15 Painfully Awkward And Creepy Things People Have Done When They Had A Crush

Whenever we develop a crush on someone, we seem to become experts on them. Thanks to social media and Google, we know everything about them; we know their schedules, their likes and dislikes, and all without ever actually talking to them. Sounds creepy right? That’s because having a crush makes people do crazy things. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not excluding ourselves from this. We’re just as guilty as the next person. When a person has a crush on someone, they consume every thought that person has and there's that subtle urge to find out everything there is to know about them. Unfortunately, this unhealthy obsession unknowingly brings out our inner creep. Whether we happen to carve our crush’s name onto our bodies, break into their home, or stalk them on social media, the things we think are normal are actually incredibly creepy. Here are 15 confessions of the creepiest things people do when they have a crush.

15 Talking On The Phone To Myself

There are certain things women can do to attract the guy they like. They can do things like act like they’re not interested or flirt with someone else to make the person jealous. One thing that a person should not do, and we can’t stress enough, is what this next girl did. According to a guy on Thought Catalog, while on a train, he overheard this girl on the phone talking about a guy she liked. As he was listening, he noticed that the guy she was describing physically sounded eerily similar to him. Don’t worry, it gets stranger. When the guy turned around, the girl said, “Oh. He’s looking at me now. I wonder what he’ll do. I wonder if he likes me.” We guess that's not too strange. Oh, wait. Did we forget to mention that she didn’t have a phone! If that’s not the definition of creepy, we don’t know what is.

14 The Box Cutter

Sometimes, it’s best to keep things to ourselves. When we have an intense crush on someone, our better judgment seems to fall by the wayside. Take this next girl for example. According to Johnsmcjohn on Crave Online, a girl told him that she had written his name on her leg with a box cutter so that she will always have him near her. Wow! Again, that’s something best kept to herself. How incredible could this guy possibly be that she would want to carve his name on her leg? At least if she got his name tattooed, she could always get it covered up or removed. Instead of permanently scarring oneself with the name of their crush, why not try something a little less intense - like telling someone you think they’re cute. Whatever happened to just asking someone out? When did self-mutilation become the norm?

13 Social Media Stalking

Social media stalking is a way of life these days when we have a crush. But the fact that we all do this doesn’t make this next example any less creepy.

It's not necessarily creepy if we know intimate facts about our crush if we never tell them we know. We simply wait for them to tell us the information. They don’t know that we already know and it's not hurting anyone. Unfortunately, this next person revealed to their crush that they were actually stalking them. According to Smitteyy on Reddit, he was looking up his crushes’ Facebook page and then found himself looking at her tagged photos, then her sister’s page, and then finding out that they were in a band together. A few days later, he ends up seeing her when he was out with his friends and they got to talking. He asks her if she had a sister and if she played the flute in a band with her. Her response was, “how the f**k do you know this?” He broke the cardinal rule of social media stalking. Lesson learned, kiddo.

12 Class And Work Schedule

There’s nothing creepy about walking a bit out of your way to “accidentally” run into a crush. However, it is very creepy for someone to change their entire schedule and way of life just to see them. We’re sure some readers are reading this thinking, “how did they know I did that?” According to Amelia on Thought Catalog, she basically changed her entire schedule in order to see her crush every single day. She changed her classes and then she changed her work shifts at the coffee shop just so that she could make sure that she was there when he would get his coffee everyday. While this is undeniably creepy, and a little unhealthy, it actually worked for her in then end. They have been together for three years and he STILL doesn’t know she did this. Woah, can we say stalking brings results or what!?

11 Flirting With Ourselves

Never underestimate the lengths a girl will take in order to make her crush jealous. According to Laura from XO Jane, she set up a fake Twitter account to flirt with herself in an attempt to make the guy she had a crush on jealous! On the surface, this might not seem that bad, but when we think about the effort that went into this, and it just screams creepy. In order to make her fake Twitter account look legit, she had to get an image of a guy for the profile picture. This picture can’t be a celebrity, or someone that guy she’s trying to make jealous will know. Next, she has to get people to follow this fake account so it doesn’t look suspicious. Additionally, she has to actually tweet under this account because nothing screams 'fake' like a Twitter account with no posted tweets! In case anyone out there is wondering how we’re such experts on this subject matter... Just don't worry about it.

10 Breaking And Entering

When it comes to having a crush, there’s 'good creepy,' which could be stalking their Facebook page, and then there’s 'bad creepy,' which includes breaking into their house. This next one is an example of bad creepy. According to this next guy on Thought Catalog, a girl who had a crush on him broke into his parent’s apartment (where he lived) and she slept in his bed. Luckily for him, he had slept at his friend’s house that night and wasn’t subjected to the horror of finding someone in his bed. His mom even called him the next morning asking him who she was which begs the question, if his mother saw a stranger in her son’s bed, why didn’t she confront her or call the police? The guy still has no idea how she was able to get into the apartment. We hope they changed the locks after that.

9 Talk Dirty To Me

What more could a person ask for then to have their crush whisper sweet nothings in their ear? If someone is looking to turn their crush on with a little dirty talk, there’s nothing creepy about that. However, what this next girl said to her crush should never be repeated. NEVER. According to Argle-Bargle on Crave Online, a girl who had a crush on him told him that he didn't have to wear a condom. Her reasoning? She told him that she’ll just "miscarry." Aww, that’s so sweet of her! And by sweet, we mean BEYOND creepy. We’re not even sure what level of creepiness this is. Not to mention, this is the stupidest form of birth control, but that’s a discussion for another day. Thankfully the guy wore a condom. We can’t say for certain, but we have a sneaking suspicion that she would have kept the child.

