15 Of The Best Lessons From George Feeny On Boy Meets World

George Feeny was Eric, Cory, and Morgan Matthews’ next door neighbor on Boy Meets World for the duration of the show. Because we grew up watching BMW, we learned important life lessons from it. It may have been a sit-com, but most of the episodes had an underlying message to teach us all. Although each of the characters in the series had words of wisdom to give, Mr. Feeny had the most to say when it came to teaching us how to navigate this world. As he dished out advice to everyone, we were able to apply it to our own lives and make decisions for ourselves. He was the Mr. Miyagi of our favorite 90’s sitcom, and he never let us down when it came to figuring out how we could deal with all of life’s problems.

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15 When He Taught Us About Being A Hero

In Season 3 episode 5, Cory breaks into the science lab with Shawn and accidentally winds up starting a fire. Instead of staying around and facing the consequences of his actions, he pulls the fire alarm and leaves. While at school the next day, Janitor Bud says that he saw him pull the alarm. Instead of thinking that he was the one who started the fire, the janitor recognizes him as a hero for pulling it. For the rest of the episode he is praised as being a hero even though it was his fault that the fire was started in the first place. Soon, the guilt starts to eat away at him, and so he turns to Mr. Feeny for help and he is rewarded with this bit of advice.

14 When He Taught Us About Caring About Others

This little bit of wisdom that Mr. Feeny gave out went directly to Shawn, and it’s all too relatable. Just think about being a kid again. This quote applied back then. Do you remember teasing someone of the opposite gender or being teased by someone of the opposite gender? And can you also recall complaining about this to your parent or to another adult and having this person tell you that the reason your classmate was making fun of you was because he or she liked you? That didn’t always end up being the case, but I know it happened enough that I wound up seeing some truth behind it. The same idea is applicable now. There are times where we’re so frustrated with our loved ones and we whine about whatever they’re doing to get on our nerves, but the reason we do this is because we happen to care enough about them to find their behavior appalling. If you didn’t love them, you would just move on and remove them from your life, but since you do like them you keep them around and vent about all of your disappointment that you have with them instead.

13 When He Taught Us About Love

Cory and Topanga’s love was one for the history books. Often time’s adults tell young people that they’re too young and that they don’t have enough life experience to know what real love is. When us 90’s kids heard something like that we would quietly laugh to ourselves while thinking about the love that Cory and Topanga had for each other. They loved each other since they were kids and that love only grew as they got older. During their senior year in high school, Topanga was forced to move out of town with her parents. Needless to say, the love birds were both heartbroken that they wouldn’t be near each other anymore. However, during one stormy night, she runs away from her new home and comes back to Philadelphia to be with her boyfriend. All of the other adults in their life try to persuade them that they’re too young to have such strong feelings for one another, but Mr. Feeny drops some knowledge about true love that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

12 When He Taught Us About Silencing Other’s Opinions About Us

All too often, we find ourselves at the receiving end of whispers, talks, and criticisms. Sometimes they’re true, but a lot of times these opinions that other people have about us aren’t an accurate depiction of who we are. In these moments, we may choose to listen to these views that others hold about us. I mean, if that’s how the world sees you then why not give them what they want, right? It’s tempting to fall into this trap, but if you ever expect to grow as a person then it’s important for you to not fall for it. Mr. Feeny recognized this, and when he saw that Cory was struggling with this problem, he offered sage advice like he always did, knowing that if he chose to listen to him that he would be better off because of it.

11 When He Taught Us To Listen To Our Hearts

In life, we have people telling us what we should do. Every now and again we feel like we need to listen to them. Some of these individuals have our best interest at heart, and others just want to see us fail. When Cory was having a problem with this very issue, Mr. Feeny presented him with some important information. Cory was having doubts that he could really be in love with Topanga because he was only sixteen. Many of the people in his life were telling him this very thing, and it was causing him to question his true feelings for her. Mr. Feeny let him know that he could find the answer to this question by searching his heart, and in that moment we realized that we could do to same. Whenever we started to have fears about our dreams and our plans because of what other people were saying, we could search our own hearts in order to discover what we really wanted.

10 When He Taught Us To Change The World

As Cory and the gang got older, new members joined their group, including Eric’s roommate/ Shawn’s older brother, Jack. And because he became a part of the Penbrook crew, that meant that he was entitled to receive some of Mr. Feeny’s timeless messages. When Jack and Eric started to work together at the Student Union, it didn’t take long for Jack to become bothered by Eric’s childish antics. When Eric gave the cash from the register to an organ grinder with a sob story, Jack got angry with him and went in on him. Soon after being reprimanded, Eric started being less like himself and more serious towards the customers. After seeing this, Jack realized that he didn’t like how his friend was acting, and so he went to tell Mr. Feeny this. That’s when we learned this lesson.

