via: instagram.com/ybarraserena

3 This takes "duck face" to a whole new level. A "duckling face" level so good he could pass for Justin Bieber

Via: instagram.com/maguimaison

2 Yea, kid. We're not that impressed either. Just go with it

Via: instagram.com/alisenpenney

1 It's like something out of a horror movie. Like I said, please don't try this at home

Via: instagram.com/ktgarro

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