15 Of Our Favorite Disney Cartoon Characters WITHOUT Makeup

There are so many attributes that go into our fascination with Disney characters (especially the princesses). It's their individuality, their beauty, their sense of adventure, their strength—the list goes on. But when you take a step back and think about all the obvious plot-holes in these movies, you start to as yourself more questions like; "I wonder what these Disney characters look like without their makeup or perfect hair?" Like, how is it possible that Ariel from The Little Mermaid doesn't have a single stray hair after leaving the salty seas?! Or how on Earth does Jasmine do her cat eye makeup with a steady hand? Unfortunately, I don't have the answers, but I do have images of what our favorite Disney characters look like without their thick black eyelashes and lush pink lips:

15 Ariel

Okay, so we'll tackle the whole 'perfect hair' thing another time. But take a look at miss mer-lady! She's looking naturally fly! Then again, Ariel was only 16 in The Little Mermaid, so she's bound to look flawless with or without makeup. It's funny how removing those long-ass eyelashes changes her entire look. Her eyes look so much more blue without those stringy lashes in the way. I almost like her look without makeup more because when you think about it, do they even have waterproof mascara under the sea? Because she would look like a disaster with those raccoon eyes all day. Plus, she's a mermaid/merwoman. Which means she's forever a beach gal. She doesn't need all that makeup. Being on the beach will leave her with a constant glow and freckles which looks 10x better than all that makeup.

14 Elsa

Is it weird that I never really noticed Elsa's makeup until now? My eyes were always glued to her icy hair and amazing gown, I never paid much attention to her eye makeup. But now that I'm sitting her staring, I don't understand why her shadow is pink and purple. Why not a cool shade of silver or blue to mesh with her whole look? The whole pink and purple eye makes her look like a professional ice skater. But take a look to her natural picture on the left—she looks awesome! I like that her brows are lighter to match her natural eyelashes. It goes way better with her hair and skin. And speaking of skin - look at those little freckles! I'm no one special in the fashion industry, but if there's something she should "let go" of, it should be that eyeshadow.

13 Sleeping Beauty

Ugh, Princess Aurora is my favorite. There was something about her entire vibe that I just totally spoke with. Since the movie came out in 1959, Aurora has that classic singing voice that could literally move a mountain. Her hair was always full and luxurious, and I loved—in certain scenes—it looked like she was wearing thick black eyeliner. I just dug her whole look. But now, take a look at her without her makeup! I guess she finally got the memo that you're not supposed to fall asleep without makeup on. I love her natural lips and skin without all that blush. She looks much more her age and her skin is probably thanking whoever edited this photo because now it can get a good night sleep without all that powder on!

12 Jasmine

You're a bold face liar if Princess Jasmine wasn't your favorite princess at least ONCE in your lifetime. She was a badass who stuck up for herself, her family, and demanded respect. But she also gave respect and attention to those who needed it. She was just the bomb.com. And who didn't love her genie pants and powder blue crop top?

The thing I always wondered - now that I'm older - is, "how the hell does she do her eye makeup like that?" It's the perfect cat eye (I know, I know, it's just a cartoon). Both sides are evenly thick and black—which looks unreal under her fierce eyebrows and luscious hair. However, when you look at her natural picture on the right - she still looks just as gorgeous! It's almost like nothing changes. Her eyebrows stay the same, her lips are a tad lighter, the only difference is her eyeliner is removed. Once again - Princess Jasmine can do no wrong.

11 Pocahontas

Pocahontas! Who even knew Native Americans had eyeliner and mascara? I know they created their own paint or lip coloring out berries and flowers, but the lips aren't even the biggest difference between the two. Her eyes are the only thing that's noticeably different.

Thanks to these two comparing photos, it makes me think why Disney even put makeup on her at all? I understand they probably didn't set out to put makeup on her or any of the other characters in Pocahontas, but they definitely painted a thick black line on top her eyelids to depict liner or lashes. Which I understand; it's a movie! But she is a Native American and at this time in her life, she probably didn't care too much about beauty products. She was too busy looking for adventure, listening to her mother through the wind, and looking after her father. You know, before John Smith tries whisking her away and all.

10 Mulan

If there is anyone who could not care less about beauty standards, it's our girl Mulan. The entire opening music scene surrounded around Chinese beauty standards and what Mulan had to do in order to be an attractive suitor for a mate. But come on, we know Mulan better than that. She cared about bigger things in the world that how she needed to look or act to catch a husband. And that's what we love most about her!

In this little makeover, Mulan washed off her eye makeup and that plum lipstick. Truth be told, she looks better than ever. I love that her cheeks are still naturally flushed and her lips are a more realistic shade of pink. Does she look different? Yes, if anything, she does look a tad tired, but that's why I like it—it's realistic! This woman is trying to defeat the bad guys and save China, if she's not looking a little sleepy - then I have no excuse for looking the way I do.

9 Cinderella

I know I said Princess Aurora was my favorite Disney Princess, but Cinderella was a close second. When it comes to makeup, Cinderella's is noticed immediately. She had these bright pink lips (with super white teeth), long black eyelashes, and thick black eyeliner. Oh, and she was ahead of her time with that black choker around her neck! Home girl is the one that started this trend and she deserves some credit!

Cinderella definitely looks drastically different without her makeup. It's not like Ariel or Pocahontas where something looks off but you're not sure what it is. Cinderella's changes are evident. Her lips are nude, her eyes shrunk in size, and oddly enough, her eyebrows look a touch lighter. She's looking young to say the least, but that doesn't mean she looks bad. She's natural and carefree and we're digging it.

