15 Of The Most Embarrassing Accidental Facebook Posts That Will Make You Cringe

Have you ever posted something to Facebook that you really didn't mean to? Because it's apparently exceedingly common. People are way too quick to press 'post' when they're copy and pasting links. People foolishly post photos from their phone's camera reel that should never have seen the light of day, let alone be exposed to all their Facebook friends. Let's hope your Facebook settings are rather private, it's hard to imagine posting accidentally so that the whole world can see. The people below probably didn't think too hard about their privacy settings and they probably didn't think too hard before using technology either. Don't you sort of feel bad for them?

Here are 15 people who clicked way too soon on Facebook and embarrassed themselves hardcore.

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16 This Person's Mom

Sometimes I think that it wouldn't be so bad to have my parents on Facebook, but then I see stuff like this and cringe. The danger of finding out way more than you might like. We often don't pay attention when we're online and surfing different websites. It's easy to click absentmindedly and forget that some things are linked to Facebook. It can turn into an embarrassing affair, especially if you're a mom who clicks links for 'intimate massagers'. That poor person, seeing this on their mom's Facebook wall. We hope your parents have money because they'll be paying for your therapy for a little while. I imagine there's a string of likes on this mom's Facebook wall and they're all dirty and inappropriate. Yikes. wall.

15 This Grandpa Who Doesn't Understand How A Browser Works

When old people use Facebook, it's a treasure. If they actually know how to use the technology, it's impressive and endearing. I love when the older generation uses social media. If they use it properly it's a nice way to get to know them in a different light. Some older folks are quite funny online. If you aren't following Toronto Councillor Norm Kelly on Twitter, I'm not sure you're really enjoying Twitter as much as those who are. This poor grandpa though, he's clearly not proficient in computers. He thinks the status bar is the web address bar. Can someone please sit him down and show him how to do things? No, instead his grandchild is simply posting his error for the whole world to see online. Terrible grandchild.

14 This Person Who Thought They Were Messaging

Via: smosh.com

I don't quite understand how you can make this mistake. It might have honestly been easier in the earlier days of Facebook but now the Messenger is, thankfully, way separated from a regular wall posting. Accidentally putting something on someone's wall for all to see is not something any of us ever want to do. Can we all admit that we've private messaged some weird stuff to people? Maybe it's talking about poop or maybe it's talking shit behind someone's back. That stuff should definitely stay private. Always check before you hit send. ALWAYS. Never just post things in haste, that's a dangerous game. It's the same thing with text messages. Always make sure you're texting the right person, otherwise disaster may strike and you may be doomed forever.

13 This Person Who Showed Their 'Like' To The World

via: someecards.com

Okay, some people like weird things. Here's another case of likes showing up on your feed for everyone to see. All your Facebook friends know you have some weird camel toe fetish now. I didn't even know that was a thing. It really shouldn't be. Just wait, you might just start seeing your Facebook 'friends' drop like flies. They'll unfriend you slowly and quietly and you won't even notice. It's easy to make fun of someone's weird accidental likes but we've all been there. The worst kind of accidental like, though, is when you're sneakily Facebook stalking someone and you accidentally like a post from 3 years ago. When you're in deep and you hit that like button by accident, nothing can contain your panic.


11 This Person Who Thought They'd Be Anonymous

Via: someecards.com

This is why I don't do these anonymous posting Facebook pages. Sure you can submit a post anonymously via private message, but does no one realize that there's still someone on the other end who sees that you're the one who is submitting. Someone is going to know it's you. It may be just one person and that's enough for me to steer clear. This person didn't quite understand how the process works. You definitely don't just post directly to the wall of the Facebook page. That seems self explanatory. There's no mechanism on Facebook that turns your post into anonymous submissions. Not that I know of. To be honest, it's not the worst confession ever. It's definitely gross though, and now everyone knows you're gross. Sorry.

10 The Son Who No Doubt Will Never Forgive His Parents

Via: smosh.com

These parents deserve an award for worst parents ever. This is just not okay. You do not post private stuff like this online. EVERYONE will see it. Your son will forever be psychologically damaged and will never trust you again. We hope this dad made a mistake. We hope he was trying to text his son or private message him and made an honest error. Otherwise, that's just cold blooded and cruel. First off, no one else really needs or wants to see this kind of stuff on Facebook. It conjures up vivid imagery that's totally unnecessary. Second, it's just so awful. This poor kid will never hear the end of this for the rest of his days. It's online forever. He will forever 'take care of business' and think of this moment.

9 This Person Who Confused Facebook For Google (We Hope)

Hey so, maybe don't head to Facebook for serious medical advice. Facebook isn't the place to go if your child drank bleach. I honestly have so many questions. Were you trying to access Google and made some kind of really dumb error? Did you actually want to ask your Facebook friends this question? Have you called 911? You probably should if you haven't already. Why did you child drink bleach? Why was it not out of reach? How old is this child? Is this a toddler or a grown ass adult. These questions matter. But seriously. GTFO Facebook and head to the nearest emergency room because I don't think drinking bleach is ever a good thing. Make your child throw up immediately and don't post anything else on Facebook.

