15 Of The Most Hilarious 'Kellyanne Conway On The Couch' Memes

The viral couch meme we'll be checking out today will offer an 'alternative' view of Kellyanne Conway. If you have no clue who Kellyanne is, by all means, allow this goofy meme to be your introduction to her. Officially, Kellyanne is the adviser to President Trump. She's also served as a Republican campaign manager and strategist for possibly...a few hundred years now? (Not sure) Most likely you've seen her during Trump's campaign trail or after his win, giving us the 'alternative facts' on various stories. #NeverRememberBowlingGreen

Aside from being hilariously immortalized on Saturday Night Live by Kate McKinnon, the Trump loyalist recently stumbled onto the internet radar. A few weeks back, AFP tweeted a now infamous photo of Kellyanne in the Oval Office with her feet on the couch like a child with no manners. At the time, Trump was meeting with distinguished African American leaders from colleges and universities. Conway was taking a photo of the group, but apparently the only way to achieve that was to morph herself into a ridiculous meme. With that said, what follows are 15 of the most hilarious Kellyanne Conway, couch memes you'll find online...so far.

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15 Kellyanne's World

Via: hyperallergic.com

Over on time.com, the birth of this meme was documented pretty thoroughly. The fist person to officially mock Kellyanne's couch 'controversy' was Tim O'Brien, a freelance illustrator. After seeing the original tweeted photo, Tim immediately cracked open Photoshop and created the above image. Tim used Andrew Wyeth's famous painting "Christina's World" as his inspiration and the rest is internet history. Since then, the meme has taken on a life of its own.

I have to give bonus 'consistency' points to Tim for swapping the Olson House in the original painting with the White House. The only issue I have is now the next time I'm at the MOMA and see the real painting, I wont be able to shake the ridiculous image of Kellyanne out of my brain.

14 Thank You For Choosing Magic Carpet For All Your Travel Needs

Via: knowyourmeme.com

Only two entries in and we're already tossed into the world of animation. Here's a Kellyanne meme that's more in line with the typical memes we're used to seeing. Is it fitting to plaster Kellyanne on a magic carpet with Disney's Aladdin? Well since many people view her as a walking cartoon, maybe that's just a natural progression.

One of the best aspects of these memes is no matter where Kellyanne is pasted; her casual pose always makes her out to be oblivious to her surroundings. Even when soaring through the sky, Kellyanne still has time to update her twitter account or check out some recipes. She doesn't fear falling because she's barely aware that she is cruising at an altitude of 2,000 feet.

13 The Last Time Anyone Invites Her To Supper

Via: knowyourmemes.com

One of the most famous mural paintings in existence, "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci has always been an easy target for meme makers. If you Google 'last supper memes', you'll find images of Snoop Dogg, Super Mario Brothers, My Little Pony and many others plastered into this iconic work. Kellyanne showing up with Jesus and his Apostles for the last supper pretty much signifies she's jumped to the head of the meme class.

Even in this biblical context, Kellyanne is still checking her phone while seated in front of Apostles, Bartholomew, James and Andrew. There's so much going on they don't even seem to notice she's leaving footprints all over their plates. They also don't seem to mind that she's a time traveler using a strange device that has yet to be invented.

12 Zero Respect For The Office

Via: thesun.co.uk

This meme is perhaps the most simple and straight forward from the bunch. It's about as straightforward as you can get...yet the actual image itself is disturbing. By simply showing Kellyanne all alone in the Oval Office, in that particular position, we're left to wonder what the hell is going on here. The human imagination tends to run wild when only given a subtle hint of something weird.

Quick mind game: Come up with a fun story to explain the above image. I'll go since I'm writing this and not actually talking to any of you. I'm going to imagine President Trump told her he's had 'the best', state of the art, heating system installed within his desk. (It's plated in gold or something) He did so to keep his feet toasty while signing executive orders. So maybe Kellyanne is just testing it out? Okay now you try!

11 Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Via: pic7.dwnews.net

Is Forest Gump slightly out of proportion in the meme above? Maybe...but does anyone at all remotely care? NOPE. What I do care about is that this meme is hilarious and whoever made it took the time to throw Lieutenant Dan into the background. Because in life, the small details matter damn it.

Now on to that glorious caption. Many of the memes I came across focused on the fact that the way Kellyanne was sitting, sort of made it look like she had no legs. Here of course scars have been added to really sell that idea. One thing is for certain, there's no way anyone on the planet can read this and not hear Forest Gump's voice in their head.

10 It Must Be Nice To Have Washington On Your Side

Via: twitter.com

The insanely popular Broadway smash "Hamilton" is a brilliant portrayal of one of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. Needless to say, Alexander Hamilton was one of the most influential individuals in American history. The hip-hop influenced songs and performances in this musical are incredible. Or so I've been told, like many people it will be years before I can get tickets.

Despite having the best seat in the house, Kellyanne Conway remains distracted as usual. Is her show of disrespect, revenge for the way the cast treated VP Pence? Nah, this is just more of Kellyanne being Kellyanne. Interesting side-note, President Trump described the musical as “overrated”. However, according to nydailynews.com, Conway was spotted at the Richard Rodgers Theater back in December. Uh oh, somebody must have gotten in trouble.

9 Even Construction And Dangerous Heights Are Boring To Kellyanne

Via: pinterest.com

I have to thank Kellyanne Conway. Putting her feet up on the couch in the Oval Office has given me the chance to write about a bunch of famous photographs and paintings. Sure it's actually just "alternative" versions of them, still I'm in her debt.

