15 Of The Greatest Overreactions To Ever Happen On Tumblr

Spending hours on Tumblr can reveal some of the most hilarious conversations known to humankind. People post funny photos or share some of their wildest thoughts, only for others to react in the funniest ways. Sometimes Tumblr offers outlandish confessions or ridiculous fantasies. And finding those funny posts can be gold when you’re looking for a laugh. From kinky grammar to extreme dad jokes, you can find all kinds of things posted and reblogged. Well, we’ve done some of the work for you and scoured the web to find some of the funniest overreactions to ever happen on Tumblr. We even found a few theories about our very existence that we hope are just overreactions, or we might have to question everything! So, just sit back and enjoy these hilarious Tumblr overreactions.

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15 Can't stop that mutha-friggin' song from playing over and over in our heads

Via: onsizzle.com

Our brains can only handle so much at one time. We can be thinking about our to-do lists and what we read about in the news. Then all of those thoughts get interrupted by some song that plays over and over. It’s only part of the song, and we just can’t place it. What song is torturing us? What song is making us go crazy? And HOW DO WE TURN IT OFF? That’s what this Tumblr post is all about. This person was so frustrated that their brain kept playing a song repeatedly and that they weren’t able to shut it off (or “close the tab”), no matter how hard they tried. It was enough to warrant both an F-bomb and an all-caps situation for on Tumblr user, and we have to say...we totally get it.

14 Bees are serious business, y'all

Via: imgur.com

Okay, so standing still in absolute shock when one of your classmates slingshots a bumblebee out of the air makes sense. Could that kid be a trained assassin? Bees are not easy to catch, and yet this kid was able to shoot down this bee from across the room? Talk about a mind-blowing afternoon! In this post, the storyteller even bolds and capitalizes his type to get their point across. THIS WAS A BIG DEAL, GUYS! A BIG DEAL! All of these things are going through our minds now about this kid who killed that bumblebee like a mercenary. The story could have been told without all of the fanfare, but the overreaction helps us to see how it went down for that classroom. We can practically see the dumbfounded expressions on their faces as that bee hit the floor.

13 We would like an explanation for this as well

Via: imgur.com

Advice abounds on Tumblr and other websites. You can find just about anything if you look hard enough. Someone posted one of the ways that you can cheer yourself, and another person tried it. Whispering “beep boop” is just silly. Whispering over and over is even sillier, but it could eventually make you laugh away some of your tears and ease your sadness. Sometimes all it takes is being a little silly and letting loose to overcome the blues. Well, after this other person tried to see if it worked, they came back to Tumblr to ask why it worked. But it was still an overreaction with the capitalizations and repeating question marks. Because honestly, this advice should NOT work but it still does. And we also demand an answer for this. We humans are definitely a weird bunch.

12 Yeah, that could definitely count as a problem

Via: imgur.com

Tumblr confessions are the best confessions. There is nothing inherently wrong with eating cheesecake and having ice cream. Sure, it might not be the healthiest snack (or is it a meal at that point?), but it would have been really satisfying. So what’s the big deal? Well, it turns out that the person who posted it was lactose intolerant, which means that their body can’t break down the lactose found in dairy products. Cheesecake and ice cream are made from dairy products. Lactose intolerance is no joke, either. It can be painful after ingesting something dairy from stomachaches to vomiting to extreme bloating. You’re going to be very uncomfortable after that snack. And eating three slices of cheesecake and ice cream sounds like a death wish! So yeah, the person who congratulated them for eating that much junk food definitely did NOT understand!

11 That grammar lesson took an unexpected turn

Via: imgur.com

Tumblr grammar lessons often have awesome and surprising endings. Knowing the difference between “poisonous” and “venomous” is important, but the resulting conversation surrounding that post turned into pure hilarity. And it took an unexpected turn! This turn occurred when someone asked what would it mean if he and the snake bite each other and neither of them die. Another person responded that the scenario would be kinky. No kidding. It would definitely be strange. The next response is even funnier. What else can you say to this conversation but OMG? It’s a bit of an overreaction, but an understandable overreaction. The grammar lesson went way off the rails. And it had become a heated discussion about what would qualify as poisonous or venomous long before it went into kinky territory. Wow, Tumblr, you outdid yourself!

10 Just stop with the making friends stuff, peeps

Via: imgur.com

This post discusses the reasons not to make friends with people who are high school seniors. First, they graduate and leave you behind. Then they’ll go to a different college than you do and still leave you behind. And if you’re a senior, making friends with underclassmen means leaving them behind. Well, someone took that reasoning to the ultimate extreme. Just don’t make friends. Don’t do it! Friendship causes too much pain because someone always leaves. Talk about an overreaction. Friendship is all about taking the risk to get to know someone and share pieces of yourself with them. Not taking that risk with anyone would be very lonely, especially in high school. This is Tumblr advice you should take with a grain of salt. It’s always good to have at least one friend you trust.

9 Wait, no....

Via: imgur.com

Once again, Tumblr offers up some of its own sage advice. But the responses are priceless! Who in their crazy AF mind would even think of doing it with a blender? And yeah, that would be frightening. Don’t even think about what the blender would do to your naughty bits. But how would it be exciting? At this point, we can’t exactly ask. The person who posted the advice was stunned and responded with a simple “wait, no.”

It was almost an underreaction because they were just so shocked. Dumbfounded and even speechless. Even in online communications, you can show your reactions with capitalization (as suggested, something more like, "WAIT, NO!") and the use of memes and GIFs. They weren’t convinced that it was a real “wait, no” without those things and reacted with a GIF of their own that suggests that it was something that they’re claiming that they’re not into but that they actually are VERY much into.

