15 Of The Most Cringeworthy Online Breakups The Internet Has Ever Seen

There are times in our lives when relationships end and people go their separate ways. It might be on our account or we may be the ones who are getting broken up with. Either way, breakups aren't fun and it doesn't matter what happened or who did it first. Someone we immensely cared for gets hurts or us are the one that ends up hurt and that sucks. The situation alone is usually a personal matter that few people don't want others around them taking part in until they are ready to share what actually went down. There are also people that take it a step too far and think that the internet is an acceptable and mature place to breakup with their future ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. For us outsiders that know these types of people, it's like a bad reality television show happening right in front of us. For them, it has to be plain awkward and uncomfortable. Yet, there are still ex-couples out there that drag their "dirty laundry" online for everyone to see. God bless them.

15 Dad and Mom forgot to tell their child

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Ouch. When we see the shocking turn of events such as a relationship status change on social media, it's either really exciting or absolutely shocking. But, when there are kids involved, divorces can be even more brutal for everyone impacted by this difficult decision. So when a kid of the divorcees finds out on social media, that whole situation is even worse. No one that is close to someone wants to hear important news involving them on Facebook; that's just rude and totally uncalled for. We wouldn't want to be in this situation. It makes for an awkward face-to-face conversation next time the kid and mother see each other. Hopefully, the mother felt super bad and continued to apologize to her kid for the rest of their lives.

14 She was the other woman

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This isn't so much an online breakup, but it's just as cringe-worthy when it happens to land on a social media website. Being the "other woman" or "other man" in a relationship is not something people should strive for and the situation could get messy, real fast. First off, someone is cheating and who wants to be with a cheater in the first place? Second, it never ends well for the third person, as they usually end up getting heartbroken when the cheater decides what he or she wants is their actual significant other. Good for this woman to realize that she's better off without this guy and hopefully for her sanity, she never puts herself in this situation again. Fingers crossed there was a lesson learned.

13 Passive-aggressiveness at its best

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We all know these type of people. They are the type of people that want the public attention, while sitting behind their computer in the comforts of their own home. Apparently, they also have no privacy issues either when it comes to breakups. To most people, a breakup remains a private matter between the two parties, until the situation is either resolved or put to an end. But not this ex-couple. Sarah thinks it is perfectly normal to hop on Facebook and use the power of passive-aggressiveness to get under her ex-boyfriend's skin. While the ex-boyfriend doesn't seem OK with it, he eggs her on and continues the conversation about their apparent breakup, while the rest of their Facebook friends watch in anticipation. We wish them the best.

12 Think before you Facebook

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Sometimes, people forget to think before they speak or in this case, type. We get it—our emotions get the best of us once in a while and we do things impulsively while we are under that spell of anger, but trying to unleash our feelings or get a point across on social media isn't the smartest idea. We admit, this guy completely baited this woman into speaking her mind and by the sound of it, he kind of deserved to be virtually yelled at. But who in their right mind would want to talk about it over social media? Nothing will get solved and it only provides entertainment for people outside of the situation. This guy probably didn't have a proper comeback for this elongated comment his ex-girlfriend shot at him, but we bet she felt pretty good getting all of that rage off her back.

11 Ask before you type

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Apparently, some people don't like to get the whole story before they make their comments public on social media. There's a lot of reasons people breakup, but this one is a unique circumstance. Poor Bridgette is just changing her relationship status, trying to move on with her life and one of her Facebook friends has to give their two cents. Before anyone knows the reasons why, this Megan character thinks the boyfriend did something wrong and is going totally rogue and saying she is going to beat him up for treating her friend so badly. Little does she know that, that isn't the case. Someone lost their life and people are going a little haywire and assuming this deceased guy did something wrong. This kids, is the reason why we should get the whole story before we comment and post things on the interwebs.

10 Video games before anything, apparently

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We all have friends that are obsessed with "gaming" or have a friend that has to put up with this type of behavior all the time. Don't get us wrong, we think video games are fun just like anything else in healthy doses, but this woman is fed up with her man's antics and it's probably because he put his precious video games before her...or so we think. We all get a little wrapped up in that thing called technology and we can sometimes forget to appreciate the beauty of nature or other human beings, for that matter. This woman just wants to take a freaking walk outside instead of watching her man play video games with the blinds down. We don't know if this woman was actually serious, but her so-called breakup puns were definitely on point and definitely intended.

9 And the winner is...

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This is one of those burns that we will remember for a long time. You know, the type where the person that is supposed to look dumb snaps back and makes the other person look like a huge fool. This is another example of a situation in which people should think before they act, (or in this case, decide to storm into their ex-significant other's place of work and completely uproot their life). When we are in relationships, we share our secrets and desires with our significant other because we love and trust them. What people (like this woman) don't realize is that sometimes all of the skeletons they let out of their closet can come back for them. How so? In the form of their ex-boyfriend letting all the most important people in their life know just how much they suck. Payback really is a sucker, isn't it?

