15 Of The Best #WorstFirstDate Tweets Guaranteed To Make You Cringe

If you thought you had a bad first date, think again. Thank to Jimmy Fallon, some of the most cringe-worthy first dates in existence have been compiled on Twitter via The Tonight Show’s Hashtag Challenge. You see, Jimmy Fallon has a thing for Twitter hashtags. Over the past few years, he's created countless hashtags ranging from people making fun of themselves to sharing what they'd do if they won the Powerball.

However, some of the best hashtag segments came from those related to dating. There was #AwkwardDate and #WhyImSingle in 2015 and more recently, #MyWorstDate, but the most cringie-worthy of them all has to be the tweets compiled by the hashtag, #WorstFirstDate. Among the stories shared in #WorstFirstDate, you’ll find embarrassing moments of all kinds. From bathroom accidents to awful date locations to bad manners, this collection of tweets represents the worst in humanity. Read on if you dare and revel in the 15 best #WorstFirstDate tweets guaranteed to make you cringe.

15 What a bloomin' idiot

Via: twitter.com

Drugs: Ruining first dates since practically forever. It really says something about this guy that he decided on acid instead of say, smoking a joint or even snorting cocaine. Anything had to have been better than a first date at a chain restaurant like Outback though. How predictable. Where's the imagination? Did they at least order a Bloomin’ Onion to share? It must have been the girl’s choice because why else would someone feel the need to keep themselves amused by sparking a multi-hour acid trip?

The girl who tweeted about it must have been pretty boring. Hey, if pop culture has taught us anything about drugs, it's that hallucinations can be entertaining or absolutely terrifying. Judging by the fact that the guy in question chose to expose himself in public, he was probably having a hell of a time. Our only question for this girl is at some point did she finally leave? Before he was arrested or after?

14 This date is garbage

Via: twitter.com

We’re not sure what’s worse, the fact that a guy actually took a girl to a garbage dump for a first date or the fact that he said she could pick something out. As if any girl would actually want something that’s from a garbage dump. How romantic. He may as well have just called her trashy and just been done with it.

This #WorstFirstDate story sounds straight out of one of those "You Might Be a Redneck" jokes. Do they live in the middle of nowhere where there's absolutely nothing else to do? Even going for a walk outside would have been a better first date than this. Seriously though, who takes someone to a garbage dump? Was he Oscar the Grouch or something? Does he literally live in a trash can? Or maybe he’s more like Scrooge McDuck, but with trash. He just hoards a bunch of crap and then jumps into like it’s water, basking in the glory and the smells. P.U., this date stinks!

13 Wrong hair don't care

Via: Twitter.com

Apparently, blondes don’t have more fun. This guy wanted his date to go from blonde to brunette. Perhaps he wanted her to have a more natural look if she was a bleach blonde. Some guys really don’t like girls with makeup, colored hair or fake boobs. They want to see the "real person" underneath all that. Fair enough, but you don’t bring that up on the very first date.

Plus, there's something decidedly suspicious about a guy who actually wants a girl to change her hair color right off the bat. Our theory? He probably thought she looked like one of his exes, the one he never got over, except this girl had different colored hair. Even though it wasn't the same as getting back together with his ex, going on a date with someone who looked like her was just as good. Only it wasn't quite. He wanted to make it a little more creepy by trying to get her to look as close to the other girl as possible. Nope, nope, nope.

12 Toothless smooch

Via: twitter.com

Uh, how is anyone supposed to not become concerned after their date mentions their tooth might fall out in the middle of a kiss? Is this girl into octogenarians? Cause if so, we'd think that loose teeth would be the least of her concerns in the getting physical department. But, maybe the guy just had a fake tooth or capped tooth that got loose after biting into an apple or something. That's a reasonable guess, right?

And come to think of it, at least he warned her that it might happen. He could have just said nothing, which would have probably freaked her out even more. Can you imagine making out with someone and all of a sudden, something hard drops onto your tongue? That would make anyone gag in disgust! Even worse, what if they swallowed it? Dear God, remind us only to date guys that have all of their teeth intact.

