15 Of The Best 'The Walking Dead'-'Supernatural' Crossover Memes To Grace The Internet

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Do you also love Supernatural? Same! Thankfully, the Internet has gifted TWD/SPN fans with some hilarious cross-over memes. Ever since Jeffrey Dean Morgan joined the cast of The Walking Dead, the crossover references have overflowed online. And we're here for it. The characters on each show seem to live in wildly different universes. But the worlds they're living in aren't that far off from one another when we really think about it. The Winchesters live in a world that's constantly bombarded by evil. Nearly every season, the apocalypse seems to be nigh. Meanwhile, in The Walking Dead, the apocalypse has already happened. It's too easy to compare the two shows and we're so glad creative fans have gone out of their way to make us laugh. Here are 15 SPN-TWD crossover memes that will have you doubling over.

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15 I'm You But Stronger

Yep. The Walking Dead's Negan is definitely stronger than John Winchester. We can all agree on that, right? John Winchester was a tired man who was overcome by a desire to get revenge for the death of his wife. He's not exactly full of vitality. Negan, on the other hand, seems to be super pumped that the zombie apocalypse has given him a chance to be a leader. He's happy to swing Lucille around in order to get people to follow him. We have yet to see a scared Negan. And FYI: We've seen John Winchester look worse, but Negan's been going strong. We bet it's because Jeffrey Dean Morgan's The Walking Dead character is a sociopath. He clearly has no remorse for the pain he inflicts on others and he seems to really enjoy bashing people's heads in.

14 Dad's Been Hunting

John Winchester was notorious for leaving his kids behind to head off on hunting trips. We get it, you want to rid the world of evil and get your hands on evil yellow eyes. That's understandable. Your beautiful wife was taken from you far too soon. Life isn't fair. But would she really want you to act like a sh**ty, absent father most of the time? Because that's what John Winchester does. He leaves his kids in crappy motels and they rarely have any way of getting in touch with him. No wonder Sam and Dean are so emotionally screwed up. They basically lived their young lives wondering when and if their father would ever return. They barely even got to be kids. We bet if John had been the one to die instead of Mary, things would have been vastly different.

13 They Tried To Warn Us

At first, we totally thought that someone had Photoshopped the image of John Winchester with the baseball bat. That seemed like something the Internet would do. But then, we remembered that this is an actual scene in Supernatural. This is a genuine photo of Sam and Dean's dad as a baseball player. It's as if the show knew what was going to happen. It's as if they had psychic abilities and saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan casted as the super-villain on The Walking Dead. It's kind of eerie. But let's be honest, John Winchester looks happy in the photo, not sadistic. The baseball bat is not covered in barbed wire and he's clearly dressed to play a ball game. Still, the coincidence hasn't escaped our notice.

12 Come Get Your Dad

Do you remember that scene with Rick? It was the time when a group of survivors were holed up in the prison. At first, it seemed like things were going to be idyllic. The group was gardening and things seemed to be looking up. Unfortunately, they had to content with the Governor. But he really wasn't as bad as Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan. The Governor was clearly a troubled man and he sort of seemed remorseful some of the time. He also didn't seem to enjoy being evil. He seemed to believe what he was doing was necessary, unlike how Rick has acted for much of the past two seasons. Sometimes, you have to be the bad guy. Especially if you think your people are in trouble. Negan is playing a whole other ballgame, though.

11 Dance Party

Listen, this is funny. It's actually so funny, we laugh-snorted and got coffee all over our desks. Thank you, Internet for gracing us with this delightful GIF! Let's break down why this GIF is so glorious. First off, The Walking Dead scene that's happening is clearly tragic. If your memory is failing you, this is the scene when Rick discovers a deceased Lori. We really didn't like Lori, but we still found it hard to watch Rick break down. Carl was stone-faced and serious, while Rick was freaking out, starting to sob. The background consists of the outdoor brick walls of the prison. It's a stark scene. It's made even gloomier by the black and white effect. Except, smack in the middle is Dean Winchester doing his little dance. How can you not laugh?

10 Hey Dad, You Left Something

So the Supernatural dudes are clearly loving the fact that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has become part of The Walking Dead. It's just more of an opportunity for great tweets, like this one. Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester on Supernatural, snapped a photo of the show's Impala with an eerily familiar looking bat sitting on the hood. We love these crossover references. As fans of both shows, they make us so happy. We hope that if Sam and Dean found this bat on top of their car, they'd burn it. In some alternate universe, we want them to never return it to their father. We want them to smash it to pieces, throw it in a river, and otherwise destroy it. Maybe that way we could prevent certain people from dying horrible deaths.

9 My Dad's Gonna Beat Up Your Dad

Via: Pinterest

You know what? Dean's right. Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is going to beat the sh*t out of Rick. He has already and he'll probably do it again. He clearly loves doing it. He's even threatened to slice off Carl's arm once or twice. But Carl is also correct, or at least we hope so. Rick Grimes is hopefully going to murder the sh*t out of Negan. We're waiting for it and we're ready for the moment of sweet, sweet revenge. It will be glorious! Even more glorious than a beautiful tiger soaring through the air and mauling a member of the Savior's group. Yes, that was epic. We hope that Negan's death is just as rewarding. Maybe each person from Rick's group will take turns cutting off his fingers and toes. Too much? Whatever.

