15 Of The Most Hilarious Rick Grimes Dad Jokes That You Need In Your Life

As season seven of The Walking Dead plays out, let’s take a look at some less intense scenes involving the main characters. Rick and his son Carl are just like any other father-son duo, if they were to be a badass zombie slaying team, that is. However, one similarity this pair does have with other parents and their kids are the endless “dad jokes.” Sure, there may not be too much to laugh at in a chaos-filled world as they constantly seek food, water, and shelter, but that’s where the viewers come in hand. Luckily for us and our sense of humor, people have started this amazing trend of creating dad jokes— or puns as you may call them— based on a scene involving Rick and young Carl.

Take a look at a few of the best jokes involving this Walking Dead father-son team.

It's also fair to mention there are a few spoilers mixed in with these hilarious jokes. You have been warned.

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15 Shots Fired

Via: Pinterest

Spoiler alert! What’s the difference between Rick and Carl? Two “eyes!” And, of course, the letter “i” as well, but this is a play on the fact young Carl lost an eye in season six after he was hit by a bullet. Okay, so it may be a little gruesome, but it’s a clever joke nonetheless. This, people, is also the epitome of a dad joke just in case you weren’t exactly sure what these jokes were all about. Of course, Rick would never ever say something this mean— even if it is kinda funny— to his beloved son Carl on the show, though. As for calling Carl, “Coral,” well that’s just a play on how Rick pronounces his son’s name. You see, Rick is constantly yelling CARL! and sometimes it does sound as if he’s trying to find “coral” out in Georgia.

14 Up Close And Personal

Via: Tumblr

Notice how Rick gets closer and closer to an obviously annoyed young Carl? Yeah, dad jokes are kinda like that. They won’t go away no matter how much you try to ignore them. And as for the joke itself, it’s so simple and classic you can’t help but laugh! Poor Carl here doesn't know a good joke when it hits him in the face! Or, maybe it’ll grow on him?! Kind of like how Rick’s facial hair grew on him… This poor kid has many more years of dad jokes coming his way, but luckily he has all those Walkers and scavenging for food and water to distract him. Unlike most kids who have to deal directly with their dad’s nonstop puns and corny jokes every day. At least our friend Carl here gets a break from Rick’s wise cracks.

13 Dying

Via: Tumblr

Not only is Rick “dyed on the inside,” but we’re dying from his memes! This one is a little more intricate play on words. The food coloring has “dyed” his insides, get it? But it’s also a play on how people dramatically say they’re dying on the inside. Oh, Rick’s got jokes all right! The best is when the joke starts off serious and poor Carl here doesn’t even realize he’s being set up for a corny dad joke. Then BAM! Rick hits him with the punchline and his son is unimpressed. But that’s what makes these one-liners so funny. Carl obviously is just like any other kid (in the memes at least) when it comes to dealing with his father’s annoying jokes. Don’t worry, Carl, we’re right there with you. Unless it’s someone else’s dad making the jokes, then we’re dying with laughter.

12 No Limits

Via: Tumblr

Nothing is off limits when it comes to Rick’s jokes, and that includes sea creatures. It seems our favorite sheriff is great with the puns, even when it comes to random things such as fish weighing themselves! This one is more obvious than Rick’s previous jokes— scales as in an instrument for weighing and scales as the bony plates protecting fish. See, good one, right?! Carl seriously doesn’t understand how funny and clever his dad is with these hilarious jokes. And yes, I’m aware Rick doesn’t actually say these things during the show, but wouldn’t it be funny if he did? Just imagine the main character dropping some one-liners as he kicks zombie butt? Maybe it would provide a bit of relief during the ultra-tense moments and heartbreaking scenes.

