15 Not-So-Innocent Facts About Popular Teen Movies

Given the fact that teens tend to have more money to burn than any other age group, it makes perfect sense that the big movie studios have made so many teen movies. On top of that, when a teen movie ends on a sweet note that appeals to viewers, there is a decent chance that some young adult viewers will pay good money to see it more than once.

Of course, just because teen movies are marketed to people of the same age range as their main characters, doesn’t mean that studios don’t want the who family to watch them. However, there are some things about popular teen movies that might put off some viewers. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 not-so-innocent facts about popular teen movies.

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15 Winona Ryder Was Told She Wasn’t Pretty Enough to Star in Heathers

Via IMDb.com

Clearly an attractive woman, in the real world Winona Ryder would likely be among the hottest people in any room she enters. Despite that, when she tried to get a starring role in Heathers she was rejected because producers said she wasn’t pretty enough. Undeterred, she underwent a makeover and after showing off her new look to the movie’s casting department, she got the job.

14 American Graffiti’s Behind The Scenes

Via IMdb.com

During the shooting of American Graffiti, the film's young cast liked to let off some steam. While that is pretty understandable, some of their antics got pretty extreme once alcohol was involved. For example, three of the movie’s actors were kicked out of a hotel for urinating in its fountain and someone set George Lucas’ hotel room on fire.

13 According to Some of the People Involved, A Scene From The Craft Was Cursed

Via ninjajournalist.com

According to those involved, prior to filming one of The Craft’s most memorable scenes, Fairuza Balk was warned that the beach it was filmed on “didn’t like pagan ceremonies”. As a result, people were taken aback when Balk got sick before filming that scene and the altar was washed away among other things.

12 Ethan Embry Doesn’t Remember Shooting Can’t Hardly Wait

Via bustle.com

Definitely, the movie that Ethan Embry is best remembered for, millions of Can’t Hardly Wait fans could tell you all about what happens in the film. However, Embry himself can’t remember filming his most popular movie because as he told VH1, “Nothing sticks out because I was so [out of it] the entire time”.

11 Paul Rudd Nearly Missed Out On Filming a Memorable Clueless Scene for a Shocking Reason

Via fanpop.com

Considered by many people to be one of the best teen movies of all-time, Clueless was charming in part due to Paul Rudd starring in the film. As a result, it is a good thing he lived long enough to complete the film. After all, while working on the movie he had a night off which went bad when he was robbed by someone who put the barrel of their weapon to Rudd’s head.

10 Serious Tension Between Two Members of The Breakfast Club’s Cast

Via inerd4u.com

While filming The Breakfast Club, Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez repeatedly tried to make the actor who played the janitor break character. Angered by their efforts, he went on a rant in which he claimed the two young actors would've let Martin Sheen have a heart attack on the set of Apocalypse Now. What he didn’t know at the time was Estevez is Sheen’s son and despite his attempts to apologize, he says Emilio never forgave him.

9 Michael J. Fox Nearly Lost His Life On the Set of Back to the Future Part III

Via IMDb.com

As fans of the third Back to the Future film will no doubt remember, almost immediately after Marty arrives in the past he is strung up and nearly hung until Doc saves him. Amazingly enough, when they shot that scene the rope around Michael J. Fox’s neck became taut for 30 seconds before the film’s director noticed and save the actor’s life.

8 All of Better Off Dead’s Darkest Elements Were Based On Real Life

Via IMDb.com

Despite the fact that Better Off Dead is an absurd movie to a large degree, during an interview with The Sneeze, the movie’s writer revealed it was based on events in his own life. For instance, in high school, his girlfriend actually broke up with him and which left him so depressed that he contemplated ending his life but things went awry in a comical way.

7 During the filming of Maze Runner: The Death Cure Dylan O'Brien Was Severely Injured

Via usatoday.com

Due to the fact that Maze Runner: The Death Cure is based off a series of popular young adult books, fans were really excited to see it. However, they had to wait because filming was delayed when the movie’s star Dylan O'Brien suffered an on-set accident. As O'Brien told strob.com, he “broke most of the right side of my face”, he suffered trauma to his brain, and his injuries were considered life-threatening.

6 She’s All That Was Released on A Painful Day For Freddie Prinze Jr.

Via YouTube.com

Given the fact that She’s All That is among the most popular movies Freddie Prinze Jr. ever starred in, you might think that everything about the film was a positive thing for the actor. Unfortunately, someone made the decision to release the film on January 28th which isn’t an important day for you or me, but Freddie’s father took his own life on that date in 1977.

5 Scream Was Based In Part On a True Story

Via hollywoodreporter.com

When it came time for screenwriter Kevin Williamson to write the script for Scream, he took some of his inspiration from one of the best horror films of all-time, Halloween. On the other hand, he also based the film’s story on something horrifying, the deeds of Danny Harold Rolling, the man whose crimes in 1990 led people to name him “The Gainesville Ripper”.

4 Underaged Marriage

Via IMDb.com

On the surface of things, it should be delightful when a pair of actors find love on the film set. However, when Shawn Andrews and Milla Jovovich tied the knot while filming Dazed and Confused it was far from celebrated as he was 21 at the time and she was only 16. In fact, her mother soon after had their marriage annulled.

3 One American Pie Character’s Dark Inspiration

Via jaydidhumour.blogspot.com

Definitely not a great guy throughout the movies, American Pie’s Stifler proves over and over again that he is willing to deceive in order to get what he wants out of girls. However, that is a far cry from the former classmate of the film’s writer who inspired the character as he used a knife to take someone’s life during a 2012 bar fight.

2 She’s The Man Had An Ill Effect on Amanda Bynes’ Life

Via teenvogue.com

Seen by millions of youngsters, She’s The Man was a fun little teen movie which starred Amanda Bynes as a young woman who dresses up as a guy for much of the film. Seemingly a harmless movie, according to what Bynes told Paper Magazine, the movie caused her to go “into a deep depression for four to six months because I didn't like how I looked when I was a boy”.

1 Tragedy Struck While the Stars of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Vacationed Together

Via throwbacks.com

Introduced when they co-starred in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off together, at the time it wasn’t public knowledge that Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey had begun dating. However, that news broke when they vacationed in Northern Ireland together and Broderick drove a BMW into the wrong lane which led to him hitting another car whose two occupants lost their lives.

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