8 The Evil Queen

Holy cow, the Evil Queen from Snow White is looking rough. I can't tell if she looks younger or older without her makeup? She looks as if she has some kind of blemish or maybe some wrinkles around her mouth and nose. But besides that, her skin is looking pretty good for being evil. But there is one thing that we NEED to talk about regarding these two pictures. Can you take a guess what it is? Those painted on eyebrows! Those babies totally swoop down to almost the middle of her nose! I've never noticed these on her before but they look like a rollercoaster. Hell, she just needs one more small line and she has a full on unibrow. With her perfect eyeshadow, deep brows, bright blush, red lips, and apparently, loads of foundation, who knows how long this getup takes to put on or take off!

7 Belle

Aw, Belle from The Beauty and the Beast can do no wrong. She is just too sweet. After seeing her without her eye makeup on, I think I like her better all natural. She looks more genuine and wholesome. Then again, it's not like she had loads of makeup on to begin with anyways, but there's something about her natural look that is way more relatable. Plus she looks five years younger. But this is Disney we're talking about and if they're going to give her a two-inch waist, they might as well dump on the mascara too...

Furthermore, there was something about Belle that was so cozy. Her cute bow in her hair, her love for books, her fascination with libraries and discovering the truth. She was a story teller and makeup or no makeup.

6 Tiana

Tiana is a smoke show without her makeup! I know this image is a little tough and she's either looking at a customer who needs a refill or giving someone the side eye, but she looks beautiful. The eyeshadow and blush kind of made her look tired (which, of course she was - since she was working 20 hours a day!).  Now that she has her beautiful skin free from product, you can see her a little more clearer and we like what we see! Plus, who has time to keep on applying makeup throughout the day when you're working your butt off to buy a restaurant? Not Tiana. She wanted to find her prince charming, but she was also doing the best she could to live her dream. And that was way more important to her than pasting on makeup to attract someone.

5 Maleficent

I am fascinated by this image - everything is different. Her eyebrows are completely fake. Her eyelashes are gone. That purple shade under her brows has disappeared. But let's talk about her LIPS. They're blue! Which, I suppose makes sense considering her skin tone is blue. But it looks so strange at a first glance. It's almost like she just ate a blue popsicle and forgot to grab a napkin. Like the Evil Queen above, I can't tell if her makeup aged her or made her look younger. Regardless, I am completely envious of those brows! When you look at her natural God-given eyebrows, they'r pretty flat. They're just a flat line. So for her to have this kind of artistic skill in 1959 is quite impressive.

4 Wicked Stepmother

Did you know that the Wicked Stepmother's actual name is Lady Tremaine? Because up until now, I had NO idea - I literally just called her 'Wicked Stepmother.' I digress, let's take a look at (ahem) Lady Tremaine. Her natural eyebrows are lighter, she has some blemishes around her mouth, and some obvious wrinkles or dark circles around her eyes. Besides those points, she doesn't look half bad. Then again, I'm not too certain how old Lady Tremaine is supposed to be. She has two older daughters but by no means is she a grandmother (yet). Yikes, can you imagine this woman as a grandmother!? She would not be the fun kind to sneak you a $5 bill or milk and cookies. She would probably slap your hands with a ruler for loving life too much.

3 Ursula

I know Ursula is evil and all, but this woman is fearless and sassy and I kind of like it. She's your modern day business woman! She saw something she wanted (King Triton's kingdom), found a way to get it (lure Ariel into signing a contract), and got it! She could totally teach a business class in college. I mean, she's disloyal and a liar in her own right, but she still has some teachable sass. But when it comes to makeup, Ursula really goes all in. She puts on ruby red lipstick, bright blue eyeshadow, black eye brows, long lashes, and draws on a beauty mark. (Gasp!) Her beauty mark is fake!? The horror! I'm going to go on a limb that she only gets her makeup from MAC.

Ursula does look quite different without her war paint. And in this case, her makeup makes her look healthier, vibrant, and younger by a landslide.

2 Cruella De Vil

Why are these characters better at doing their eyebrows than I am? There are thousands - heck - millions of tutorials for making your eyebrows match and giving them the perfect arch, and yet I still look like a surprised cat. Maybe Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians should have her own YouTube page for DIY makeup because this woman knows what she's doing.

It seems like she's wearing dark green eyeshadow, has black pencil for her eyebrows, and red lipstick for those lips. Without her makeup on, she kind of looks like a skeleton or maybe just another character for a Disney film with a small role. Her makeup definitely adds to her whole evil vibe and she wouldn't be as threatening without her done-up look.

1 Snow White

Ladies and gentleman, I save the best for last - Snow White! Holy cow, does this 1930s princess look different or what! Snow White gets a lot of slack these days for being perfectly done up and has a love for cleaning the home and washing the dishes... but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with that. We just think Snow White would also be a kickass business woman. Maybe she would be the CEO of some kind of fruit cleaner for apples. You know, because her past with apples isn't too bright.

But let's take a look at Snow's cosmetics. Her blush is gone, eye shadow is whipped off, her eyebrows have literally disappeared, her eyelashes have fallen off, and she said adios to her  lipstick. If someone posted her "makeup free selfie" I would need a solid minute to figure out who this was supposed to be. And though these ladies look different without their makeup on, what woman doesn't? Lipstick or no lipstick - eyelashes or no eyelashes, Disney characters are always #winning.

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