8 The Locksmith

Who would have thought that the quickest way to your crush’s heart is through their front door? Apparently this next guy thought so. According to m3lissa on Knowable, when she was in college, a guy who had a serious crush on her decided to give her a present. No, it wasn’t Gwyneth Paltrow’s head, but it was just as creepy. The present he gave her was a working key to her front door. After the initial shock of hearing that, we wondered how was that even possible. It turns out that he was a locksmith and had managed to remember the pattern of her house key when she had left them on her desk... How did this guy think that giving this gift would not come across as serial killer type behavior? We’re surprised he didn’t ask her if she wanted to go for a walk in the woods.

7 Catfish

“I love your outfit.” “I really like your shoes.” These are just some examples of things to say to a crush to initiate a conversation. We’re giving out these great tips so people don’t end up doing something creepy like this next girl.

According to Kellie on Thought Catalog, she thought the right thing to do was to catfish her crush. She carried an entirely fake relationship with her crush for three months. The reason behind this ingenious plan was that she was too scared to talk to him in person. We get it though; it can be intimidating to start a conversation with the person we have a crush on. However, we can assure that we have much better odds at going on a date with them if we put ourselves out there and talk to them rather than trick them into having an online relationship with someone else. There’s no way a person can come clean and expect things to be normal between the two of them after that. Catfishing is just plain creepy.

6 Picture Collector

As creepy as it is to go through all of our crush’s Facebook photos, it is infinitely creepier to download all of them. There is a very fine line between secret admirer and full on stalker. So please tread lightly and learn what 'not to do' from this guy and his crush. According to DrewsephVladmir on Reddit, he got caught downloading a lot of photos from his crush’s Facebook page. Facebook actually sends someone a notification when someone else downloads multiple pictures from their page. We were even surprised to hear this. The notification includes the album name but not specific pictures that were downloaded (like it matters at that point). There is no good excuse for getting caught downloading someone’s pictures. Unless that person is their best friend or an immediate family member, this is one of the creepiest things a person can do. There is nothing more awkward then downloading photos from someone’s “My Bikini Pics” album.

5 Sims Crush Lookalike

The Sims has been allowing people to live out their fantasies online since the year 2000. So what does a person do when they want their crush to like them? Recreate their crush online. According to Directionermimux on Sims Community, after he created himself on The Sims, it’s time to create his crush. Now look, we completely understand someone wanting a character to emulate their crush, but that doesn’t take away from the creepiness factor. We, essentially, control the character we create so we can make our crush do whatever we want them to do our character. *Wink, wink.* It’s a little unsettling thinking that someone is doing “things” to an exact recreation of you. First we're making a Sims character out of our crush, then next thing we know we’re wearing their skin over our skin like a jacket. This is some The Silence of the Lambs type stuff here.

4 Snapchat Tampons

There’s no greater feeling than when we see that our crush has viewed our Snapchat story. That is, of course, if we aren’t brave enough to actually send them a personal snap. This next girl, however, didn’t have to worry about not being brave enough. According to a guy from Thought Catalog, his crush sent him a video snap of her freshly used tampon where she sniffed and (SHUTTER) licked it. In order to make it less creepy, she added the caption “thinking of you.” And by less creepy, we mean even more creepy. We’re not sure why this girl thought that the guy would be into something like this. Or if ANYONE would be into this. Then again, we should be glad we can’t understand it because if we could, what does that say about us?

3 Invalid Password

How soon after developing a crush does one change their passwords to their name? We’re not being creepy, we’re just asking for a friend. According to TexasFight on Crave Online, he had to borrow a girl’s computer for a group project in college. The only problem was that when he got to the meeting, he needed the password to get to the work. Unbeknownst to him, this girl had a serious crush on him. The guy had to call her to get the password for the computer and after ten minutes of asking, she finally gave him the password. The reason why she didn’t want to give it up was because the password was her first name and HIS last name! We’re actually surprised she told him what it was. If that were us, we would have just gone there and entered it ourselves. This begs the question, how long ago did she set that as her password?

2 Google Search

To creep or not to creep? That is the question. But when we look up our crush’s name on Google and go through every single link on every page, the question pretty much answers itself. According to alixissoooo05 on Reddit, when she was in High School, she went to a guy’s house to work on a class project. They had to research the topic online so she sat next to him while she went on Google. Unfortunately, the guy forgot that the Google address bar auto-fills your previous searches so when the girl started to type, it took her to his last Google search which just so happened to be the page two results for a search of her name. To make matters even worse, every link appeared in purple, which means they were all clicked on. They both awkwardly sat there in silence. Since this guy was so great at “research,” maybe he works for the NSA now.

1 Staring Contest

When we develop a crush on someone, it’s hard to look away from them. But it’s important to remember that staring, just like alcohol, is only good in moderation. Just look at this final girl. According to Allie on Thought Catalog, she saw a really hot guy on the subway and just stared at him. That was it; she literally just stared at him. Her stop came and went without her getting off. She decided to ride out the train until he got off to see if he would talk to her. She wrote the train for 12 more stops and no, he never made the move. If staring at this stranger wasn’t creepy enough, she even ended up being an hour late for work because of this. Like we said, always in moderation.

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