15 Of Our Most Favorite Penny-Leonard Moments From 'Big Bang Theory'

There are a lot of swoon-worthy couples on CBS' The Big Bang Theory (no matter how quirky they may be). We have Sheldon and his ride-or-die woman, Amy. There's Howard and Bernadette (although she sounds exactly like his mother). And we can't forget about Raj and, well, his dog, Cinnamon. Though each couple brings their fair share of dorky romance, none can compare to the epic love story between Penny and Leonard. These two have been destined to be lovers since the first episode of the series. And after 10 seasons, a few breakups (and even more makeups), Penny and Leonard are finally married and in a place in their relationship that fans of the show are satisfied with. Let's take a trip down memory lane and see some of the most lovable moments between Penny and Leonard.

15 When They Realized They Still Had Feelings For One Another

How can anyone forget this amazing superhero themed New Years Eve party the gang was invited to down at the comic book store? In the episode dubbed "The Justice League Recombination," the gang enters the costume contest as different members of the Justice League. However, this is the episode where Penny is not feeling quite like herself. She does her part and goes as Wonder Woman, but her on/off boyfriend Zack decides to tag along as Superman.

What makes this episode so special between Penny and Leonard is Penny clearly had some reservations about going to the party as a whole. She also didn't seem to want to be around Zack in the slightest. After a sweet pep talk by Leonard, she decides to suck it up and go to the party, but as soon as the clock struck midnight, it was the look between Penny and Leonard that made every single fan cry with pain. "Just kiss each other! Say something - anything!"

14 When Leonard Supported Penny's Hemorrhoid Commercial

It's no secret that Penny's first love (besides wine) is acting. It's the whole reason she left Nebraska, moved to LA, and moved into the apartment across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon. It's her passion and although she was deterred at certain moments in her career, she kept trying. But if it wasn't for the support from Leonard, Penny's acting career might have never gotten her big break in the ever glamorous hemorrhoid commercial. However, in this episode in particular, Penny and Leonard weren't even dating. Nope, this was during the time when he was dating Raj's sister, Priya, and Penny was debating moving back to Nebraska because she couldn't land a gig. But despite their breakups and makeups, Leonard always sat by and supported Penny in her times of need. Even though hemorrhoids - go figure!

13 When Leonard Gave Penny A Snowflake

I remember this moment like it was yesterday. And because of this moment, every time Valentine's Day, my birthday, or the holidays roll around, I expect a gift as sweet and thoughtful as the snowflake from the North Pole that Leonard brought Penny. But nope! I get random iTunes gift cards instead. Sigh.

This is the episode where it all changed between these two. Leonard finally comes back from an expedition to the North Pole (after a very open-ended goodbye with Penny) and goes immediately to Penny's apartment where the two begin to makeout like teenagers. Finally! Kiss each other and never stop! After the two admit their relationship has progressed, Leonard gifts Penny with an actual snowflake he found in the North Pole. Swoon!

12 When They Went Out As Friends

This episode was everything! After breaking up (again), Penny decides to ask Leonard to the movies strictly as friends. But of course, in classic Leonard style - he begins overthinking the evening until eventually relaxing and realizing that the two of them very well could be friends. And since it's not a date, this mean't he didn't have to pay for Penny's movie ticket, dinner, or drinks! Thanks to this lovely notion, he started to relax and have fun with the idea of them being buddies. Penny, however, is clearly pissed because let's be real, she's not the kind of girl who is used to paying for things. But it was during this "non-date" that Leonard admitted he wasn't his true self while the two were dating. He would pretend to be interested in things just to please her. Which was a HUGE stepping stone for the two of them and another chance to help them grow in a better direction.

11 When Leonard Consoled Penny After Every Breakup

The bond between these two was so endearingly strange at times. No matter how many times Penny and Leonard broke up, dated other people, got into fights, or had rough patches with friends or at work, these two always found a way back to each other. Even if Penny was mad at something Leonard said, she always sought comfort from him after the two of them cooled off. Even when the two were broken up and Leonard needed dating advice for his relationship with Priya, he went to Penny. There are obvious boundaries between friends and lovers, but these two found an amazing way to always stay connected and close through the ups and downs of their relationship.