8 Omigawd, it's the dad jokes

Via: imgur.com

Dads do the darnedest things. The coffee this one drank was absolutely terrible, so terrible that it mostly tasted like coffee-flavored water instead. (Technically, coffee is indeed coffee-flavored water, but this coffee was so watered down that it barely tasted like coffee.) And he used a pun to explain it! Extreme dad jokes can produce the greatest overreactions on Tumblr, as was the case for this post. Oh GAWD! You can just see their jaws dropping to the floor in stunned silence. That coffee might have been horrible, but that dad’s reaction was completely unexpected. And what he said was both clever and wild. Of course, the only response to this story is an overexaggerated OMG because what else could there be to that? Bet his child was too shocked to speak for a few minutes after that comment!

7 We'd probably react the same way tbh

Via: imgur.com

Raccoons can cause so much trouble by digging into your trash or breaking into your basement, but they’re also really cute animals. Well, raccoons are cute until they’re naked. Shaving the fur off a raccoon reveals all their wrinkly pale skin and their speckled faces. Not cute at all. In fact, seeing a shaved raccoon would probably scare the bejeezus out of us and give us nightmares. But it might be an overreaction to want to delete your blog after being exposed to the sight of a naked raccoon on Tumblr. The shaved raccoon looks so out of place, too. Like, it’s looking at us and asking, “Where’s my clothes? All I need is my fur back and I’ll stay out of your trash.” Poor little bandit.

6 What the what, Parker

Via: imgur.com

Okay, now this fan fiction story about Deadpool basically just raiding the fridge of the Avengers is absolutely hilarious. The person who posted it exhibited excitement at the idea, as evidenced by the all caps. Then someone threw a chimichanga into the story and ruined everything. OR, perhaps they made it even better? This one is a cool call. But the story does fit in well with Deadpool as a character. He would totally just steal food from the fridge and hog up the microwave before doing something ridiculous like jumping out of a window and expecting Spiderman to weave a web to catch him. Are chimichangas a bad thing? Is that why the person reacted so strongly about having Deadpool reheat one of those? Yeah, so it might be an overreaction.

5 Existentialism at its finest, or perhaps its worst

Via: imgur.com

The computer games Sims (which is short for simulations...get it?) gave us god-like powers in controlling the people, the sims, going about their daily lives. They couldn’t think on their own and had to be told what to do. It was easy to spend countless hours making the sims do pointless things, even starving them to death or making them stink from lack of showering. One of the tell-tale signs of being a sim was walking around aimlessly and getting stuck in certain rooms with no real reason as to why. Now throw in the theory that we are indeed living in a computer simulation (called the simulation theory, surprise, surprise), it can take on new meaning when we do exactly like the sims did in that silly computer game we used to play. Even so, it might be an overreaction to even GO THERE with such a mind-boggling thought that throws us into an existential crisis at the worst time in our lives.

4 Came in like a hurricane

Via: imgur.com

This entire post is one giant overreaction. Sure, hurricanes are a major deal. If you try to weather one out, there’s a good chance you can die. Saving all your stuff is not really worth it. And you can certainly evacuate by taking your most important items with you to preserve them from the storm. So, the rest of the family chose to evacuate when the police came to tell them to evacuate before the hurricane hits the mainland. YOLO? SAY WHAT? Peetsasboxers could only be shocked when dad decided to hang back with all their “swag” instead of saving himself. No wonder peetsasboxers overreacted on Tumblr while re-telling this story; there is no calm way to tell this one.

3 What kind of sick AF school did he attend

Via: imgur.com

Marilyn Manson, the Canton, OH native whose birth name is Brian Hugh Warner, got famous for his goth makeup and dark lyrics. His haunting voice helped him to rise to celebrity status, but he also sparked a lot of rumors among high school about how “evil” and “twisted” he was in real life. Of course, most of it was all part of the persona he created for his stage name, but that didn’t stop people from letting their imaginations run wild with what Marilyn Manson might have done in his spare time. And this post shows just one of the crazy rumors that went around about him. So, this might even qualify as an appropriate overreaction to something outlandish you might hear. And really, how did middle school students even come up with something so ridiculous? Yikes.

2 Put that screaming kid on vibrate

Via: imgur.com

In this post, they must have been talking about screaming, crying kids in the grocery store and the parents who can't make it stop. You can put your phone “on vibrate,” but you can’t actually put your child on a vibrating setting. The first response showed how hilarious this would be if it happened in real life and if children could be put on different ring settings just like our phones. And it had to be in ALL CAPS because no one will understand the enormity of it if you just use normal capitalization. This person was really, really excited about the prospect and shouted it from Tumblr into the void that is known as the internet. Because we are nothing if not easily entertained. Overreaction much? Oh, yeahhhh.

1 Butter those buns, hun

Via: imgur.com

Someone posted a photo of dinner rolls that had been baked in the oven. Baphometkiss cracked a joke that they had a** biscuits because each roll looked like a perfectly rounded bottom in the cupcake pan. Then pointed out that they could be referred to as "buns," which is another term for our behinds. And the next person merely commented OMG, as if it were a mind-blowing revelation. Well, maybe it kind of is a shocking realization if you really think about it. Maybe it was a connection no one ever made before, and it shows how language can be a strange and wonderful thing. But it must have been completely surprising to libraryseraph to elicit such an OMG overreaction on Tumblr. This post brought the buns, hun.

sources: scientificamerican.com, imdb.com

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