11 Double Whammy

Via: Pinterest

Everyone’s ready for some Christmas corals! Err, I mean carols! This joke is funny on a few different levels. First, you have pun itself. Instead of singing Christmas carols in the ocean, they sing corals, as in coral reef. And then there’s the second amazing part of the joke— a play on how Rick pronounces Carl’s name. I’m sure whoever came up with this winner thought they were the most clever person alive, and I would have to agree. This one is pretty genius! And yes, there is a Facebook page dedicated to The Walking Dead memes. It’s pretty intense and definitely full of spoilers, though. I personally think Rick’s dad jokes are the best jokes when it comes to making memes of TWD. Some of the others can be a bit more gory, as I’m sure you can imagine.

10 Impasta-ble

Via: Pinterest

It seems Rick is impossible to deal with when he’s on a roll with his dad jokes! Obviously, this joke is pun on the word “imposter.” It’s a fake noodle trying to pass as a real pasta— an “impasta,” if you will. Yeah, this one is so corny it’s funny, but it’s not hard to see why annoyed Carl is begging his dad to stop with the puns! Imagine being in a stressful situation and having your dad nonstop making jokes about fake pasta and fish scales. You would be a bit surly, too. However, we all know Carl takes everything in stride and is one kid who rebounds quickly. I’m sure these cheesy jokes just roll right off him as he continues to slay Walkers. Then again, he is just a kid, so maybe he should lighten up a little.

9 Too Soon?

Via: Tumblr

All right, this one is bit mean, but so clever at the same time. Jokes about the titanic sinking aren’t all too funny, but this pun is one for the history books! Rick’s referring to the syncing of an iPod when you connect it to iTunes, but since he named his device “Titanic,” it says the Titanic is syncing— instead of sinking. Okay, I’m sure this one if pretty self-explanatory, but it’s still a savvy joke. Plus, being tactful isn’t really on Rick’s mind at this point, or on the mind of whatever Walking Dead fan created this meme, for that matter! Any dedicated fan can tell you how many moral lines the show crosses, even though our heroes are constantly trying to keep some kind of humanity in the community.

8 "Hi, Hungry. I'm, Dad."

Via: Pinterest

Or, in this case it’s “Hi, hungry. I’m dead.” LOL! This is the ultimate dad joke! You know when you tell someone “I’m hungry,” it makes it sound as if you’re saying that’s who are. I know, I know, corny, right? Then someone else with respond with “Hi, hungry. I’m blah blah.” So funny. That was sarcasm, by the way. This is probably one of the worst, not funny jokes of all time. But turning it into a Walking Dead joke is what makes it hilarious. It’s as if the zombies are responding to Carl in a play on words. Instead of “dad” it’s “dead,” because the zombies are dead. Oh, so funny! Sure, it may be lame, but this one is my favorite Rick meme. Even though Rick relied on the Walkers to help deliver the punch line.

7 Walkers

Via: Tumblr

This one isn’t for the kids! Then again, none of these really are as The Walking Dead is a bit mature for youngsters. As you most likely know, the cast refers to zombies as “Walkers,” as in The Walking Dead, of course. And prostitutes as also referred to as “street walkers,” so it’s a pun in every sense of the word. As for Carl being quoted as saying “mom’s dead” in response to Rick’s witty joke, well that’s a bit more serious. This meme scene comes from season three when Rick finds out his wife, Lori, has died during childbirth. It’s an emotional scene during which a younger Carl decides to make sure Lori doesn’t turn into a zombie following her death by shooting her (yes, the show gets that intense!), and Rick is now a single father of two children. So, turning this particular scene into dad joke memes is kind of a joke in itself.

6 Annoying Level 100

Via: Tumblr

This little meme starts off with Rick saying “bless you” as it sounds like Carl just said “achoo.” However, the boy didn’t sneeze and is indeed expressing his need for a new shoe. As if that’s not annoying enough, Rick continues on with the jokes. Upon hearing there’s a hole in his son’s shoe, Rick immediately jumps into action. Not action in finding a more useful shoe, though. Action as in making yet another ridiculous dad joke. Of course there’s a hole in your shoe, Coral! It’s how you get your foot inside. Oh, haha, Rick. Good one! Now, your son will probably find the joke a bit more funny if you provide a new shoe for him! What’s worse than having a wet sock and worthless shoe? Having a dad make ridiculous puns about your wet sock and worthless shoe. We feel ya, Carl.

