15 Of The Most Dangerous Online Challenges Teenagers Have Ever Done

Teenagers are unpredictable creatures, meaning there's no telling what they will come up with next. With the internet close at hand, there are a number of dangerous challenges that teens run against one another simply for entertainment. Here are 15 of the dumbest and most dangerous challenges.

Warning: some graphic images below.

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15 Kylie Lip Challenge

Via Twitter.com

The "Kylie Lip Challenge" involves grabbing a shot glass and putting your lips inside it and then sucking as hard as you can. It artificially plumps your lips and the results are startling and dangerous. Experts say the shot glass can break under the pressure, resulting in broken blood vessels, requiring stitches, and other issues when undergoing this challenge.

14 Condom Challenge

Via The Guardian.com

Fill a condom with water like a balloon and tie the end, then have one teen drop the condom on another teen's head while recording the entire thing. This is the Condom Challenge and while some of the results are funny, at least to teens, condoms are not balloons and this challenge has led to hospitalizations.

13 The Duct Tape Challenge

Via Cosmopolitan.com

A group of teens duct tape a friend, sometimes to a pole and sometimes simply standing up with their arms incapacitated. The taped teen will then try to break free. This challenge recently caused one teen to fall and hit his head on a window frame and concrete, crushing his eye socket and leading to a brain aneurysm.

12 The Cinnamon Challenge

Via KnowYourMeme.com

This challenge has been circulating for a few years and requires the teen to swallow a spoonful or more of cinnamon without drinking any water. The challenge can cause respiratory and throat issues or even things like a collapsed lung and choking. There have been reported deaths from this challenge.

11 The Choking Game

Via: giphy.com

The "game," which involves teens choking each other to reduce oxygen to the brain until the teen faints, has been coming around again recently. There have been enough deaths that Lifetime released a movie to bring more awareness to the dangers.

10 The Car Surfing Challenge

Via CartoonStock.com

Common sense has not yet settled in with some teens. In this challenge, a teen "surfs" on the roof, bumper, or hood of a car. This game has led to multiple deaths and many horrible injuries.

9 The Salt and Ice Challenge

Via HuffingtonPost.com

Teens put salt in their hands and then add ice cubes and close their fists around it. The teen who holds the mixture the longest and endures the most pain, wins. Participants have seen second and third-degree burns from this challenge.

8 The Eyeballing Challenge

Via MakeUseOf.com

Teens take a shot of hard liquor...into their eye socket. This can cause cornea scarring, swelling, irritation, and plenty of other issues.

7 Vampire Biting

Via VampirePictures.net

Teens are taking the vampire movie rage too far by actually biting one another like a modern-day hickey. There are plenty of risks from these bites such as infection, scarring, HIV, hepatitis, and more.

6 Chatroulette

Via AcidCow.com

This trend had teens participating in anonymous chat rooms that reveal random people on the other side of the webcam. The game exposes teens to predators, sudden nudity, and other things that put them in danger, including being in contact with strangers at any time of the day or night.

5 The Snorting Challenge

Via TheSun.co.uk

Teens are challenging one another to snort a variety of objects into their nose and pull it out their mouths. Items used include condoms, balloons, string, and plenty of other objects. This can lead to serious damage and even choking and death.

4 The Ice Bucket Challenge

Via EOnline.com

This is one of the most viral challenges on the internet that has taken the teen population by storm. While the challenge was created to raise awareness to the ALS Associaton, some teens have taken it too far. Instead of just dumping a bucket of water over someone, some teens have chugged alcohol before doing so or overdone the amount of water and ice. As a result, teens have been knocked out, knocked over, and even got into shock when running this challenge.

3 The Cold Water Challenge

Via: abcnews.go.com

This challenge is similar to the ice bucket challenge, but it has its differences. Instead of dumping water over their heads, teens jump into cold bodies of water. Submerging into cold water can lead to hypothermia and other illnesses. One teen in Minnesota partook of the challenge alone and ended up drowning.

2 The Fire Challenge

Via Ibtimes.com

Instead of using water, some teens are moving in the opposite direction. Teens put flammable liquid on themselves and then light a match. Hazards are obvious and range from serious second and third-degree burns, all the way up to death.

1 The Ghost Pepper Challenge

Via HuffingtonPost.com

These peppers, also called bhut jolokia, are the hottest in the world. Teens stick the pepper in their mouths and record their reactions. This leads to excruciating pain in the mouth, but some people also get worse reactions. It can cause nausea, vomiting, and a trip to the hospital.

No parent can prevent every accident, but every teen can avoid falling prey to any of these challenges by simply realizing how dangerous they can become in a matter of seconds.

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