15 Of The Most Disturbing SFW Pictures You Will Ever See

Disturbing images are not always considered NSFW. There are a lot of images that people share around the web that will make you conquer your deepest fears, while you keep telling yourself "this must be Photoshopped." Yeah, keep telling yourself that if it will help you sleep at night.

Well, we're here to bring you 15 of the most disturbing SFW images that you will ever see. You definitely don't need gore to make the stomach turn, or the heart sink. These photos often have hauntingly tragic, or disturbing stories behind them. All of these really happened, and all of these, we assure you, are not Photoshopped!

Take a look at the most deeply disturbing SFW images that you'll ever see – but beware: you just may not be able to sleep tonight.

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15 The Guatemalan Sinkhole


Depending on where a sinkhole is located, they can be amazing – like those great cenotes you really need to visit in the Mexican Riviera Maya – or they can be deeply frightening. Such is the case for this particular sinkhole, which appeared in Guatemala City back in 2010.

As unreal as this image looks, it was a very real – and very scary – situation (seriously, it even has its own Wikipedia page). The sinkhole was approximately 65 feet wide and 300 feet deep. The reason why this humongous hole appeared – seemingly out of nowhere – was what Jim Carey would call "a series of unfortunate events," including a tropical storm and a volcano eruption. Talk about bad luck!

The sinkhole took with it a complete three-story factory and the lives of at least 15 people.

14 The Forever Lovers


"A photographer snapping a few shots of the thick air pollution around the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge in China accidentally caught two lovers' suicide on camera. When interviewed about the photo, the photographer said he didn't even notice the man jumping, then he barely had time to adjust his camera to catch the woman jumping from the bridge a moment later." - eazye123

According to an article published by The Daily Mail back in 2013, the woman was never identified but the man was. His name was Liu Han and he was only 20-years-old. According to Han's uncle, the probable reason for the suicide jump were money struggles but, why would a couple commit suicide over that? This sounds to me like more of a Romeo and Juliet story.

But whatever the reason for their untimely death was, the photo is still terrifying. What is even more creepy about the situation is that it was accidentally caught on the photographer's camera, which is a huge eye-opener – in my opinion – as to how many awful things are constantly happening around us that we have no idea about. How many people are suffering right across the street, right behind us on the grocery store check-out lane? It really puts things in perspective.

13 The End Is Near


To me, nothing is more terrifying than the idea of seeing death up close, knowing that you only have a few minutes – sometimes, seconds – to live and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. What do you do in a moment like that? Do you pray? Do you ask for forgiveness? Do you remember your regrets?

According to Reddit user, RAWRMaD:

"A crew of four was conducting routine maintenance to the 67-meter high turbine. They were in a gondola next to the turbine when a fire broke out. The fire quickly engulfed the only escape route (the stairs in the shaft), trapping two of the maintenance crew on top of the turbine. One of them jumped down and was found in a field next to the turbine. The other victim was found by a special firefighter team that ascended the turbine when the fire died down a bit. The cause of the fire is unknown, but is believed to be a short circuit."

12 The Omagh Car Bomb


"The Omagh car bomb picture. The red car on the right exploded just after the picture was taken. The man and boy survived, but the photographer was one of dozens killed." - JournalofFailure.

Reddit user, Porrick, then chimed in with the following statement:

"Fuck, I remember the Omagh bombing. It was after the peace process was doing pretty well, and it had a much higher death toll than usual because of miscommunication (they called in a bomb threat but gave the wrong location, so people were evacuated to roughly where the bomb was). The national reaction to it was shock and horror, far more so than any of the other bombings. The only people convicted of the crime were the people who supplied the cell phones used to coordinate the attack, but even that conviction was eventually thrown out because the Garda are all idiots.

Some of the victims made an appearance on the Late Late Show a while after, with their burns and amputations. Made a big impression on my young mind, about the lasting effects of violence."

11 Jeff Franklin's Smile


"A Huntsville man who killed his parents and tried to kill three siblings in 1998 wants his parole hearing moved up to this year, according to a letter he sent to the judge in the case.

Jeffrey Franklin, who was 17 at the time of the brutal March 1998 attack, is currently housed at the Donaldson Correctional Facility in Bessemer. He pleaded guilty in 2001 to two murder charges and three counts of attempted murder.

A hatchet, a two-pound sledgehammer, a rat-tail file and a butcher's knife, were all used in the crime, said Madison County District County Rob Broussard, who prosecuted Franklin.

