15 Of The Most Epic And Hilarious Photobombs The Internet Has Ever Seen

We have all done it at some point or another: the photobomb. It is debatable on whether it "spoils" the picture, or enhances it. To execute an awesome photobomb, one must seize the opportunity and act swiftly. If done too quickly, the photobomb may come out blurry or you may overshoot your mark. If done too slowly or overthinking is involved, the opportunity may be lost forever. Timing is everything. Also, do not forget about blinking.

Photobombing can be done with family, friends or even strangers. Babies and animals, however, can have a surprisingly impressive photobomb game themselves. This proves perhaps that instincts are of equal importance as skill. Take notes from these consummate professionals if you are looking to begin or step up your photobomb game.

15 This walrus

via theawesomedaily.com

Many an amazing photobomb happens when on vacation to a scenic nature preserve. These two men were content taking landscape nature pictures, but were pleasantly surprised. Little did they know that this walrus was full of surprises of its own. This walrus saw an opportunity and just went for it.

"Who cares about the gorgeous scenery? It's all about me?" thought the walrus, ironically. He/she knew that they were more interesting than the rocky coast. They acted quickly, and did a classic side head tilt into the frame. It was able to make full eye contact out of one eye and went with a toothy grin. The walrus made sure that they were in focus and that they did not obscure the two men in frame. This picture will go down as an epic and super sweet photobomb.

14 This tiny tot

via lotoflaughters.com

There is nothing sweeter than the gift of a photobomb from one adorable kid to another. Both children seem to have an innate sense of how adorable they are and how to capture it on camera. One masters the cute candid, the other mugs with a classic tongue out silly face. The photobomber beautifully uses a glass window as an unexpected source, leaving the subject thinking he is alone on the sidewalk. Impressively, he did not fog the glass up or leave too many smudges on it either. Both kids seem to be having an awesome day out on the town, and making the most of photo opportunities.

13 This shark

via pinterest.com

This is the stuff nightmares are made of! We are absolutely terrified to know what picture comes after this one! As if sharks weren't scary enough, now they understand sarcasm and photobombing? What's next, world domination? But let's objectively talk about the shark's technique. He/she gives dead on eye contact. They then flash a razor sharp toothy grin. They maintain perfect placement behind the guy's head. It's a horrifying game of peek-a-boo that is amazingly executed. The shark was able to silently swim into frame and stay in focus at all times. Can we talk about how enormous this shark is, too? We are curious as to why this diver does not have on more gear. He is not wearing SCUBA gear or even a simple snorkel. It is no wonder sharks are known as the king of the ocean.

12 This sloth

via funnypica.com

We all knew sloths are adorable and very, very slow. But we had no idea that they could be so stealth. Nor did we realize that they have such a great sense of humor. This sloth opted for the old upside-down photobomb. He/she also made sure they were obscured by the vegetation for an added element of surprise. This group of teens never even saw it coming. Which makes us wonder if sloths really are slow and lethargic, or if they just want us to think that. Are they truly evil and/or kind-hearted geniuses? In either case, this sloth did a stellar job of keeping it real and in focus.

11 This dolphin

via heavy.com

Two adorable kids plus one adorable dolphin equal an amazing picture. It looks like in addition to the many tricks dolphins know, taking a great picture is one of them. This dolphin decided on a full mouth smile/ toothy grin. But it also chose to look like it is either shouting in this little boy's ear or trying to eat his head. Either way, the outcome is amazing. Plus the dolphin successfully avoided any aquarium glass reflection and was able to maintain this pose for long enough to take the perfect picture. Not an easy task. The super cute smiles and giggles coming from the kids makes it playful and hilarious. Dolphins are known for their high intelligence and playfulness, but let's add an adorable sense of humor to that list, too.

10 This stingray

via reddit.com

Some stingrays are happy swimming in the ocean. Some stingrays just want to hug. This stingray decided it wanted to be remembered forever in a photo. It was able to hug these three women at once in an all encompassing embrace. He/ she was able to get their full face in the picture, complete with a smile with an over-the-shoulder sneak. The women clearly did not see this coming! Who even knew that stingrays could hug? They most likely do not even fully comprehend what is happening at the time the picture was taken. It is hard to tell if the women are scared, confused, crying or screaming. The element of surprise and timing are so well-executed, it's clear this stingray is a seasoned professional. We also think it is very cool to be able to see a stingray's face so clearly. They are normally faced down when swimming, so to see its face is such a delight. Who knew they had such human-like features?

9 This guy

via funtoxin.com

We all know that popsicles are delicious. They are so delicious, in fact, that you need to take a picture of you and your bestie eating one on a hot summer day. This guy knows that twinning is always a great photobombing technique. He decided on an over-the-shoulder, walk by pose. He was able to pull off a full face to the camera with no blinking. He knows that three people eating a popsicle simultaneously is better than two. The women will have a fun surprise when they see the picture and see this man's shared love of popsicles. Another explanation, perhaps, is that he had no idea that he was even photobombing at all. He might have just been an oblivious tourist, who was also eating a popsicle and looked over at the two women while eating his own popsicle. Is this a brilliant photobomb, or a mere coincidence? I guess we will never know for sure.