8 Walking Dead Fans Be Like

Oh boy, remember when we had to spend a whole summer wondering who the hell got killed? It was torture. We were given months to speculate and worry about which of our favorite characters would be murdered by Negan. And in all honesty, we kind of wish that the show had revealed the persons killed right away. It should have been included in the season finale. Waiting the whole summer kind of felt anti-climatic. It felt like we already had a chance to mourn the loss of each possible dead character. When the deaths were revealed, we had already steeled ourselves against the sadness. Or, at least, mostly. We really hope the writers don't do that to us again. It was totally unnecessary. We don't need a cliffhanger to get us to return each season.

7 Hunter By Day...

Which Jeffrey Dean Morgan do you prefer? This is tough because both characters are pretty insufferable. John Winchester is a terrible father obsessed with revenge. Negan is a sadistic maniac who enjoys hurting others. You'd think that the insane murderous dude would be our last pick, but...did we mention that we really don't like John Winchester? Either way, watching Jeffrey Dean Morgan play any character is really difficult. Whether or not he's playing evil villains or he's playing a bad parent, there's a part of us that hates the character. But then there's another part of us that wants that character to take us out to dinner and romance us. Right? He's a damn handsome man, and although we hate Negan, there's a part of us that feels really conflicted.

6 Dumped By Sam

Via: Pinterest

Wowww. We totally didn't realize this connection until now. Emma Bell plays Amy in The Walking Dead. She's Andrea's little sister who gets munched on by a walker and dies. It's one of the first really tragic deaths in The Walking Dead, even though we didn't know Amy that well. The pain that Andrea feels is very apparent and it's hard to watch her go through the loss of her sister. Of course, any Walking Dead fan remembers Emma Bell as Amy. But did you know that she was in Supernatural as well? She played a character named Lindsey in the episode "Free to Be You and Me." She has a romp with Sam, who's going by the pseudonym 'Keith.' She was only in one episode, so we totally get it if you missed this connection.

5 Good Guy Bad Girl

Via: Me.Me

Here's another direct The Walking Dead/Supernatural connection. Lauren Cohan appeared in Supernatural for a few episodes as Bela Talbot. She was an ambiguous villain who only seemed to think about herself. Of course, Jeffrey Dean Morgan also appeared in Supernatural as Sam and Dean Winchester's father. We think labeling him as a 'good guy' is pretty arguable. He wasn't a villain, but gosh he was such a crappy dad. On The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan is definitely the bad guy. Although, even that can be debated. From a different perspective, doesn't Rick Grimes look like a villain? We'll acquiesce when it comes to Lauren Cohan's Maggie character. We think she's a pretty good person. And wait... what? Negan and Maggie? John and Bela? Batman's parents!?

4 Dad's Gonna Be On 'TWD'

Via: Meme Super

These reaction photos of Sam and Dean from Supernatural are just perfect. We bet the pair looked this excited when they found out that their fictional dad, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, was going to be on another hit TV show. Morgan plays Negan in The Walking Dead and the character is pretty different than the one he played on Supernatural. We wonder what kind of characters Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki would play if they were cast on The Walking Dead. We could only hope they would be the good guys. But it's also interesting to imagine them playing horrible villains. We've seen both of them act badly on Supernatural, so it's not that far-fetched. We especially liked demon Dean. There was something undeniably sexy about him.

3 Pudding!

There's a reason this is near the top of the list. We love Dean's obsession with food, but this moment from season five in an episode called "Sam, Interrupted" is note-worthy. In the episode, the two Winchester brothers get themselves committed to a mental institution. They're trying to figure out a case, when they're caught sneaking around, and Dean drops his pants and yells "Pudding!" loudly. It's a moment of sheer brilliance from Dean and the scene has been a favorite of many Supernatural fans. We also love the person who made this Supernatural/The Walking Dead connection. It's perfect. Both shows have pudding moments! Who knew! We're partial to Dean's excitement over pudding, though. Speaking of pudding. We're getting kind of hungry. Vanilla or chocolate?

2 Zombie Apocalypse Dance

Remember the GIF of Dean dancing amidst the sadness of Rick and Carl Grimes? Well, here's Dean dancing his butt off again amidst a familiar The Walking Dead background. There's just something about Dean's dancing that's so carefree that it feels so odd compared to the bleak The Walking Dead scene. The world is ending and Dean Winchester seems happy about it? Or, at the very least, not very concerned. Hey wait, that's a common theme in Supernatural. The world is constantly about to end in the SPN universe. Sam and Dean are often struggling to figure out how to stop impending doom, but they're never really as concerned as they should be. Even when they're fighting back against evil, they plan their attacks pretty poorly (*cough, cough* The Darkness).

1 Castiel!

Via: Pinterest

Castiel is the handsome, gruff-speaking, angel from Supernatural. He's played by Misha Collins and appears often alongside the two Winchester brothers. He's one of their most important lifelines. He's saved their asses on more than one occasion and he's sometimes the voice of reason when there is none. He even let Lucifer use him as a vessel thinking it was for the greater good! What a guy...erm...angel. If you're an SPN fan, you'll know that Castiel pretty much wears the exact same outfit all the time: a beige trench coat, a blue tie, and a white shirt. He looks like he should be on the train heading to work at an office. And so does the zombie in the photo. He looks a whole lot like Castiel, doesn't he?

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