11 Don't Facebook and date

Via: twitter.com

How the heck does something like this even happen? Like, how do you accidentally tag someone you're going on a first date with? That would mean the two of them actually knew each other beforehand and were possibly already friends or at least friends on Facebook. Props for trying to take things to the next level, but we'd guess it was probably pretty hard to go back to casual friends or acquaintances after something as embarrassing as that.

It would be interesting to see the girl's side of the story, though. What was the guy doing that was so awful that she had to post about it on Facebook while it was actually happening? Upon further examination of this guy's Twitter account, it turns out he's a comedian. Perhaps all he was doing was telling awful jokes and she was tired of fake laughing at all of them. That would definitely warrant an OMG-help-I'm-on-the-worst-first-date status update.

10 50/50 made her split

Via: twitter.com

There's nothing worse than having a date go really well only to have it spoiled by discovering the guy is cheaper than your granddad. In this case, the guy in question wasn't just cheap, but completely unfair. If you're not going to pay for your date's meal then at least get separate checks and have each person pay for their own. Asking someone to go 50/50 when you've clearly spent four to five times the amount that they have is just a scumbag thing to do. He may as well have asked her to just pay for the whole thing at that point.

While there are still a lot of women who expect a guy to pay on the first date, there's nothing wrong with going halfsies if your meals were comparatively priced. We're all for equality when it comes to figuring out who pays for what, but there's a certain etiquette that should be observed when it comes to money. After all, money is the number one thing that couples fight over, especially married ones, so if things aren't smooth in the beginning, don't expect them to get any better down the line.

9 Desperate times call for desperate measures

Via: twitter.com

If the words "prison" or "criminal" come up at all during a first date, run in the other direction. That's definitely one way to guarantee there's no second date. Only a desperate man would think that the truth would set him free in this scenario, but who knows, maybe it has worked before?

We suppose there might be some women out there who would take pity on him, especially if he was attractive, perfect in every other way or had a really cute dog. There are loads of reasons someone could be going to prison. Sure, it could be something serious, meaning he's actually quite dangerous, but more than likely it's probably something minor like a drug charge or theft. Granted, breaking the law is still breaking the law. Only a special type of girl would be down with this kind of scenario. Unfortunately for this jailbird, he struck out this time around. Better luck next time, buddy.

8 What a loser

Via: twitter.com

When will guys learn that it's not polite to talk about a woman's weight? Women’s bodies are their own. They don’t belong to men. It's even less polite to tell a woman she needs to lose weight. And it's downright creepy to suggest to someone you just met that they'll be carrying your babies.

Is this some kind of psychological tactic employed by pick-up artists? You know, when they put you down so you'll be curious why they're such a-holes? Believe it or not, this kind of crap is more common than you think, despite it being completely despicable.

We could go on an endless rant about how men need to treat women better and not just think of them as baby-making machines. What a gross and outdated view. Hopefully this girl told him to eff off and assured him that he'd never have any babies (or another first date) with comments like that.

7 Circum-bye-bye

Via: twitter.com

Of all the #WorstFirstDates on this list, this one has got to be one of the weirdest. How on earth did the guy's mom even get a hold of the girl's phone number to ask her for coffee? This might make sense if he was still in high school or something, but even then the mom obviously has some control issues if she's making his very private problem her business. Never mind the fact that she's assuming that this girl will see her son's penis at some point.

Sorry to break it to you lady, but your son's never even going to have the chance to feel embarrassed if you keep confronting his potential dates before they even have a chance to get to know him. Also, why the heck would he ever feel comfortable undressing in front of his mom if he's of age to date? That's some Bates Motel s**t right there.

6 King of cheapskates

Via: twitter.com

There's cheap and then there's CHEAP. Looks like Hannah here got a taste of the latter form. First of all, red flag number one is having a first date at a fast food place. That's just trashy. Plus, there's nothing impressive about it and the food isn't even healthy. All signs point to no. So was it any surprise then that her date asked to split something, and a kid's meal no less? There's barely enough food in there for a kid, never mind a grown adult.

