15 Of The Most Breathtakingly Beautiful "Mermaid" Hair Colors

Forget about the braids and updos – this is the true wonderland of hairstyles. This one is for all the dreamers who always wished they had crazy-coloured, flawless hair, but were always too scared to actually go to the hairdresser or experiment with crazy DIY tricks to have pastel pink or dark green ombre hair.

15 The Bubblegum Mermaid

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My friends and I can’t even grow our hair below our shoulders or create a decent highlight in our hair, and here is this breathtaking hairstyle that looks brighter than my future. How is this fair?

14 Ariel Meets Tumblr

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With these unique colors, the classic ombré hairstyle will probably never go out of style, and although I would never be brave enough to pull off burgundy, blood red, orange and yellow, all at the same time. It’s still a joy to dream.

13 The Fairy Mermaid

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This hairstyle proves that everything is possible with a little bit (or a ton) of pixie dust. The glitter-hair makes a winner Halloween-costume for sure, but thinking about how hard it has to be to wash all the glitter off the hair makes this hairstyle nothing more but the perfect Pinterest inspiration.

12 The Original Mermaid

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The beautiful background with the crystal clear sea, the cute black bikini, the perfect tan, the messy French braid and this color – Could it get any more perfect? This is how every girl imagines their dream vacation... until reality kicks in.

11 The Silver Mermaid

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If you thought these daring silver hairstyles couldn’t get any better, take a look at how beautiful this braided ponytail is with various shades of silver and grey!

10 The Magical Mermaid

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I would love to create this hairstyle for a summer festival, but I have several issues: I can’t even do the most simple braid, and I could never EVER pull off glowing hair. I can’t even pull off a glowing bracelet.

9 Under The Sea

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Colorful hairstyles are so much more interesting with all the different layers and shades! With the illusion of the beautiful waves of the ocean, this mermaid-inspired hair would look awesome for the summertime for a vacation or for festivals.

8 The Pastel Mermaid

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This hair color looks like one of those cotton candy flavoured ice creams, in the best way possible. If pink hair wasn’t crazy and beautiful enough, baby blue locks are always a solution to make it even more unique.

7 Ocean Wonderland

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A hint of glitter and a few star shaped pins, and this hair would be the perfect galaxy hair…not like it doesn’t look flawless with this bright shades and the knot braid already...

6 The Rainbow Mermaid

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Inspired by macarons, rainbows, unicorns and everything wonderful, this hair probably belongs to a fairy living in an enchanted forest.

5 The Lavender Mermaid

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The classic, light purple shade is probably the ultimate vintage-Tumblr-chic hairstyle ever, especially with that cute little bow and those long, slightly messy and wavy locks.

4 The Princess Mermaid

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If you are more into darker purple shades, this ombré version of the “My Little Pony” Hair will be your absolute favourite from the list.

3 The Barbie Mermaid

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Another classic, bold shade is baby pink, which is the perfect choice If you want to let out your inner Disney princess, or if you just want to look amazing all the time.

2 Icy Ocean

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Choosing from all these beautiful colors must be a very hard decision for the people who are brave enough to experiment, and if one shade is not enough, mixing is always an option – just look at this blue-toned, breathtaking light purple hair!

1 The Bold Mermaid

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Besides the traditional cotton-candy shades (such as pink, lavender, baby blue and silver), green is also a popular, yet still unique shade that looks great with an ombré look from black and dark green to pastel.

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