Remember that time Penny lent money to an ex boyfriend and since he never repaid her, her electricity was shut off? Leonard (and company) drove to her ex's house to threaten him into paying her. Though their non-threatening threat worked, instead of running into Leonard's arms, she ran back into her ex's. Yet, Leonard never held it against her.

10 When They Tried To Learn About Each Other's Hobbies

The thing that makes these two so special is their unique differences. Leonard teaches Penny to think broader and deeper about life, whereas Penny allows Leonard to lighten up and feel the unconditional love he never received from his mother. Together, they're unstoppable. However, that's also the one thing that keeps these two from finding true happiness for so long.

In an attempt to show support in one another's interests, Leonard attempts to learn more about football while Penny asks Sheldon to teach her more about Leonard's line of work. Since Sheldon is Leonard's roommate and a Texas boy, he gives Leonard the entire breakdown of football and what to expect during a game. Likewise, he tries to cram as much knowledge into Penny as her attention span will allow. Though Leonard learned the official rules (as he quoted time and time again throughout the game), and Penny learned a FULL sentence from Sheldon's lecture - at the end of the day, these two were just trying to make the other happy.

9 When Leonard Buys Penny A Car

Thank you, Tumblr, for allowing us to rewatch one of the sweetest moments between our favorite Big Bang couple! As I've said previously, Leonard supports Penny in all her endeavors, even when he isn't 100% behind her logic. He'll tell Penny to reach for the stars but then tell the guys he has some major reservations about her career path. But, nonetheless, he always pulls through for his girl.

After Penny has a realization that in order to succeed in becoming an actress, she needs to quit waitressing at The Cheesecake Factory and give acting her full attention, Leonard tries to help her further her dream. That is, of course, after she found out he thought what she was doing was crazy. After quitting her job, having a tough day in the acting world, and her car dying - Leonard does the unthinkable and buys Penny a car to help her get to her auditions. Oh, Lenny!

8 When Penny FINALLY Tells Leonard She Loves Him

After six seasons, a whole lot of episodes, and even more drama, Penny FINALLY tells Leonard she's in love with him in the 8th episode entitled, "The 43 Peculiarity." Was it in a romantic and endearing way? Not exactly.

After Leonard becomes jealous that Penny is working on an assignment with a male student form England, he decides to follow him down the apartment stairwell and warn the dude about "Penny's boyfriend." The guy couldn't look any less interested in his warning and it wasn't until he left the building that Leonard noticed Penny heard the entire conversation (whoops). After Leonard explains his reasons for his jealousy, Penny (finally) says, "Leonard, why do you always do this? Listen to me, you’re the one I’m with. You know I love you, so will you please relax because you’re driving me crazy."

7 When Leonard Proposes To Penny For REAL This Time

Does anyone know how many times these two have actually proposed to each other? Leonard tries to when he's feeling emotional, and it seems Penny tries to when she's in a rough patch. But it seems whenever the other person pops the question - the other isn't ready. That is until the season seven finale when Penny decides she needs to make smarter decisions in her life. Leonard (obviously, confused by this statement) asks what she means. After she says "We could get married," the entire scene changes for the better. You know, after Leonard asks Penny if he's a "smart decision" like a bran-muffin or a "good decision" like a Pop-Tart. Leonard takes her decision seriously and surprises her with a diamond ring he's had hiding in his wallet "for a couple of years." Finally, it's real this time!

6 When They Move In Together!

As a super-fan, I was counting down the days until Leonard and Penny FINALLY moved in together. You know, without Sheldon in the other room, of course.

