15 Of The Best "Wot in Tarnation" Memes

Like all good memes, the “wot in tarnation” meme has - justifiably so - spiraled out of control. We love it, though. Whether you're scrolling through twitter looking for a new one, or rapidly typing "words that end with -ation" into Google, the meme has taken over. While the meme has been traced back to as early as Sept. 23, 2015, it didn't really take off until late February of 2017. “Wot in tarnation” stemmed from the original meme which is “what in tarnation.” It became a reaction image with a Shibu Inu in a cowboy hat with “what in tarnation” superimposed on it. On Feb. 22, 2017, the hat was taken from the original meme, and place on various people or things with captions that ended with -ation. It is sheer madness and it is glorious. Here are some of the best of the best.

15 Wot In Lack Of Qualification

A good meme isn’t a great meme until it takes a stab at Donald Trump, right? So, why not attack his cabinet while we’re at it. Donald Trump and his newly appointed secretary of education Betsy DeVos are the modern day poster children for lack of qualification. Donald Trump’s run to the top was long considered a joke itself, along with Betsy Devos’. Everyone kept overlooking it, because they were under-qualified, and “would never win.” Well, shit.. they did. The only good side of this is that it puts on an awesome level of inspiration for all the underachievers out there. Like, do we really need to apply for those internships and get into grad school to get our dream job? Or can we just sit around and binge watch Jane The Virgin and hope by some ridiculous circumstance we garner enough media attention to get the position we want? We’re gonna follow Trump’s lead on this one and add “under-qualified” to our LinkedIn profiles- we’ll definitely snag the job.

14 Wot In Transfiguration

Things are so much better when you can throw a good Harry Potter reference in there. How often do you get the chance to talk about transfiguration? Now, if you are not familiar, transfiguration is the type of magic that allows wizards and witches to transform an object into something else by manipulating the object’s structure. Like physics, but cooler. If you are attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you will be taught this course by the lovely Professor Minerva McGonagall, who seems uptight but turns out to be an ultimate boss. Wouldn’t it be so much cooler if we were learning stuff like this in class? Instead, we have to take courses like calculus and chemistry, which also really make us go “wot” sometimes.

13 Wot In Evaporation, Condensation, Then Precipitation

Ah, the water cycle. Who says seventh grade science class was for nothing? Without that crucial information from our overly used textbook, we would not be able to laugh at this meme! Next time you’re in class thinking “ugh I’ll never use this in life ever” think back to this meme. Don’t you wanna be able to understand all the memes? Sometimes school teaches more lessons than meets the eye. Thank you to all the teachers that drilled “evaporation, condensation, then precipitation” into our heads. We may not have gone on to be leading environmental scientists, but we have gone on to lead somewhat pleasant lives scrolling through Twitter memes- and you helped us with that. Though it’s kind of misleading that this meme creator left out surface runoff. Runoff is important, guys!

12 Wot In Okay Ladies Now Let's Get In Formation

This meme is perfect for a good lyric to be thrown into. We are so glad that one of Beyonce’s iconic Lemonade lyrics made the cut for it. It could have even gone on to the next line, like give us a “wot in proving to us you’ve got some coordination.” Or even at the end of the song, “wot in knowing your that bitch when you cause all this conversation.” This song is a pure goldmine. Can someone please edit the little cowboy hat onto Beyonce throughout the whole “Formation” music video? Though that might piss off some alt-righters, because apparently when any attention is brought on by Beyonce, it’s an attack on the white community. How’s that for some “wot in desperation” for trying to tear down a “wot in sensation.” Okay, we’re sorry for that one.

11 Wot In Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

Do you want to know what real love is? Do you want to see actual #BaeGoals? Do you want a couple that can top all the greats of the greats, like Romeo and Juliet or Kim and Kanye? Look no further than Scranton, Pennsylvania. Dunder-Mifflin employee Phyllis Lapin (later Phyllis Vance) and Bob Vance. Bob Vance in an icon in the world of refrigeration services, or so we assume. Is there like a refrigeration service worker guild, where they all meetup and discuss sale tactics? We hope so. Anyways, Bob is so into his line of work that he always introduces himself as Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration. Like how cool is that? They even call him that during his wedding with Phyllis. Wot in cool name proclamation.

10 Wot In If You Or A Loved One Has Been Diagnosed With Mesothelioma You May Be Entitled To Financial Compensation

If you don’t know the words “if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma you may be entitled to financial compensation” then congratulations! You have spent so many countless hours watching cable television that you actually have memorized commercial’s dialogues. Unfortunately, a lot of us are part of the portion of the world that does have overplayed commercials like this memorized. I guess we can look on the bright side of things- know we are more knowledgable about how to combat health issues. We can get financial compensation! Hopefully, we never have to deal with being diagnosed with mesothelioma though. We’re not even totally sure what mesothelioma is, but at least we will be prepared if we happen to get struck with it.

9 Wot In Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporation

There’s 104 days of summer vacation and this meme came along just end it. Just kidding, summer vacation is still far from starting nonetheless ending, but whenever you reference Phineas and Ferb you need to sing the theme song, am I wrong? If you were an avid watcher of Phineas and Ferb you are aware of Dr. Heinz Doofenschmirtz and his schemes. His lair is the Doofenshmirtz Corporation and let’s him carry out all his mad scientist plans. Can’t he just sit back and like Phineas and Ferb enjoy their summer vacation? Jeez, shouldn’t they be finishing up their summer reading, not fighting the forces of evil? When do they have time to run through the sprinklers when they are constantly saving the tri-state area from Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Someone call Perry in.