9 When He Taught Us About Dealing With Unrealistic Expectations

In season seven episode 17, Topanga thinks she’s fat, so she goes on a diet. However, it doesn’t take long for a rumor to start going around campus that she’s pregnant. And when she discovers this, she doesn’t correct it because she enjoys the extra attention that she has been getting. At the end of the episode, Cory and some of the members of the school throw Topanga a baby shower at the Student Union. When this happens, Topanga realizes that this story has gone too far, and so she confesses that she isn’t pregnant and that she went on a diet because she believed that she wasn’t skinny enough. After her big reveal, Mr. Feeny comforts her by telling her this sad but true quote.

8 When He Taught Us About How Random The World Is

Mr. Feeny would dish out advice to the youngest members of Boy Meets World on a regular basis. He was a wise man. And part of being an older intelligent person is teaching the lessons that you’ve learned to the next generation that’s coming of age, which is why he delivered such important teachings to Cory and his friends. It was a pleasant surprise, however, whenever he would impart some of his knowledge on to the older members of the BMW family. Sometimes we think that people who are older have it all figured out, but Mr. Feeny knew that this is not the case. That’s why he still felt the need to provide Amy and Alan with some valuable information whenever they needed it.

7 When He Taught Us About Looking For Answers

Mr. Feeny was a teacher, which meant that his job was to educate his students. In the American education system that means that you’re supposed to teach your students a bunch of different facts so that they can answer questions about this information. When you spend most of your life with this kind of instruction you may start to believe that this is how life works. You get asked a question and then you find the right response for that query. Mr. Feeny knew that’s not how life worked, and so he went above and beyond the regular job description of a teacher by letting his pupils know that the real world is much more than just finding one answer to the problems that life poses to you.

6 When He Taught Us About Communication

Because Mr. Feeny taught Cory and Topanga since childhood, he also got a chance to see their love blossom. After Cory believes that Shawn is having sex with a girl from school, he tries to push his relationship with his girlfriend to the next level and fails miserably. Once this happens, their relationship falters slightly, and of course Mr. Feeny is there to help the baby Casanova out. Even though the love birds seem perfect at times, Mr. Feeny recognizes that all couples have problems (even our favorite 90’s sitcom pair). When he sees the small rift between the two, he offers his young neighbor this advice on the importance of communication. And while the incident that prompted this counsel may have been because of a romantic issue, we all know that this is applicable to all kinds of bonds.

5 When He Taught Us About Friendship

Friendship was a central theme throughout Boy Meets World, and because of this, we learned what true camaraderie looks like. You had companionships like Shawn and Cory’s that developed during childhood, and then you also had a chance to see relationships like Rachel and Angela’s that initiated later in life. But it doesn’t matter when our favorite characters started being friends. What did matter is that we had a chance to see the importance of this kind of a bond played out in nearly every way imaginable. Mr. Feeny was a witness to all of these connections that were formed over the years, and whenever there was a bump in the road in these associations, our favorite TV teacher was there to give his young students some much needed advice.

4 When He Taught Us About Family

Shawn Hunter came from a pretty broken home. His dad was hardly ever around because he was always out looking for Shawn’s mother who abandoned them. And when he was there, he was a far from perfect father. Because of this, the young Mr. Hunter learned to rely on himself at a very early age. Although his biological relatives were absent from his life, he still had people in his life that he could always count on. Mr. Tuner, Cory, Topanga, Eric, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, and all of his other friends became like family to him. Mr. Feeny saw that Shawn had all of these important people in his life, and when he started to put the needs of his non-existent family above the needs of his brother, Cory, Mr. Feeny set him straight with this quote.

3 When He Taught Us To Have Standards

At one point in time when Eric was looking into colleges, Beach Sate was his top school. He wanted to go somewhere where he could party, and this college seemed like the perfect choice. There were other universities, like Penbrook, that he was smart enough to get in to, but he desired to go some place that was “a sure thing.” He didn’t want to go somewhere that he would struggle at, so this school was the right fit for him. When Eric had one of his infamous over the fence conversations with his next door neighbor/ mentor, he ended up telling him as much. Even though Mr. Feeny was encouraging his pupil to continue on with his schooling, he still wanted him to get a good education, and thus this quote was born.

2 When He Taught Us About Growing

On occasion, Mr. Feeny would use metaphors and analogies to drive his lessons home. When Cory was having doubts about moving to New York with Topanga, he gave us one of those valuable messages. Mr. Feeny knew that Cory needed to mover on to the next chapter in his life, but he was also aware that he was scared to make that jump, which is why he told him about the plant in his home. His young friend needed to hear this if he wanted a chance at continuing to grow, so our all-knowing teacher told him that he needed to leave Philadelphia. It definitely would not be easy, but it was an important step that he had to take in order to go to a place where he could keep on flourishing.

1 When He Taught Us The Best Lesson of All

In the final episode of the series, the gang is getting ready to move to New York City, and as they get ready to go, they call up Mr. Feeny to tell him goodbye and to let him know how much he means to them. This is the episode where the single most important quote of the entire series is said. Topanga asks if there’s anything else left for him to teach them, and in that moment he utters the words that would help to define a generation. “Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.” These words are so simple, and yet they encompass so much. They remain in our hearts as we navigate the world, and we will always be thankful to Mr. Feeny for teaching us this important lesson.

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