5 One-Liner

Via: Pinterest

First off, ew! Now that Carl— and the creator of this meme— mention it, I bet the characters do smell a bit funky out there in the Georgia heat with no showers or soap. But nastiness aside, Rick hit Carl with this one-line zinger without missing a beat! What did the kid expect when asking his father “how do I smell?” Of course you smell though your nose, Carl! Duh. All jokes aside, I can see why Carl has so much anger during the show now! It would be impossible to deal with a dad who makes puns and corny jokes nonstop! Luckily, Rick is a bit more serious during his role in The Walking Dead and spares his son the pain of hearing back-to-back dad jokes. Us on the other hand, no, we’re stuck with these memes!

4 It's Pointless

Via: Pinterest

It’s pointless to not laugh and enjoy the punny jokes! Just let the laugh and good times roll, Rick! Too bad Carl can’t see the humor in a good dad joke. Of course, a dull pencil is pointless, and of course writing with a dull pencil is pointless since it won’t work. This pun is one of the corniest yet, and I love it. This scene between Carl and Rick really opened up the meme possibilities with their facial expressions and body language. It’s only natural fans took it as a chance to make some great dad jokes between the pair! Plus, it’s hilarious thinking Rick is making these corny puns while chaos is breaking out around him. Who doesn’t want to stop and make a ridiculous joke when the timing is perfect?! Even when that timing comes after learning your wife has passed, apparently. *Cringe*

3 Selfish Shellfish

Via: Tumblr

Of course crabs are shellfish! And apparently they’re also too selfish to be charitable. I love how serious Rick looks as he’s telling Carl this ocean-based pun. And yes, I know Rick doesn’t actually make these jokes, but it’s still fun to pretend! He’s such a serious character, and imagining him to be a dad joke making guy is a joke one its own. Plus, going through everything Rick has, maybe cracking a few wise ones would do him well! He has seen a lot of friends die, including his best friend, who may also be the father of his baby girl. Yeah, that happened. It wouldn’t be the craziest or worst thing for good ol’ Rick to show his humorous side once in all! Maybe he could lift the spirits of his obviously stressed out son, or even Carol (not Carl!) who could really use a good laugh.

2 Making A Squid Laugh

Via: Tumblr

Squids have tentacles, and it takes ten tickles to make them laugh. Dad jokes are pretty much puns gone wrong. Sure, it’s a play on words, but it also has to be corny in order to be considered a dad joke. This one is funny when you read it aloud. Ten-tickles as tentacles is pretty creative when you think about! Go ahead, say it out loud. We won’t judge. As for Carl though, well, he’s definitely judging. Judging Rick that is! He’s had just about enough of his dad’s random jokes, and we can’t blame him. It would get a bit old hearing corny jokes when you’re trying to have a serious talk with your pops. Plus, with all the drama and killing going on, it would seem a bit odd to take a break to make puns.

1 Dead Jokes

Via: Pinterest

It was only a matter of time before these dad jokes turned into dead jokes, and here we have it! Rick making a not-so-nice comment referencing one of Lady Gaga’s hits “Poker Face.” His pun is a play on the song title, obviously, even if it does seem a bit rude. Then again, Rick can be quite abrasive. He’s the guy who takes charge and assumes responsibility for the safety of others, so it’s no wonder he’s so tense. And that also makes this memes that much more funny. Rick would never stop to make silly puns, even if it was to lift Carl’s mood. We all know Rick doesn’t spare much when it comes to Carl’s feelings. He basically keeps it real, and that doesn’t include making hilarious dad jokes. That’s why Walking Dead fans had to create these alternate universe memes.

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