15 Of The Messiest Live-Tweeted Breakups That Will Make You Cringe

In the age of social media, it's pretty difficult to have a private conversation when everyone is always telling the world where they are, what they're doing and who they're with. Everything is fair game when your phone is glued to your hands and every thought and experience warrant a public display. But what if you were just minding your own business in a public place when all of a sudden, a couple near you starts breaking up? Would you walk away from the drama or stay there and listen to every word of their fight?

TBH, most people would be too lazy to get up unless they somehow found themselves in the middle of things. However, it takes a special breed of a person to actually live-tweet the entire ordeal as it unfolds. Nevertheless, there are some pretty awful live-tweets out there of public break-ups. Messy and cringe-worthy alike, we’ve compiled all the embarrassment into one handy place for you to enjoy. May they serve as a warning to keep your breaking up to a private space lest your dirty laundry become an internet sensation.

15 40 extra dollars

Via: cosmopolitan.com

In 2015, a series of tweets posted by podcaster Kelly Keegs went viral on Twitter. She noticed a girl shamelessly sobbing when she came onboard the flight they were both taking. Both she and the guy she was traveling with were pretty drunk when they got to their seats, at least according to Kelly. After they sat down they proceeded to have one of the messiest public breakups ever recorded on Twitter.

The guy didn't seem to give AF about the girl at all, which just made her burst into tears and have a big old pity party for everyone to see. The girl just went bananas on him and accused him of hating her and fading her out like "the others." She also mentioned a girl named Charlotte who she was apparently going to corroborate a story with. They then proceeded to make out between downing a bunch of Bloody Marys. How scandalous. The entire breakup spans seventeen tweets and even spawned its own hashtag, #PlaneBreakup.

14 What is living together, really?

Via: gawker.com

Writer Kyle Ayers was just trying to enjoy the New York skyline from his roof when a couple decided to break up right in front of him. As a comedian, he couldn't resist tweeting the amusing things these two ridiculous human beings were actually saying to one another. For almost an hour, they argued about the status of their relationship and proceeded to accuse each other of stupid things like insulting the other person's wardrobe and getting texts in the middle of their conversation.

All the girl wanted was a confirmation that she wasn't wasting her time on a relationship that was going nowhere. Apparently, it was, judging from his answer to "Are we going to live together?" Some people just can't commit, and by some people we mean, some guys. He couldn't even be bothered to tell her whether he loved her or not. "I'm not talking about love on a roof in Brooklyn," he responded. Real life is comedy gold. You can't make this stuff up.

13 Virgin no more

Via: mashable.com

Sometimes breaking up with your phone company can be just as messy as breaking up with a person. Twitter user @garius, AKA John Bull, learned that the hard way when he and his wife tried to cancel their Virgin Media package over the phone. Like any major breakup, it started out with lots of denial and guilt tripping by the person getting broken up with. The phone company actually demanded compensation and then told Bull and his wife it was their fault for not receiving a letter outlining their contract.

Despite the runaround they received from three different people, Bull and his wife would not give up. It was over and they weren't taking no for an answer. After having awful music played at them, getting the silent treatment and even being hung up on, they finally wore Virgin Media down. Many hours of excruciating phone calls later, they were finally able to break up with the phone company and close their account. Virgin must have been pretty bad for their customers to spend so much time trying to get rid of them.

12 Dishing it out in a Burger King

Via: cbsnews.com

A Burger King seems like an awfully public place to talk about your marital problems, but that's exactly what one Boston couple did in 2011. While having a couple of Whoppers, they discussed their problems in earshot of other customers, including a man named Andy Boyle who decided to live-tweet the whole thing.

Apparently, the unnamed husband in the relationship thought his wife could do better by doing the dishes when she was told. He also brought up an outfit he disapproved of and actually had the nerve to tell her that he gets to decide how she dresses. What a misogynist! This guy needs to get his head of 1950 and start treating his wife as an equal, not a piece of property. No wonder the girl looked so unhappy.

They also both accused the other of cheating, which means that one person is right. Somehow they ended up leaving the restaurant together, but we'd bet a pound of chicken fries that their marriage didn't last another six months.

11 Train tales drama

Via: dailydot.com

Comedians love live-tweeting, even in the UK. An unfortunate breakup occurred on a Scottish train and Janey Godley was there to capture all the drama. Like so many other crazy breakups, the couple in question were fighting about an email the guy received from another woman. It's incredible how many couples don't trust each other and snoop on their significant other's texts and emails.

