15 Of The Most Cringeworthy Typos Ever

Grammar and spelling mistakes happen to the best of us, and while sometimes, they can be ignored, other times... they dramatically affect your message in potentially catastrophic and humiliating ways. Thanks to screenshots and camera phones, there's always someone ready to broadcast your mistake to the world the second you post an embarrassing typo, no matter how quickly you scramble to erase your error. Next time you're publicly shamed for not double-checking your email, Facebook status or tweet, just remember that there are people out there who made typos far, far more cringeworthy than yours!

15 Not exactly an expert on learning...

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The marketing director behind this advertisement had the right idea, using a Harry Potter Lego video game and a Powerpuff Girls game to capture the attention of kids and their young parents alike. Those franchises are extremely popular among boys and girls aged 5-30, and the possibility that kids can actually learn something while playing those games is definitely a great motivator for parents to head to their local gaming store. Unfortunately, a company not knowing the difference between "their" and "they're" doesn't exactly instill confidence in their ability to properly teach children. You'd think a company trying to promote the educational benefit of video games would take the two seconds to double-check their (elementary school-level) grammar before launching a campaign. Major marketing fail.

14 Look out, shoplifters!

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Some stores install video cameras to prevent shoplifting, and warn potential thieves that if and when they get caught, they will be prosecuted. This store seemingly got so fed up with kleptomaniacs that merely seeing justice served and arresting thieves was no longer enough. No, if you happen upon this store and make the grave mistake of stealing something, they will force you to sell your body. Prostitution may not be legal, but hey, neither was robbing this poor store, so they're going for an "eye for an eye" type of thing. This is probably just an autocorrect-related typo, but even if it is, they should keep it as is... it's super intimidating and will likely do a better job preventing shoplifting than their intended sign!

13 He might have one "regert" now

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Some guy just wanted to a tattoo to remind himself and others of the importance of living life carefree and without any regrets, because what good does regret really do? You can't change the past, so you might as well just accept it and move on. Well, unfortunately every time he looks down at his arm now, he's going to have that positive, inspirational mindset completely shattered. Instead of "no regrets," his tattoo artist wrote "no regerts." It's probably safe to assume that this dude will be wearing long-sleeved shirts for the rest of his life. A little bit of irony can be funny, but at some point, having people laugh at you every time they see your arm and the message you intended to reflect your outlook on life has to get pretty tiresome.

12 So THAT'S what's really in Chicken McNuggets

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One of life's greatest mysteries has to revolve around what is really inside of McDonald's impossibly addictive Chicken McNuggests. The fast-food chain claims they're made from lean white-meat chicken, but a variety of other sources have stated that they're really made up of a pink slime consisting of rejected animal parts. This McDonald's at least tried to be a bit more open about what's in their food—severed bits of 10 billion animals. Or humans maybe, who knows? Think of the poor kids who just wanted to go there and get a Happy Meal, but instead were forced to think of Ronald McDonald brutally butchering and severing a variety of creatures. Maybe that's why so many kids are scared of clowns.

11 No wonder we're so fat

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Sometimes, phrasing can make a serious difference... especially when it comes to educational PowerPoint presentations. This woman just wanted to inform her audience that the average North American consumes more food than 400 Africans combined consume... but from the way she put it, it seems that the average North American just cannibalistically consumes over 400 Africans. That sort of enormous diet kind of explains the obesity problem in America, doesn't it? Without the phrasing error, this woman was definitely pointing out a very concerning fact, but with the eror, she is uncovering something very disturbing and sinister. If 400 Africans per North American is the average, multiply that by the 579 million people in North America and we're eating over 231 billion Africans.

10 Jenny is into some pretty kinky stuff

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Jenny might need to see a counselor or a sex therapist ASAP, because she's into some seriously weird shit. We don't know what offer was initially proposed to her, but whatever it was, she'd rather be pissed off, then pissed on, instead. Her friends Hannah and Brooke seem to agree that being annoyed then peed on seems like a good time, so maybe she's just from a weird area filled with people who are into freakishly kinky foreplay. Or maybe Jenny and her BFFs just seriously needs to learn the difference between "then" and "than." Some things you learn in grade school don't matter in your adult life, but grammar definitely isn't one of them.

9 The new "Netflix and chill"?

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These days, everyone seems to be all about "Netflix & chill" with their the object of their affections, but Van Camp's has come up with a new trend. Why waste time watching Stranger Things on a date and risk your fling becoming more interested in the plot than in you, when you can get straight to business with some porn and beans? A supermarket circular is probably not the best place to try to make such an innovative idea catch on, but Van Camps didn't care—they had a brilliant idea, and they ran with it! Or maybe they just misspelled "pork" and didn't feel like investing in an editor for their advertisement. Either way, they definitely got people to remember their brand name, and all publicity is good publicity.

