15 Of The Most Cringeworthy Engagement Photos Ever Taken

Plucking up the courage to ask the girl of your dreams to marry you can be extremely hard. The good news is she may say yes and you'll live happily ever after. The bad news? She could say no and totally crush your dreams. However, if she says yes (congrats!), you'll want to set up an engagement photo session to show off your love and share the news with your family and friends. Engagements are beautiful. Love is beautiful. The days leading up to your wedding is (almost always) beautiful. There are, however, some not so beautiful engagement photos that we dug up. We're not too sure what these people were thinking, but we do know that these pictures will haunt them (and us) forever.

15 Daddy's got a gun

Via: diply.com

We always hear stories about how 'daddy's little girl' isn't allowed to date. We're not sure if this dad got the memo or not, but his little girl is hitched. The fact that these three thought this was a good shot for their engagement photos honestly blows our minds. Who in their right mind would say, "Hey, dad! We're going to have an engagement photo shoot this weekend. Want to bring your gun and pose awkwardly in a picture or two?" Who the heck would think that, let alone actually act it out?

The look on her soon-to-be husband's face says it all. We're not sure if he's pretending to be scared or not, but we do know that he's probably thinking, "What the heck have I gotten myself into?" We're not sure, buddy. We hope you get out of it before you're in too deep. It might be time to call off the engagement. This isn't funny, it's wrong.

14 Move over, Cinderella

Via: buzzfeed.com

It looks like these two are going to kick Prince Charming and Cinderella out of their castle soon. How much of a Disney nerd do you have to be to actually spend money on a Disney-inspired engagement shoot? We're thinking these two didn't need a whole lot of convincing to do this. While we're glad that they're showing their "true" colors, we're not sure if this was such a good idea. Their friends and family must have thought this was a joke. Who in their right mind would actually dress up like this and call it an engagement shoot?

If anything, it looks like something that you would wear to Comic Con. But hey, to each their own. Everyone has their own personal preference as to what they want to wear during their engagement shoot and we're not here to judge (much).

13 Magic tricks

Via: smosh.com

Who let the rabbits out? These two did! How on earth did these two get all of the rabbits to look at the camera when the picture was being taken? Why in the world do they have four rabbits in their engagement picture? That's the real mystery. It's cool that you have pets that you love more than anything, but come on! This is just silly! An engagement shoot is supposed to be about you and your soon-to-be husband (or wife) celebrating a huge milestone in your lives. Leave the furry friends in the cage for one day, we're sure they would have understood. Just give them a few carrots and let them relax.

This picture isn't half bad if you take away the rabbits. That's the worst part, too. They posed perfectly and had great smiles on their faces. You can tell that they're ecstatic about getting married! But when you mix rabbits into the equation, you kind of ruin the picture. We'll give this one a 60%.

12 Fairy tale ending

Via: postgradproblems.com

...We get it, you like fairies. You probably have a fairy garden at home and surround yourself with succulents. That's awesome! This picture, though? Not so much. We honestly don't know if you two got incredibly drunk and went to take these pictures or if you had actually booked this photo shoot in advance. Either way, why? What possessed your mind and made you think that this picture was perfect to announce your engagement? The fact that you two actually went out and bought fairy clothes for this shoot is a little alarming.

Or, did you already have them in your possession? You know what, please don't answer that. We're not really interested in hearing what you wear on a day-to-day basis. Just please, please tell us that you didn't send these out to your friends and family. Ugh, if we got this picture in the mail, we'd think that it was a joke.

11 Facebook approved

Via: deathandtaxesmag.com

Facebook is slowly (but surely) taking over the world. If you haven't noticed by now, basically everyone is using Facebook and meeting VIA Facebook chat. How much do you want to bet that these two love birds met on Facebook? If that's the case, it's great and all, but this picture is a little too much. We were excited when Facebook brought the "love" button into play, too, but not excited enough to actually copy and paste it onto poster board and hold it up during an engagement photo session.

