15 Of The Biggest Oscar Fails That Will Make Anyone Cringe And Cry

Every year, Hollywood's hottest get together at the end of winter to pat each other on the backs for a year of movies well done. They put on their swankiest clothes, prepare their best speeches, and cross their fingers that their work was enough to win them the coveted golden statue. The night is all about glitz and glamor. Except, when it's not. Sometimes Hollywood slips up. Sometimes it's not all about the gowns, the speeches or even the films. Sometimes things hit the fan and we get some very memorable Oscar fails. We'd be lying if we said we didn't love a few fails on one of the biggest nights in Hollywood. It's kind of nice to know that even the A-list stars can mess up every now and then. They're not perfect! Even the Julia Roberts of the world can screw up from time to time. So here are 15 of the greatest Oscar fails of all time:

15 When J Law Tripped

This might be the most well-known Oscar fail of all time. We still shudder every time we see the video. But here it is. The beautiful and hilarious Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for her role in Silver Linings Playbook back in 2013. And she won! Much to the delight of the Academy and her young Hunger Games fans. She hears her name and immediately goes to hug co-star Bradley Cooper. She then moves on to the stairs to begin her way up to the stage. Only, she trips. And because she's a human, she takes a second to hang her head in shame before getting up. We can just see what's going on in her head right then. "Did I just trip at the Academy Awards? Am I going to go down in history as the girl who tripped at the Oscars?" Yes, J Law. That is exactly what you're going to be. Especially since she came back the next year and tripped again on the red carpet!

14 Anne And James Hosting

This was painful. Like, actually physically painful to watch for three hours on the screen. How could this happen? How could two such talented and bright young stars make such a complete mess of their hosting gig? We know they're both great actors. James Franco was nominated for an Oscar the year that he hosted and Anne Hathaway won one for her work in Les Miserables. So they have acting chops. They just decided not to use them when they hosted The Academy Awards. They were terrible! They had absolutely zero chemistry together. Their jokes were not funny at all. James looked like he wanted to leave from the very beginning. Which made Anne have to overact to try and make up for him. So she was yelling, hooting, and hollering all over the place. It was such a hot mess. We're still feeling a bit scarred from the whole experience.

13 James Cameron Quotes His Own Script

James Cameron is a bit of a character. He is best known as the director of Titanic and Avatar. But he's also known for his less than kind attitude, especially if you ask his ex-wives; considering there are four of them. And one of them is fellow director, Kathryn Bigelow. Kathryn actually beat out James for Best Director in 2010 for her film, The Hurt Locker. But anyway, back to James. Way back in 1998, his little film, Titanic, took home Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Film Editing. So naturally, James took to the stage to accept his awards. Many people use their speeches to thank their co-workers, the crew, their agents, and their families. Sometimes they share a message or maybe even a famous saying. But what does James do when he wins? He quoted his own movie! He literally said, "I'm the king of the world!" after winning. Ego, much?

12 Angelina Jolie Being In Love With Her Brother

Angelina Jolie used to be a bit of an oddball in Hollywood. Remember when she was married to Billy Bob Thorton and they wore each other's blood in vials around their necks? Yeah, that was a real thing that actually happened. But she has cleaned it up now. She's a professional mom of six. But before that, she was still a bit of a kook that the industry just didn't understand. Like when she went on stage to accept her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Girl, Interrupted in 2000. She gushed, as many actors do, and ended up saying, "I am so in love with my brother." What's that now? We're sure Angie didn't mean it like that. But she said it! And this is the brother she went on to later smooch directly on the lips throughout the red carpet.

11 Naked Guy Hits The Stage

Streaking at the Oscars? Yes, it happened. Way back in 1974, Robert Opel ran across the stage at the Oscars completely naked. He snuck in posing as a journalist and had to cut through a curtain to get to the stage. Robert ran across the stage as David Niven, an actor, was introducing Elizabeth Taylor. David was pretty unphased by the event. He was so unphased that some people thought the event was staged. As the audience laughed, Niven famously said about Robert, "But isn't it fascinating to think that probably the only laugh that man will ever get in his life is by stripping off and showing his shortcomings?" Robert went on to become an art gallery owner featuring gay male artwork. What a remarkable career this guy had! Unfortunately, he was murdered during a robbery at his studio.