8 God bless Amercia

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With "Crooked Hilary" and misogynistic reality star Donald Trump being our only real options in this year's presidential election, one has to wonder what happened to decently solid presidential candidates like Mitt Romney, the Republican Party's nominee in the 2012 election. Well, it's possible that Mitt was, in fact, trying to run for President this year, but he accidentally ran in a made-up country called Amercia. Some typos are understandable, but if you're running to be the leader of a nation, it's probably important to spell its name correctly. A vote for Mitt would have been a vote to build a better Amercia, but unfortunately, we can't happen to find Amercia anywhere on the map. If this is what we could have expected from Mitt, maybe we are better off with a President-elect who has zero background in politics because he's at least trying to make America great again.

7 Every good book starts with a Peeface

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Some books begin with a preface that covers the story of how the book was developed and includes acknowledgments of people who helped the author during the time of writing. Prefaces add a little touch of professionalism to a novel, and help build anticipation for what you're about to read. Some books instead begin with a peeface. Peefaces don't exactly add professionalism or build anticipation... unless you enjoy bad editing. It's hard to believe this author, who mentions having an editor in his very first sentence, actually paid someone to look through his book and check for any grammatical or spelling errors. All the editor had to do was open the book and look at its very first word to see this glaring typo, but somehow, the opening "Peeface" was published.

6 A dyslexic dream come true

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Martin Luther King Jr. inspired countless individuals to dream of and fight for equality and a bright future, and it seems his message was really embraced by the dyslexic community. Having your protest covered by the news can be a positive way to promote your cause, but in this case, the protesters probably would have been better off without the publicity and the embarrassment that likely came with it. These two individuals had all of the right stencils to spell out their "I have a dream" signs, but instead of a "dream," they ended up have a "draem" and a "deram." Unless they were trying to be ironic and fight for their right to a proper education, these is definitely a tragic typo to have displayed on television.

5 Take this or you're ded

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This person just wanted a prescription to cure his completely non-lethal muscle spasms, but his pharmacist revealed a shocking truth to him that his doctor failed to admit: if he doesn't take one capsule every night for three hours, he'll be "ded." He was only given 30 pills, so it seems like he's only got a month to live. Of course, chances are either his doctor or Target Pharmacy mistakenly wrote "ded" when they meant to write "bed," but maybe this guy shouldn't count on that possibility, just in case. Also, he should probably consider a different doctor or pharmacy in the future, assuming he lives long enough to make such a switch.

4 This school district really cares about pubic education

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Some school districts are really passionate about physical education and their sports programs, some pride themselves on arts education and their musical programs, and some just really care about pubic education and their students' pubes. Wait, what?!

The Red Lion Area school district has some really weird priorities, and they're hoping to find partners who share their love for teaching kids about their pubic areas. If you're equally interested in public education or just want a sign as brilliantly-edited as this one, you can contact Don Dimoff, the marketing and communications manager behind this hilarious typo. He seems really good at his job, so we're sure he has a lot of people hitting up the phone number and email address he so graciously provided.

3 Wait, what kind of Snickers did you buy?!

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With Twix unveiling new white chocolate bars this past year and M&Ms launching caramel candies in 2017, Snickers has felt the pressure to switch things up and add a new flavor to their repetoire. After a lot of careful thought and consideration, they seemingly decided that penis butter was the way to go. Yeah, there are some people with really unusual fetishes out there, so penis butter snickers would likely generate some sales.... but there are probably better routes they could have gone. For example, there's peanut butter, which was likely the kind of snickers this customer thought she was buying. Hopefully her cashier, Sysadmin, (whose name might also be a typo?) alerts her manager that someone needs to update their system, so people don't get the wrong idea about what they're really eating next time they get a craving for Snickers.

2 Too easy for kids, not so easy for adults

via: NBC News

NBC News seems to be under the impression that school is starting to become too easy for young students, but based on this typo, it seems their editors were the ones who earned their degrees a little too easily. At least kids these days know the difference between "to," "too" and "two!" From the look on this news anchor's face, she knows exactly how foolish she's about to look because of this typo, but understands that there's nothing she can do to fix things. She just has to keep talking and pray that no one noticed.... but let's be real, everyone noticed and is judging her and the network hardcore. Maybe NBC should hire some kids to write up their headlines for them.

1 Get it, Jesus!

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The holiday season means thousands of people will soon be heading to their local church for the first time since last Christmas, and based on this program, they might discover that things are a little bit different from what they remember. Apparently, the Catholic church is now encouraging people to.... fornicate with the Son of God, because it's "so sweet to thrust in Jesus." A lot of weird stuff went down in 2016, but this likely has to be the biggest change yet. Hopefully Jesus consents to this sweet thrusting! And hopefully whoever writes the programs for this church has learned their lesson and will take the time to make sure they aren't encouraging people to hump Christ when they're supposed to be encouraging them to trust him. What a disturbing difference one simple added letter can make.

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