15 Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” Memes That Will Seriously Uplift You

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15 Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” Memes That Will Seriously Uplift You

OK, serious question: who is more inspiring and insanely gorgeous than Ryan Gosling? We guess that was more of a rhetorical question more than anything, because…let’s be real, we all know the answer to that, right? Right. He stole our hearts in The Notebook, captivated us in The Place Beyond the Pines and broke our hearts when we found out he was actually married to Eva Mendes (*insert eye roll here*). Now, he’s inspiring our everyday lives with these “Hey Girl” memes that are saturating social media. This is it, guys. THIS is what we’ve been waiting for.

Alright, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but nothing gets us more excited–in more ways than one–than a miraculous Ryan Gosling meme that sends a message of encouragement through tough times. Because we all need some support every now and again, especially with everything we’ve had to endure in 2016. Sheesh.

So if you need to be uplifted AND turned on, simultaneously, then these 15 Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” memes are for you. You’re welcome.

15. When you need encouragement. Like, NEED

via twitter

Via: twitter.com

No matter how ambitious and accomplished you may be in life, sometimes you just need a little motivation from your significant other, or even just a friend. Let’s face it, things can get pretty tough out here–not to mention super stressful–when you’re trying to crush your goals. And nothing is more comforting and sexy, than someone as beautiful at Ryan Gosling cheering you on along the way. We mean, realistically, that person may not be as beautiful as Ryan Gosling, but a girl can dream, right?!

Sometimes, all you need is someone, other than yourself, to see just how hard you’re trying to make it in life. Because it ain’t easy! A little acknowledgment and appreciation here and there can go a very long way and can give us that extra push we need to make it across the finish line!

14. Beards are LIFE

via pinterest

Via: pinterest.com

Is this like, the Age of the Beard or something? Goodness–we’ve never seen so many men with glorious beards in our ENTIRE lives, and quite frankly, we’re not mad about it at all! We mean, just look at Drake—he went all “next-level fine” with his beard last year. Which subsequently caused women to totally freak out when he cut it all off for his Saturday Night Live appearance. That, friends, is the power of the beard. Hey, no complaints here—put us under you spell, you bearded kings!

There’s just something about a man with a groomed beard that just screams “hot.” It looks distinguished and honestly, all men should take a shot at growing them. It’s kind of the equivalent to women and makeup or faux lashes. All we know is that it seems to enhance the physical attractiveness one already possesses. Or perhaps, gives them the attractiveness they once lacked? Either way, beards are everything!

13. But first, coffee

via ironlady39.blogspot.com

Via: ironlady39.blogspot.com

Wouldn’t it be glorious if there was a Ryan Gosling coffee delivery service? Is someone taking notes? If not, you should be. This is a billion-dollar idea, for sure! Women all over the world would be using this service for all of their coffee needs. For many other needs too, of course…but mainly for the coffee and the hotness (definitely not referring to the coffee here, just to be clear).

Seriously though, sometimes it’s just nice to have someone to bring you a cup of Joe, especially when you’ve got a million other things going on in your life. If your morning is anything like ours, it’s hectic, stressful and not nice. So coffee-on-demand would definitely be a life-saver and mood-saver, since some of us are pure heathens before we’ve had our first cup of coffee. That Ryan Gosling coffee delivery service is sounding pretty good right now, isn’t it?! Yea, we think so, too.

12. When you’re in a cuddling mood

via frenys.com

Via: frenys.com

There is absolutely nothing more exciting and adrenaline-pumping than the anticipation of some major cuddles and chick flicks on a Friday night. Oh come on, you know it’s true. Just think about it: you’ve had a hectic week of deadlines, meetings and a bunch of other mindless stuff, so the last thing you want to do is hang out with your friends, right? Instead of partying the night away with your homies, wouldn’t it be nice to come home to sheer relaxation? And by sheer relaxation, we mean a night of snuggling up with *insert snuggle buddy here* and watching The Notebook?! We’re sorry, but nothing beats that scenario. Well, unless that snuggle buddy is actually Ryan Gosling, then yeah, that takes the cake.

11. When someone just “gets” you

via knowyourmeme.com

Via: knowyourmeme.com

It’s an amazing feeling when someone just gets it, right? They listen to the same music you listen to, they like the same foods that you like and most importantly, they laugh at the same silly vids and memes you share on social media all day. Let’s not downplay how important this is, because it’s VERY crucial to a relationship, especially in this era of social media savviness. But seriously, if you don’t LOL at all the funny videos your significant other tags you in, then WHERE IS THE RELATIONSHIP GOING?! #QTNA

This is especially referring to the cat videos. You HAVE to laugh at the cat videos or the relationship is just a sham. Point blank and period. Because what’s funnier than people recording cats doing funny stuff? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.

10. Winter is coming, and so is the struggle

via pinterest

Via: pinterest.com

Well, winter is here, guys. And you know what that means, lots of bitter cold weather for us bitter ladies. How fitting, right? And nothing reminds a girl just how bitter and single she is than having to scrape ice and snow off of her own car. Just, ugh. And don’t get us started about shoveling snow, sheesh! Is there like a rent-a-guy service for this? That would be extremely helpful for us ladies who don’t have a man who’s handy for these types of tedious tasks. Unfortunately, we can’t all be as lucky as Eva Mendes!

But seriously, men, if you really want to sweep a girl off of her feet, then shovel the snow from under her car. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

9. When food is your life

via youtube

Via: youtube.com

Listen, us ladies like food. Like really, really like food. The truth is, we like food almost more than men (and some of us actually do like food more than men). We know, we know—what a sad reality, but it’s reality nonetheless. So, the sooner you realize this, the better. Don’t fret; there’s still a purpose for you yet, fellas, and that’s to encourage us while we indulge in delicious food, like burritos. Burritos are the bomb. And we don’t want to be judged while stuffing our faces with them. At the very least, we’d love for you to cheer us on along the way. You know, like, “go on girl, eat that burrito!” That right there is “sexy talk,” if we’ve ever heard it before in our lives. And we love it. But not more than burritos, though, because that…that’s just absurd.