10 Tribute To JLo And Gwenie

If we're being honest, we could fill a whole list of Oscar fails just based on some terrible fashion choices. People used to wear some weird things to the Academy Awards! Remember Bjorn in the swan dress? That was certainly something.

In 2000, two guys decided to really change the fashion game on the red carpet. Their names were Matt Stone and Trey Parker - also known as the creative force behind South Park and The Book of Mormon. And they decided to hit the red carpet not in suits and not even in pants. They decided to recreate two very iconic, and very heinous, looks. They wore parody outfits and went as JLo and Gwyneth Paltrow. Remember JLo's low cut to the navel green dress and Gwyneth's perfectly pink ball gown? Do you like them better on JLo and Gwyneth or Trey and Matt? We can't really decide, to be honest.

9 Adrien Brody Making Out With Halle Berry

No one needed to see this. Seriously, no one. Why did this need to happen? There's no reason this needed to happen. We didn't need our eyes assaulted by this. But it happened, so we're dealing. In 2003, Adrien Brody won an Oscar for his work in The Pianist. Most people get very excited about winning their Oscar, which totally makes sense. It's an exciting time! You've just won an Oscar! You might do something crazy. You might scream or cry or shake. And you might even grab the person who gives you the award and pull them in for an impromptu makeout session. You really shouldn't do that. But Adrien Brody did. And the person giving him the award happened to be the very attractive and talented Ms. Halle Berry. Who, lucky for Adrien, didn't slap him upside the face but decided to go along with the bit. Now that performance should get an award!

8 Cuba Gooding Jr Yelling

In 1997, Cuba Gooding Jr won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his work in Jerry Maguire. And boy did he celebrate that win! If you think the energy he had when he played OJ Simpson on TV was a lot, you definitely haven't seen his acceptance speech. Cuba was yelling! He was going wild and jumping around. It was definitely a big moment for him. But luckily, the crowd was with him. The audience was loving his reaction. Especially Tom Cruise, who got a personal shout-out as Cuba's co-star. That's right. Cuba screamed, "I love Tom Cruise!" Tom smiled but maybe he was a little sad, since he was also nominated for an Oscar for this movie but didn't take home the gold. We don't know if this speech is so much a fail or more just a big unexpected moment. It certainly wasn't a fail for Cuba Gooding Jr!

7 More Yelling By Matt Damon & Ben Affleck

It seems like there's just a whole lot of yelling at the Oscars. Or at least back in the day. Back before Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were huge movie stars. You probably know them now as the guy from those Bourne movies and the dude who messed up Batman. But before they were big superstars with kids, tons of movies, and millions of dollars, they were two dorky guys who just happened to write an Oscar-winning screenplay. This was way back in 1997, if that wasn't obvious from their terrible haircuts. They're just so young and fresh faced! It's actually kind of adorable to watch them give their speech. But then they start yelling. Didn't they just win an Oscar for writing? So why are they just yelling out random things? "Whoever we forgot - we love you!" is one of the last lines screamed. So yeah, not the most professional speech and certainly didn't convince us of their screenwriting abilities. But boy was it a cute fail!

6 Whoopi Trying To Be The Queen

Whoopi Goldberg began her hosting duties of the 1999 Academy Awards dressed as the Queen of England. And not the modern day queen in a cute skirt and cardigan. She went as Queen Elizabeth I. She had a big ass dress on with a full collar and head piece. The costume was pretty scary. But what was worse? The accent. We can't tell if she was actually trying to do an English accent or not. If she was, it was really bad. If she wasn't, did she just have a bad cold or something? Even the jokes were pretty rough. It was one of the harder Oscar openings that we've witnessed. Which is a shame because Whoopi is so funny! She's hilarious. She doesn't need to rely on a bad costume and even worse accent to try and get laughs. We need more from our hosts. A few laughs to get us through the night is all that we ask.