Somehow the conversation devolved into the guy trying to explain himself while the girl blatantly lied to his face about being pregnant. Each time she would piss him off, he would leave and she would call up her friend and bad mouth him. Finally, he had enough and just got off the train at a random stop leaving his girlfriend to cry and call up her friend again.

Even then, the drama continued as the guy called her up and she proceeded to curse him out. Because Janey used all the real names of the people involved, eventually the guy found out about the live tweeting and emailed her about the breakup. To everyone's relief, he never got back with her and now prefers the company of horses to psychotic ex-girlfriends.

10 Sad clothes and no money

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Nothing's sadder than staring longingly into a salad while your girlfriend breaks up with you in the middle of a crowded restaurant. Poor Daniel. Comedian Dave Bidini chronicled the pathetic tale on his Twitter three years ago while trying to eat his sandwich. All the girl wanted was to understand why her boyfriend was the way he was and didn't seem to be going anywhere in life. While he sat there looking at her salad, she reminded him that she actually had to go to work because someone has to pay the rent.

Daniel just sat there and cried into his sad excuse for clothing while his girlfriend left him there without a second thought. "He has sad pants and a kind of sad brown shirt. Shoes also sad. He had no chance," Dave tweeted to his followers. To make matters even worse, he had no money with him—probably expecting his fed up girlfriend to pay for his meal. After bargaining with the cashier, he agrees to pay the next day, but who knows if anyone will ever see him again after that pathetic display.

9 Gambling his marriage away

Via: uproxx.com

A man learned the hard way not to mess with the daughter of a Southern Baptist minister. Although he told his wife he was a good boy and didn't drink or gamble, he was apparently an expert at hiding it until the events of December 10th. Not only did she find his online sports betting account, but she also discovered he was drinking 2-for-1 drinks at the local Applebees.

While telling one of his closest friends about the situation, said friend decided to live-tweet the entire story as it unfolded in all its messy glory. The husband in the doghouse proceeded to get drunk as a skunk and then rescued by two of his groomsmen, punched in the face and covered in his own vomit and urine. It was not a pretty picture, but the combination of text messages, tweets and commentary by the friend, made for an incredibly hilarious read.

8 She really nailed him to the wall

Via: postgradproblems.com

You have to be a cold-hearted beotch in order to break up with your significant other over the phone, never mind while you're also getting your nails done. Taylor Stovall, a student at the University of Oklahoma's law school, witnessed such an atrocity while she was just minding her own business at the nail salon. However, when the sorority girl next to her started casually telling off her boyfriend as the cosmetologist filed her nails a "little more square," Taylor had to share the juicy details on Twitter.

In all fairness, the boyfriend probably had it coming. According to the sorority girl in question, he made out with another girl right in front of her at a formal. We're pretty sure that's not normal behavior if you're trying to have a healthy relationship. Needless to say, she was being pretty hard on him, demanding he stops tagging her in his Instagrams and telling him not to get upset while she's in public. Talk about high maintenance. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

7 The Whole 30 though

Via: twitter.com

You know a diet has reached critical mass when it becomes the entire reasoning behind someone's relationship. A couple was live-tweeted as they broke up by Twitter user @sad_tree only a few days ago. While Joe didn't go into too much detail about what else the couple brought up during their break up conversation, what he did mention is pretty damn funny.

The girl was clearly trying to break up with her boyfriend, but he had reasons for her on why she shouldn't. While her pregnancy hormones might have been talking, she didn't seem to think her guy had much invested in the relationship anymore. Intent to prove her wrong, he informs her that he does care because he was doing a very strict diet which eliminates pretty much everything fun when it comes to food. If that's not love, we don't know what is, but who knows if the girl went for it or not.

6 YouTube are so breaking up

Via: seventeen.com

Celebrities: They're just like us. Except when they're YouTube celebrities. Then they air all their drama live on social media for the world to see. YouTubers Jake Paul and Alissa Violet, better known as Jalissa, took to Twitter to expose their messy breakup. According to Alissa, she was kicked out of the house she shared with Jake and a number of other YouTube stars. Jake accused her of cheating, but it was never clear to anyone whether they were even dating in the first place.

"How could Jalissa be real when he had girl after girl over every single night in front of me?" Alissa asked her fans. Alissa also accused Jake of being a pretty awful human being. According to her, Jake would tell her he loved her only to have him take advantage of her feelings for him and use her to make money. The guy sounds like a true narcissist and what was likely an emotionally abusive relationship. Fame isn't everything, folks.