When Amy Farrah Fowler's apartment is victim to water damage, she and Sheldon take this time to do a five-week trial run of living together. Amy and Sheldon take Penny's apartment, while Leonard and Penny stay in the main apartment...together...alone. And thanks to this new roommate transition - we finally got to see Penny and Leonard in their own element. Which turned out to be a major dance party in their underwear! There was something so exciting and loving about this moment. These two finally got to do whatever they wanted without Sheldon's dooming roommate agreement hanging over their heads. These two definitely have their differences, but the excitement of an underwear dance party is very much on the same page.

5 When They Went To Prom Together

To be honest, I was dreading the prom episode in The Big Bang Theory. We all know how sappy Leonard can be when it comes to his love for Penny, so I was nervous the entire episode would be a little too corny. But instead, it was one of the most memorable moments between our favorite couple.

We find out Penny had been to like, five proms. And as it turns out, Leonard went to his prom as well. The only difference was, he didn't go with a date. So although Penny saw this prom as tedious and nothing special, Leonard saw it as a time to take the prettiest girl he's ever been with to one of the most important dances in a person's life. They got all dolled up, soaked in the atmosphere, and danced without music - as we all watched in awe.

4 When They Tried To Get Past Leonard Cheating On Penny

I wanted to kill Leonard when he admitted to cheating on Penny WHILE on their way to Las Vegas to get married! Of all people to cheat on a person, Leonard? As Sheldon says "I'm sorry, I thought I raised him better than that." It turns out Leonard kissed a fellow scientist named Mindy while he was on a trip at sea. He only told Penny about the kiss because he wanted to start their marriage off without any secrets. Penny was obviously ticked off, but she admitted she could get past the indiscretion.

Although Leonard cheated on Penny, Penny also had her moments of weakness in the relationship. As it turns out, the two were both subconsciously sabotaging their relationship because they're both filled with so much worry around their differences, that they weren't focusing on all the good parts about their relationship. But after this clarification as realized, the two started off marriage on an even better foot.

3 When Valentine's Day Didn't Workout

I love Valentine's Day episodes in TV shows. They either go romantically well or totally fall off the deep end. So I was very cautious when watching Big Bang's version of Valentine's Day.

Leonard and Penny decided to have a fancy night out on the town and made a reservation at a restaurant. After waiting an hour for their table to be called, the two just about had enough. Penny tries flirting with the staff to make their reservation pop up earlier, but it ultimately fails. Which leads to the two fleeing the restaurant and grabbing juicy burgers to eat in their car instead. Honestly, doesn't that sound more fun and romantic? Chowing on greasy food with your significant other in comfort instead of waiting hours on end for a table by the window only to wait even longer for food? They joked about being "old" and losing their love for having fun, but this night actually proved otherwise.

2 When They Created A Relationship Agreement

Leonard and Penny will always have their fights. A marriage certificate and a diamond ring doesn't cancel differences in opinions or deep-rooted issues. In season 10, Penny feels a little under appreciated and undervalued by Leonard. Now that they're married, she kinda felt like he was letting himself go a little bit (playing video games in your underwear while burping will do that to ya!).

After both of them admitted that the flame in relationships mellow out at times, they realized that it doesn't mean they're any less committed or infatuated. So in order to stop the arguing and nitpicking, Penny and Leonard do the unthinkable and ask Sheldon if he can create a relationship agreement for their relationship now that they're married. As silly as the concept is, it may be just the ticket to get these two back on track.

1 When They Finally Got Married In Front Of Loved Ones

We absolutely love that Leonard and Penny were married twice. Once by themselves in Las Vegas, and again in front of friends and family. Besides the drama between Leonard's family and Sheldon's mom - the episode was a success. It was also a chance for us to see Penny properly walk down the aisle and finally meet her family! How is it that after ten seasons, we never met her family until then? We've all been so curious how her and Leonard's family were going to interact.

Although these two love birds come from completely different backgrounds, there's no hiding the chemistry that has been between the two of them all along. From a couple of proposals, to moving in together (with Sheldon), to two weddings, Leonard and Penny seemed to found a rhythm that works better for them as a couple. And when they're happy - we're happy!

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