Pictured above is a prominent photo from 1932 titled: 'Lunch atop a Skyscraper'. We've all seen this image before and yes, it's legit. The story behind the black and white photograph is that it was taken during construction of 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York. At the time, it was called called the RCA Building. The ironworkers in the image, (as well as Kellyanne) are 840 feet in the air. If flying around on a magic carpet with Aladdin doesn't get Kellyanne's attention, then why would this?

8 A Couch Gag Within A Couch Gag

One of the first things I wondered about as I was checking around online for the best Kellyanne 'Couchgate' memes was if someone made a Simpsons version. After all, The Simpsons is well known for their epic couch gags. Well thank God for YouTube user Philipp Pontzen because BOOM...here we go.

As of right now, the short clip only has a few hundred views but lets change that. We can do better internet, we can do way better. The clip is done very well. Kellyanne isn't animated but that doesn't matter as the joke still comes across brilliantly. Obviously the next step in the evolution would be if someone actually made a fully 'Simpsonized' version of Kellyanne to match the animated world of Matt Groening.

7 Kal Pen's Take On 'Couchgate'

Via: indiawest.com

As much as we adore picture after picture of Kellyanne, lets give her a break for a second. Pictured above is a hilarious pic tweeted from actor Kal Penn. Titled “Kal-E-Anne!” the dude from the Harold and Kumar movies clearly knows comedy. There's no need dissecting this image, the mockery speaks for itself.

The pic had to have been a good way for Kal to let off some steam. The actor has been one of many vocal critics of President Trump. It's no surprise a huge supporter of former President Obama would jump at the chance to mess with Kellyanne. Or in this case, squat on a couch to do so. Kal was an associate director of the White House’s office of public engagement under President Obama. He also served on the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities as well as other top spots in the previous administration.

6 F**k Yo Couchgate!

Via: bossip.com

I don't care what anyone says, the shelf life of this Dave Chapelle joke,which also went viral, is eternal. Because this gag is a bit older I'll quickly recap. “F**k Yo Couch” was a huge reference back in the day when comedian Dave Chappelle (in character as Rick James) went off on Charlie Murphy by putting his feet all over the white leather couch with his stylish boots. Put the classic clip on your YouTube watch list asap.

Although the original sketch aired way the hell back in 2004, the complete disrespect for a couch was recently resurrected thanks to Kellyanne's Conway's blunder. I don't think the couch above can possibly take anymore abuse.

5 Like And Share!

Via: pinterest.com

I can't even begin to explain the tedious story behind the non-existent "Bowling Green Massacre" made famous by Kellyanne Conway not too long ago. This is one of those rare times I'm gong to ask readers to hit up Google and do the research if you aren't sure what the joke is referring to. The actual story behind this reference is too mind-numbing for me to live through again.

All of that said, the actual meme itself is great. It's an excellent slam on all of those nonsensical postings we've seen on Facebook. You know the ones essentially demanding likes and shares which somehow equates clicking stuff with prayers. Such postings are the reason you inevitably end up blocking certain relatives from your social media.

4 Princess Kellyanne

Via: alicecorrine.com

What do you get when you mashup 'Couchgate' with a very pink lil' princess room from designer, Emerald Hill Interiors? Well you get the batsh*t crazy meme we see here. Interestingly, over on limitlesswalls website, the photo which this meme made use of as a background is described as follows: "A lovely girl's room that brings a fairytale castle to life. The fine illustration is placed above the bed, encouraging sweet dreams and imaginative bed time stories."

The pic itself speaks for itself, however that description only amps up the sting. Is Kellyanne a little princess, gliding around the White House, living a fairytale life? You be the judge...my eyes hurt and I need to keep this moving.

3 Now It All Makes Sense!

Via: pinterest.com

I dig this meme because it's unique and fairly clever. Finally we're getting a comical interpretation of what the hell Kellyanne may have been looking at that was so interesting. Yeah, yeah, I know, she was really taking a picture, but we're having fun here. Just go with it people.

Anyway, 'Talking To Black People For Dummies" sounds about right under the circumstances. Back when Trump was in campaign mode and struggling to reach out to black voters, Kellyanne frequently found herself having to spin Trump's clunky words into something that sounded less offensive. As you can see by the thrilled looks on the faces of all of those men, they are quite happy to be there.

2 One Giant Leap For Kellyanne

Via: thetab.com

Much like any movie franchise that has had one too many sequels, eventually there's no where else to go but outer space. Maybe that's the case with Kellyanne Conway's couch meme as well. Pictured above we see Kellyanne chilling during the famous 1969 moon landing.

You'll notice that although she's seated on the moon, she isn't wearing a spacesuit and still doesn't have a single f**k to give. Even a total lack of lack of oxygen doesn't phase her. History is being made just a few feet away from her via astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, but you know...whatever. The Apollo 11 mission may have demonstrated the monumental achievements and potential for mankind. However, Kellyanne Conway demonstrated that an adviser to the President can accidentally become a ridiculous internet meme.

1 Live From New York...WTF!?

Via: giphy.com

Alas, it's time for our number one entry. This one is about as good as you're going to get considering how goofy this subject actually is. Once a meme has grown large enough and it's viral power breaks all boundaries it tends to go beyond the internet. At that point, it infests the real world. With that in mind, a recent episode of Saturday Night Live gave the couch meme television time. Kellyanne Conway was spotted throughout the show, as played by Kate McKinnon, obliviously staring at her phone.

As we all know, SNL hasn't been shy about going after Trump and his associates. But how does Kellyanne feel about all of this attention over 'couchgate' specifically you ask? Well it should be mentioned, on Lou Dobbs Tonight, Conway stated the following: I certainly meant no disrespect, I didn’t mean to have my feet on the couch.”

C'mon Kellyanne, why apologize for doing something that's given so many people cheap laughs?

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