5 Not on her level

Via: twitter.com

Sometimes even 11 year olds can have cringe-worthy (but hilarious) breakups, too. Madi Nickens tweeted her little sister's texts to her boyfriend over Twitter after she had broken up with him. The young girl, named Katie, showed Joey that she would not tolerate him hanging out with other girls alone when they were supposed to be together.

Even after Joey makes his excuses and says he was "just hangin with her," Katie would have none of it. She delivered one of the best one-liners the internet has ever seen. "Ding ding ding, oh what was that? oh yeah, the elevator cause you're not on my level." Her sass earned her instant fame as she became every woman's personal hero for not tolerating this boy's lame a**. Then after she told him she never really loved him, he had to bring Starbucks into it. “You were the one who bought my Starbucks drink so you obviously loved me a little bit,” he told her. Sorry to break it to you, but a Mocha Frappucino with extra whip does not a loving relationship make.

4 RIP Ryan And Melissa

Via: twitter

Texas musician Dalton Domino recently live-tweeted a very cringe-worthy breakup that happened right behind him in the middle of a Thai restaurant. While he was enjoying his pad thai, the couple known as Ryan and Melissa, had it out as they sat across from each other, eating. While fewer details were given than other breakups on this list, Dalton does mention that one of the reasons Melissa gave for the breakup was that Ryan "always hides his phone and she doesn't know [the] password."

The scandal doesn't end there, though. Drumroll, please. As Dalton eavesdrops on their conversation, he discovers that not one, but both members of the couple are married...to other people! Shocking. Dalton's nearly beside himself with the juicy revelation as he merrily tweeted the rest of the conversation. "Greatest night of my life. Hands down. Holy sh*t," he informed his followers. Hopefully he doesn't make it a regular habit of listening in on other people's conversations, but who can blame him when people start raising their voices in public?

3 Cheater or no cheater, that is the question

Via: superfame.com

Actress Teala Dunn made her split from model Noah Teicher very public when she live-tweeted her thoughts after a fan found a very suspicious photo on his Snapchat. Basically a picture of two people's shadows, it proved nothing about Noah's loyalty, but Teala insisted it wasn't her in the photo.

She then proceeded to accuse Noah of cheating on her throughout their whole relationship with dozens of her friends and fans jumping on board. Fellow actress Jordyn Jones tweeted, “You deserve someone loyal! Got your back, boo.” Some of them even attacked a girl who was identified as being in the shadow photo, in addition to plenty of others on her Instagram. Meanwhile, Noah was in complete denial, claiming that they were already broken up so how could he have cheated on her. Someone needs to remind these young celebrities that it's okay to have a private life outside of social media. Save the drama for your mama, kids.

2 Sorries but not sorries

Via: huffingtonpost.com

Writer/Comedian Tim Young witnessed a pretty epic breakup at a coffee shop in 2011 and could not resist a live-tweet after previously doing one of a first date he observed. According to Tim, both members of the couple were "model hot" and were so boring he thought that they too were on a first date until the guy told the girl, “I don’t know if you and I are ready for each other for the long term.” Oh no he didn't!

The guy then proceeded to have his a** handed to him by the girl who was fierce AF. Probably due to his Abercrombie good looks, he made everything about him, but she called him out and took him down a notch. “I don't want to be with a person who is disrespectful to me,” she told him. Amen sister.  And as if the guy couldn't get any dumber he left us with this gem of a statement, “If this doesn't feel right for me, then I guess it won't work.” Again with the me, me, me's.  Some people will never learn.

1 Hacked on Facebook

Via: twitter

Talk about revenge. A guy on Twitter live-tweeted a series of posts from one of his Facebook friends in Kentucky who was clearly hacked by her husband. In the posts, he accuses her of cheating with another man in their bed and calls her a pill-popper along with lots of other awful names. Obviously, he was pretty pissed off by what she allegedly did and wanted to both embarrass her and smear her reputation.

A bunch of their mutual friends tried to talk sense into the guy whom they identified as "Charles," but things kept escalating. "Nudes coming," he posted on his wife's account, which got the guy who was tweeting about the breakup very excited. Fortunately for the girl, he did not actually post any compromising photos of her. In all likelihood, his friends and family members probably intervened and convinced him to stop before he did anyone irreparable damage and lost the respect of everyone around him.

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