There are many things that you should not do while you're getting professional pictures taken. You shouldn't be rude to your photographer, you shouldn't pick a poor background and you shouldn't bring social media icons to hold up. If Facebook released the "thumbs down" button, you can bet your bottom dollar we'd be hitting it if we ever saw this picture.

10 Maze for days

Via: tumblr.com

This is a nightmare if we've ever seen one. What's the point of posing in the middle of a maze? Are you trying to make it look like he's going to have a tough time getting to you? Come on, honey. What made you say, "Let's take our engagement pictures in a maze, no one will think it's weird!"? While you shouldn't care what other people think about you, your relationship or your choice of photos, you should care to a point if you plan on sending them out to family members. The only thing we get from this picture is that you're going to make this man work that much harder to get to you.

We're also not sure why you two aren't more dressed up. Blue jeans and a black shirt are fine and all, but don't you want to look professional when you hand out these pictures to your family? We're not fans of this one...NEXT!

9 A magical engagement shoot

Via: newsiosity.com

There are honestly so many things wrong with this picture. Let's start off with how tight that man's shirt is. We'd understand a little more if he had muscles and wanted to show them off. He's a string bean, though! He's also got the creepiest facial expression that we've ever seen (so far, that is). Apart from his tight shirt and creepy facial expression, his soon-to-be wife looks like she just crawled out of a grave. Her makeup is...well, to say the least, scary. It's too dark for an engagement shoot! Someone get this woman a lighter shade of makeup, a nice rose gold eyeshadow will do the trick.

Besides all of that, they placed a unicorn horn on a horse and the horse looks absolutely miserable. The entire picture is creepy and we want this image to be burned from our minds. Ugh, that poor horse. These poor people. Do their friends just not tell them when they don't look good?

8 Super awkward

Via: howheasked.com

Have you ever seen that one episode of My Strange Addictions with the man who was dating his car? He was seriously in love with his car. While we can see a physical human in the driver's seat of this nice blue car, he's not kissing her. He's kissing...well, his car. How messed up is that? We get it, you have a car that you're proud of. That's great! By the looks of things, your car is in great condition. However, this engagement photo shoot is just weird. We'd understand it a little more if your soon-to-be wife rolled the window down and kissed you, but she didn't and now here we are grossed out and scarred for life.

Us females honestly don't know why guys obsess over their vehicles. It's cool if you want to keep your car clean and in perfect condition. It's weird, though, when you refer to your car as "baby" and spend more time working on it than you spend working on your relationship with us. We hope this woman can deal with her husband and his odd relationship with his car for the rest of her life.

7 Do you have your library card?

Via: laughingsquid.com

Girls (and guys) who read are instantly that much sexier. If you meet the girl (or guy) of your dreams at a library, that's awesome. If you decide to have a photo shoot at said library to announce your engagement, that's even better! However, if you're going to make it a sexual photo shoot and do things that could terminate your library card, you might want to re-think it. Both of these people are good-looking. That girl is totally rocking that little black dress and her soon-to-be husband looks amazing in that powder blue shirt.

There's one problem with this picture, though—it's a little too PG-13 to be an engagement shoot. We don't even want to think about what her parents thought of this one. We certainly hope that grandma and grandpa didn't see this shot. There's a time and place for everything, but it's not the library.

6 Under the sea

Via: ranker.com

Do you remember when Sebastian from The Little Mermaid sang the song "Under the Sea"? The lyrics were: "Under the sea, under the sea. Darling, it's better down where it's wetter, listen to me." For a long time, we believed him. We wanted to be like Ariel, a mermaid. We were totally okay with having a fin instead of feet and leaving the land for the sea. After seeing this picture, though? We're convinced that being a mermaid isn't all that it's cracked up to be. We're almost positive that this picture proves that it's not better down where it's wetter.

What could have been a romantic engagement shoot on the beach looks like it turned into a disaster of a time. Her fin is soaked (and the water isn't even crystal clear) and they look pretty dang miserable. She could have just worn a nice white dress and stood with her soon-to-be husband, but no. She wanted to go the extra mile and scar us all. This is proof that you don't need to go above and beyond all the time.