8 When Dad jumps in

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When Dad gets involved, we know it's serious. This would happen nowadays, too, since more and more of our parents are finding out about this thing called social media, especially Facebook. But his anger towards this boy overshadows the fact that his little girl may not be the angel that she seems. First off, if someone doesn't want to be called out, they shouldn't post their relationship issues on the internet and make the other person in the said relationship, upset. Second, Dad didn't really need to get involved in this tiff, but what the heck, he was on Facebook, why not? Third, as insulting as this ex-boyfriend's comment are, we kind of don't blame him for speaking his mind and letting his ex-girlfriend's dad know what is going on. He seems like a punk for sure, but no one should do this on social media. Get it together!

7 She hit him where it hurts

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OK, this is a classic case of too much information for the public eye. This girl could have definitely made this situation much more PG for the kids that are watching, but she decided to go all out and tell her friend right on her Facebook page that her ex-boyfriend wasn't ahem..."performing" well. If we are being honest, we think that both of these people in this relationship are acting like children and should probably settle these matters elsewhere to spare others of TMI. We feel a little bad that this girl is calling out the guy like this, but somehow we can't seem to get the thought out of our heads that he might of deserved it...just a little.

6 At least she got the Xbox

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There's a saying that "you want what you can't have," and we think that is the problem in this situation. It's a shame this guy didn't realize how much his girlfriend meant to him before he started emotionally cheating with a bunch of other girls online, but it's a good thing she found out before anything else happened. There are many advantages to having accessibility to the internet, but there is also the situation of forgetting to close down programs when someone wants to hide something. Maybe it's fate, maybe it's karma, but it's probably for the best that the girlfriend found out what her boyfriend has been up to on his spare time. It sucks that she had to find out this way, but there's also a plus in this situation. It looks to us like they may have made a pact that if they ever broke up that she would be the owner of their beloved Xbox. At least she will be able to pass the time playing video games, while keeping her mind off other things, right?

5 A family affair

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This may be the one of the most cringe-worthy online breakups of all time. Not only did this dude cheat on his wife, but he did it with her sister AND got the sister pregnant. Shame on the husband and the crappy sister for putting someone they both love in this terrible situation. It also takes a special kind of person to make a comment like that after someone subtly posts a status that could mean a number of things. He was setting himself up for this oust and he only has himself and the now pregnant sister of his ex-wife to blame. This sounds like something out of a reality show or an episode of Jerry Springer and we can only wonder how actual human beings get themselves in this predicament. We bet holidays were awkward after this happened...

4 A special proposal

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Now, we don't really know if this couple officially broke up, but this situation would be a pretty awkward situation to encounter on social media. We all know that miscommunication does tend to happen and it could result in a fight or in this case, a false proposal. People lose their phones and they maybe get them back again or maybe they lose it forever while it gets sold on Craigslist. But the stranger that happened to find this dude's cell phone really put the owner of the phone in a bad situation. Marriage isn't a joke and it would be very shocking to be the girl that thought her life was about to change when really, it wasn't even her boyfriend sending the text in the first place. On the other hand, she probably should have talked to her boyfriend first before she got trigger-happy and posted it on Facebook. We get it, people get excited when things like this happen to them, but at least maybe talk it through before letting the rest of the world see.

3 Bet he wasn't expecting this

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Yikes, this one might follow this ex-boyfriend around for a while. While this Jamie character had lots of bad karma coming his way, we can't quite wrap our heads around why this ex-girlfriend would want to be loud and proud about this type of thing. Sure, people like to air their "dirty laundry" out on social media once in a while, but maybe keep it a bit more vague. We are guessing this ex-girlfriend is very upset (and she has every right to be), but if she doesn't have an issue putting this on social media, we wonder what she is capable of in person. Cheaters suck and none of us want to be in this situation, but we don't need to know about all the possible diseases an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend has caught; that's just gross and very awkward.

2 Crop out and move on

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If we said this isn't the most passive-aggressive #TransformationTuesday photo we've ever seen, we would be kidding ourselves. It is a little refreshing to see someone being so subtle about an online breakup, but we also probably guess this guy is a little sour about whatever went down between his ex-girlfriend and him. With a little help of Photoshop, amazing things can happen with just a few clicks of a button. This cropped-out girl was probably very confused as to why she was suddenly not in the picture anymore and realized she was being broken up with. We will never know why this guy decided to do this, but it was probably with good reason and a little anger on the side. This online breakup can be described as cringe-worthy because it is such a mystery and we only have our own imaginations to wonder what happened. Sigh.

1 That's one way to put it

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Well then, this is one of the weirdest breakups we've seen on social media and that is saying a lot. It could be said that this person is being nice for keeping their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend's name out of their status, but for anyone that knows this person, they could probably take an easy guess of what or who they are talking about. It's a little hard to wrap our heads around the fact that someone is referring to someone they once cared for as a malignant tumor, but hey, to each their own. It's a bit clever and a bit odd at the same time and we can't help but wonder what this person did to cause their ex to refer to them as a tumor that was removed from their life.

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