He was charged in the deaths of his parents, Gerald and Cynthia Franklin, and the attacks on two younger brothers and a younger sister on March 10, 1998 at the family's home on Camelot Drive in southeast Huntsville. Another sister was not home at the time.

In a hearing after Franklin's arrest, an investigator testified that Franklin admitted to being at the home but not to the attacks. Franklin said it was like some 'evil being' with horns sticking out of his head and eyes had taken over his body, the investigator said. Franklin told investigators he had been taking prescription drugs and had not slept for two days before the attack." - ImEnhanced.

10 The Assassination of Reynaldo Dagsa


"Philippine councillor Reynaldo Dagsa was celebrating New Year's Eve with his family and gathering loved ones together for a photograph to commemorate the occasion. Little did he know his assassin would step into the frame of that picture a split second before squeezing the trigger that would end their life.

The politician had helped get the shooter in the photo jailed for car theft. His accomplice can also be seen in the top right of the photo, just behind Dagsa's wife, daughter and mother-in-law." - Raver32.

The Filipino politician was assassinated on January 1, 2011, after being shot in the head by the convicted robber who is depicted in the photo. It is believed that the person trying to stop the shooting was Dagsa's son. Thanks to the timely photograph, the police were able to identify the shooter as Arnel Buenaflor, who was arrested only six days later. Buenaflor claimed the motive for the killing was revenge, after being shot by a person associated with Dagsa a few months earlier.

9 The Murder of Travis Alexander


This might look like a simple photo of a guy taking a shower to you, but what makes it incredibly disturbing is the fact that it was taken by Jodi Arias – who used to be in a relationship with this guy, Travis Alexander – just seconds before she brutally murdered him.

The horrifying murder, which consisted in Arias slitting Alexander's throat with a knife and then shooting him, stabbing him and leaving him for dead, took place in Mesa, Arizona on June 4, 2008. The notorious murder received a lot of attention from the press during her trial, and even got her own made-for-TV movie – which isn't that bad... it's terrifying, but not too bad.  Arias testified that the murder had been in self-defense. Yeah, right.

Fortunately, after seeing the evidence presented by the prosecutor, the jury didn't buy that lame excuse either, and convicted Arias of first-degree murder in 2013. She was later sentenced to life in prison in 2015.

8 This Drawing Of "Home"


"This one is a pretty disturbing, yet powerful, photograph.

A girl who grew up in a concentration camp draws a picture of 'home' while living in a residence for disturbed children, 1948" - -eDgAR-

Known only as Tereszka, the little girl in the picture was a survivor of the brutal concentration camps set up in Germany during World War II. Whatever the poor girl had to endure was clearly still very much active in her mind at the time the picture was taken.

It is no surprise that the horrors that occurred at concentration camps are enough to make anyone go absolutely insane, but at least Tereszka was given a safe space to express her inner-most feelings and thoughts.

How she managed to survive the concentration camp is still a mystery.

7 The Elephant's Foot


What in the name of all that is holy and saint is that thing? Is it a real-life version of Flubber? Is it the actual Jabba The Hut?

Well, not according to this Reddit user:

"The Elephant's Foot. This is a solidified lump of corium, the product of a nuclear meltdown. It's the remains of fuel rods and bits of Chernobyl's power plant, essentially nuclear lava. This shit is so potently radioactive if you got close enough to see it you'd be dead within an hour.

They got the photo using a robotic camera and a series of mirrors, it's the closest thing humanity has got to creating Medusa, or perhaps a Basilisk." - its4mna

Don't get me wrong, the real explanation is pretty creepy, but I kind of preferred my idea of it being Jabba The Hut, or at least one of his relatives.

6 The Beautiful Suicide


For people who have a hard time being pretty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, looking pretty after falling to your death from the top of the Empire State Building seems almost like a joke, yet for Evelyn McHale it was a reality.

The original poster of the photo on Reddit, said the following:

"It would have to be this, 23 year old Evelyn McHale jumped from the top of the Empire State Building to create one of the most haunting images ever. Every time I see it I get chills, she looks like she's just sleeping." - prossillo.

Another Reddit user went a little more in depth, quoting the movie, Stranger Than Fiction:

"I love the reference to this photo in Stranger Than Fiction:

There's a photograph in the book called The Leaper. It's old, but it's beautiful. From above the corpse of a woman who'd just leapt to her death. There's blood around her head, like a halo, and her leg's buckled underneath, her arm's snapped like a twig but her face is so serene... so at peace. And I think it's because when she died, she could feel the wind against her face." - FuztyLuggz.