8. Celebrating the small victories

via pinterest

Via: pinterest.com

Everything we accomplish is not a major milestone in life; sure, we get that. But sometimes we need our small victories to be acknowledged. For example: getting to work on time, ordering a salad instead of French fries, actually applying makeup before work (just eyeliner really), not cursing anyone out on the train in the morning, etc. These small victories matter. They ALL matter! And having someone to congratulate us on those small victories can make a huge impact on our day and life!

Not to mention, acknowledging our small victories can give us the confidence we need to apply towards our BIG victories, right? Like, if we went all day without spending money on a mocha frappé, we might be able to run for Congress too, BECAUSE WE CAN DO ANYTHING. So yes, there’s that.

7. Supporting our spending habits

via pinterest

Via: pinterest.com

Speaking of mocha frappés–if you’re anything like us, perhaps you spend a little too much on your daily coffee. Vanilla lattes, cappuccinos–we mean, they are so good, and necessary to make it through a stressful day. Honestly, how can one make it through the day without something coffee-related? Really, it’s not just a way of life, it’s the ONLY WAY OF LIFE.

Although these daily coffee drinks can be quite tasty, they can also be a major blow to your pockets AND bank account–especially if you tally up all the coffee-related purchases you’ve made in a month. Talk about mind-blowing! On the other hand, we work too hard NOT to be able to have our daily coffee fix! Therefore, we expect you to be fully on board with this spending habit, no questions asked. Please and thanks.

6. Dreaming of a simpler life

via pinterest

Via: pinterest.com

Don’t you wish you could take a break from it all—the city, the craziness, the people, your job—and just commit to living a simpler life? More specifically, a simple life with Ryan Gosling in the woods, where you guys can even make your own soap?! What a dream! We mean, it would pretty much be the modern times version of The Notebook! But yes, it’s a dream nonetheless. And a pretty good one, might we add. Like, where can we sign up?!

But honestly, we’re all waiting on our Prince Charming who can whisk us away to some super remote location, where we can unwind and focus on the simple things in life. We’d prefer to wait on Mr. Ryan Gosling himself, but we guess someone else will have to do. Argh.

5. That #fridayfeeling

via pinterest

Via: pinterest.com

What a way to start the weekend! And you know what’s better than Friday? Someone giving you a celebratory “Happy Friday” shout-out. It just works, doesn’t it? Like, it never ceases to get you hyped about it being Friday. Someone could tell us “Happy Friday” about 10 times, and no lie, we’d get more and more excited about it, each and every time they say it.

See here’s the thing–Fridays signify the end of a stressful work week and most importantly, the beginning of a wild and crazy weekend of sipping wine and watching Netflix. So yeah, tell us “Happy Friday” as many times as you need to, because it will NEVER get old. And we do mean NEVER. Like, ever. Did we mention we love to hear “Happy Friday”? Okay cool, just making sure.

4. Frigid toes

via pinterest

Via: pinterest.com

Why do people get so freaked out about cold feet? Not in the metaphorical sense, but quite literally. People, literally lose it over cold feet, particularly when someone touches you with them. You know how you’ve found a winner? When that person doesn’t care about you tucking your cold feet under their thighs for some of their body heat. Now that’s just true love. Where can we find some of that? Sign us up!

See, someone who really cares about you doesn’t want you to be cold. And they’d be willing to do anything just to keep you warm and cozy…even something as daring and dangerous as keeping your little toes warm. This is the stuff love is made of, guys. This is the real love story.

3. Totally aching for some bacon

via pinterest

Via: pinterest.com

OK, let’s face it. Sometimes you got a fever and the only relief is bacon. It’s true! Sometimes you just NEED bacon in your life. This has got to be, like, a scientific fact or something, right? Okay, well, maybe not. Regardless, there’s nothing more romantic than someone who prepares a fresh plate of piping hot bacon for you. Unless this person is in fact, Ryan Gosling—then that’s just a whole new level of sexiness right there!

Just imagine you’re with someone and you’re living in a house in the woods, making your own soap AND they made you bacon. Now that’s something to curate a wedding Pinterest mood board about! No? Just saying, sounds like things are getting pretty serious, that’s all.

2. When you just need some affection

via pinterest

Via: pinterest.com

Sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand and walk with you through this hell—oops, we mean this thing—we call life. OK, maybe not to that extreme (although it would be nice), but just having someone to hold your hand can be pretty comforting in times of distress. Just knowing someone is there for you, can be such an amazing feeling! And if that person was Ryan Gosling…my goodness…well, you already know how we feel about that.

See, sometimes the load is just too much to bear alone and a simple human touch is all you need to release some of that burden. All you need is someone to help you carry the load. Seriously, aren’t we all searching for this?!

1. Supporting your selfie dreams

via pinterest

Via: pinterest.com

You know what can be extremely annoying? Someone who gets annoyed when you take a lot of photos. Or better yet, someone who is bothered when you ask them to take photos of you. Like, who else is supposed to take them?! A photographer?! Pssssst. Who has that type of money? Plus, if we’re together, you’re supposed to be the personal photographer by default. Seriously, everyone knows this.

But what can be wonderful, is someone who supports your excessive picture-taking abilities. You heard us right—someone who supports your selfies and aspirations of becoming an Instagram celebrity. Yes, that person is THE ONE. This person is also like a needle in a hay stack—almost impossible  to find. So if you can snag someone who encourages you to take more pics of yourself, keep them!

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