8 This sea turtle

via imgur.com

This sweet sea turtle is paddling his/ her little heart out to make it into the picture in time. The family is not even fully organized and posed. This sea turtle knows that direct eye contact goes a long way, as does an open-mouthed smile. This family thinks they are getting a cool group snorkeling picture. But this sea turtle thought, "Hey, I'll give them one better. I'll give them some cuteness and local flair." By placing him/ herself in the foreground, they made the composition of this photo rich and unique. It is not easy holding a pose mid-swim. We all know treading water can be exhausting. So this little sea turtle did an impressive job of pulling off a water photobomb. A for effort as well as A for adorable.

7 This giraffe

via imgur.com

This giraffe knows a romantic moment when he/she sees one. Going to the zoo can be a great date destination. This giraffe decided that nothing sets the mood quite like photobombing with a kissy face. This is like a land-based deleted scene from The Little Mermaid's "Kiss The Girl." So sweet! This giraffe did obscure the face of one of the main subjects. However, in this case, it actually works in its favor for this shot. Giraffes are known for their long necks and beautiful spots. But maybe they should also be known for their thoughtfulness, kind hearts and ability to keep the romance alive in relationships. We should all be so lucky to have this giraffe on our zoo date.

6  These pups

via kammickkennels.com

This pup did not want to be left out of the fun or the spotlight. Speed is a necessary component of a brilliant photobomb. This puppy was able to lift its furry friend off the ground, almost in a planking position. The look of surprise and bewilderment on the unsuspecting puppy's face is palpable. The fact that neither puppy is blurry or blinking is impressive. The one dog's feet are off the ground, but it has not yet fallen over. This is very hard to pull off. The element of surprise is extremely well-utilized here. Given the fresh snow on the ground, this dog is not afraid of any inclement weather interfering in an awesome photobomb. The fact that they they did not slip on the snow and mud and lose their balance is phenomenal.

5 This woman

via funtoxin.com

No one is immune to photobombs, not even celebrities. In this case, it is none other than Hulk Hogan. In general, the big muscles/tickets to the gun show pose is always a crowd pleaser. This one is a beauty because it combines a great pose with twinning. Because Hulk was posing, it gave this woman ample time for her photobomb placement and preparation. She went with a lower righthand corner, under the muscles pose. And it works! Now the proud owner of this picture gets a celebrity and a photobomb all in one. Was this a premeditated photobomb? Will this be an added bonus photobomb for the person taking the picture? We guess if you cannot get a celebrity photo, you should get creative and and make your own opportunity. It saves you waiting in line or having to awkwardly ask the celebrity if they have the time to take a picture with you. Either way, this is profile picture worthy.

4 This seal

via reddit.com

Taking a beautiful and breathtaking vacation to immerse yourself in nature can be very serene and relaxing. We did not realize, it can also be adorable and hilarious! The photographer wanted to get a picture of the penguins in their natural habit. This candid photo opportunity quickly became hysterical. This seal decided he/she does not want the penguins to have all the fun, or attention. Throwing yourself in front of the camera at the last second is a great photobomb strategy to use. An ear to ear grin makes it that much more perfectly executed. This seal thought, "Hey! Wait for me! You will want to remember me, too!" He/ she saw that the penguins were not particularly paying attention, saw an opening, and went for it. The lower righthand corner/foreground photobomb works well. This double dose of cuteness is an amazing moment caught on camera.

3 This fish

via funnypica.com

This photobomb looks like it could have come directly out of Finding Nemo. Well, a significantly bigger Nemo, that is. This fish looks simultaneously curious and ecstatic to be caught on camera. An underwater photobomb can be challenging, but this fish is able to hold their pose and work with the conditions. This fish was able to smile mid-swim and make direct eye contact with the waterproof camera. It is a flawless picture on a waterproof camera. No bubbles coming out of his/her mouth or nose to interfering with the picture quality. This fish decided to flash what appears to be toothy smile, if those are in fact teeth. It is impressive and sets the bar high for other snorkelers and fish alike.

2 This dog

via dogtime.com

This dog really has a very impressive photobomb game! We are blown away by the sheer timing. The height this pup got is just amazing. The fact that this picture did not come out blurry is a testament to this dog's skill level. We do not think anyone could have anticipated a flying dog coming their way. But it is a glorious sight! This dog got the perfect height to clear the girl's head. We can also still see the sail boat, trees and water. We hope this photo ends well and not painfully! Unlike cats, dogs do not always land on their feet. Nor do dogs have nine lives.

1 These two

via theawesomedaily.com

This one is quite an original, since it involves two simultaneous animal photobombs. We are not sure who is photobombing who. It's like the age-old question, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Except in this case, "Which came first, the sea gull or the whale?" This sea gull does not look amused, almost as if this whale steals his/her thunder on the reg. They seem to know each other well. It also looks like this whale is starved for attention and needs to do back flips to get some camera time. These two animal friends/frenemies seem to have done this dance before. It is definitely a breathtaking picture for many reasons.

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