5 The Falling Man


The terror attack at the World Trade Center in New York City back in September 11, 2001 were haunting and terrifying to people all over the world. The news of airplanes striking the iconic twin towers that morning traveled fast, and people watched with anguish as the buildings collapsed.

Hundreds were killed, other hundreds helped the wounded and volunteered to try and save anyone who might have been trapped under the debris. Tragic stories of families losing fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters were heard all over, often leaving those who heard them in tears.

And without needing any back story, this photo of the falling man, who apparently decided to jump to his death instead of succumbing along with the almost-destroyed building, is one of those tragedies that would leave anyone crying. Just thinking about how helpless the poor man must have felt gives me chills.

4 The Pulitzer Prize


This image is haunting in so many ways, not only to the people who see it, but also to the photographer who took it, Kevin Carter.

Carter was on assignment in Sudan when he encountered a child dying of starvation, trying to make their way to a feeding center, while a vulture patiently awaits the child's death to have a feast.

About the image, Reddit user, sillybelcher, said the following:

"A vulture waiting for a child to die of starvation so it can feast. The photojournalist, Kevin Carter, was so affected after taking it (and winning the Pulitzer Prize) that he committed suicide.

Sudanese toddler, alone and severely emaciated, attempting to crawl to an aid station for food. A vulture is standing on the ground behind her, waiting for her to die so it can eat her.

Carter claimed that he waited 20 minutes for the vulture to spread its wings, which he thought would make a better picture, and when it didn’t, he took the picture as is. For those 20 minutes, the toddler had to rest before resuming its trip. She whimpered and panted, and Carter did nothing to help her.

He took the picture, scared the vulture away, then left the girl to continue crawling on her own. No one knows what became of her, but it very likely that she starved to death. This account is denied by Joao Silva, a journalist friend of Carter, who stated that the child’s parents left for only a moment to take food from a plane. Either way, Carter claimed later that he just 'didn’t want to get involved.'

The rest of the article about the bystander effect is pretty fascinating as well."

3 The Youngest Racist


Kids are not born inherently racist, they are brought up that way by racist parents, the kind of people who thinks that it is perfectly acceptable to dress your toddler in full Ku Klux Klan attire.

Considering kids are basically always adorable, it is hard to watch this image of a child who has little idea of what is going on, and he is just acting like any other curious little boy in front of a police man.

The state trooper seems to think the same way, giving the child a friendly grin because, well, it is not the kid's fault that his parents are racist buttholes who decided it would be fun to teach your child to hate an entire race for something as silly as the color of their skin.

2 The Last Jew In Vinnitsa


Back in 1941, the world was a very different place than it is today. People were being persecuted just for their religious beliefs or because they were different from the people that Adolf Hitler considered the only pure race, the Aryan race. Oh, wait, that sounds vaguely familiar to what the world, mainly minorities in the United States and in select countries where genocides are still occurring, is experiencing right now.

Anyway, regarding this particular photo, Reddit user doc_daneeka explains it like this:

"I'd say this one. It was taken as the SS were preparing the area around Hitler's new headquarters in Ukraine in 1941, and is captioned on the back "The last jew in Vinnitsa".

The look on that poor fellow's face.

Edit: And here is the uncropped version. It's significantly less SFW, but I imagine people might want to see the full photo. Thanks to /u/trattino for noticing that."

Hopefully, the world will soon understand that our differences make us special, not bad.

1 Omayra Sanchez


"The picture of Omayra Sanchez. Tragic story." - mshap_

Since that sentence alone doesn't offer much information about Omayra Sanchez, who she was and why she looks like that, another Redditor chimed in to tell everyone a little bit more about her tragic story.

"From Wikipedia: After a lahar (volcanically induced mudslides, landslides, and debris flows) demolished her home, Sánchez became pinned beneath the debris of her house, where she remained trapped in water for three days. Her plight was documented as she descended from calmness into agony. Her courage and dignity touched journalists and relief workers, who put great efforts into comforting her. After 60 hours of struggling, she died, likely as a result of either gangrene or hypothermia. Her death highlighted the failure of officials to respond correctly to the threat of the volcano, contrasted with the efforts of volunteer rescue workers to reach and treat trapped victims, despite inadequate supplies and equipment." - chalter

Source: Reddit

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