8 This Person Who Regrets Not Learning How To Use A Computer

Another googling mistake! How you can mistake the status box or Google is still beyond me. And how are you not checking thoroughly when you click submit or press enter on your keyboard. This seems like a no brainer. Maybe this person is just doing a research project on HIV, that's totally possible. The other possibility is a bit sadder. They've contracted HIV and are searching the Internet to understand how this disease will affect them and those around them. They are dealing with a new illness and are turning to Google (like we all would) to understand it better. Instead, she posted a status update either alerting the world that she is HIV positive or that she's doing a project on the subject. I'm wishing the best for this gal, hopefully she isn't sick and her project went great.

7 This Person Who Gave TMI

I think this is the worst of them. Or at least, one of the worst. Women are constantly googling stuff like this. Our bodies are weird and we want to know if we have a yeast infection or if our period is normal this month. The human body is beautiful but also disgusting so this kind of Google search isn't out of the ordinary. You definitely don't want to post it on your Facebook as a status, though. It's not exactly something you want to advertise. Imagining anyone having access to your medical searches on google is cringe worthy. No one needs to know what color your toenails have been turning and that you want to know how to rip it off. No one needs to know your nasty flu symptoms. Yuck.

6 This Parent

Here's the thing. This isn't accidental but it's immensely stupid. I think this mom didn't really realize what she was doing. It's time to cancel that credit card though because now all your Facebook friends have the number. Time to go shopping online baby! I've been victim to credit card fraud and it was no fun. It feels like a violation and it made me really angry that some idiots decided to steal my credit to buy expensive shit at a large department store. Screw you. Get a job and buy your own stuff. I'm fairly protective of my credit card, though. I would never do something like this. I almost hope this person fell victim to fraud to balance the ying yang. It seems almost well deserved. Don't you think?

5 This Guy Who Should Just Ask Siri

Dude, just go over and help your dad figure this out. The poor guy is struggling hard. He doesn't understand this Facebook thing at all. He typed it in multiple times. Maybe his keyboard broke. As a good child, you should go over and help him. It could be a call for help. Maybe it's a code and he's been taken hostage. Because, really, who makes the same mistake that many times. Better yet, don't bother showing him how to use Facebook, go buy him those chicken casserole supplies. I don't really know what any of that means, but you'd be a good person for helping your dad out. What are chicken casserole supplies? Just ingredients for a casserole with chicken? That's very non-specific. I feel like...just go to the grocery store.

4 Again, Facebook Is Not Google

First off, you need to relax and spell everything correctly. Google is never going to be able to decipher your super eager request if you keep typing like a hot mess. Second, again, Facebook is not Google. Now your whole friends list on Facebook knows you don't know how to pleasure a woman and that you need step by step instructions to figure it out. How embarassing. And really, is deleting stuff THAT hard? It can't be. Just delete your post. Commenting on it several times is just going to alert attention from those that follow you. It's the equivalent of waving your hands in the air and screaming "Hey! Over here!!!". So, don't do that. Calm down. The damage is done, so let's think rationally and find the delete button.

3 This Poor Soul

Well that's epically embarrassing. I really hope this is just some weird porn pic that this person found online and accidentally posted. If that's actually them in the photo that's impossible to come back from. Case in point: it's been spread all over the Internet. How you accidentally upload this photo instead of a screenshot of your math assignment is a puzzle to me. A pic of a math assignment is going to look super different than this. The colours are totally different. There's clearly a human in one and the other is just pencil scribbles all over a paper. Seriously, dude. Moral of the story? Don't ask for help with your homework. Fend for yourself and don't try to seek help with that really tough problem. You might just end up embarrassing yourself.

2 This Person Who Definitely Needs Medical Attention

So many things wrong with this. Another case of accidental Facebook googling. How do people do this!? STAHP. PLEASE. If I'm cringing at this, I can't imagine how embarrassed these people are. First off, don't mistake your Facebook status bar for the Google search bar. Seriously. Second, learn to delete your embarrassing mistakes immediately. Third, you need to see a doctor and get medical attention. Stop with the natural cures bullshit. Head to the doctor to get some kind of prescription to get rid of that shit. You'll want to do that sooner rather than later. Your whole list of Facebook friends knows now and definitely won't want to be around you. They also know that you prefer to seek alternative treatment via Google and that's just a bad sign.

1 Oh No....

More Google mistakes. Are these people accidentally copy pasting this stuff into Facebook? Sometimes we copy something incorrectly and our past copy grab is still active so we paste the completely wrong thing. That's happened to me. Never with anything embarrassing, but it's an easy mistake. Still, you have the power not to hit send or post. You have that ability. Once you paste something, you're not powerless to stop things from continuing on. You can stop your own downfall. Just delete the text and start over. Because if you don't, everyone will know that your butt if full of pimples. There's no shame in that, but the Internet is full of trolls. Yes. Even your friends on Facebook. A few of them will jump at the opportunity to comment on your embarrassing post.

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