5 Hang in there!

Via: buzzfeed.com

Oh, my god. We thought we had seen it all, then this picture popped up and we realized that some things are better left unseen. Why? Why did this couple choose to tie a scarf around their necks together? Is it to prove that no matter what they'll be "stuck together?" That's cute and all, but there are other ways to show that. For example, they could have intertwined their arms together and looked at each other lovingly. Taking a picture like this makes us think that they're trying to hang each other. We get it, marriage can be tough; but if you're having these thoughts during your engagement phase, you're probably not going to last.

This isn't cute. This is downright weird (and kind of scary). Do you see the way the guy's looking at her? He's probably thinking, "If I could only do this and get away with it." Creep. This picture needs to be burned and wiped from the internet.

4 The cat's meow

Via: twitter.com

Who said that a dog is man's best friend? Not these people! We love cats, too, but we're not going to bring them to an engagement photo shoot with us! If we do, we're definitely not going to expand their head and place it in one corner. That's super creepy. The poor cat looks like he's contemplating whether or not he wants to be in this family anymore. He's thinking of all the other homes that he could live in with owners who aren't borderline psychopaths. Also, what's with all the red? Was this a Valentine's Day engagement shoot?

The cat even has his own red sweater! OMG. Someone needs to burn this picture. We feel bad for the future kids that these two will have. They'll be matching all day, every day. Let's hope they lay off of the cat when they have a child.

3 Crack in the back

Via: laughingsquid.com

You know, this would be a really cute engagement photo if they had chosen their location better. They've got the water in the background, the bridge and...what's that? A man with his giant crack just sitting on the docks. How embarrassing! Their pose is perfect and you can tell that they love each other. But this picture is just...not right. We honestly hope that they only took this and uploaded it for a few laughs. We hope that they didn't send this prize out to their family members. Imagine the look on grandma's face when she sees the background!

People, it's so important to pick a good location for your engagement photos. If you want to go to the docks where you first met, go for it! But make sure no one else is there. If they are, relocate yourself or ask them if they wouldn't mind moving for a minute. Don't embarrass yourself (or anyone else) just to get a "good" picture.

2 My honeybee

Via: reddit.com

We get how this could be cute, we really do. He's her "keeper" and there's no better way to show his friends and family just how literal he means that. After all, he's a beekeeper. She's his honeybee and that's adorable. However, can't he just take one day off of work to have a romantic photo shoot with the girl of his dreams? She's dressed in a beautiful white dress, while he's wearing a white t-shirt and some maroon shorts. Real nice, dude. Also, if you take a look at his facial expression, he had no idea what was happening in the picture. Don't you think he should, you know, pucker up? Even if he's not actually kissing her? It would have made this picture that much better.

Or, maybe this was before their photo shoot. Maybe he was working and she just shocked him. We don't know the whole story, but we do know that this wouldn't slide with us. We definitely wouldn't be wearing our white dress in the middle of a beekeeper's workspace. Think of all the pollen that could get on the dress! Think of the bee stings you could get! Yikes. Not for us, that's for sure.

1 Bath time!

Via: tumblr.com

We seriously hope that this was a joke. We hope that these two lovebirds didn't actually print this picture out and give it to their friends and family members. Something tells us that we're wrong, though. You have to be nuts to think this is a good spot to celebrate your engagement. These people look like they could be killers from a scary movie, too. You know, the kind of movie where the group of teenagers goes camping in the middle of the woods and one by one gets killed off by a couple of raging lunatics? Their facial expressions tell us that they'd be perfect at playing the role of the killers.

We really don't know why people do the things that they do. We're not sure why people think going to the town dump is a romantic place to get your engagement pictures taken, nor do we understand why (of all places) they chose to sit in a bathtub. Was there not enough spare tires to sit on? You just had to sit in the tub? Yikes. We're glad we didn't get a copy of this picture in the mail. If we did, it'd probably end up in the dump.

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