What, was he just going to have some fries and steal the toy from you? Come on now. Who does that? Kid's Meals cost like $4. Why would any guy bother dating if he couldn't even afford that? No woman is going to give him the time of day if he can't even pay for himself at a fast food restaurant. What a sad state the dating pool must be right now if 20-somethings have to deal with this kind of crap on a regular basis.

5 Get the stalk out of here

Via: twitter.com

That's not creepy at all. Admitting to someone you probably just met on the internet that you're good at stalking. What kind of stalking are we talking about here? Like, full fledged evil psycho stalking or Facebook stalking? Sure, you can find out a lot about a person from Facebook, but it's usually a lot more harmless than someone who goes out of their way to find out intimate details about someone through hacking or some other nefarious means.

Was the girl supposed to be impressed by his stalking skills? Oh yes, that's something that every woman desires—having some guy look into your entire personal life and potentially harass you with the information he obtains. No freaking thank you. It’s bad enough that Google can read your mind half the time, anticipating your searches and targeting ads based on your browsing history. We’d quit dating too if a guy actually admitted to us that stalking was like second nature to him.

4 Oops, I crapped my pants

Via: twitter.com

We're not sure which is more embarrassing, watching someone potentially vomit and crap on themselves, or actually doing the expelling of bodily waste yourself. Wait, yes we do, it's the latter. Hopefully the first part of the date was pleasant at least, but you don't really come back from that kind of humiliation. Either someone has a sense of humor about it or they're completely disgusted and turned off by you.

This is the kind of nightmare scenario that makes you prepare for the worst in the future. You can bet your a** that this guy drives around with toilet paper, a spare change of clothes and some Lysol now. In fact, it’s possible the experience was so traumatic, he has a bit of PTSD because of it. Every time he feels the urge to go or has a stomachache, he probably starts getting flashbacks to that time when he ruined a first date and his favorite pair of pants.

3 What an animal

Via: twitter.com

Wow, this one's a keeper for sure. He checks off all the boxes. Arriving late to pick you up. Check. Taking you to a drive-thru and asking you if you want something (as an afterthought). Check. Soliciting you for sex in the middle of a zoo parking lot. Double check. You have to wonder if he does that kind of thing all the time and if it ever actually works. Maybe one of those things might be acceptable for some, but not all three at once.

When you have this bizarre of a first date, it’s only natural to wonder if this guy has his head screwed on straight. Maybe he’s just the type to act first and think about his actions later. Basically, he’s a selfish, immature baby that likely has no respect for women and probably no respect for himself either. In other words a loser. All signs point to nope.

2 Pee-pee pants

Via: twitter.com

Another awful bathroom accident. How does one wet their pants in public, and on a first date no less? Was the guy piss drunk and just couldn't control his bladder? He did text his date from the bathroom so he either did it when she wasn't looking, or he didn't quite make it in time like that other guy. Come on, man, get it together. You might want to have that looked at.

If he has a bladder problem, it's possible that he wanted to take a risk and not wear his Depends out on a first date. What if they went to the beach or played sports on their first date? It’s not exactly easy to hide something like that when you’re wearing shorts made out of thin material. And what if things went so well that she invited him in, only to find he was wearing adult diapers? Things would be over faster than you could say pee-pee.

1 She was a knock out

Via: twitter.com

Clearly this Sarah girl was a bit of a knock out (get it?). Her date was so enchanted with her beauty, he wasn't paying attention to the uneven sidewalk and totally ate it. Let that be a lesson to you guys—don't skateboard and gawk at pretty girls at the same time. All the blood leaves your brain and goes somewhere else, which isn't exactly helpful when you're trying to look cool at the same time.

It bears examining that the guy passed out, though. He must have gotten a concussion at that point. So did the girl just wait for him to wake up or did she call an ambulance for him? Ten minutes is actually kind of a long time to stay passed out. That’s pretty messed up if she just stood there watching him lay on the floor and hoping that he wakes up. What if he suffered brain damage from the impact? Some people just shouldn’t date.

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