15 NFL Players That Are Better In Madden Than Real Life (5 That Are Worse)

EA Sports hasn't done the best job with player ratings, as it's so difficult to constantly update players' rankings to reflect upon their play week to week. But, they have to be better than they are. They're so off with some players that it feels like they just watch the highlights. Madden players want to have the most authentic version of the game, and it has to be more accurate for that to happen.

There are actually quite a few players that are better in Madden than they are in real life. Sometimes certain traits of a player are ranked too high and it makes it impossible to stop them. Kind of how Michael Vick was unstoppable in earlier Maddens, even though he wasn't tearing apart the NFL.

Maybe it's biased, or maybe EA Sports sees something in a player that isn't there yet. EA Sports has some answering to do, though.

20 Better: Josh Gordon

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Let’s be real, everyone is higher on Josh Gordon than they should be. Yet, his only 1,000-yard season came in 2013 with the Browns. The potential has always been there, but he hasn’t produced enough. The 81-overall rating doesn’t do justice, as he plays like a number one wide receiver in the game.

19 Better: Josh Norman

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Josh Norman’s Madden ratings slowly continue to decrease, but he’s still at 81 overall which is too high. He’s got an 88 rating for four categories. Norman is not the cornerback he was with the Panthers. He had one good season with the Redskins and has struggled ever since. His awareness needs to drop a bit.

18 Better: LeSean McCoy

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We’ve seen a different version of LeSean McCoy the last two seasons, which should lead to a bigger dip in his rating. He’s currently at 83 overall, which seems too high for him. His ball security has been poor, he’s not hitting the hole like he used to, it seems like age is catching up to him.

17 Worse: Leonard Fournette

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Leonard Fournette is finally playing like the running back he was expected to be. Although he rushed for over 1,000 yards in his rookie season, he was averaging under 4 yards per carry. Currently, he’s averaging well above 4 yards per carry and is more involved in the passing game. Now his Madden rating needs to go from an 84 overall to a 90.

16 Better: Devonta Freeman

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A perfect example of how wrong EA Sports can be is Devonta Freeman is rated higher than Leonard Fournette, with an 85 overall. This is a perfect rating two years ago, but Freeman missed nearly the whole season last year and has struggled this season. If EA Sports is going to update ratings, they need to be more precise.

15 Better: Patrick Peterson

via Sports Illustrated

Patrick Peterson has always been looked at as a top cornerback in the NFL, but he hasn’t looked like one this year. It might be age, or it might be a lack of effort. He’s at 89-overall, which seems too high for how he’s playing this season. There have definitely been some poor efforts from the veteran cornerback.

14 Better: Stefon Diggs

via New York Post

Stefon Diggs is a fantastic player, who’s one of the best route runners in the game. Is he better than the number one receiver on his team, Adam Thielen? Is Diggs one of the best wide receivers in the game? Based on his 94-overall rating, he would be, but he’s not. At least not yet. He’s talented, but he’s unstoppable in Madden which isn’t the case in real life.

13 Worse: D.J. Moore

via Carolina Panthers

D.J. Moore’s breakout season is being overlooked due to how good Christian McCaffrey has been. But Moore should break 1,000 receiving yards as long as he remains healthy. He’s developed into a pretty good number one receiver who has been so difficult to guard. The more teams try to single out McCaffrey, the more D.J. Moore can ball out on the outside. 84-overall is way too low for him, although he shouldn’t hit 90 yet.

12 Better: Tom Brady

via Sports Illustrated

Tom Brady is the GOAT, but right now he doesn’t look like it. He’s struggling a lot. The Patriots have been really good, with much of the credit due to their dangerous defense. Brady has been good enough, but he’s certainly missed some throws and had his own struggles. He certainly isn’t the unstoppable quarterback that is rated 97-overall in Madden.

11 Better: DeSean Jackson

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In the past, DeSean Jackson has been electrifying. He’s a deep ball threat that is so difficult to cover downfield. However, he hasn’t played much within the past two seasons due to injuries. When healthy, he looks good, but he has to stay on the field. An 84-overall just seems a tad bit too high without seeing him play much.

10 Better: Marvin Jones

via Pride Of Detroit

Marvin Jones has progressively improved, but he still plays like he’s a number one receiver in Madden. He could be, but Kenny Golladay is the number one in Detroit. 86-overall isn’t a terrible rating for Jones, but it seems a bit high. A few big games have padded his statistics a bit.

9 Worse: Courtland Sutton

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Despite how bad the Broncos have been, Courtland Sutton has been as good as he can possibly be. With a good quarterback, he has the potential to be a top-10 wide receiver in the NFL. His strength makes him so difficult to cover one on one, and he’s a good route runner. 83-overall is a sin with how he’s playing.

8 Better: Juju Smith-Schuster

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Everyone fell in love with Juju Smith-Schuster last season, as he was great. Only thing is, Antonio Brown isn’t there anymore to take away attention from Smith-Schuster. Of course, the inconsistency at the quarterback position hurts, but he also has to be better. 87-overall is too high for a guy who’s dropping passes and struggling to create separation with cornerbacks.

7 Better: Todd Gurley

via Boston Herald

Todd Gurley has been a top-five running back in the NFL until about this season. His injury has really hurt his play, and it shows. EA Sports has done a good job of bringing down his player ratings due to the struggles, but he still balls out in the game. 87-overall has been good enough for him to be extremely difficult to stop on the Rams.

6 Better: Byron Jones

via Inside The Star

Byron Jones was a lockdown cornerback last season, only allowing one touchdown in a Week 17 game. This season, he’s still been good, but not as good as last year. He’s at 88-overall, which still makes him one of the best cornerbacks in Madden. He’s extremely tough to play against, and his awareness of the ball is much better than in real life.

5 Worse: Vita Vea

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It’s embarrassing that EA Sports still can’t get Vita Vea’s player rating right. He’s an 84-overall yet is playing like a top-five defense tackle in the NFL. He’s been so disruptive and so tough to handle yet is average in Madden. He shouldn’t be up there with Aaron Donald, but he should certainly be at least 90-overall.

4 Better: Kareem Hunt

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Kareem Hunt is a good football player but missing the end of last season and the first nine games of this season are tough to rate him so high. There’s still not enough seen to fully evaluate how he should be in Madden, but he should be lower as he hasn’t been excellent. He’s running the ball fine, but he doesn’t look like the star running back he was with Kansas City.

3 Better: Saquon Barkley

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Saquon Barkley might be overrated. He missed some games due to an injury but isn’t playing that well. He’s averaging less than 4 yards per carry and depends on big plays to pad his statistics. In Madden, he’s nearly impossible to stop as he’s so strong and quick. His player rating is pretty accurate at 89-overall, but his speed makes him so good to play in Madden.

2 Better: Odell Beckham Jr.

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In past years, many people considered Odell Beckham Jr. as a top-five wide receiver. That discussion isn’t happening anymore, which is unexpected considering the trade to Cleveland was supposed to benefit him. He’s sitting at a 92-overall, but should probably be under 90 with the drops and struggles to make big plays.

1 Worse: James Conner

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James Conner’s rating in Madden is so low, and the only explanation should be injuries. Even with them, he should be much higher. 81-overall is really low for one of the better running backs in the league. Even counting injuries, he could be around 87-overall. His ability to run between the tackles and catch the football should make him really good in Madden.

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