8 Wot In Roc Nation

What’s Roc Nation you may ask? Oh, we get it, you were born after 2000. There was actually a time when Jay-Z was more relevant than just being Beyonce’s husband/the reason for the life-changing album that is Lemonade. Yes, really, we are serious, there was a time when Jay-Z was more famous than Queen Bey herself. Only for like a couple years, though. Honestly, Blue Ivy is more relevant than Jay is now. Roc Nation is the entertainment company formed by Jay-Z along with Jay Brown in 2008. No really really cares about that, though, to be honest. Jay-Z has done us wrong in many ways with his companies, like by co-owning Tidal. Seriously, just get Spotify for like 15 dollars cheaper.

7 Wot In Accidental Artificial Insemination

Okay, the whole getting-pregnant-accidentally-because-your-gynecologist-is-emotionally-distressed-after-a-surprising-revelation-about-her-wife-cheating-on-her-and-sticks-your-boss’s-sperm-into-you-during-an-annual-checkup scenario is really something to make you go “wot!” Yes, Jane’s scenario is super crazy, especially because she’s, duh, a virgin. There are not many things that are more shocking than being told you are pregnant when you are a virgin. Maybe like…. being told Meryl Streep is your real mother and she accidentally got separated from you at a train station back in Atlanta in ’91 and she was so ashamed that she kept it a secret from you for all these years, until she stumbled upon your twitter account and saw you retweeted a really funny “wot in tarnation” meme and felt compelled to contact you. Is that too much of a stretch?

6 Wot In Anticipation

We’ve all been there. Just us, a risky, and those three dots. Sometimes, we think it would be better without those dots. They invite far too much anxiety. We already have anxiety from sending the risky text, now we have to know that we’re getting our life-changing answer soon? This is too much for us, Apple. Take the dots back, we don’t want them anymore. Who decided this? Steve Jobs? He’s laughing at us, now. He knows what’s behind those three dots, but we are destined to sit in anticipation. Should we bring back flip phones? Or even just stick to landlines? Are telegrams out of the question? Ugh, we’re not gonna get out of this one, are we? Don’t even get us started on read receipts.

5 Wot In Procrastination

How many times has just one more episode of The Office turned into binge-watching the rest of the season. Suddenly, you are waking up in the morning twenty minutes late to class and never studied for your midterm and you are also covered in a bag of Cheetos residue. This is what Netflix does to us. It’s so good, but also so secretly very evil. With regular television, it got to a point where nothing good was on, or we would get to a commercial break and reevaluate our priorities. We don’t have that with Netflix. We have so much great content, and no breaks. It’s enough work to get up and go to the pantry to fetch enough bag of Tostitos to chomp on.

4 Wot In Dundies Nomination

Okay, there’s room for one more nod to The Office on this list. How could we not include the Dundies? The Dundies is an awards ceremony, much more esteemed than the Grammys or the Oscars. Yes, the Dundies is annually put on by Michael Scott for his Dunder-Mifflin Scranton employees at the fine establishment that is Chilis. Seriously, all awards ceremonies should take place at chilis. Some notable awards have been the Diabetes Award given to Stanley, Redefining Beauty Award given to Phyllis, Hottest In The Office given to Ryan, and Extreme Repulsiveness Award given to Toby. In the words of Pam Beesley, “I want to thank God because God gave me this Dundie, and I feel God in this Chili’s tonight.” So inspirational.

3 Wot In Wrongful Accusation

Oh Harambe, may that beautiful gorilla rest in peace. It’s always nice when two memes join together to make a super meme. We actually have not heard a lot of Harambe in the past couple of months. Probably because we totally wore the Harambe jokes out back in late summer/early fall. Seriously, we’re triggered when we hear “dicks out for Harambe” muttered. It’s overused! But, with this meme, it brings it in eloquently. It’s almost like Harambe is retro enough to talk about again.. but sparingly, please. We don’t need anymore shot glasses being thrown at us, with someone yelling “take a shot for Harambe, because he took one for you!” If you took a shot every time you heard a Harambe joke in summer 2016, you’d be vomiting within the hour.

2 Wot In Fake News Organizations

Oh Donald. Always calling out different news outlets for being “fake.” By fake he really means any journalist that challenges his decisions or motives. He’s like a whiny teenage girl, going around and calling Becky from gym class “fake” because she didn’t invite her to her party. Becky doesn’t have to invite everyone to her party, and news outlets don’t have to praise the president in their articles or segments. He really needs to get a dictionary and look up what fake means. We wonder what other words he doesn’t know the correct meaning for. Probably “president” too, in regards to the choices he’s making lately. SMH, someone get Donald and SAT tutor because his vocabulary needs some serious help. Or maybe just impeach him.

1 Wot In MLA Citation

Everything is going fine in class, and you are about to pack up your belongings and go work on your research paper. Then, out of nowhere, your professor yells out “make sure you cite your sources in MLA format!” Noooooo! The dreaded works cited page. Can’t we just be like “yeah, lmao, my sources are valid.” That should count. We mean all we’re gonna do is put our sources URL into citationmachine.com and copy what they come up with anyway. Then we start to panic doing parenthetical citations. Do we put the period before or after the parentheses? What do we do if there are two or more authors? What if there’s a quote within the quote? This is too much to handle, we’re dropping out of school.

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