5 Ben Stiller Dressing Up As An Avatar

At the 2010 Oscars, Ben Stiller decided to dress up as a Na'vi avatar from James Cameron's Oscar nominated movie. He went all out. He did the blue skin, the pointy ears, and the long hair with the braid. But because it's the Oscars, he had to class it up a little bit. So he put on a suit, which is an interesting look for an avatar. And he took it one step further. He started his presenter speech with 20 seconds worth of improving in Na'vi, the fictional language spoken by the avatar characters in the film. It was a strange choice, but it seemed Ben knew that. He told the audience that what he had just said in Na'vi meant, "This seemed like a better idea in rehearsal." He then went on to say that it was weird for him to dress up as a character from Avatar for the Best Makeup category since Avatar wasn't even nominated. So then why did you do it Ben?

4 John Travolta Introducing "Adele Dazeem"

Ugh, this one still makes us cringe. Remember in 2014 when John Travolta thought it would be a good idea to head to the stage as a presenter and not put in his contact lenses? Or you know, maybe attend rehearsal and memorize the couple of sentences that you have to say in front of a huge audience. At the very least, memorize the name of the person who you are introducing! That's not a big ask, right? But no, John couldn't do that. He couldn't remember a simple name. He couldn't remember the name of one of the most famous people on Broadway and the voice of everyone's favorite badass Disney princess, Elsa. So instead of introducing Idina Menzel to sing "Let It Go", an Oscar-nominated tune, he introduced Adele Dazeem. Who the hell is Adele Dazeem? That's not even close to Idina Menzel! And poor Idina had to go on and sing the song anyway, even after John's blunder. Can we blame him for the fact that she cracked a little on that high note?

3 Seth MacFarlane As A Host

If you thought Anne and James were bad hosts or Whoopi Goldberg went too far as Queen Elizabeth, you are in for a treat. Remember when they let Seth MacFarlane host the Oscars in 2013? We hope someone got seriously fired for that mistake. Because it was definitely a mistake. How can you go from the likes of Billy Crystal and Ellen Degeneres to Seth MacFarlane? No one else was available? We hardly believe that. So Seth started off the night by making a joke about Lincoln's assassination, which got nothing more than groans from the audience. He made fat jokes, by throwing Adele under the bus. And worst of all, he said this horribly offensive remark, "Django Unchained is the story of a man fighting to get back his woman, whose been subjected to unthinkable violence. Or as Chris Brown and Rihanna call it, a date movie." Let's never bring this guy back again.

2 Cher's Mohawk Dress

Now this is a fashion fail that should win an Oscar for just how incredible of a fail it was. Look at this thing! Can you imagine putting this on to go to the Academy Awards? No? Well then you're not Cher. No one tells Cher what to wear. No one tells her what is appropriate for the occasion. Some say that Cher decided on this outfit because she didn't receive a nomination for her 1986 movie, Mask. Well this is certainly one way to get back at the Academy for not nominating you. "You don't want to give me an award? Fine! I'm going to steal the show and turn up in my most outrageous outfit!" And boy did she do it right. She had a full feather headdress, a black cape, a black bra with some funky straps and a very sparkly skirt. This is the outfit that turns heads. We just feel bad for the person who had to sit behind Cher. We can't imagine trying to see anything overtop of that hair.

1 Oscars So White

This has got to the biggest Oscar fails of them all. And sadly, it wasn't some controversy from 50 years ago. 'Oscars So White' was a problem that happened only last year. The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite began trending when the 2016 Oscar nominees were announced. The nominees for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress were all white. And this was the second year in a row that this had happened! What the hell, Academy? Naturally, people were outraged. Not a single person of color could get a nomination? Not even the tiniest bit of diversity could be represented? This was in stark contrast to award shows for television or theater, like the Tony's where all the main acting roles went to people of color. If TV and theater can figure it out, why not movies? Come on Oscars, get it together!

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